14 Mustache And Beard Styles For Teenagers

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As boys grow older and reach their teenage years, they become more conscious about their newly formed facial hair. So, we have come up with some mustache and beard styles for teenagers. These styles will give them tips on grooming themselves to see what suits them best. Facial hair growth is a matter of excitement and anticipation for teenage boys as it indicates their transformation. Teenagers go through a boost in their confidence when they feel good and comfortable with the way they look. So, read on to help your teen choose their style.

Top 8 Beard Styles Your Teen Can Try

Here are the eight best beard styles for teenagers that they can surely try wearing:

1. Light Beard With No mustache:

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For this particular look, your teen can choose to not grow a mustache and just focus on the beard. It will be particularly useful at a time when your son may have more hair growth around the jaw and chin area but less around the lip area. In this style, the beard is thicker around the chin, while the hair around the jaw line and on the cheek is still sparse.

2. Thicker Beard Around The Sides Of Chin:

Image: Shutterstock

To create this look, your teen can let the mustache grow as it is and keep it trimmed to a neat stubble-like growth. For the beard, he has to mostly concentrate on the area that is around the edges of the chin, coming down from the corner of the lower lip. While there is enough growth in the entire beard area, it is considerably thick at the edges of the chin.

Quick tip
Keep your facial skin clean using quality face wash products for a healthy and good beard. Also, if your beard is past the two weeks scruff phase, use beard oil to soften your beard and get rid of itching.

3. Regular Stubble Look With Beard Around The Cheeks:

Image: Shutterstock

While most beards tend to stay around the jaw area, here is one style that teen son can also let grow around his cheeks. It is easy to maintain, as it gives a stubble effect and is very low on maintenance. There is a good amount of growth on the cheeks, which is a natural progression for your teen’s facial hair growth. To let his facial hair grow out thick before trimming most of it away, he can wear this style and also look trendy.

4. Natural Growth Beard:

Image: Shutterstock

To try out this look, all your teen has to do is let his facial hair grow naturally. Here, the beard looks uneven and is sparsely growing. While it may initially seem that there is no particular style or pattern to the look, it still gives a very young and fresh look. Just make sure that your son still regularly trims his beard to avoid it looking too over the place.

5. More Around The Jawline And Less On The Chin:

Image: Shutterstock

The beard here is more concentrated on the areas around the jawline and less on the chin. Also, there is barely any trace of a mustache, which also makes it an ideal style for the initial months when your teen will start sprouting facial hair. The face looks darker around the sides, as the beard is thicker there, while the chin and upper lip area are relatively lighter.

6. Very Sparsely Spread Stubble:

Image: Shutterstock

In this look, the stubble is the main focus, even though it is all over the place. Your teen can try this look when he has some amount of facial hair growth. As it is a very low maintenance type of style, all he will have to do is to trim the beard and even the mustache at regular intervals. The stubbly beard is spread all over the jaw, chin and cheek area, but does not look unkempt.

7. Beard With Small Goatee:

Image: Shutterstock

The look here sports both a regular beard as well as a small goatee. Your teen can let the beard grow the normal way, but clean it out in the chin area. To get the goatee look, he will have to keep a little amount of hair intact just below the upper lip in the middle area. For the mustache, he can let it grow naturally and trim it to avoid it looking shabby.

Point to consider
A goatee can be the best style you can get if you are blessed with a strong jawline. Also, if you have an oval face, a slightly triangular goatee will look good on you.

8. Rugged Beard:

Image: Shutterstock

Your teen can sport this look best in the later part of his teen years. To get the rugged look, he will need to have a good amount of facial hair growth, which may not be possible in the initial teen years. Once he grows a proper beard along the jawline and chin, he can trim the top of the beard by maintaining a little gap in between. For the mustache, he can either shave it off or let it grow very thin.

Top 3 Mustache Styles Your Teen Can Try

Here are the seven different styles of mustaches that your teen can try to style:

1. Thick Mustache With Regular Beard:

Image: Shutterstock

The easy and laid-back look of this style is what makes it so interesting and trendy. To try out this look, your teen will have to wait till he starts getting a considerably good amount of facial hair growth. The look will also work best if your teen has long hair, especially wavy or curly. Allow him to let his mustache grow as it naturally does, though he should trim it regularly to avoid looking shabby.

2. Very Sparse Mustache:

Image: Shutterstock

The mustache in this look is barely visible, but it is in the starting phase when your teen’s facial hair will just about start to sprout. There is also a little bit of facial hair sprouting around the jawline, but as it is very minimal, it is barely noticeable.

3. Just There Mustache:

Image: Shutterstock

Here is a look that your teen will be able to feature in the first few days and weeks when he starts sprouting facial hair. The growth is barely there and the mustache is very lightly visible. There is no growth in the beard area yet, which makes it a cleaner and easier to maintain style. To make sure that the mustache looks groomed and not unkempt, remind your teen to regularly trim it at the edges.

Top 3 Facial Hair Styles Your Teen Can Try

Here are three easy and different facial hair styles for teens to try:

1. Cool And Clean Stubble Look:

Image: Shutterstock

Here is a very easy to maintain facial hair style that your teen can easily carry on an everyday basis. For the particular look, your teen can let the stubble grow for a few days, and trim it neatly after every three to four days, depending on his facial hair growth. The idea is to maintain some growth in the beard and mustache area but make sure that it does not look shabby or untidy.

2. Jawline Beard With Simple mustache:

Image: Shutterstock

In the initial months or years when your teen starts sprouting facial hair, the growth may not be too thick. The style shown here is perfect for those times when your teen boy’s facial hair is not that ample, yet it is just about there. The beard style shows sparse growth in places, which is perfect as a first beard look. Even for the mustache, your teen can play with the thickness depending on how fast the hair grows.

3. Newly Sprouted Facial Hair Style:

Image: Shutterstock

Here is another facial hair play style that your teen can experiment with. It is also perfect for those first few months when hair growth will be relatively new on his face. In this image, the hair growth around the jawline is quite uneven, but does not look untidy or shabby. The growth around the upper lip area is a little thicker as compared to the jaw area and so it is looking darker than the beard. However, your teen can mix and match the look depending on the amount of facial hair growth he has.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a mustache look good on teens?

Mustaches can make anyone look stylish and attractive. Nevertheless, having a mustache is a personal choice. If a teen finds a mustache bothersome, they may shave or trim them off.

2. How does a 14-year-old shave their mustache?

If your teen does not like a mustache, they may use a trimmer to trim it down. An alternative is using shaving cream and a razor to shave it. In such a case, make sure you acquaint the teen with the tips to shave safely.

Teenagers are overly self-conscious and often think about what their peers think about them and their appearance. Suggesting some mustache and beard style for teenagers can help them improve their appearance and self-confidence. Teen boys may require special styles since the facial hair won’t be thick in the initial years. Teens can let their facial hair grow for three to four days and style it after. However, it is important to ensure that it is not looking shabby or untidy. You may also choose styles that can be maintained daily with less effort.


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