5 Must-Haves In Your Chosen Baby Wash

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Don’t you love the soft feel of that pink newborn skin that dimples at your touch? Your heart twinges at the sight of that bundle of joy in front of you. You want to provide the best possible care for your precious, and to the very last detail.

Especially so when it comes to their soft and sensitive skin. Summer is here, and your baby’s skin can be prone to heat rashes if proper care is not taken. Invest in a baby wash that cleanses the soft skin but also keeps it cool and fresh. Additionally, you need to strike a fine balance between hydration and hygiene. Therefore, when you set out to search for the ideal baby wash for your little angel, make sure you check these five important factors off your list.

Natural Ingredients

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Ensure that your chosen baby wash is made of natural ingredients. Himalaya’s Refreshing Baby Washis formulated from champaca, neem, watermelon, and lemon oil. Known for its anti-bacterial properties and anti-inflammatory properties, neem prevents and reduces skin infections, while champaca keeps the baby’s skin moisturized. Watermelon and lemon oil keeps your munchkin’s skin cool.

Free of Toxic Chemicals

The selected baby wash for your precious’ sensitive skin must be free of harmful chemicals. Choosing a chemical-free baby wash guarantees a low amount of chemical exposure on your baby’s skin. Opt for a baby-wash that is free of parabens, sulfates and synthetic colors, like Himalaya’s Refreshing Baby Wash.

Balance Between Hydration And Hygiene

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During summer a baby needs to be washed more frequently. Especially, during the sweaty hot afternoons that make you feel sticky all over. Therefore, it is encouraged to pick up a baby wash that does not rob the moisture off the baby’s gentle skin. Dryness in skin may further lead to rashes. Himalaya’s Refreshing Baby Wash ensures that your baby’s skin is not only clean but also moisturized.

Anti-bacterial Properties

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Sweat in armpits and skin folds can be a harbor for bacteria. Hence, opt for a baby wash like, Himalaya’s Refreshing Baby Wash that has active anti-bacterial ingredients, such as neem. You can clean those areas with a sponge and Himalaya’s Refreshing Baby Wash to remove rash-inducing bacteria. This will also help to cool down these areas to reduce excessive sweating.

Neutral pH

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The pH of the chosen baby wash should neither be acidic nor basic, but neutral. Liquid baby washes, like Himalaya’s Gentle Baby Wash, are recommended for baby’s sensitive skin rather than ordinary soap. It guarantees skin barrier efficacy and maintains the optimum pH level for the soft, supple skin of your baby.

In the stifling heat in the summer, you may have the urge to bathe your baby frequently. Instead of indulging in a full-blown bath, use sponge and Baby Wash, to clean the boo-boos while keeping your baby’s skin fresh and soft.

When it is bathing time, lather up your precious with Himalaya’s Refreshing Baby Wash from head to toe. Be careful to check the temperature of the water with a thermometer or your elbow. The water should be warm to keep the baby from catching a cold. Always remember to keep a firm hold on your precious during bathing time, even when you are turning away to reach for something. Have fun splashing around as she pretends to be the mermaid, or he pretends to be a duck in the tub. Enjoy the lingering smell of watermelon from Himalaya’s Refreshing Baby Wash as your baby steps out of the tub fresh and squeaky clean.

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