200+ Best Positive Quotes About Mother-In-Law

Sometimes the love and benevolence of a mother-in-law goes unnoticed. She is the person that welcomed you into her family wholeheartedly and made sure that you feel at home. Quotes about mothers-in-law can help you understand their love and care in a better way. She may have sacrificed many of her desires for the good and well-being of the family. And a few fond words of appreciation can make her feel loved and special.

However, if you cannot put your thoughts into words or feel shy about expressing them, we have your back. Read on for a collection of beautiful quotes on mother-in-law and use them as expressions of your love for her to cherish your bond.

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Positive Mother-In-law Quotes

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  1. A mother gives you birth and gives you a life, but a mother-in-law gives you her life.” — Amit Kalantri
  1. Lucky are the ones who are blessed with a wonderful mother; I am twice blessed with my mother-in-law.” — Unknown
  1. Feels glad to say that the mother-in-law is the center of a family.” — Unknown
  1. Behind every successful man is a proud wife and a supportive mother-in-law.” — Hubert H. Humphrey
  1. When you have a wonderful mother-in-law who supports you, understand that you are lucky.” — Unknown
  1. A mother-in-law’s appreciation for her daughter-in-law is no less than a reward.” — Unknown
  1. The only thing more cheerful than an accomplishment is having a beautiful and a smart mother-in-law.” — Unknown
  1. I went from resenting my mother-in-law to accepting her, finally to appreciating her. What appeared to be her diffidence when I was first married, I now value as serenity.” — Ayelet Waldman
  1. There is nothing better than a rich wife and a generous mother-in-law.” — Unknown
  1. A daughter-in-law cannot be perfect by herself. A beautiful mother-in-law helps her be one.” — Unknown
  1. I have a great relationship with my mother-in-law. We’re both Leos we understand each other.” — Tori Amos
  1. A mother-in-law is one of the kindest souls as she gives away a piece of herself to her daughter-in-law with a smile even when her sacrifice is not spoken about enough.” — Unknown
  1. Behind every successful person, stands a very successful mother-in-law.” — Lou Holtz
  1. You have nurtured your son to become a loving and responsible person. Now I am going to teach the same thing to my children, and I thank you for being a motivation to all of us.” — Unknown
  1. You might be my mother-in-law, but I always consider you to be my friend.” — Unknown
  1. It is not possible for a daughter-in-law to be flawless, and it is the mother-in-law who helps her to become a perfect one.” — Unknown
  1. Respected mother-in-law, I have no words to thank you for guiding me in my life after my marriage.” — Unknown
  1. My husband treats me like a princess, and this implies that he has been raised by a person who is a queen.” — Unknown
  1. My mother-in-law happens to be a second mother to me.” — Unknown
  1. You are quite different from my mother, but in one way, you are the same. You love your son as well as your family the most in your life.” — Unknown
Having a healthy relationship with mother-in-law is great

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  1. I don’t know how to thank you for welcoming me into a new family after my marriage.” — Unknown
  1. I am fortunate that you are the mother of my husband and also my best friend.” — Unknown
  1. I never dreamt that I would have a mother-in-law like you in my life. You are my best blessing!” — Unknown
  1. My mother-in-law you may be, but a friend in you I’ll always see.” — Unknown
  1. You’re really great mother, mother in-law, and grandmother we could ask for! I am thankful to almighty.” — Unknown
  1. Your gift to me was giving birth to the man of my dreams. My gift to you is being the daughter you never had.” — Unknown
  1. Dear Mom-in-law, thank you for raising the man of my dreams.” — Unknown
  1. You’re not simply my mother-in-law—you’re somebody I’ve developed to acknowledge and adore.” — Unknown
  1. The best thing about having you as my mother-in-law is my children having you as their granny.” — Unknown
  1. Dear mother-in-law, I was unable to have joined a superior or additionally adoring family. Much thanks to you for tolerating me with great enthusiasm.” — Unknown
  1. Thank you for being a second mother to me. You are a complete world for me.” — Unknown
  1. Thank you for welcoming me into your family. I will always be true and loyal to you, my awesome mother-in-law.” — Unknown
  1. We’re so thankful for you and your adoration – I’m the most fortunate daughter- in-law on the planet.” — Unknown
  1. There is no way to a perfect mother-in-law but millions of ways to be a good one.” — Jill Churchill
  1. You are the mother I received the day I wed your son. I just want to thank you, mom, for all the things you’ve done.” — Unknown
  1. You have given me a gracious man with whom I share my life. You are his lovely mother, and I his lucky wife.” — Judy Nilson
  1. You used to pat his little head and now I hold his hand. You raised and loved a little boy then gave to me a man.” — Unknown
  1. If I didn’t have you as my mother-in-law, I would choose you as a friend.” — Unknown
  1. Thank you for teaching me how not to be a mother-in-law, but just to be a caring mother.”
  1. I bought an lovely gift for my mother-in-law, a crown for being the most caring person.” – Unknown
A mother-in-law is the crowning glory of the family

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  1. A mother gives you a life, a mother-in-law gifts her precious gem to you, and it’s her daughter.” — Unknown
  1. A mother in law deserves love and respect just as your own mother does. Treat her like you want your mother to be treated.” — Unknown
  1. A mother-in-law is like A shadow. She’s there when times are tough, offering support, but fades into the background when things are going well, allowing you to enjoy life.” — Unknown
  1. Respect your mother-in-law wholeheartedly, serve her, and treat her nicely. If you’ll do well, that goodwill gets back to you.” — Unknown
  1. You have been the best mother-in-law I could ever imagine in my life. So much of love, care, and joy you have given me all this years. I truly appreciate my luck for having you in my life.” — Unknown
  1. Your mother in law is a wonderful mother, just like your mother. Treat her well so that your children and in-laws treat you the same way.” — Unknown
  1. The bond and relationship that we share with our mother and our mothers-in-law are soft and heart touching.” — Unknown
  1. Mother-in law, you never let me feel alone. Whenever I needed blessings, you were there for me. I am obliged to have you in my life. You are a great woman, whose daughter is my cute wife.” — Unknown
  1. “Dear Mother-in-law, I might have not always said it, but deep down, I always refer to you as a mom. I will always have a memory of you filled with love and positivity only. You’re lovely, and your acts also remind me and motivate me to be kindhearted and generous. I cannot pack my love for you in words.” — Unknown
  1. You have always been a great and heart-warming mother, and you will forever be one. I love you from the core of my heart.” — Unknown
  1. I love my mother-in-law to the moon and back because every second I spend with my spouse is great, and it is all because of the way my mother-in-law brought her up.” — Unknown
  1. There is no better mother-in-law than you because you take care of our children when we are at work, you treat us special every day and give us the love that warms and touches our heart.” — Unknown
  1. “I value you letting me be a major part of your family. Treating me like your own daughter in every way. I love the way you care and love me like my own mother. I never feel out of space with you..” — Unknown
  1. I love the way you treat me even before your own son. You treat me in special way like no other. Thank you mother-in-law..” — Unknown
  1. You never meet your mother-in-law on the day that you are well dressed.” — Creole Proverb
  1. A mother-in-law like you deserves every happiness in the world. You more than a mother-in-law, I consider you by my own mother.” — Unknown
  1. Be kind to your mother-in-law, the way she is generous to you.” — Unknown
  1. Despite the fact that it is by marriage that we are associated, I feel like you are god mother sent by god. You resemble my own mother in every possible way.” — Unknown
  1. I’m honored of being a part of this family. You’ve generally been the ideal Mother-in-law for me.” — Unknown
  1. I am happy every day because of the way you raised your son, the most amazing man I have ever met, and how you accepted me into your family.” — Unknown
  1. You were a part of our daily lives when we were going through the most difficult situation. Your help was invaluable.” — Unknown
  1. Thank you for adopting my husband and nurturing him to become the man he is today.” — Unknown
The love and affection of mother-in-law is priceless

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  1. Thank you for accepting me into the family as one of you.” — Unknown
  1. To my Mother in Law you have made me what I am today under your guidance, love, and care.”. – Unknown
  1. The day I wed your daughter, I received a mother-in-law as a trophy.” — Unknown
  1. Investing most energy with my mother-in-law truly makes me acknowledge myself as a happy daughter-in-law.”— Unknown
  1. I always know when it’s the mother-in-law knocking at the door – the mice throw themselves in the traps.” — Unknown
  1. I never forget you mother-in-law, as you came into my life as a precious gift.” — Unknown
  1. Behind every successful son-in-law lurks a truly amazed mother-in-law.” — Unknown
  1. I never knew my wedding would come in a beautiful package – my gorgeous wife and a caring mother-in-law.” — Unknown
  1. Maybe I should’ mouth off to the elemental I kind a hoped was my future mother-in-law.” — Kiersten White
  1. Thank you for bringing up my husband and helping him become the man he is today.” — Unknown
  1. Mother-in-law you can make the dullest day so damn interesting with your bright smile. You are simply awesome to have around”. — Unknown
  1. A mother in law deserves love and respect just as your own mother does. Treat her like you want your mother to be treated.”. — Unknown
  1. Never expected I would be blessed with two mothers.”— Unknown
  1. “Mother-in-law is better than a single and childless political persona, though.” — Vladimir Zhirinovsky
  1. Respect her wholeheartedly and serve her and treat her nicely. If you’ll do good, that goodwill gets back to you.”. — Unknown
  1. Your mother in law is a wonderful mother, just like your mother. Treat her well so that your kids and in-laws will treat you the same way..” — Unknown
  1. Make a good and healthy relationship with your mother-in-law, so you get all the love and blessings from her.” — Unknown
  1. I’m thankful to have you as my guide and Godmother for the rest of my life.” — Unknown
  1. I am ready to sacrifice everything in my life only for the happiness of my husband and mother-in-law.” — Unknown
  1. Before my marriage, I was told by people that a mother-in-law happens to be an intimidating thing. However, my idea has changed after my marriage, and I have found that it is not true in my case.” — Unknown
Freezing beautiful memories with mother-in-law

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  1. You are lucky if your spouse and mother-in-law gel well.” — Unknown
  1. Having a mother in law like you is no less than a pure blessing. I love how you unselfishly give everything to me be it love or material or tips. Only a heart as dear as yours will be so lovely and generous..” — Unknown
  1. I love my mother-in-law so much that I would sacrifice anything to bring a smile to her face.” — Unknown
  1. I thank my mother-in-law for raising my husband, who is the best man I have ever met.” — Unknown
  1. “I’m convinced my mother-in-law is secretly a magician. How else could she make such delicious meals appear out of thin air?” — Unknown
  1. You raised your son to be a responsible and loving man, and now I will teach our children the same. Thanks for being an inspiration.” — Unknown
  1. Your son/daughter surely loves you. He also admires you. But he’s not the only one. I do too.” — Unknown
  1. You are my Mother in law but I have always considered you a friend for whom I am grateful and thankful.”.— Unknown
  1. “It’s been amazing having you as my mother-in-law. You’ve been such a source of inspiration and support since the day I got married. Thank you for everything.” — Anonymous
  1. “The moment I married your son, I gained a wonderful mother who has taken care of me every single day. You’re the best support I could have asked for.” — Anonymous
  1. “Your beautiful smile, your caring nature, and your wonderful personality make me feel incredibly lucky to have you as my mother-in-law.” — Anonymous
  1. “Your love is like a warm hug, making me feel at home. I’ve found a caring second mother in you, and it means the world.”— Anonymous
  1. “Your wisdom and kindness made my journey in the new household even better than expected. Our love story shines brighter with you by our side.”— Anonymous
  1. “Your guidance and kindness make every challenge easier. Thank you for being a strong presence in our family.” — Anonymous
  1. “Having you as a mother-in-law makes my marriage even more special. Your patience and unwavering faith in me makes me feel I can achieve everything.”— Anonymous
  1. “I’ve found a mother in you that I never expected and thanks for showering me with your warm love. You have been so welcoming since the day I got married and I want you to know that you make me feel at home each day.” — Anonymous
  1. “With you Mommy, gatherings are warm and comforting. Your presence adds an unwavering support system to our family.” — Anonymous
  1. “You’ve not just accepted me; you’ve also welcomed me wholeheartedly. It is rare to find a MIL who loves their children’s spouses like their own. I must have done something good to have you ma! — Anonymous
  1. “When it comes to my luck of having a mother, I feel I have been truly blessed. With my mom and you, MIL, I think I can understand the true meaning of marriage and commitment.” – Anonymous
  1. You’re the ‘Gossip General,’ keeping us updated on all the family drama!”— Anonymous
  1. “My secret weapon for marital bliss? My ‘Mother-in-Law,’ of course!”— Anonymous
  1. “You’re the ‘Fairy Godmother’ who made my dreams come true – with a twist!”— Anonymous
  1. “You’re like a ‘Family Fortune Teller,’ predicting and solving most our problems before they even reach us!” — Anonymous
  1. “As the ‘Eternal Cheerleader,’ you make our family team unbeatable!”— Anonymous
  1. “With you as the ‘Household Historian,’ our stories are always legendary.” — Anonymous
  1. “You’re the ‘Family Fun Architect,’ building happiness one smile at a time.”— Anonymous
  1. “Life with you is a ‘Comedy of In-Laws,’ and I’m the lead actor!”— Anonymous
  1. “As our ‘Joy Engineer,’ you keep our happiness engines running smoothly.” — Anonymous
  1. “In our family’s storybook, you’re the ‘Mistress of Mirth,’ a true character!” — Anonymous
  1. “As you are on your way to your favorite destination, know that your son and I have spent countless nights planning this so that you can have a well-deserved break. I love you so much, Mama.” – Anonymous
  1. “I don’t know how you always end up being the ultimate mood lifter and cheer mascot in our family’s daily drama.” — Anonymous
  1. “Mommy, you’ve got a Ph.D. in ‘Motherhood’ – we’re all just trying to pass the course!” — Anonymous
  1. “MIL, you’ve officially earned the ‘Best Supporting Mom’ award!” — Anonymous
  1. “Mom-in-law, you’re the guardian angel who blesses our home with love and laughter.” — Anonymous
  1. “Mama Bear, you’ve got the best recipe for a loving family – a dash of advice, a pinch of humor, and lots of love!” — Anonymous
  1. “To my second mom, thanks for being the extra spice in our family’s curry.” — Anonymous
  1. “You’re not just my mother-in-law; you’re my bonus mom with extra love!” — Anonymous
  1. “Life got sweeter when I gained a ‘MIL-licious’ mentor like you!” — Anonymous
  1. “In the family game of life, you’re the ace up my sleeve, Mama!” — Anonymous
  1. “Thanks for welcoming me into your ‘tribe,’ Mama Bear!” — Anonymous
  1. “Mom, your love has made my journey with your child an amazing and fulfilling one.” — Anonymous
  1. “Mommy, your love has brought out the best in all of us, and I’m thankful for that.” — Anonymous
  1. “Mama, when I see your son/daughter, I understand how great her childhood must be, for she had you as her mother. His/Her resilience in tough situations makes me fall in love again. Thanks, Mommy, for giving me your precious gift.” — Unknown
  1. “Mama Bear, you’ve shown me that love knows no boundaries, and I’m lucky to have you.” — Anonymous
  1. “Mommy, your love has turned my husband/wife into the amazing person they are, and I’m grateful for that.” — Anonymous
  1. “From the day I said ‘I do’ to today, you’ve been my pillar of strength, MIL, and I couldn’t ask for a better one.” — Anonymous
  1. “Mom, you’ve shown me that family isn’t just a word; it’s a feeling, and I feel it every day with you.” — Anonymous
  1. “My cherished mother-in-law, you are a true angel. You grace our lives with your warmth and affection, much like an angel who spreads love among people.” — Anonymous
  1. “You truly embody humility as a child of God. Every daughter-in-law should be blessed with a mother-in-law like you.” — Anonymous
  1. “My mother-in-law possesses the warmest and most compassionate heart, and I pray that she continues to receive the love she rightfully deserves.” — Anonymous
  1. “I often wonder what good acts I must have committed, knowingly or unknowingly, that I have such an amazing and beautiful MIL like you. Your contributions to this family are beyond anyone’s imagination.” — Anonymous
  1. “A strong bond doesn’t have to rely solely on blood ties. You, my beloved mother-in-law, exemplify how love can fortify a relationship.” — Anonymous
  1. “Loving a stranger becomes effortless when that stranger is as remarkable as my mother-in-law.” — Anonymous
  1. “It is you who has nurtured my wife and my children’s mother. Therefore, you are the perfect role model for us and it is expected that my daughters will be nothing less than exceptional.”— Anonymous
  1. “Even though you will hear several unsettling tales related to mothers-in-law, I can hardly relate to any of them. You, my precious MIL, are an absolute blessing and I am thankful to have you in my close-knit family.”— Anonymous
  1. “My dear mama bear, when I married your son/daughter, I understood God had planned for you and me to meet. God knew I would require someone in my life to settle with a new family and who better than you?” — Anonymous
  1. “Mommy, to have you as my mother-in-law is truly God’s plan and I am vouching to support you in any which possible as a daughter should to her mother.” — Anonymous
  1. “I had heard a story that when mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law meet, they create a formidable pair. It stands true in my case.”— Anonymous
  1. “Two women, a mother, and a wife, can share their love for a man in very meaningful and distinct ways. Such is the magic of marriage.” — Anonymous

Funny Mother-In-Law Quotes

If you share a friendly and heartwarming relationship with your mother-in-law, you can share some funny quotes with her. But be careful with the extent of your quips and witticism and think before you send a humorous quote, otherwise it may backfire.

  1. On Valentine’s Day, I wired flowers for my mother-in-law, but she found the fuse.” — Milton Berle
  1. Conscience is a mother-in-law whose visit never ends.” — Henry Louis Mencken
  1. I haven’t spoken to my mother-in-law for eighteen months – I don’t like to interrupt her.” — Ken Dodd
  1. Behind every successful man is a proud wife and a surprised mother-in-law.” — Hubert H. Humphrey
  1. Thank you for getting my name right, most of the time.” — Unknown
  1. Yet you would not drive a car with your mouth unless you are my mother-in-law.” – Jean-Louis Gassee
  1. I told my mother-in-law that my house was her house, and she said, ‘Get the hell off my property.” — Joan Rivers
  1. I told my mother-in-law, my house is your house. So she sold it.” — Henny Youngman
  1. Give up all hope of peace so long as your mother-in-law is alive.” — Juvenal
  1. I wanted to do something pleasant for my mother-in-law. I gave her son for a day.” — Unknown
  1. Both I as well as my mother-in-law had been happy for 20 years. Following this, we met one another.” — Unknown
  1. What is the best definition of a mixed emotion? Watching the mother-in-law reverse off a cliff driving your brand new car.” — Unknown
  1. I used to think mothers-in-law are difficult, but on that day I came to understand that they’re simply unknowable.” ― Lisa See
  1. “The mother-in-law is the center of a family.”— Les Dawson
  1. “When you have a wonderful mother-in-law who takes sides with you in squabbles with her own daughter – that’s something.” — Lou Gehrig
  1. “A mother-in-law’s praise says more in a woman’s favor than anything else in the world.” — Caroline Pafford Miller
  1. “There is nothing better than a rich wife and a generous mother-in-law.”— Russian Proverb
  1. “What can you say about a man, who on Mother’s Day sends flowers to his mother-in-law, with a note thanking her for making him the happiest man on Earth?”— Nancy Reagan
  1. “My wife is the kind of girl who will not go anywhere without her mother, and her mother will go anywhere.”— John Barrymore
  1. “Be kind to your mother-in-law, but pay for her board at some good hotel.”— Josh Billings
  1. “A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been raised by a queen.”— Taiwan Brown
  1. “The mother-in-law came round last week. It was absolutely pouring down. So I opened the door, and I saw her there, and I said, ‘Mother, don’t just stand there in the rain. Go home.”– Les Dawson
  1. “I’ve got her spirit / She’s always got my back / When I look at her / I think, I want to be just like that.”— Lauren Alaina
  1. “Once blessed with a wonderful mother; twice blessed with my mother-in-law.”― Danielle Carson
  1. “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” – Oprah Winfrey
  1. “Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.”– Misty Copeland
  1. “To my wisdom whisperer, thanks for all the advice and sparing my husband from it!” — Anonymous
  1. “You’re the family’s CEO, and I’m just the intern learning the ropes!” — Anonymous
  1. “Life with you mama is more like a sitcom, and you’re the hilarious recurring character.” — Anonymous
  1. “With you, life after I do is like an ongoing comedy show that is always full of laughter!” — Anonymous
  1. “You’re the Love Guru in mine and my hubby’s life who always reminds us why we fell for each other.”— Anonymous
  1. “In our family, your son tells me you’re the Memory Bank, who is never forgetful and always precious.”— Anonymous
  1. “If life were a board game, I am sure you’d be the matriarch master, hands down.”— Anonymous
  1. “Thanks for being the much-needed recipe whisperer in the kitchen and my heart.” — Anonymous
  1. “In this family, you’re not just a MIL; you’re the MVP – Most Valuable Parent!” — Anonymous
  1. “MIL, you make the family album complete with your candid moments!”— Anonymous
  1. “Mama Bear, you’ve mastered the art of balancing love and advice!” — Anonymous
  1. “My hubby got his good looks from you, Mommy – thanks for the genes!” — Anonymous
  1. “MIL, you’re the queen of the family WhatsApp group – emojis and all!”— Anonymous
  1. “To the queen of the family, thanks for reigning with love and laughter!” — Anonymous
  1. “Having you as my MIL is like hitting the jackpot in the family lottery!” — Anonymous
  1. “Mommy, you’ve made our family tree stronger, funnier, and more beautiful.”— Anonymous
  1. “In the theater of our lives, you’re the director, and we’re your adoring cast, MIL!”— Anonymous
  1. “Mom-in-law, you’re the sunshine that brightens our family’s cloudy days.”— Anonymous
  1. “You make ‘in-laws’ feel like ‘in-love’ with your incredible humor, Mama Sunshine.”— Anonymous
  1. “Behind every happy couple, there’s an even happier mother-in-law!” — Anonymous
  1. “Our family recipe for love: You + Us = Perfection!” — Anonymous
  1. “You’re the GPS to my heart, guiding me through the family maze!” — Anonymous
  1. “They say it takes a village to raise a child; well, you’re my village!”— Anonymous
  1. “You’ve turned the ‘in-law’ title into ‘in-awe’ of you!”— Anonymous
  1. “Every day with you feels like a page from a fairytale, full of love and wonder.”— Anonymous
  1. “In the book of life, you are the chapter that brings joy and fulfillment.”— Anonymous
  1. “I didn’t base my choice of spouse on his mother’s identity, but even if that had been a criterion, I would still have selected him.”— Anonymous
  1. “I’m filled with gratitude for bearing the same last name as such an incredible woman.” — Anonymous
  1. “While some individuals may voice grievances about their mothers-in-law, my sole regret is not having had you in my life sooner.”— Anonymous
  1. “Much thanks to my mother-in-law, she is a perfect example of one’s commitment to excellence and integrity. I feel blessed to think that I have an amazing husband and my children have an exceptional father. I will always hold her in the highest of regards.” — Anonymous
  1. “Your son has bestowed upon me numerous gifts, yet the most precious of all is having you, dear Mom, in my life.” — Anonymous
  1. “While it can be possible that I and my mother-in-law may have our differences, I hold a deep respect for her. I want you to know that I value the love that you generously share with our family and me.” — Anonymous
  1. “If I sit here to express my gratitude to you, the whole day will pass on. Whatever you have done for us is short of thanks. I hope that you understand the depth of my appreciation and affection for you.”— Anonymous
  1. “I may not say this often to you, but I genuinely want to thank you today for the innumerable times you have supported me since I said ‘I do’ to your son/daughter. You have played a key role in strengthening my relationship, for which I am forever grateful.” — Anonymous
  1. “Among the different reasons to be joyful as thrown at me by life, you rank at the highest position. I could never imagine if I should deserve a mother-in-law like you.” — Anonymous
  1. “Your support during our tough times has been one of the kindest behaviors displayed by you. You have surpassed the affection that I have for my own mother. Your genuineness is god-gifted, for which I am truly grateful.”— Anonymous
  1. “For all these years, the level of kindness, affection, and generosity you have shown is unmatched. I am forever thankful to be a part of your family.”— Anonymous

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can quotes about mothers-in-law help improve relationships with them?

Reading these quotes can help you better appreciate the wisdom and experience mothers-in-law possess. It can help you learn to cherish and respect them, making you approach them with the same tenderness you may approach your mother. This can gradually repair your strained relationship with her.

2. What is the overall tone of most quotes about mothers-in-law?

The tone of these quotes is that of admiration, respect, empathy, adoration, and compassion. These emotions are the foundation for having a positive relationship with your mother-in-law.

Your mother-in-law is the go-to, compassionate person after marriage whenever you need advice or miss your mother’s touch. She is the glue that holds the family together. These emotional, funny, and thoughtful quotes about mother-in-law can help you express your thoughts and feelings that may not have been easy to convey all this while. Use them on occasions such as a housewarming party and similar joyous events. So, go ahead and text her these quotes or write them down on cutesy notes and show that you hold her in great reverence.

Infographic: Touching Quotes About Mother-In-Law

If you are searching for appreciative and sweet quotes and messages to share with your mother-in-law, we have the right list for you. In the following infographic, we have included a list of quotes you can share with your mother-in-law to make her feel special and loved.

quotes about mother in law (infographic)

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A mother-in-law is like a second mother. Celebrate this Mother’s Day with these sweet and funny quotes about mother-in-laws. Let her know what she means to you and how lucky you are to have her in your life.

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