For Movie Buffs: Unique Baby Names Inspired By Movie Characters You Love

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As a parent, you have several responsibilities towards your child. One of the most challenging, though, is picking a name for them! How exactly do you pick the perfect name for your bundle of joy when (let’s admit it) you barely know them? That’s where our favorite movie characters come in! You may not know much about your baby yet, but you do know and love a few movie characters that have the perfect name, so how about giving that a try?

Parents across the world are choosing unique baby names inspired by their favorite movie stars, and we think it’s a brilliant idea. You’ve seen these movie characters on screen, and you know how their name sounds, so this makes it all the more easier to imagine it on your kid. Here’s a bunch of the best movie character names that are all the rage, for good reason:

1. Ginny


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This one’s for all you Potterheads! For most of us, the Harry Potter series has been a part of our childhood, and one character that is hard to miss is Ginny Weasley. From being a little girl waiting to get into Hogwarts to becoming the fiercest Quidditch player that Hogwarts has ever witnessed, and ultimately marrying The Boy Who Never Lived (Yes, we mean Harry Potter) — Ginny is one of the best characters in the show. And there’s no denying that she has a lovely name too. The name Ginny has English origins, and it essentially means “virginal”. We think it is beautiful, sweet, and perfect for a baby girl!

2. Jules


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Any Pulp Fiction fans in the house? If you’re one, you’ll know what we’re talking about! Jules Winnfield, played by Samuel L. Jackson, is the one character that is responsible for making Pulp Fiction one of the best classics of all time. Jules makes for a great boy name, but it can be an excellent option for girls and boys alike, considering that it is gender-neutral. The name Jules has its origins in France, and it could mean something along the lines of “youthful”. However, it could also be a derivation of Julian, Julia, or Juliette.

3. Maximus


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The name Maximus grew in popularity after one of the greatest movies of all time, Gladiator, hit the screens. Maximus is the name of the character played by Russel Crowe. It is a mighty name for a mighty warrior, just like in the movie. If you think your little boy is the greatest, then you have all the more reason to name your child Maximus, as it means exactly that — “the greatest”. The name has Latin origins, and a great nickname for this would be Max.

4. Leia


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If you’ve been a staunch follower of Star Wars, this one character must have shown through! One of the greatest leaders of the Rebel Alliance, Leia is known for her fearless, brave, and resilient attitude. She is, undeniably, the best and most beloved galaxy figure! Star Wars is responsible for bringing the name Leia into popularity, and it is safe to say that the name is here to stay! The name Leia has different meanings in various cultures. For example, in Hebrew, it means something along the lines of “relaxed”. In Latin, it is translated as “lioness”. We love how it actually means “flowers of heaven” or “heaven’s child” in Hawaiian. All in all, it’s a beautiful name for a baby girl!

5. Alistair


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We don’t have to get into how well (or not) the Twilight series fared, but one thing is for sure — all the characters had beautiful names! One of our favorites is Alistair. Alistair in Twilight was the vamp with the ultra-tracking ability; there’s no getting away from this guy! Having said that, Alistair is a warrior name, and back in the day, it was usually considered the name for warriors and soldiers. The name Alistair has Scottish origins, and it means something along the lines of “the defender of men”. Sounds apt for your courageous little boy, don’t you think?

6. Vesper


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Little did we know that James Bond’s love interest in Casino Royale had a moniker the world wouldn’t forget easily. And it’s not just because of the Vesper Martini. This name stands strong because of how it can be elegant, striking, and soft too! Portrayed by Eva Greene in the 2006 film, the fictional character was given this name because she was born on a stormy evening. This makes sense because Vesper has Latin roots, which roughly translates to “evening”. There’s no denying that this name is truly unique, and the movie makes it all the more lovely!

7. Frodo


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For the middle earth fans, the name would ring a bell or two. Frodo Baggins is the protagonist of the fantasy adventure book and movie series The Lord Of The Rings. Frodo is known for his humble demeanor, politeness, and happy go lucky attitude. But when faced with challenges he would also show his courageous and brave side. Frodo inspires us with his never-give-up attitude. The role was played by actor Elijah Wood in the movies. An adorable name any parent would love to name their child with.

8. Tony


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Ever since Iron Man made his movie debut, everyone is probably familiar with the name Tony Stark. Tony is probably one of the most suave superhero characters. And it’s not all style and panache that speaks for him. He is a genius who delves in science and technology and uses his skills in saving the earth. The role of Tony Stark is played by none other than the super smart actor Robert Downey Jr. In reel life as well as real life, Robert Downey Jr. is a suave gentleman. An amazing choice of a name any parent can choose for their little one.

Settling for a name isn’t easy, but once you’ve hit the jackpot with the right one, you’ll know for sure that this is it. In addition to being inspired by movie characters, the names above also have lovely meanings attached to them. Which one did you like the most? Do you have more to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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