25 Movies You Need To Watch During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time for women, and all that they can think about during this time are babies. This post on movies to watch during pregnancy will help you enjoy your journey and relate to similar situations. During pregnancy, you are advised to be at rest for as long as possible and do a minimum amount of work. But after a certain period, it starts to get monotonous, and reading pregnancy books or watching videos may not seem to help.

So why not indulge in movies based on pregnancy. Watching the characters going through and feeling the same can make you feel better. So read on for a curated list of pregnancy movies, including maternity romances and comedies, that you can watch and get entertained.

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1. What To Expect When You’re Expecting

“What To Expect When You’re Expecting” is a romantic comedy with an all-star cast, which includes Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz. The plot revolves around a group of women, all overtaken entirely by pregnancy hormones. From accidental pregnancies to adoption, from bouts of morning sickness on live television to problem-free pregnancies, the film covers a broad range of pregnancy and parenting problems, but in an entertaining way.

“What To Expect When You’re Expecting” may poke fun at pregnancy. However, this is one of the best movies about pregnancy that addresses emotional issues that women face during this phase. One time you will laugh out loud, and the other time you’ll shed occasional tears during this movie.

2. Nine Months

“Nine Months,” starring Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore, is a must watch film when you are expecting. This 1995 rom-com is about Simon (Hunt Grant), a commitment-phobic guy and his girlfriend, Rebecca (Julienne Moore). The two had a near perfect, five-year relationship until he discovers that Rebecca is pregnant. While Rebecca is an enthusiastic mom-to-be, Simon struggles awkwardly and hilariously with the impending fatherhood. But like a true blue 90s film, the film ends happily. The couple eventually realizes that having a baby is not the end, but actually the beginning of a new life.

Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore make this movie incredibly heartwarming. You’ll laugh out loud, even at his old fashioned 90’s jokes. But our favorite character is the shambling Russian gynecologist, played by Robin Williams. The delivery scene of this movie is hilarious. It involves loads of screaming and even fainting. Good luck with it.

protip_icon Trivia
Initially, the filmmakers wanted to cast Sarah Jessica Parker to play the role of Rebecca.

3. Due Date

Peter Highman (Robert Downey Jr.) father-to-be, will be a daddy in five days for the first time. He intends to catch a flight home so that he can be there for the delivery, but misses it because of Ethan Tremblay, an eccentric aspiring actor. He is then forced to hitch a ride with Ethan, which is no less than a test of sanity of Peter. Initially, he hitchhiker feels a little awkward, but ultimately, their trip turns out to be a joy ride.

4. Junior

If you are looking for a pregnant themed movie with an outlandish movie plot, then “Junior” could be your pick. “Junior” is about a medical researcher Dr. Hess, (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who impregnates himself while experimenting with a fertility drug to help mothers carry endangered infants. A string of comic incidents then unfolds, finally leading to Arnold in the labor room, ready to undergo the C-section. Watch this movie about pregnancy with your spouse for a fun filled time.

5. Away We Go

“Away We Go” is the movie about Burt and his pregnant girlfriend Verona who embark on a cross-country road trip to find a perfect place to raise their baby. The first five months of Verona’s pregnancy were smooth, but as the sixth month sets in, Burt’s parents Gloria and Jerry put out the pair when they announce that they are moving out of Colorado, eliminating the couple’s main reason for living there. The couple then travels to see their friends in different cities, namely Madison, Montreal, Phoenix. Along the way, they discover that home is where the heart is.

The comedy-drama parenting film is filled with some interesting characters, even a few parenting stereotypes. You will get to see all types of mothers in action from the acid-tongued Lilly reprimanding her kids, to the brainy LN’s to the beautiful, but heartbroken Munch, who is mourning her fifth miscarriage.

6. Baby Mama

If you want to watch something to cheer you up in pregnancy, then go for “Baby Mama”. “Baby Mama” is a story about Kate, a single, career oriented woman who cannot have a baby because of her T-shaped uterus (“too hostile to have a child”). She hires Angie, a broke and free-spirited surrogate to carry her child. Angie ends up moving in with Kate, where the ‘couple’ argues about everything that has to do with pregnancy. But the carefully constructed plan is blown to shards when Kate discovers that Angie is indeed pregnant, but with her own baby from her ex-husband Carl.

Watching Kate trying to mold Angie into an ideal mom-to-be is hysterical and would even relate to you. But Angie’s impudence and chutzpa deliver most laughs in the film. You’ll love the scene where she passes off a picture of a squirrel as an ultrasound, that too confidently to Kate.

7. The Business Of Being Born

If you have to choose just one movie in this list based on a theme of childbirth, select this one without thinking twice. “The Business Of Being Born” is not a conventional rom-com, but a brilliant film that every pregnant woman must watch. This maternity documentary film by Ricki Lake explores the experiences of pregnancy and childbirth in the United States. It looks at cesarean and natural childbirth, homebirth, inductions, doulas, epidurals and everything in between.

The film investigates the modern reliance on intervention and medicine during childbirth. It even examines the impact of how birth is treated as a medical emergency, rather than a natural occurrence. Basically, the film will gear you up for delivery by providing you with all the facts about childbirth.

8. Father Of The Bride 2

For those who planned their wedding watching “Father of the Bride” on repeat, this is the best pregnancy film for you. All your favorite characters return in this hilarious sequel of “Father of the Bride”. The film follows George’s journey as he prepares to become a father for the third time, and also to welcome his first grandchild.

The movie focuses on the ins and outs and ups and downs of pregnancy. The primary message of the film is coming together as a family during tough times, but also touches on late-in-life pregnancies. This is the best movie to watch while pregnant.

Falak, a mom and blogger, watched this movie, among several other baby films, during pregnancy. She remarks, “I love both the parts, but the sequel is much more funny. I love watching this movie with Fizz (my husband). I’m so confident Fizz will be a dad like the character Steve Martin played in the future (i).”

9. Babies

“Babies” is one hour 20 minutes of baby goodness. This amusing and delightful documentary follows the journey of four babies from four different countries, Japan, Mongolia, Namibia, and California. Right from the birth, the filmmakers follow these adorable babies, and give an intriguing look into how babies experience life differently around the world. The documentary shows us that despite the geographical and cultural difference, babies will be babies. There isn’t any dialogue in the movie, but the photography is a standout.

We particularly loved the mischievous Mongolian baby. You must watch him with your girlfriends or with your young babies. They’ll be captivated!

10. Labor Pains

To save herself from being fired, Thea, a reckless secretary of an arrogant publisher fakes her pregnancy. The plan works, and she gets to keep the job. She steals a baby bump from a mannequin and continues to fake her pregnancy while deciding her next move.

Thea begins enjoying her pregnancy and special treatment coming with it to such an extent that the pregnancy becomes real to her.

11. Riding In Cars With Boys

“Riding In Cars With Boys” is the story about Drew Barrymore, a high school student who falls in love unexpectedly in the movie. This is one of the top pregnancy movies which shows how a single mother overcomes the obstacles in life to earn her master’s degree. It is not one of those feel-good films as it features drug problems, lost dreams and marriage breakdown. But the firm bond between Barrymore and her son is exemplary.

“Riding In Cars With Boys” is emotional, funny, devastating, and heartwarming- all in one. The little boy in the film will have you thinking when your little one will come out, especially when he delivers the line “You look beautiful, Mommy”. You can even read the book of the same name to get a better understanding of the story.

protip_icon Trivia
Drew Barrymore, who played the role of Adam Garcia’s mother, is actually two years younger than him in real life.

12. Juno

“Juno” is definitely not the film to watch when your hormones are skyrocketing as it will have you in a flood of tears. The film is about Juno, a high school student who, upon discovering the unplanned pregnancy, embarks on a search to find the perfect adoptive parents for her unborn baby. She finally gives her baby to a couple she finds in Pennysaver.

“Juno” took the world by storm when it was released in 2007. It covers all the problems faced by pregnant teenage mothers. For instance- Juno doesn’t get asked to the prom, sees people whispering about her, yet stands out with her pregnancy bump on the canvas. Michael Cera and Ellen Page give killer performances in this coming-of-age film. We even loved the dialogues and of course, Juno’s wit and sarcasm. We were literally rooting for her while watching the movie. You will laugh, cry and watch the movie over and over again.

13. Knocked Up

“Knocked Up” is one of the great movies on pregnancy to watch when you are looking for the humorous side of pregnancy. Ben Stone, a fun loving boy, was on cloud nine after a one night with a super-hot girl played by Katherine Heigl, until she calls him after a few days only to let him know that she is pregnant! While deciding to keep the baby was quite easy for Alison, figuring out whether Ben is ready to be a father was tough.

“Knocked up” will leave you in splits as you follow this unlikely couple as they adjust to their new lives. From projecting morning sickness to figuring out that your partner has not read the entire baby book, no part of the pregnancy is left untouched in this movie. Just a word of warning, the movie has an incredibly graphic birth-giving scene at the end that can make you cringe.

14. Waitress

“Waitress” is a movie about Jenna (Kerri Russell), an unhappily married waitress who participates in a pie-baking contest and hopes to win so that she can have enough money to leave her husband. In the process, she falls in love with her new obstetrician who also happens to be married. But while preparing for the contest, Jenna also finds out that she’s pregnant. She initially does not want the baby, but slowly becomes attached to her future daughter. You must watch the movie to find out if this mama-to-be finds happiness or not.

“Waitress” is a whimsical and heart-warming film even though it deals with the sensitive subject matter of abuse and domestic violence. And you’ll love the hysterical names that Jenna gave to her creations, for instance, Bad Baby Pie. Jenna’s astonishing reaction to her impending parenthood will also evoke bursts of laughter. This is the best pregnancy related movie which gives hope to all the mothers who freak out at the thought of becoming a parent.

15. She’s Having A Baby

During the birth, not just the baby, but great fathers and husbands are also born. “She’s Having A Baby” a movie from John Hughes is a comedy film about two young, newlyweds, Kevin and Elizabeth as they struggle through the trials and tribulations of their marriage and parenthood. The movie even features the now famous young Alec Baldwin, before he became a household name.

16. Look Who’s Talking

Mollie (Kirstie Alley) is an accountant who is left to have a baby on her own after her married boyfriend dumps her for another woman. The movie follows Mollie’s journey as she sets out to find a reliable father figure for her son Mikey. As the movie goes on, Mollie falls in love with James (John Travolta) a taxi driver and a wannabe pilot, a highly unlikely suitor for her.

The movie gives the newborn’s point of view being reported by a voice over. The idea of getting into the mind of babies was hilarious, and even unique per se. You’ll love the cynical and sarcastic boy Mikey and the voice of Bruce Willis behind him. The dialogues and punch lines that he delivers are typical of the 80s.

17. For Keeps

“For Keeps” was the first film of its time to deal with the issue of teenage pregnancy. It stars the queen of the 80s movie, Darcy (Molly Ringwald), the editor of her high school paper, who unexpectedly gets pregnant with the child of her longtime boyfriend Stan (Randall Batinkoff) just a few months before heading to college. The parents of the couple do not approve of it and urge them to give up, but Molly and Stan were determined to work it out and decide to have the baby.

Parenthood is not easy, no matter how old you are, but is definitely worth every sacrifice. The movie’s take on postpartum depression and early days of the newborn is unvarnished, yet highly entertaining.

18. The Back-Up Plan

“The Back-Up Plan,” starring Jennifer Lopez, is a rom-com about a woman who decides to go through artificial insemination to experience the joys of motherhood, having been tired of hunting for Mr. Right. Once she gets pregnant, she meets the man of her dreams and life takes a U-turn.

The film contains everything that people usually expect from a romantic comedy. It will leave you feeling snug and warm inside. And just like most romantic comedies, the film ends with the pair getting married.

protip_icon Trivia
Jennifer Lopez and the movie’s scriptwriter Kate Angelo were both pregnant just before they started shooting. They had met at a postnatal aerobics class.

19. Parenthood

This classic by Steve Martin (Gil Buckman) tells a story about an extended family with a range of parenting tips and experiences all over the course of a single summer.

In the movie, Steve, the perfectionist struggles with the deficiencies of his kids, thinking that they reflect his poor parenting. His siblings add more to the only stress in his life. The movie will keep you hooked until the credits roll.

20. Baby Boom

“Baby Boom,” is about an extremely focused career woman J.C. Wiatt (Diane Keaton) whose life turns into a nightmare when she inherits Elizabeth, a toddler after her cousin dies. After juggling the demands of her high-end job and raising a child in New York, J.C. decides to quit her job and boyfriend to move to Vermont. After buying a house that was falling apart and a near nervous breakdown, J.C. strikes big by starting a gourmet baby food company.

Motherhood does not come naturally to J.C, like when she hands over the baby to the host of the restaurant before heading to a lunch meeting. But what transforms her into the “Tiger Lady” is utterly heart-rending. Don’t be much surprised if you start dreaming of having your baby food company. The hormones behave crazily during pregnancy anyway.

21. Three Men And A Baby

You must watch this movie with your partner. Three bachelors were living the life of absolute freedom and adventure in New York when one fine day a baby was dropped off on the doorstep. One of them is the father of the baby, but who is it? The men eventually grow fond of the baby, only to have her mother, Sylvia, come back to take her home.

The movie is a roller coaster from the beginning to the finish, with humor added at the right places. You’ll love seeing grown up men making ridiculous bloopers while taking care of the baby. Moreover, who doesn’t love Tom’s Selleck in his stache?

22. Life As We Know It

“Life As We Know It” has a storyline pretty similar to “Baby Boom”. In the movie, Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl become guardians of the goddaughter after their best friends pass away in a car crash. The fun begins when the pair, who cannot even stand each other, have to come together to raise the baby.

Katherine’s character is of a no-nonsense woman while Josh had to take some time to warm up to the baby and get used to fatherhood. The romantic moments in the movie will make you go ‘awww’. And the baby is darn cute! This is one of the good movies to watch while pregnant.

23. Friends With Kids

“Friends with Kids” focuses on what happens to a relationship and between couples once the baby is born. In the movie, two best friends set out of having a baby together while remaining just friends.

After seeing the severe changes that most of their friends go through after having their babies, the goal of this couple is to avoid the adverse effects that their child can have on their relationship. But life has bigger plans for them.

24. Where The Heart Is

“Where The Heart Is” is a thought provoking and tear jerking movie about a 17-year-old, pregnant girl Novalee Nation (Natalie Portman). After being stranded by her boyfriend, Novalee secretly moves out of town, only to be found when she has given birth to the baby.

The film flash forwards to five years, showing how Novalee learns how to live again with the help of a few close friends.

25. A Happy Event

Nicholas and Barbara have a perfect love story, but the only thing missing is a child. Barbara becomes pregnant, and thus begins the trouble with her relationship with Nicholas and his family. She alternates between trepidation and excitement.

“A Happy Event” is a French feel-good movie about love and identity. The movie is basically a self-discovery journey for mothers. It chronicles the ups and downs of pregnancy and postpartum issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does cinema affect pregnancy?

No definitive study or research indicates the effect of watching movies on pregnant women. However, women are mostly advised to avoid horror and negative films and choose happy movies. A happy mother means a happy child. If it still concerns you, you may seek advice from your doctor.

2. What should I not watch during pregnancy?

In general, women are often advised to avoid watching violent, scary, negative, depressing, and explicit movies. Watching such movies might cause mental stress, which can adversely affect your baby’s health.

3. Do my movie choices affect my unborn baby?

There is no scientific research or study to explain the effects of watching something on an unborn baby. However, watching a movie or a TV show evokes certain emotions that can affect your blood pressure, which can also impact your little one.

4. Are movie theaters too loud for pregnant women?

Yes. Sound beyond 85 decibels (dBA) can damage your hearing (1). A movie theater’s noise range can be between 74 to 104 decibels (2). Increased noise levels can cause stress that can harm your unborn baby. Also, loud sounds can travel through you to your baby, impacting the baby’s hearing. When pregnant, it is best to avoid watching movies in a theater.

As most people believe, your unborn baby can hear and sense the sounds and your emotions. So, you must ensure you stay happy and stress-free during your entire pregnancy phase. If you love watching movies, we have picked some of the best movies to watch during pregnancy. These movies are not just fun-filled, but they familiarize you with several elements about pregnancy and babies. So, go ahead and pick your favorite movie from our list, and enjoy watching them with your friends and family.

Infographic: Movies You Need To Watch During Pregnancy

One should avoid watching horror and thriller movies during pregnancy, as they may be unsettling and potentially stressful for the expecting mother. Instead, consider watching lighthearted comedies, romantic comedies, or uplifting dramas. Here is an infographic with a list of movie suggestions for pregnancy. Explore!

pregnancy movies you should add to your watchlist (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • Movies are a great option during pregnancy instead of reading pregnancy books or watching videos.
  • Opt for lighthearted movies to improve mood and avoid sad or horror genres.
  • Many pregnancy movies present a humorous take on the realities of pregnancy and post-childbirth.
  • The movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” portrays a realistic picture of pregnancy.
  • The documentary “The Business of Being Born” delves into the business aspects of childbirth.

Are you pregnant and looking for some great movies to watch? Check out this video for the top 10 movies to watch when you’re expecting!

Personal Experience: Source

i. My Favourite Pregnancy Movies.



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  2. Seeing just one movie in the theater could damage your hearing.
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