70+ Coolest Mother-Daughter Tattoo Ideas To Express Love

Tattoos mean different things to different people. Some people get tattoos to honor some intimate and significant people in their life, while others might get it as a style statement. We present you with a few fascinating mother-daughter tattoo ideas. In a family, the relationship between a mother and her daughter is very special and intimate, and what better way to mark your love for each other than getting the same design or symbol tattooed. Dive into this post for some unique ideas for a mother and daughter tattoo.

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Cute Mother and Daughter Tattoos

If you are looking for small mother-daughter tattoos, then here are some cute designs.

1. Heart Tattoo:

This is an adorable tattoo idea. It has a mother and baby giraffe whose hearts are united. It is a cute way to say that a child is a part of the mother’s heart.

2. Mother Daughter Symbol Tattoo:

This is a unique symbol which has a mother holding her daughter. You can get this tattooed on your wrist and have the words ‘love you forever’ written below.

3. Elephant Tattoo:

Elephants are said to have strong maternal instincts. So this cute mamma elephant and baby elephant locking trunks is the perfect mother-daughter tattoo. It is a symbol of love and protection.

4. Mother Daughter Celtic Knot Tattoo:

This tattoo has a unique and intrinsic design and belongs to the Celtic culture. This tattoo symbolizes the unbreakable bond between a mother and her daughter. It is a symbol of trust and affection. It also signifies the beginning of a new life for the mother and daughter.

5. Infinity Tattoo:

Infinity tattoos are the symbol of unlimited love and faith. If your love for your mother/ daughter is infinite then choose this tattoo. You can also add words ‘mother’ and ‘daughter’ or your names along with hearts to make it more special.

6. Like Mother Like Daughter Tattoo:

Do people say you look exactly like your mother or your daughter looks exactly like you? Do you both share some unique and quirky habits? Then this tattoo idea is to say that you are proud of each other. To make it more personal, get the fingerprints of each other inked in the form of a heart.

7. Butterfly Tattoo:

Butterflies are believed to be a symbol of hope, change, and endurance. Why not get this meaningful mother-daughter tattoo, which says that the mother is the one who gives wings to the daughter, and she also teaches her to fly.

8. Flower Tattoo:

Lotus flowers signify divine beauty and purity. They also symbolize attachment and detachment (they float with long stalks attached to the ground, and water drops cannot stay for long on the leaves). This is an excellent idea for a mother-daughter foot tattoo. If lotus does not allure you then try a different flower such as a rose or a lily.

9. Disney Tattoo:

Mrs. Potts and Chip from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast make another cute mother and daughter tattoo. The mother can have the teapot tattooed while the daughter can have the teacup.

10. X-O Tattoo:

This is a sweet mother-daughter tattoo idea, where both of you can have an ‘X’ and ‘O’ tattooed on your wrists to symbolize hugs and kisses.

11. Meaningful Mother Daughter Tattoo:

This is a simple, yet a meaningful idea. The mother will get a heart tattoo, which has a smaller heart inside it colored in red. The same small red-colored heart will go on the daughter’s wrist. This shows that the daughter is a piece straight from the mother’s heart.

12. Classic Mother Daughter Tattoo:

You can get a classic mother-daughter tattoo design and give it a modern twist. The mother and daughter can get hearts tattooed with either each other’s names or just ‘mother’ ‘daughter’. Use contrasting colors to bring out the details.

13. You Are My Sunshine Tattoo:

A sun-inspired tattoo with the lines ‘you are my sunshine’ and ‘you are my only sunshine’, tells that no matter what, the mother and daughter are always there for each other.

14. Sweet Memories Tattoo:

Memories are the most precious moments in our lives. With this tattoo, you can preserve your mother-daughter memories forever. For example, if you both have been on a holiday, then get the most significant part of the holiday tattooed.

protip_icon Caution
Remember to visit only a licensed studio, avoid alcohol for 24 hours before getting a tattoo, wear comfortable clothing, and ensure the equipment is clean and sanitized.

Any sweet memory, mother-daughter tattoo ideas

15. Moon and Star Tattoo:

In this tattoo, one has the moon and the other the star. Just like how the moon and stars are always together, this is a perfect symbol to show the connection between a mother and her daughter.

16. Bird Tattoo:

This is another adorable mother-daughter tattoo idea. You can get a mama bird and a baby bird sitting on a tree branch tattooed on each other’s wrist.

17. Heart Knot Tattoo:

This tattoo has two hearts intertwined and tied into a knot, signifying the intimacy and strength of a mother-daughter relationship. This unique design is sure to grab attention.


18. Birth Flowers Tattoo:

Birth Flowers Tattoo

Getting a flower tattoo based on your mother/daughter’s birth month is a unique and meaningful way to show love and affection for each other.

19. Interlocking Hearts Tattoo:

Interlocking Hearts Tattoo

This tattoo would be a perfect way to show the inextricable bond of love between a mother and daughter.

20. Feather Tattoo:

Feather Tattoo

A feather tattoo would be a lovely way to symbolize the freedom and protection that you want your daughter to embrace.

21. Moon Phases Tattoo:

Moon Phases Tattoo

Just like the changing phases of the moon, this tattoo will signify the growth and changes your relationship has been throughout the years. It can also serve as a reminder of your commitment to each other, no matter what challenges you face.

22. Sun And Moon Tattoo:

Sun And Moon Tattoo

This tattoo signifies a dynamic harmony between two opposite forces, just like a mother and daughter pair would bring balance and support to each other’s lives.

23. Intertwined Hands Tattoo:

Intertwined Hands Tattoo

This tattoo would perfectly represent how a mother and daughter are always there for each other.

24. Lavender Stems Tattoo:

Lavender Stems Tattoo

Lavender is often considered a symbol of grace and calmness, and this tattoo beautifully expresses the charm and femininity of women.

25. Stars And Constellations Tattoo:

Stars And Constellations Tattoo

If you are both astrology enthusiasts, this tattoo would be a wonderful way to express your love and devotion for each other.

26. Yin And Yang Tattoo:

Yin And Yang Tattoo

This beautiful Chinese tattoo represents being opposite or different but still deeply connected with each other.

27. Quill And Ink Tattoo:

Quill And Ink Tattoo

If you both have a love for writing, this tattoo could be an ideal embodiment of your shared passion.

28. Dandelion Seeds Tattoo:

Dandelion Seeds Tattoo

Dandelion seeds are a powerful reminder of dreams and renewed hope. This beautiful tattoo could signify your goodwill for each other, as well as your shared desire for each other’s prosperity.

29. Sunflower Tattoo:

Sunflower Tattoo

This vibrant, sunny flower would represent the happiness and cheerfulness you wish for each other.

30. Heart Balloons Tattoo:

Heart Balloons Tattoo

Just like balloons floating in the sky, this heart-shaped balloon tattoo will underscore the overflowing love you have for each other.

31. Crescent Moon And Stars Tattoo:

Crescent Moon And Stars Tattoo

This tattoo could paint a beautiful picture of a moonlit sky, and every time you have a glance at it, you will be reminded of each other with a smile.

32. Waves And Surfboards Tattoo:

Waves And Surfboards Tattoo

If you both enjoy being near water and participating in water sports and activities, this tattoo would be a great way to celebrate your shared love of surfing the waves and tides.

33. Seashells Tattoo:

Seashells Tattoo

This dreamy and mesmerizing tattoo is perfect for sea and beach lovers.

34. Dragonfly Tattoo:

Dragonfly Tattoo

This lovely tattoo idea would symbolize growth, transformation, strength, and maturity both of you have achieved over the years.

35. Compass And Map Tattoo:

Compass And Map Tattoo

This tattoo would not only represent your mutual love of travel but also the fact that you two stand by each other and support each other through difficult times.

36. Poppy Flowers Tattoo:

Poppy Flowers Tattoo

This beautiful flower tattoo is a symbol of remembrance and connection, thus serving as a reminder for the mother and daughter of their extraordinary relationship.

37. Bear Hug Tattoo:

Bear Hug Tattoo

This tattoo represents the shelter, safety, warmth, and protection a mother bear provides for her cubs.

Mother Daughter Matching Tattoos

These matching tattoos are a unique way to show the world your love for each other. These tattoos have two parts, which carry significant meaning, just like the bond between a mother and daughter.

38. Always-On-Mind Tattoo:

This is a cute mother-daughter matching idea. One can get the words ‘always on my mind’ and the other ‘forever in my heart’ tattooed. This tells the world that you and your mother will always love each other forever.

39. Tree Tattoo:

This tattoo has a deep meaning and is perfect for a mother and daughter duo. In this idea, the mother and daughter are like the two branches which form two parts of a heart. They share the same roots signifying the fact that no matter how far they are from each other, they always stay connected.

40. Quotes Tattoo:

This tattoo idea perfectly reflects the emotional bond between a mother and daughter. To make it even more personal, you can create a heart with your fingerprints and get it tattooed.

41. I Love You Tattoo:

This is another cute mother-daughter matching idea where you both try to compete in your love for each other. The daughter can get the lines ‘Mom, I love you,’ and the mother can get ‘I love you more,‘ tattooed on the wrist or hands.

42. Yet Another I Love You Tattoo:

This is another tattoo idea to show off the love between a mother and daughter. The daughter can get the lines ‘I love you, Mommy’, and the mother can get ‘I loved you first’.

43. Everlasting Bond Tattoo:

The bond between a mother and her daughter is unbreakable. It forms the day the mother knows she is pregnant. This tattoo signifies this everlasting bond.

44. Pinky Promise Tattoo:

With this tattoo, you can promise each other that your bond is forever.

45. Wings and Anchor Tattoo:

In this tattoo, the daughter will get a feather and flying birds with the words ‘I’ll be your wings,’ and the mother will get connecting birds, an anchor along with the words ‘and I’ll be your anchor’. This tattoo signifies that the daughter will fulfill the mother’s dreams, while the mother will support her throughout her life.

46. Lock and Key Tattoo:

She is the mother’s precious little girl. The daughter is the key to the mother’s heart. And this tattoo signifies exactly that.

47. Congruence Sign Tattoo:

This is a mathematical symbol used to show the relation between two equal things. You can get this symbol tattooed to show that you both are similar to each other.

48. Mother Daughter Mandala Tattoo:

The word Mandala means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit. This tattoo is usually flower-shaped and filled with squares and triangles. It is a symbol of unity and completeness. The mother and daughter can get half each of the Mandala tattooed such that when they are united, the circle gets complete.

49. Matching Lines Tattoo:

Sometimes a simple tattoo can also convey your love. If you want to get a subtle tattoo and do not have any particular idea, then you can ask the tattoo artist to suggest some matching symbols or lines.

50. Deer Antlers:

This has a deep meaning. According to Celtic mythology, deers are considered the protectors of the forest. By getting this tattoo, you can tell the world that you both will always protect each other.

51. Long Distance Tattoo:

This tattoo works for those mothers and daughters who live far away from each other. The tattoo has two ladies having a tin can call. Have each lady on one end of the tin can on each other’s hands or ankles, such that when you put your hands together it would complete the call.

52. To The Moon And Back Tattoo:

This phrase means you love someone abundantly. And is a perfect idea to show the love between a mother and daughter.

53. Animal Lovers Tattoo:

If you both have a soft corner for cats, then show off your interest through this tattoo.

54. Turtle Doves Tattoo:

Turtle doves stand for friendship and love. Get this tattoo, in which two turtle doves are holding a string that knots in a heart symbol.

55. Unconditional Love Tattoo:

Mother is the epitome of unconditional love. She can go to any extent to protect her children. If you have one such super mom, then honor her with this tattoo.

56. Puzzle Pieces Tattoo:

Puzzle Pieces Tattoo

This tattoo idea will convey that a mother and daughter are just two pieces of a puzzle, completing each other. This tattoo could also serve as a reminder that a mother and daughter are always connected, no matter how far apart they may be.

57. Compass Coordinates Tattoo:

Compass Coordinates Tattoo

You can use this tattoo idea to represent that wherever you go, you will always navigate back to each other.  You could get a compass tattoo with your mother/daughter’s initials or birthdate in the center.

58. Roman Numerals Tattoo:

Roman Numerals Tattoo

This tattoo idea perfectly embraces grace and classiness. You can get a tattoo of Roman numerals of any special date or get it for a beautiful design.

59. Heartbeat EKG Line Tattoo:

Heartbeat EKG Line Tattoo

This tattoo can symbolize this exceptional bond by representing the idea that even though you are two separate individuals, your hearts are always connected.

60. Musical Notes Tattoo:

Musical Notes Tattoo

This beautiful musical tattoo could represent your shared love for music and musical instruments.

61. Kites Tattoo:

Kites Tattoo

Getting a kite tattoo would be a lovely way to show the freedom you gave your daughter while being rooted in the values you taught her.

62. Rainbow Tattoo:

Rainbow Tattoo

A vibrant rainbow heart tattoo could aptly convey the concept of new beginnings, hope, and happiness.

63. Geometric Animals Tattoo:

Geometric Animals Tattoo

To be creative, you can choose a geometric representation of each other’s favorite animals through this tattoo idea.

64. Heart Constellations Tattoo:

Heart Constellations Tattoo

This mesmerizing picture of connecting stars forming heart shapes in the night sky would be a great and unique tattoo idea for a mother and her daughter.

65. Mother-Daughter Bond Chemical Structure Tattoo:

Mother-Daughter Bond Chemical Structure Tattoo

This tattoo works the best for a nerdy and intellectual mother-daughter pair.

66. Dreamcatcher Duo Tattoo:

Dreamcatcher Duo Tattoo

These tattoos are meant to provide protection from bad dreams or turn them into good ones.

67. Whales Tattoo:

Whales Tattoo

A whale swimming tattoo could be a beautiful and meaningful design, as whales are seen as a symbol of good luck and happiness in many cultures.

68. DNA Double Helix Tattoo:

DNA Double Helix Tattoo

This tattoo idea would be a perfect representation of the genetic connection a mother and daughter share.

69. Birds On A Wire Tattoo:

Birds On A Wire Tattoo

This tattoo idea could make an aesthetically beautiful picture to get inked.

70. Koi Fish Tattoo:

Koi Fish Tattoo

This tattoo idea represents the various challenges and obstacles that one encounters in life. It also symbolizes strength, perseverance, and good fortune.

71. Mother-Daughter Hug Tattoo:

Mother-Daughter Hug Tattoo

This tattoo idea is a perfect remembrance of the feeling and emotion a mother felt when she held her daughter in her arms for the first time and the warmth and comfort the baby had felt.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the mother-daughter tattoo mean?

A mother and daughter share an eternal bond. A mother-daughter tattoo is perfect for showing your everlasting love to your mom or daughter. It symbolizes the unbreakable bond irrespective of all odds.

2. Where can I get a mother-daughter tattoo done?

The wrist or forearm are the best areas where you can get a mother-daughter tattoo done. You can also tattoo yourself on the shoulder, arm, thigh, neck, ankle, or back.

3. What symbolizes a mother-daughter bond?

Elephants symbolize many traits of a solid mother-daughter bond, like wisdom, loyalty, shared courage, and attachment. The Celtic mother-daughter symbols also represent the unbreakable bond between mother and daughter.

The closeness between a mother and her daughter is unlike any other. Because this bond will last forever, there is no better way to commemorate it than with a tattoo. A matching mother-daughter tattoo with a message, meaningful quote, or nature-related symbols such as dragonflies or dolphins might make you both stand out. It will serve as a constant reminder of your undying love for one another. The emotion associated with the tattoo will travel with you to your grave and become immortal.

Infographic: Tattoo Designs Representing Daughter-Mother’s Love

The bond between mother and daughter is special and as they grow together, they learn to understand each other and even become friends. While there are many ways to reflect this special bond, getting a matching or a pair tattoo with your mother can be interesting. Look through the infographic below for some cool tattoo ideas you may consider.

tattoo ideas that reflect mother daughter love (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Mother-daughter tattoos symbolize a special bond, depicting their love and connection.
  • Choose matching tattoos and get them inked on comfortable body spots like the wrist, forearm, or shoulder.
  • Heart, infinity, quotes, or Yin and Yang tattoos carry profound significance for this bond.
  • Nature-themed tattoos such as feathers, moon phases, flowers, or butterflies may appeal to nature lovers.
Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas_illustration

Image: Dall·E/MomJunction Design Team

Looking for tattoo inspirations for mother and daughter? This video has some unique and lovable tattoos to strengthen your bond.

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