20 Stylish Designs Of Nail Art For Kids And Steps To Follow

Fancy nails are not just for adults. Thanks to social media, millennial kids may also feel the urge to get their nails done. You may choose toxin-free nail paints to do nail arts for kids. Painting their nails in bright colors or vibrant designs can make them look and feel confident.

We have curated a list of some of the best nail art designs for kids with easy-to-follow steps in this post.

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20 Simple Nail Art Designs For Kids

A. Cute Nail Designs For Kids

Nail art with things such as baby animals, butterflies, flowers, or hearts looks adorable and can add to the cuteness quotient of your little one. Here are a few cute kids’ nail designs.

1. Panda nail art

Panda nail art

Image: Shutterstock

Panda nails are perfect for giving your little one KungFu Panda feels.


  • Apply blue base paint. Once it dries, paint the panda face in white at the front end of the nail with the brush.
  • Draw the eyeballs, ears, and mouth with black paint.
  • Apply a coat of transparent nail paint for a smooth finish.

2. Butterfly nails

Butterfly nails

Image: Shutterstock

Which child doesn’t love colorful nails and pretty butterflies? This fun butterfly nail art is very simple to paint.


  • Paint each nail in a different color of your child’s choice.
  • Use a nail art brush to paint black butterfly wings on the index and middle fingers.
  • Finish by adding white dots on the edge of the wings using the dotting tool.

3. Flower nail art

Flower nail art

Image: Shutterstock

Complement flowery dresses of your little one with this shiny nail art for a day out as a garden fairy.


  • Use gel nail paint to coat each nail in light pink.
  • Let it dry, and then use the dotting tool to paint the two pink flowers and one beige flower in a slant line at the top of each nail.
  • Paint the remaining blank area on the top of the flowers with matt white nail paint to finish the look.

4. Star nail art

Star nail art

Image: Shutterstock

This colorful nail design will surely brighten up your little one’s day. It’s like having stars at your fingertips!


  • Paint every fingernail in different colors of your child’s choice.
  • Create the stars by drawing two intersecting triangles and shading them using a fine brush dipped in yellow polish.
  • A small-sized dotting tool can be used to draw the randomly distributed yellow dots and the eyes on the stars.
  • For the smiley face, use a fine brush dipped in black polish.

5. Bunny nail art

Bunny nail art

Image: Shutterstock

How can anyone resist such cute bunnies! These will be a sure hit with your kids.


  • Apply transparent nail polish and let it dry.
  • Coat the front of the nail with white nail polish to create the bunny’s face. The same brush can be used to create long ears.
  • Use the dotting tool to create black eyes and small yellow noses.
  • Seal the design with a top drying coat for a shiny finish.
protip_icon Point to consider
Ensure that the nail polish and other tools are safe for children and non-toxic. Avoid using products containing harsh chemicals or heavy metals, which can be harmful if consumed or inhaled.

B. Easy Nail Art Designs

Try these easy yet amazing nail art designs if you are a beginner.

6. Polka dot nails

Polka dot nails

Image: Shutterstock

Polka dots never go out of fashion. This nail art will look classy and cute in equal parts, adding to the beauty of any frocks or dresses your little one wears.


  • Paint your child’s nails alternatively in pink and fluorescent green.
  • With a small dotting tool or a toothpick, draw fluorescent green dots on pink nails and pink dots on fluorescent green nails.
  • Finish it off by coating it with transparent polish.

7. Beachy nail art

Beachy nail art

Image: Shutterstock

Are you planning a beach trip? Try this fun nail design to complete your little one’s beach-day look.


  • Paint different nails in various colors to represent the beach’s aspects, such as blue for the ocean and brown for sand.
  • Use a nail art brush to draw horizontal lines like white, black, and brown waves. You could also use nail tape for more accuracy.

8. Ladybird nail art

Ladybird nail art

Image: Shutterstock

This simple and compact design will fit perfectly on the small nails of your little one.


  • Paint the nails of your child in bright red.
  • Color the front edge of the nail black and draw a vertical line on top of it.
  • Use the dotting tool to add some black dots on the red section of the nail.
  • On the black patch, use a small dotting tool dipped in white polish to draw the eyes.

9. Watermelon nail art

Watermelon nail art

Image: Shutterstock

This nail art is bright and looks pretty, even on tiny nails. If your little one loves watermelons, they would be pretty excited to have a tiny melon at their fingertips.


  • Except for the ring finger, paint the other nails in red and green alternatively.
  • To paint the watermelon, use bright red polish and color everything except the tip of the nail. Color the nail tips in green and add two thin lines in yellow and white. Use the dotting tool to add black spots for the seeds.

C. Christmas Nail Designs For Kids

These Christmas special nail designs are perfect for brightening your child’s holidays.

10. Reindeer and Santa nail design

Reindeer and Santa nail design

Image: Shutterstock

Festivals are the time to dress up and have fun. But if the nails are bare, the ensemble might seem incomplete. This reindeer and Santa design are great for adding sparkle to your little one’s festive outfit.


  • Paint the base coat with white for all nails.
  • Use a nail brush dipped in beige nail paint to draw the reindeer’s face at the top end of all the nails except that of the middle finger.
  • Paint the nose of the reindeer in shades of brown or red. For each of the antlers, use the brown paintbrush and draw one vertical and three horizontal lines. A medium-sized dotting tool is perfect for drawing eyeballs. Complete the eyes by using a small dotting tool dipped in black polish.
  • To paint Santa, paint the back end of the nail red as Santa’s stocking cap and the part after that in white to represent the hair.
  • Leaving a small section in the middle for the face and paint the bottom white for the beard.
  • Use beige nail polish to create the face.
  • Draw the eyes using a mid-size dotting tool for the white part of the eye, and a small-dotting tool dipped in black for the iris and mouth to finish.

11. Christmas theme design

Christmas theme design

Image: Shutterstock

If elaborate Christmas nail designs are not your cup of tea, you would love this simple yet pretty design. And your little one will love the shiny colors and the cute little snowman.


  • Start by painting the base silver for all the fingernails.
  • For the second finger and thumb, draw slant red and white lines representing the Christmas colors with the help of nail tape.
  • Draw the snowflakes on the index and little finger using a thin nail brush with white polish.
  • To create the snowman, draw a small circle for the head and a large one for the body with the white brush. Use red polish to draw Santa’s stocking cap and muffler. Draw the eyes, nose, and coat buttons with a small size dotting-tool to finish the look.

12. Santa suit nail art

Santa suit nail art

Image: IStock

Santa is every child’s favorite, so why not raise the holiday cheer by painting the famous Santa suit on their nails? The design is not only easy to create but also doesn’t take too much time.


  • Except for the middle finger’s nail, paint all fingernails in a shiny red polish.
  • Paint the nail of the middle finger with white polish. Use the brush dipped in red to draw the suit’s lapels on the two opposite sides of the nail.
  • Use a thick brush with black polish to paint the Santa belt.
protip_icon Quick tip
Make sure to clean up any excess nail polish or other products after the nail art is done. This will avoid unintended product ingestion or inhalation and keep the surface clean and safe.

13. Santa’s hat nail art

Santa’s hat nail art

Image: IStock

The tiny, adorable Santa hats with a red and green theme fit the festive occasion perfectly. Your little one will happily flaunt them all day long.


  • Apply a thin white nail paint coat on the middle finger and ring finger and paint the rest red or green.
  • Make use of a small brush with red polish to draw the curvy hat.
  • A large-sized dotting tool dipped in white polish can draw the ball at the end of the hat.
  • Outline the other end of the cap with a thin black line using a thin nail brush.

D. Halloween Nail Art Designs

These spooky nail designs would be great for raising the Halloween excitement of your little ones.

14. Monster nails

Monster nails

Image: Shutterstock

This monster nail art is perfect for spicing up a Halloween ensemble.


  • First, paint every nail in different matt nail polish colors.
  • Use a medium-size dotting tool with white paint to draw one or two eyes, depending on the type of monster.
  • Draw the black iris using a small-sized dotting tool.
  • With the help of a nail, brush dipped in black polish, draw a straight line for the mouth.
  • You can then add tongue on the middle finger monster using red paint and paint teeth to the rest of the monsters by drawing a triangle or square.

15. Ghost nail art

Ghost nail art

Image: IStock

Is your little one dressing up as a ghost? Then this nail art can elevate the spookiness.


  • Apply a transparent base coat to protect your child’s nails from staining due to black polish. After it dries, apply black polish.
  • Use a white nail polish brush to paint rounded ghost shapes and a small dotting tool to paint the arms. Make the eyes using the same dotting tool dipped in black.
  • Use a small detail brush and white paint to write “Boo.”
  • Finish it up by adding a transparent topcoat.

16. Vampire’s teeth nail art

Vampire's teeth nail art

Image: Shutterstock

This nail design goes very well with a vampire costume. It is simple but has a strong impact.


  • Apply a transparent base coat and paint the nails black after the coat dries.
  • Draw straight white lines along the top and bottom edge of the nail using a medium white nail polish brush.
  • Make sure that the first and the last lines are bigger compared to the lines in the middle.
  • Apply a transparent coat for a sleek look.

17. Mummy nail art

Mummy nail art

Image: Shutterstock

Who would have thought mummies could ever be so adorable? This mummy nail art is cuteness overloaded with a touch of horror, the best combination for your kiddos.


  • Use pink as a base color. After it dries, use a nail brush dipped in white polish to make thick criss-cross lines across all the nails. You can use nail tape to get a better finish.
  • With a black nail paintbrush, draw spectacles-like shapes across nails representing the eyes peeking from behind the bandages.
  • Draw the irises using the dotting tool.

E. Toenail Designs For Kids

Bright toenails peeping out of the sandals of your little one paint a beautiful picture. Here are a few beautiful toenail designs.

18. Delicate nail art

Delicate nail art

Image: Shutterstock

This nail art has a simple pattern but looks elegant and chic.


  • Paint your child’s nails in a dark color such as burgundy and allow them to dry.
  • Use a thin nail brush dipped in white polish to draw the branches on the big toe and second toe.
  • A mid-size dotting tool dipped in brown and yellow can be used to draw circles on some branches representing the fruits.
  • Finish it off by applying a transparent coat.

19. Colorful nail art

Colorful nail art

Image: IStock

Children love colors, making this vibrant design a sure hit. It is like having a literal rainbow at your feet.


  • Apply a base color that will go well with all the stripe colors.
  • Once the base color dries, carefully stick-thin nail stripes on the nail depending on the number of stripes you want to draw.
  • Start adding different colors between the stripes one by one using a thin nail brush. To change the color, dip the brush into acetone and then take the color.
  • Make sure you paint all the colors before any of the nail paint dries. Peel the tape off after you are done.
  • Apply the topcoat vertically after the design dries up.

20. Leopard print design

Leopard print design

Image: IStock

Leopard print looks glamorous, even on small nails. It is simple to replicate and would be a treat for your little one if they love animals.


  • Paint the toenails in glittery golden shade.
  • After the base coat dries up, use a small paintbrush dipped in black to make small semi-circles randomly across the nails.
  • Let it dry, then apply the topcoat to finish the look.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any safety tips for nail art for children?

Yes. Common safety tips that one should be aware of while considering nail art for children include using non-toxic nail polishes, avoiding sharp tools, removing the polish properly, and supervising the whole process.

2. What materials are needed for children’s nail art?

Nail art stickers, glitter, gems, rhinestones, decals, nail foils, glue, nail file, cotton balls, nail clippers, non-toxic nail polishes, nail wraps, and nail art pens are common materials required for nail art.

3. How can parents ensure their child’s nail art tools and supplies are sanitary?

Parents can ensure that their child’s nail art supplies are safe and sanitary by sanitizing the tools used before and after the process, using disposable materials as much as possible, and using high-quality products.

Children love painting their nails with pretty colors and designs, just like adults. With a variety of nail art designs for kids available online, you may pick a beautiful one to amaze your child. Select a design that is easy to make and could fit effortlessly on the tiny nails of your little one. However, ensure to use water-based, non-toxic nail polish for the safety of your children. Encourage your child to try simple nail art such as the star or the polka dots nail art. Watch them bring out their creative sides while having some fun moments.

Infographic: Things To Remember When Painting Children’s Nails

Whether you’re a girl or a woman, coloring your nails with beautiful nail paints and drawing some amazing designs will surely make you happy. But, when applying nail paint and nail art to children, you must take proper precautions to ensure their safety. The infographic below explains some important tips when applying nail paint or nail art for children.

tips for safe nail coloring for children (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Create beautiful nail art designs without any tools! Learn how to make five unique designs with just a nail polish brush and some nail polish. Get creative and have fun!

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