55 Best Mother-Daughter Songs That Will Melt Your Heart

​​You do not need a special occasion to enjoy mother-daughter songs, do you? Mothers are their daughters’ best friends and guardian angels. Their relationship is pure and selfless. They love spending time together and creating memories by indulging in cooking, talking, traveling, or shopping. Although there are several ways to appreciate this beautiful relationship, songs capture its essence in the best possible way. This post has some of the most delightful songs from every music genre, ranging from Rock to Country, that celebrates the tender bond between mothers and daughters. So, listen to these songs about mothers and daughters together or share them with each other and celebrate your beautiful bond.

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55 Best Mother-Daughter Songs

Here’s our pick of the best mother-daughter dance songs.

1. 26 (Cents Sign)

A soulful country song with lyrics speaking about mother-daughter love can be a perfect song to share with your mother. She will love the song and recall the moments spent with her mother.

Artist: The Wilkinsons

2. My Darling

Dedicate this song to your daughter and make her day.

Artist: Wilco

3. Promise

Dedicate this song to your daughter and tell her you will always be there for her.

Artist: Tori Amos

4. Wildflowers

Grooving music and amazing lyrics make Wildflowers a great song to enjoy along with your mother. Listen to the track in the morning and feel refreshed.

Artist: Tom Petty

protip_icon Did you know?
This has been one of the most beloved songs in Petty’s catalog and is an opening track from the same album named ‘Wildflowers.’ He also stated that the song was easy to write and compose.

5. Every Mother’s Dream

Tell your daughter she’s the best gift of God. Every mother wishes her child to succeed and live a happy life, and this song captures a mother’s dreams beautifully.

Artist: Teresa James

6. My Girl

Share this song with your daughter on a wintry evening and warm her soul.

Artist: Temptation

7. The Best Day

A mother and a daughter do crazy things together. Send this song to your mother after a mother-daughter date.

Artist: Taylor Swift

8. Letting Go

Share this song with your daughter, who will be away from you to pursue her studies.

Artist: Suzy Boggu

9. Mother

Your mother played an important role in bringing you up. She raised you to become an independent woman to rule the world. Say thanks to your lovely mom for all her sacrifices with this track.

Artist: Sugarland

protip_icon Quick fact
The song is from the album Bigger and was released in 2018. The lyrics were written by Sugarland American music duo Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush.

10. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life

The Sun shines bright and fills your day with joy, and so does the smile of your daughter. Tell your daughter that she’s the apple of your eye with this track.

Artist: Stevie Wonder

11. I Believe In You

Tell your darling that she can achieve anything she sets her heart to with this song.

Artist: Steven Curtis Chapman

12. Mama

A mother is a daughter’s best friend. Spice Girls, the famous girl band, dedicates this song to all the mothers in this world.

Artist: Spice Girls

13. Shiny

Do you feel mesmerized by memories of your mother? Listen to this great song by Sara Bareilles and think about your lovely mother.

Artist: Sara Bareilles

14. By Your Side

Tell your little girl you’ll always be by her side when she’s low and cold.

Artist: Sade

15. I’ll Be

Share this song with your little angel and tell her you’ll be her rock and shelter.

Artist: Reba McEntire

16. My Wish

Send your best wishes to your daughter, make her feel strong in tough times, and show her the way towards prosperity and peace. It is a sweet song with meaningful lyrics.

Artist: Rascal Flatts

17. You’re My Best Friend

Listen to this awesome track by Queens and feel blessed for having a dear mother or daughter in your life.

Artist: Queen

18. Mama’s Hand

Mother always takes care of her children and makes sacrifices for the family. To pay respect to all hard-working mothers, here’s a special song.

Artist: Queen Naija

protip_icon Did you know?
Queen dedicated the song to her son, CJ, sharing a powerful message about the bond between the mother and her child. The video song was so impressive that it earned over 1.5 million YouTube views within two days of release.

19. Without You

It is a cute song for your adorable daughter. Share this song with her, and make her feel special. Let your sweetie know about your true feelings as a parent.

Artist: Chris Brown

20. Slow Down

Remember the days when your sweetheart was a little girl and did all she could to make you laugh? She’s grown up now, and it’s time to cherish old memories with her.

Artist: Nichole Nordeman

21. I Am Blessed To Call You Mother

Tell your mother words are inadequate to express how blessed you are to have a mother like her. There’s no one in this world who can take her place.

Artist: Molly Pasuti

22. Mom

Let your mom know how much you care for her. The song expresses a daughter’s love for her mother.

Artist: Meghan Trainor

23. Teenage Daughters

“She rolls her eye’s when I’m funny / But she’s sweet when she wants money and her freedom.” Share this peppy song with your teenage daughter and bring a smile to her face.

Artist: Martina McBride

24. I Got You

Dedicate this song to your daughter and make her realize that she’s not alone in this world. Her mom is always with her to support and fight back the world.

Artist: Ciara

25. In My Daughter’s Eyes

A daughter’s eyes speak everything that only a mom can read. Play this song and tell the world what your daughter means to you.

Artist: Martina McBride

26. Like My Mother Does

As a daughter, you know why your mother is so special. There’s no match for her cooking, dressing, and artistic style. Tell your mother how proud you feel and share this song with her today.

Artist: Lauren Alaina

27.Twenty Years From Now

It is a perfect song from a mother to her daughter. It describes how a mom wishes to be around her daughter in the future.

Artist: Kylie Rae Harris

28. Mother’s Love

Mother’s love is eternal and pure. Listen all about mother’s love and care with this beautifully composed song.

Artist: Kem

29. I’ve Loved You Since Forever

Listen to this song and experience a poetic testament to the sweet relationship between mother and daughter. It has gained immense popularity after it received New York Times Best Seller Award.

Artist: Kelly Clarkso

30. Mama He’s Crazy

A daughter tells her mother she has found someone crazy – someone crazy over her. Share this song with your mama if you have found a man who is crazy over you.

Artist: The Judds

31. You Raise Me Up

It is a great song to thank your mother for all her hard work and sacrifices and for raising you as a strong woman.

Artist: Josh Groban

32. Right By You

Let your little girl know that you will always be right beside her when she needs you—“even when it all becomes too much.”

Artist: John Legend

33. Mother Like You

“A mother like you is the greatest of all. You took the best care of me, made all my dreams come true, and always treated me right.” The song echoes these feelings.

Artist: JJ Heller

protip_icon Quick fact
JJ Heller released the song as a tribute to all the moms on Mother’s day. It is a heartwarming track where words are put to express heartfelt gratitude to mothers.

34. You Don’t Have To Let Go

“I can live, as you lived for me / I can love, ’cause you loved me.” Jessica says she doens’t need any more strength because with her mum’s support, she is strong enough to face the world.

Artist: Jessica Simpson

35. My Song

Missing a mother is a harsh feeling. All memories of her flash in your mind. At such harsh times, play this song and think about your mother in peace.

Artist: H. E. R.

36. Thank You Mom

Dear mom, you have done so much for me. I am what I am today because of you. I miss you mother, and I love you more. Express these feelings to your mom by sharing this song.

Artist: Good Charlotte


It is a piece of soulful music to dedicate to your mother, who protects you like a guardian angel.

Artist: Garth Brooks

38.You Can’t Lose Me

It is one of the best songs for a mother and daughter to groove to. Sing the song aloud, and hopefully, it will be a time well spent.

Artist: Faith Hill

39. Little Girl

You are my sweet little girl, and you inspire me to be the greatest version of myself every day—share these feelings with this lovely song.

Artist: Christina Grimmie

40. Oh Mother

Express the deep feelings of the heart to your mother by sharing this song and make her smile.

Artist: Christina Aguilera

41. Goodbye’s

By the time a daughter becomes a mother and understands what motherhood feels, she may lose her mommy. It’s sad, but it’s the reality of life. And thus, the song for Goodbye!

Artist: Celine Dion

42. Mama’s Song

If you have found the man of your life, let your mum know it through this song.

Artist: Carrie Underwood

43. A Mother’s Prayer

A mother always wishes the best for her family. Celine Dion sings a beautiful song dedicating it to every mother.

Artist: Celine Di


Say thanks to the woman who raised a beautiful daughter. The song is a tribute to all the great mothers out there.

Artist: Brett Young

45.A Song For Mama

Tell your mama she’s the queen of your heart with this song.

Artist: Boyz II Men

46. Blue

Beyoncé shares a beautiful pop track dedicated to motherhood. It is a perfect song to cherish the pride of being a mother.

Artist: Beyoncé

47. My Mother’s Eyes

What do your mother’s eyes speak to you? Listen to this song to know what Bette Midler has to say about looking at things from her mother’s eyes.

Artist: Bette Midler

48. Mother Like Mine

A mother like mine is the sweetest! Make your mother feel happy, play this song for her and remind her that you always care about her.

Artist: The Band Perry

protip_icon Quick fact
The song’s lyrics were written by siblings Kimberly Perry, Ried Perry, and Neil Perry, honoring their mother. It is from the album Pioneer released in 2013.

49. Mother

Ashanti sings this song to thank her mother and tell her she’s the greatest. It is a perfect song to play for a mother while driving!

Artist: Ashanti

50. Her

A song for her, a toast for her, and a feast for her. Celebrate your mother every day. Pay respect to your superwoman by dedicating this song to her.

Artist: Annie-Marie

51. Sweetest Devotion

It is a song with a great concept, and the queen of melody justifies the feelings of motherhood with her soothing vocals.

Artist: Adele

52. Wind Beneath My Wings

Tell your mother she’s your hero by dedicating this song to her.

Artist: Bette Midler

53. Dear Daughter

It is a song to dedicate a special message to the daughter. Listen to it now, and you will love to share it with your daughter.

Artist: Halestrom

54. In My Life

Let your mother or daughter know that she’s your numero uno by dedicating this song to her.

Artist: The Beatles

55. Dear Luv

“Red roses do grow in concrete.” Check out this amazing rap song dedicated by a daughter to her strong mother.

Artist: Honey Cocaine

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What emotions do mother-daughter songs evoke?

Mother-daughter songs evoke various emotions, including affection, warmth, kindness, and love.

2. What are the benefits of listening to mother-daughter songs?

Listening to mother-daughter songs is an excellent way to express joy and love and bring back many happy memories. It also strengthens and deepens the bond between the two.

3. How have mother-daughter songs helped people cope with difficult times?

The bond between mothers and daughters can sometimes be complicated and challenging. Mother-daughter songs can be used to express feelings and emotions that are difficult to communicate verbally. They can also help reduce tension in the mother-daughter relationship and help them get through hard times.

A mother and daughter bond is special and needs to be cherished. There are many ways to enrich this relationship, such as listening, sharing, and dedicating songs. Music is medicine for the soul that heals you and helps you connect deeply with your loved ones. So, if you and your mother love music, listen to soulful songs. Songs such as My Darling, Promise, and Wild Flowers have beautiful lyrics and are filled with emotions. So, if you are together with your mom, listen to these songs and the others given on the list and celebrate your relationship. If you are far away from each other, share the songs and create lovely memories.

Infographic: Best Mother And Daughter Songs To Enjoy

The bond between a mother and her daughter is special and unique, full of cherished memories, love, learning, and support. Therefore, it has been a popular category among poets and songwriters to glorify this beautiful mother-daughter relationship. Given in the infographic below are some popular mother-daughter songs you can share or dedicate to each other.

beautiful songs based on the special mother daughter bond (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

A beautiful song about the special bond between mothers and daughters. Watch as Emma White sings of the love and understanding that only a mother and daughter can share.

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