Top 10 Mythological Stories For Kids To Read

mythological stories for kids

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Legends and myths constitute an integral part of human existence. Mythological stories are educational. They can be fun and entertaining if narrated in an interesting way for the kids. Since ages, mythology is considered an intriguing topic of study.

It is one of the best ways you can take along your kid to a journey into the unknown world. In course of the journey, your kid shall meet new characters and interact with new people of the story. Through storytelling you can actually snuggle, cuddle and connect to your kid in the best possible way.

Top 10 Mythological Stories For Kids:

Here we shall look into top 10 mythological stories that can influence the thought process of your kid:

1. Surdas:

This is one of the best Indian mythological stories for your kid. You can narrate the story of Surdas. With this your kid can learn that guru or the teacher knows the weaknesses of his students and knows how to teach them. It is thus important for a student to have faith on his guru and follow him with devotion.

2. D’Aulaires Greek Mythology By Ingri And Edgar Parin d’Aulaire:

If you want your kid to know Greek mythology, you cannot forget to pick D’Aulaires. The excellent stories on Trolls, Greek and Norse will help your kid develop familiarity with Greek mythology.

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3. Percy Jackson By Rick Riordan:

If you want to familiarize your kid to Egyptian, Roman and Greek mythology, then this book by Rick Riordan is a must read. Your son will love to read all of the motivational stories. There are few characters in the tales with action packed battles that will keep your kid hooked.

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4. Tales Of Gods And Pharaohs By Marcia Williams:

Are you interested in Gods, pharaohs, history and mythology of Egypt and do you want to inculcate the same in your kid too? If yes, then graphic novel by Marcia Williams is a must. The writer chooses a comic strip approach in his book that your kid will surely love.

5. Marichi’s Pride:

Indian mythological stories for children, such as this, is a good way to help your kid learn that pride and boasting leads to downfall through the story of Marichi.

6. Rukshmani’s Repayment:

Another set of Indian mythological tales such as Rukshmani’s Repayment will help your kid understand the importance of seeking permission. The moral of the story that your kid learns is, that it is not right to take others things without seeking their permission, as you will have to repay them in your next life with interests. Punishment of a mistake for 16 months will have to be borne for sixteen years.

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7. The Story Of Chandraraudra:

The Story Of Chandraraudra is another Indian mythology story for kids. Through the story of the acharya muni called Chandraraudra and his disciple, it teaches your kid that the power of heartfelt repentance can indeed be very strong.

8. King Mahabad:

The story of King Mahabad teaches your kid that one should not remain under the false impression to follow the path of salvation only after growing old. One can die any time. All the misdeeds can be washed away when one asks for forgiveness wholeheartedly.

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9. King Bahubali – Part 1:

This mythological story teaches your kid about Moksha. It upholds moral that we quarrel with our friends and siblings for small things in our everyday dealings. In vision of the lord, happiness lies in actual liberation or Moksha and in realization of your pure soul. You must be true to yourself. Compared to the happiness that Moksha brings, royal luxuries bring no such happiness. Thus, we wish to get liberated and attain our goal or Moksha.

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10. Young Zeus By Brian Karas:

Zeus is a charming picture book, where your kid can learn about facts linked with Zeus. Your son will simply love you for bringing this lovely picture book.

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Reading the mythological tales is a great way to create bonding with your child and also inculcate the valuable moral lessons in him.

Moms do share with us the favorite mythological story of your kid in the comment section below.

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