Every New Mother Needs This Product Handy And Here's Why

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This is a tale older than time itself. As soon as a couple announces their pregnancy, they are bombarded with a lot of unsolicited advice on what they should or shouldn’t do. They are even told about the things that the mother can eat. Lastly, but more importantly, products they should definitely invest in.

Even though unsolicited, this advice is often very useful to first-time parents, especially the mothers. However, because of this, there are a lot of products that often don’t get registered on the radar of new parents because they are never told about them.

Today, we have decided to make our new moms aware of one such product that they might not have heard of, but it is one that they should definitely stock up on. We are talking about disposable diaper changing mats. Diaper changing mats can prove to be a lifesaver product for a new parent. Curious to know how? Allow us to explain:

1. You Want To Give Your Baby An Oil Massage? Use It To Save Your Bedsheets!

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You must’ve heard or read about the benefits of giving an oil massage to an infant. It’s sort of the only workout those little ones get before they learn to stand on their own two feet. It’s one ritual that almost every mother follows for her baby.

As great as this ritual is for the baby, it’s not that great for its surroundings. If you perform that oil massage on your bed, those oils, along with the dirt and grime from your baby’s body can seep through and make that bedsheet and mattress highly unsanitary. Even if you put the sheet in the laundry, you can’t do that every day, given your grueling schedule of feedings and diaper changings.

Use a diaper changing mat instead. You can use Teddyy’s Changing Mats, they are made from super absorbent material which can absorb all the oils and dirt before it reaches your mattress.

2. Want To Give Your Baby Some Nappy-Free Time? Use Them To Make It Possible

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While nappies and diapers are a mother’s favorite tools in her arsenal, there are times when the baby needs to spend some nappy-free time. It’s so that their skin gets some air and doesn’t develop any rashes or other irritations. Now, and most mothers will confirm this, a nappy-free baby can be a signal of a whole lot of impending mess.

But you can avert potential disasters with the diaper changing mats.

For example, the Teddyy Changing Mats are created with a special criss-cross design that is designed to contain spills. So even if accidents happen, you can be assured they won’t spill to other areas of the room or the bed. Plus, these mats are disposable, so you can just throw them away. Less cleanup is always a win for a new mom!

3. Don’t Want The Entire House Smelling Of Pee And Poo? Use It To Create Your Diaper Changing Station

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For a new mom, housekeeping can often take a backseat given that she already has her hands full with taking care of this new member of the family. But still, no one wants their house to smell of pee or poo. And this can be prevented by having a dedicated diaper changing station in the house. Now, you can use any table with a suitable height to create your diaper changing station. You can cover it with Teddyy’s mat whose spongy soft design will ensure that your baby is comfortable for the duration of the diaper change. Also, having a designated diaper changing station, with a disposable, easy-to-change mat will be very sanitary, reducing the risk of any infections.

4. Baby’s First Meet With Grandparent? It Makes For The Perfect Blanket

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Apart from the parents, it’s the grandparents who are most excited about the new arrival. Now imagine you are handing over the baby to his grandparents for the first time, and it decides to have a poop-a-thon. And even if the baby is wearing a diaper, there is bound to be some mess, right? All in all, not a particularly pleasant experience.

But if you were to wrap the baby in a Teddyy mat, you could avoid the whole fiasco. Its waterproof backsheet will make sure that there are no embarrassing backsplashes or stains.

5. Save Your Baby’s Precious Skin From Allergies By Using It

A lot of babies are very sensitive to synthetic materials such as rubber or plastic. With an immune system that’s still developing, they are often likely to develop infections and allergies, especially when they come in contact with materials like rubber or plastic. Instead of having a plastic sheet lining the playing area, you could use Teddyy changing mats. They have a hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial core that would be very gentle on the skin of your baby. It would help in creating a perfectly safe, hygienic environment for the baby’s playtime.

Now, wouldn’t you agree that these mats are just the thing for a new parent? Plus, they are very easy to carry, so you can also use them when you are out and about with the baby. So, moms, go ahead, and try them out and watch as they transform your motherhood experience into a happy and smooth one!