25 Unusual Mountain Inspired Names For Boys And Girls

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Mountains are majestic and beautiful and have long attracted the human desire to scale them. But mountains are also formidable and challenging. So, if you’re searching for such inspiring names for your little one, these mountain-inspired names would be unique yet amazing options. Whether you are into expeditions and adventure sports or admire people who do these heroic deeds, giving your child nature-themed names can add a special touch. The mountain-inspired names possess a brilliance that can motivate your child to be indomitable and brave. So, go through our list of options to find a suitable name for your child.

Mountain Baby Names For Boys

1. Aaron:

Aaron, meaning ‘mountain or enlightened,’ is a timeless and attractive name. Aaron was the name of the first high priest of Israel. Hank Aaron, the baseball champ, Aaron Burr, the American Vice President Aaron Eckhart and the actor and Aaron Copland, the composer are other modern namesakes.

2. Beaumont:

This is one of the classy mountain names for boys of Old French origin means ‘the beautiful mountain.’ It was more prevalent in the 19th century than it is today. Francis Beaumont, the English playwright, is the most famous bearer of this name. The softness of the double vowel offers an appealing gentleness to this name.

3. Berg:

Berg is a name of German origin, meaning ‘mountain.’ You will usually find it as a suffix in German surnames like ‘Goldberg,’ which means ‘gold mountain,’ ‘Kleinberg,’ which means ‘small mountain or ‘Hochberg,’ which means ‘High Mountain.’ Berg as a first name would make a unique choice.

4. Brawley:

Nobody had heard of this rowdy name until Nick Nolte gave it to his son. The meaning of Brawley is ‘meadow at the slope of the hill’. Isn’t it beautiful?

5. Giri:

Giri, Mountain inspired baby names

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Giri, pronounced as JHI-Rih, is a Sanskrit name meaning ‘mountain.’ It is widely used in India. In fact, it was one of the top hundred Indian names in the year 2015.

6. Gabal:

Gabal is one of the rarely used names meaning ‘mountain.’ It has a laid-back and rural feel to it. Gabal is also used for girls in some regions.

7. Dumont:

Dumont, pronounced ‘DuwMaant”, is one of the most exotic mountain boy names. It means ‘the man of mountain.’ The name is popular among cool parents these days.

8. Elbio:

The name Elbio has origins in the Celtic language. It has a clear, manly image combined with medieval royal sources. Elbio means ‘the one who comes from the mountain.’

9. Delmont:

Delmont is an Old French name but is used primarily in the English language. The name means ‘of the mountain.’ It has been in and out of fashion ever since it was introduced in the 18th century.

10. Darryl:

Darryl is a beach boy name

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This beach boy name has been used by the English since the late 19th century. Once exclusively a guy name, Daryl Hannah made this name appropriate for girls too. Today, it’s used more like a girl’s name, than a boy’s name. Even the meaning is as sweet as the name. Darryl means ‘mountain cranberry.’

11. Agastya:

If you want a name that combines style with substance, then Agastya could make a perfect choice. This majestic stately name of Sanskrit origin means ‘mountain thrower.’ It’s a favorite with celebrities as well.

12. Montel:

Montel, pronounced as ‘MowNtehL’ is another name meaning ‘mountain.’ Some parents opted for the name of the talk show host in the early 90s. The name seemed to have lost momentum, but we’re confident that it will catch up soon.

Mountain Baby Names For Girls

13. Adrija:

If you are looking for a peaceful and straightforward mountain girl names, then you may be attracted to this one. Adrija is a lovely Sanskrit name meaning ‘mountain-born.’

14. Carmel:

Mount Carmel is a coastal mountain in northern Israel. It’s mentioned in the Old Testament as one of the favorite spots for Mary and baby Christ. This Biblical place-name is heard quite frequently in Israel and Ireland, than in the United States.

15. Peri:

Even though Peri originates from Greek, it is used mainly in English. The meaning of Peri is ‘mountain dweller. It’s used for both boys and girls in several cultures, especially in Israel.

16. Parvati:

Parvati, Mountain inspired names for girls

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If you want a name rooted in your custom and tradition, Parvati could be your pick. This Sanskrit name means ‘daughter of the mountain.’

17. Orestina:

Orestina is the feminine form of the Italian name Oreste. It comes from the word ‘oros’, which means mountain. Orestilla is another beautiful variation of this name.

18. Hermona:

We love how this name sounds- HH-ERMOWNAH. Originating from Hebrew, it means ‘from the mountain peak.’ In Persian, Peri means woman of Persia.

19. Odina:

Odina, a Native American-Algonquian name of Germanic origin has an easygoing charm to it. This derivative of the German word ‘Ute’ means ‘mountain.’

20. Monserrat:

Derived from rock formation in Catalonia, Spain

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Monserrat is used primarily in the English and Catalan languages. The Catalan meaning of Monserrat is ‘serrated mountain’ and the Spanish meaning of it is ‘mountain in the shape of a saw’.

There are low chances of your daughter bumping into another girl of the same name in her school.

21. Sierra:

The name Sierra has been borrowed from the Spanish mountain range of the same name. The cowboy charm and Latin rhythm of Sierra led to many offshoots like Cyra, Cierra and so on. Its popularity increased manifold after the introduction of Ciara perfumes in 1973.

22. Zaltana:

Zaltana is a Native American name meaning ‘high mountain’. It feels exotic, and evocative, without belonging to any particular culture.

23. Shasta:

In Shasta, ‘S’ is silent. It is pronounced as ‘Ah-Staa’. It is believed to have been derived from the Shasta Native American tribe. Even Mount Shasta in Siskiyou Country is named after this tribe. The meaning of Shasta is ‘three-peaked mountain’. The name topped the charts in the late 1970’s and fell from favor soon after. But it experienced a revival in 2012 and is here to say.

24. Valborga:

Valborga is a Swedish mountain names for girls meaning ‘mighty mountain’. It’s passed its peak, yet it retains its beautiful-yet-strong sound.

25. Samara:

Lovely and exotic Samara is a Hebrew name meaning ‘watch mountain.’ This beautiful name has grown in popularity since the early 1990s. Before that, Samara was used very lightly. Samara is pronounced as ‘Sa-Mey-Ra.’

Naming your child is a brainstorming process, and your baby needs a name that they will be proud of once they grow up. These mountain inspired names resonate with power and tranquility, just like the beautiful mountains that stand tall in their glory. So if you are a nature enthusiast, you may pick one of these names for your baby. You may choose the one that appeals to you the most from this list of some of the best mountain-inspired names for your newborn boy or girl.

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