Taking Your Little One On A Trip? This Unique Trick Will Make It A Breeze

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Travel has always been a favorite way of mine to unplug. Taking a couple of days on the road to wander off to a little unknown town or explore the nearby wilderness, helped me get over the stress of my day-to-day life. Which is why I never wanted to give it up.

Cut to a few years later, just as my 30th birthday was right around the corner, I got pregnant. Nine months later, I was blessed with a healthy, cherubic little girl, who truly won my heart! As I learned to be a mother and be there for my little angel, travel receded into the background.

Clocking in on barely 4 hours of sleep, the flurry of diaper changes, and continuous feedings left me quite exhausted. Trust me when I say that while I loved being a mother, it did almost break me. I was itching to take a break and travel, but it didn’t seem possible. Because how does one travel with an infant?

The Trip Of My Nightmares

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I decided to test the waters by taking a 1-day trip to a neighboring city to visit a friend of mine. My husband, who had seen me struggling, was very supportive of the idea. Bags (and of course, diaper bag) packed and ready, I and my little travel buddy were off on our adventure. Since the city was only a couple of hours away, I decided to take the bus. I figured since buses stop for short breaks, it would be easy for me to get down, and change diapers and feed the baby.

We had only covered about one-fourth of the distance when I realized that something was amiss. My little girl was supremely cranky. I was horrified to learn that she had a poop emergency. Not willing to let my baby sit in filth, I decided to ask the conductor to stop at the nearest bus stop. Once I was there, I realized how ill-equipped the washroom was for diaperchanging diapers of babies. Somehow, I managed to put her on a raised surface with a plastic sheet, but it was supremely uncomfortable for her. She wouldn’t stop crying. The sheet, too, got soiled. It was a huge mess. I couldn’t even throw the sheet away, because it was all I had. I sanitized it the best I could and packed it in a separate bag, before boarding the bus again.

We didn’t have any diaper emergency during the rest of the journey, but still, I was very worried. I had no idea it would be so difficult to change diapers while traveling. I was also concerned that my daughter might become allergic or contract a disease from the germs sitting on that plastic sheet. With these thoughts weighing on my mind, I finally reached my friend’s place. When I told her about my ordeal, she had just one question for me, why wasn’t I using disposable, diaper changing pads. She introduced me to Teddyy Changing Mats, which she used herself. She convinced me to try them out on my way back, and her argument was so logical, I couldn’t say no.

The Little Trick That Made Travel A Joyful Experience

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The next day, while packing for our trip back home, I swapped my plastic sheet for a pack of Teddyy Diaper Changing Mats. And it sure made a lot of difference. The same bus journey which seemed so inconvenient became so smooth. On our way back, we again had to visit a roadside dhaba to change my daughter’s diaper. But this time around I had Teddyy with me. I took out a mat from the packet and laid it on the sticky, wet platform. And you know what? Its waterproof back sheet saved it from becoming a soggy mess.

My daughter, who had been so fussy earlier now seemed very comfortable, owing to the soft, spongy design of the mat which acted as a cushion for her.

There was no spillage, everything was contained by the unique criss-cross design and super absorbent material of the mat.

But the best part was I didn’t have to carry around a soiled mat! Since these mats were disposable, I just chucked it in the bin.

All of my worries about my daughter contracting an allergy were also sorted because these mats had a hypoallergenic, antibacterial core. It no longer seemed impossible to travel with a young baby in tow.

This was six months back. Today, I carry these mats with me everywhere. They are so easy to carry, that I have created emergency kits with them for our car, and I even keep one in the stroller. I still travel with my daughter, as I believe these initial experiences are going to enrich my daughter’s life and allow both of us to bond. However, these experiences would have been a whole lot unhappier had I not discovered these mats.

I know, like me, many new moms would be struggling with the challenges of new motherhood. And if my experience benefits even one of them, writing this account would be totally worth it. For all you, new mums, who have a passion for travel and are resistant to book that first trip, I just have one thing to say – travel with your babies, include them in your experience, bond with them. The ways to make the journey easier will show up. And yes, don’t forget to pick these life-changing Teddyy mats. They’re totally worth it.

Happy motherhood!