7 Reasons Why A Mother Is The Best Teacher

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When we mention teachers, we usually refer to the teachers at schools or universities. We respect and appreciate the teachers wholeheartedly. After all, they play such an important part in guiding and shaping our children. Be it math, science, arts, or sports, teachers use their specialized skills to impart the best of skills to our children. However, we often forget the fact that the mother is no less of a teacher herself. In fact, mothers are the first teachers to their little ones. From uttering the first words to taking the first steps, learning how to put on clothes to riding the bicycle, a mother is always there to teach her child. So, it makes sense that we be thankful for having such an amazing teacher with us every day of our lives and appreciate her presence. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and look at seven reasons how a mother is the best teacher:

1. They Teach Us Love

They Teach Us Love

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The first thing that every mother teaches you is the meaning of love. They love you unconditionally and go out of their way to ensure you’re okay. Handling the trauma and pain that comes with pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum is enough proof that a mother is willing to put herself through pain to keep you safe and healthy. From the early days of nursing you to being by your side even when you grow up, can we ask for more from life? It’s no wonder that a mother’s love is considered the most sacred and supreme form of love.

And if that’s not enough, think about all the times she saved that last piece of cake for you, even when secretly wanted to have it!

2. They Show Us What Discipline Means

The Show Us What Discipline Means

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Mothers lead by example. They teach you what discipline means from the time you’re a toddler. Being disciplined and following schedules is as important for children as it is for adults. A child needs to have timely feeding, bathing, and sleeping schedules to stay healthy. Mothers inculcate these important habits in us from the beginning. The formation of good habits is central for a person and the earlier it is learned the better it is.

3. They Are The True Examples Of Working Hard

They Are The True Examples Of Working Hard

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There is a reason why moms are called superhumans without capes. They take care of a multitude of things and make it seem so easy. Even if she has her own struggles, she will put them aside and work hard to make life better for you. A mother teaches, cares, loves, cooks, cleans, and plays with you. And the times we throw our tantrum fits or unruly demands, it’s our mothers who remain patient enough in knocking sense into us. There’s no one else in the world who can do all those things like her without making it seem like a huge deal.

4. They Teach Us Sacrifice


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We live in a selfish world where people only care about themselves. But mothers are selfless beyond measure. How many times did our mothers cancel their own plans to be with us? If we are sick or under the weather, she would always ensure that we receive the utmost care. A mother can’t help worrying whether we had had our food in time, if we have drunk enough water and if we are feeling good in general. Their sacrificial nature is so powerful that it rubs off on us in some way or the other, even if just a tiny bit. So the next time you catch yourself going out of your way to help someone in need, even if that means giving up on something that you love, remember that it’s your mother who instilled that quality in you.

5. They Are The Best Organizers


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Have you ever wondered how mothers have the magical powers to find any missing item in the house? It’s because they are amazing organizers. They know where things are kept, and it’s usually arranged in a specific way. It could be in the order of convenience, size, height, or even color. And this is a good habit that helps your mother as well. Most often a mother has to care, cook, clean for the entire family. Keeping things organized and in a systematic way helps her in being fast and efficient in her daily routine. So next time when you’re struggling to find a particular item, you know it’s time to take your mother’s assistance. When you’re organizing your closet, workspace, or a random desk drawer, having your mother around might really help you declutter and get organized.

6. They Teach Us The Value Of Time


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Your mom is the best multitasker you would have ever seen. She handles a gazillion things and does them well. Right from cooking, packing the kids’ lunch, cleaning, and getting the kids dressed in the morning to checking their homework, making dinner, putting the kids to sleep, and prepping for the next day in the evening, mothers do it all. They also get their own work done in the midst of all these tasks. Without proper time management, there’s no way you can do them all, and that’s something every mother teaches you.

7. They Enable Us To Embrace Our Feelings


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Being a kid can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when going through a rollercoaster of emotions. Mothers show us that it’s okay to get angry, feel sad or even cry. It’s a natural part of life, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of when you’re feeling negative emotions. Allowing yourself to feel them and navigating through them in a healthy way helps prevent you from getting caught up in all the wrong emotions. Who better than mothers to teach us the value of embracing our emotional side?

Mothers are the greatest gift to the world. A child learns values and principles based on their mother. They are every child’s biggest role models, and it’s time we understand how important it is to appreciate them. They are every child’s first and best teacher and continue to impart wisdom throughout their life. What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned from your mother? Let us know in the comments below why your mom is your best teacher!

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