400+ Cool And Unique Nicknames For Grandpa

Grandpas play a pivotal role in keeping the family close-knit and making all family gatherings fun. Grandpas give us all sorts of funny nicknames in childhood, but how about finding some equally hilarious and cute nicknames for grandpa? Grandpas are always jovial and friendly by nature and narrate some interesting stories from their life stories. Dive into this post for a list of cool, endearing, and special nicknames for your beloved grandfather.

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Traditional Grandfather Names

Old is gold. These classy names are evergreen and can match the personality of almost any grandpa. Moreover, these nicknames are easy to pronounce and can make chit-chatting with Grandad more interesting. Choose a classic name that suits your grandfather’s personality.

  1. Grandpa
  2. Grampie
  3. Granda
  4. Gramps
  5. Great Dad
  6. Grandpa … (Add last name or first name)
  7. Grandmaster
  8. Papa
  9. Grand Mentor
  10. Pa
  11. Paps
Traditional nickname for grandpa

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    1. Pops
    2. Pappy
    3. Poppy
    4. PawPaw
    5. Big Pops
    6. Sir Grand
    7. Big Poppy
    8. G-Pa
    9. G-Dad
    10. G-Daddy
    11. Gramps
    12. G-Pops
    13. Granddaddy
    14. King Grandpa
    15. Grandadu
    16. Grand Popsicle
    17. Granddad
    18. Grand Old Man
    19. Gampa
    20. Lord Grandfather
    21. Beloved Sage
    22. Gampaps
    23. Gamps
    24. Gammy
    25. Learned Sage
    26. Gramps
    27. Pop-Pop
    28. Poppy Love
    29. Popsy
    30. Grandpop
    31. Grandpups
    32. GrandPal
    33. Grandpapa
    34. Grandpappy
    35. Grandpoppy
    36. Grandpaps
    37. Da-Pa
    38. Da-Da
    39. Drampaw
    40. Grand Dada
    41. Old Wise Man
    42. Pap Pap
    43. Papzo
    44. Nonno

Modern Grandfather Names

Hip & modern grandad names, nicknames for grandpa

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Grandfathers of today’s generation have a modern outlook towards life. They enjoy social networking and hanging out with loved ones just like us. Yes, they may act strict, but they always have a soft corner in their hearts. For the respectful and caring grandpa, we have listed some modern names. Pick the one that best suits your modern G-dad.

  1. Grampsicle
  2. Popsicle
  3. Ace
  4. Grandpère
  5. Addy
  6. Popsi
  7. Dadaz
  8. Old Sage
  9. Big Daddy
  10. Grandy
  11. Big Dad
  12. Grand Dude
  13. Big Man
  14. Grandizzle
  15. Big Mayne
  16. Grand Papi
  17. Big Poppa
  18. Silver Fox
  19. Biggie
  20. Grand Pops
  21. Big Popzy
  22. Popz
  23. Buster
  24. Papa Cool
  25. Busty
  26. Boppa
  27. Buzz
  28. Bo-Bee
  29. Banzo
  30. Boss
  31. Captain
  32. Chief
  33. Commander
  34. Chieftain
  35. Champ
  36. Super Gramps
  37. Cheetah
  38. Big Chief
  39. Coach
  40. Silver Sage
Modern nickname for grandpa

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  1. Cute Papa
  2. Grampykins
  3. Cutie Pops
  4. The Great Provider
  5. G-Paw
  6. Old Geezer
  7. Paw-Paw
  8. GrandBuddy
  9. Grand-dude
  10. PapaCool
  11. Grand-Man
  12. Mr. Grampy
  13. Opa
  14. Papaw
  15. Popso
  16. PopStar
  17. Pappop
  18. Popssi
  19. HipsterPops
  20. Popozee
  21. Poppa Daddy
  22. PopRock
  23. Popster
  24. Rocky
  25. CoolCat Grand
  26. Rockie
  27. Beloved Gramps
  28. Skipper
  29. Grand Palski
  30. Smartie
  31. Sabby
  32. Papa Chill
  33. Sparky
  34. Pop Fashion
  35. Toppop
  36. Grand Hip
  37. Toddy
protip_icon Quick tip
You can call your grandfather the short name of his favorite movie character or sportsperson. For instance, call him Rocky if Dwayne Johnson is his favorite celebrity.

International Grandfather Names

People across the globe respectfully greet their grandpas by calling them with cute names. These names generally hold strong cultural connotations. Once you learn these international granddad names, start calling them with a new nickname.

    1. Albanian: Gjyshi
    2. Amharic: Wenidi āyati
    3. Arabic: jid
    4. Bangla: Dādā
    5. Chinese: YeYe, YehYeh, or JeJe (paternal); Gong Gong or Wai Gong (maternal)
    6. Dutch: Grootvader
    7. Filipino: Lolo, Ingkong, Lelong, Abwelo
    8. Flemish: Bompa, Bompi, Opa, Opi
    9. French: Grand-père, Grand-papa, Pépère, Papy, Papi
    10. French–Canadian: Pépé, Pépère, Papi
    11. German: Opa
    12. Greek: Pappous, Pappoo, Papu, Papou
    13. Hawaiian: Tutu Kane, Kuku Kane
    14. Hebrew: Saba, Sabba
    15. Hindi: Dada (Paternal), Nana (Maternal)
    16. Italian: Nonno, Nonnuccio, Nonnino, Nonnetto
    17. Irish: Seanáthair, Daideó, Móraí
    18. Indonesian: Kakek
    19. Japanese: Ojiisan, Sofu, Jiji, Baba
Japanese nickname for grandpa

Image: IStock

  1. Korean: Haraboji, Harabeoji, Halaboji, Halabeoji
  2. Polish: Dziadek, Dziadziu
  3. Portuguese: Avô, Avozinho, Vovô, Vo
  4. Russian: Dedushka, Deda, Dedulya
  5. Spanish: Abuelo, Abuelito, Lito
  6. Somali: Awoowe
  7. Swahili: Babu
  8. Yiddish: Zayde, Zaydee, Zaydeh

Fun Grandfather Nicknames

Grandpas can be fun, and they don’t mind us pulling their legs once in a while. However, we should always be respectful while talking to our grandparents. These are a few nicknames you could use to call your grandpa. Pick one that matches your grandpa’s personality and taste.


  1. Abba
  2. Doc
  3. Grumpus
  4. Papa Smurf
  5. Grampalooza
  6. Buzzy
  7. GrumblePops
  8. Grampalooza
  9. Afo
  10. Grandpa Giggles
  11. Popcorn
  12. Avo
  13. Grampy Chuckles
  14. Grandpoopsie
  15. Baba
  16. Gramps McTickle
  17. Captain Cranky
  18. Babu
  19. Poppin’ Chuckles
  20. Grumpkins
  21. Beeba
  22. Whippersnapper Wrangler
  23. The Gigglemeister
  24. Biggie
  25. Giggleosaurus Rex
  26. Chuckleberry
  27. Biggu
  28. Grandpappy Chucklepants
  29. Laughing’ Larry
  30. Biggzy
  31. ChuckleChops
  32. Pops the Clown
  33. Bobo
  34. Giggly G-Pa
  35. Grin Machine
  36. Babuz
  37. Chuckle Nugget
  38. Silly Socks
  39. Ege
  40. Laughin’ Legend
  41. Guffaw Grandy
  42. Em
  43. Jolly Geezer
  44. Happy Wrinkles
  45. Fitz
  46. Grinny McWrinkle
  47. Chuckleberry Finn
  48. Fizzy
  49. Gigglesworth
  50. Goldy
  51. Grandpa Chucklehead
  52. Hammy
  53. Laughmaster
  54. Hammu
  55. Guffaw Guru
  56. HeeHaw
  57. The Chucklin’ Sage
  58. Huggy
  59. Sir Chuckles-a-Lot
  60. Dictionary
  61. Grandpappy Laughsalot
  62. Librarian
  63. Belly Chuckler
  64. Mr. Goggles
  65. Chucklesaurus Rex
  66. Chef
  67. Pops the Jester
  68. Pappu
  69. Snicker Pops
  70. Robo-Bobo
  71. Chuckle Commander
  72. RooRoo
  73. Guffaw Kingpin
  74. Grinzilla
  75. Teenie
  76. Chuckles McGee
  77. Chucklemeister
  78. T-Dad
  79. The Giggletician
  80. Umpapa
  81. Jiggle Pops
  82. Gramps Gigglefit

Superhero Names For Grandfather

Our grandfathers are the real superheroes. They might be old, but they have done a lot for society. Most grandpas have seen the world changing from the 1950s and 1960s. They have achieved success and led the family toward prosperity.

Our brave and respectful grandpas are no less than Hollywood superheroes. Give them an existing superhero name, or try to create one of your own. Try using “Captain,” “Man,” or “Daddy” with the surname of your granddad and see what superhero name you can come up with. It’s going to be fun. Try it!

    1. SuperGramps
    2. Agent Zero
    3. GrandHero
    4. Spidey
    5. Batman
    6. Power Pops
    7. Black Panther
    8. Iron Gramps
    9. Spider-Man
    10. Avenger
    11. Iron Man
    12. Hawkeye
    13. Captain America
    14. Super Poppy
    15. Thor
    16. Grand Guardian
    17. Captain Legacy
    18. Hulk
    19. Heroic Grand
Superhero nickname for grandpa

Image: IStock

  1. Superman
  2. Dark knight
  3. Vision
  4. Grand Dynamo
  5. Ant-Man
  6. Storm
  7. Super Sire
  8. Atomic Gramps
  9. Wolverine
  10. Guardian Grandpa
  11.  Aquaman
  12. Grand Crusader
  13. Titan
  14. Doctor Strange
  15. Thunder Grand

Gaming Names For Grandfather

If you and your grandpa love playing PlayStation or video games, giving him a gaming nickname would be apt. We have listed some of the popular gaming-character names that best suit the personality of grandfathers.

  1. Grand Gamer
  2. Atlas
  3. Gaming Grandpa
  4. Bumblebee
  5. Joystick Pops
  6. Cabba
  7. Grand Leveler
  8. Captain Price
  9. Controller King
  10. Captain Pa
  11. Pixel Pops
  12. Cyborg
  13. Arcade Grand
  14. Comet Man
  15. Grandmaster Gamer
  16. Draxxy
  17. Retro Player
  18. E. Honda
  19. Game Overlord
  20. Captain Cold
  21. Button Mash Grand
  22. Gandalf
  23. Dungeon Master Pops
  24. Goku-Pa
  25. VR Grandpa
  26. Hawkman
  27. Boss Battle Grand
  28. James Bond
  29. Gamepad Guru
  30. Master Roshi
  31. Console Commander
  32. Mister Fantastic
  33. Grand Raid Leader
  34. Nova
  35. Gamer Sage
  36. Skywalker
  37. LAN Party Grand
  38. Yamato
  39. Grand Strategy Master
  40. Yoda

Disney Grandpa Names

Grandparents are extraordinarily cute. They are the best at narrating cartoon stories in their modulated voice. Choose a Disney grandpa name from the list below.

  1. Grandpa Beagle (Beagle Boys)
  2. Pops Goofy
  3. Grandpapa Simba
  4. Grumpy Grand
  5. Captain Hook
  6. Grandpère Beast
  7. Grand Ol’ Rafiki
  8. Grandpa Mickey
  9. Humperdink Duck (Donald Duck’s Grandpa)
  10. Mr. Poppins
  11. Jolly Jiminy
  12. Grand Merlin
  13. Papa Scrooge
  14. Prince Grand Charm
  15. Captain Buzzard Bones (Jake and the Never Land Pirates)
  16. Grand Master Yoda
  17. King Triton
  18. Carl (Up)
  19. Pops Baloo
  20. Grand Duke Eric
  21. Mr. Gold (Once Upon a Time)
  22. Gramps Geppetto
  23. Grand Sultan
  24. Grandpa Louie (Dinosaurs)
  25. Grandfather Fa
  26. Grand Lumière
  27. Grandpa Clyde (Phineas and Ferb)
protip_icon Quick tip
When you can’t pick a nickname, combine the names that appeal the most to you and ask your grandpa to select one.

Rapper Names For Grandfather

Rapper names for grandad, nicknames for grandpa

Image: Shutterstock

Love for music never dies. If your grandpa loves to groove on hip-hop music, give a flamboyant rapper name to your grandfather.

Creating a rapper name is not at all hard. Try using hip hop names such as “Snoopy,” “Lil,” “Yung,” and “Messy” with your Big Daddy’s surname. Some of the eye-catchy grandpa rapper names are:

  1. Missy Pa
  2. Grandpa Drake
  3. Kingsta Dad
  4. Rap Kingpin
  5. Papa Latifah
  6. Grand Rhymestein
  7. Lil + (Surname)
  8. MC Wisdom
  9. DJ + (Surname)
  10. Master of Beats
  11. Hip-Hop Grandpa
  12. Yung + (Surname)
  13. Poppin’ Rhymes
  14. Busta Pa
  15. Gramps the Beatboxer
  16. Papa Dogg
  17. Grandmaster Flava
  18. Papa Wayne
  19. Rhyme Sage
  20. Pathos
  21. Rap Scholar
  22. Thug Dada
  23. Grand Rapperito
  24. Dada Rhymes
  25. Old School Flow
  26. Gran Cena
  27. Rhyme Maestro
  28. Grannbo
  29. Grandpa Hip-Hop
  30. Crazy Dada
  31. Mic Dropper
  32. Papa Fly
  33. Funky Flow Grand
  34. Mistah Pa
  35. Rhythm Grandee
  36. Lion Man
  37. Grandmaster Groove
  38. Designerr
  39. Gramps Rhymezilla
  40. Rap Magician
  41. Gucci Pa
  42. Rhyme Architect
  43. Gucci Man
  44. Grandmaster Rapz
  45. Papa Lala
  46. Old Rhymesmith
  47. Em Grano
  48. Poppin’ Lyricist
  49. EL Grand
  50. Grandpa MC
  51. Fyah Man
  52. Hip-Hop Guru
  53. Swaggy
  54. Rhyme Professor
  55. Swagger Man
  56. Rap Doc
  57. Grand Flowmaster
  58. Zanky

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of giving grandparents nicknames?

While parents and family give names at birth, nicknames are associated with personal feelings towards a person. Therefore, giving nicknames to your jovial grandparents will reflect your bond and affection towards them. Nicknames can also be a way to honor and respect them or be a part of family traditions shared through generations, such as “Nana.”

2. Are there any cultural differences between giving nicknames to grandpas and grandmas?

Yes, nicknames for grandparents may differ across different cultures. While some cultures allow specific nicknames for grandpa and grandma, nicknames in other households might be inspired by their characters, work, or role in the family. Depending on different cultures, the way of giving nicknames may also vary from formal nicknames to informal ones.

3. Do nicknames for grandparents reflect their personality or interests?

Yes, giving nicknames to grandparents based on their personality or interests is a common nickname tradition. Some of these nicknames include “Big Papa,” “Hopie,” “Big Mama,” “Granny Pie,” and “Choco Grandma.”

4. What are some tips for coming up with a good nickname for a grandpa?

When looking for a good nickname for your grandpa, consider his interests, hobbies, nature, personality, and appearance. You may also give him a nickname based on your feelings around him or the work you usually see him do. Otherwise, a traditional nickname is always an option.

5. How do nicknames for grandpas differ from nicknames for other family members?

Nicknames for grandpa often include the reflection of his age in the surname and a respectful tone. However, nicknames for other family members can be anything from a short form of their name to just a random word that describes them. Also, most grandparents are called by their nicknames in public, but other family members are often called by their names or relationships they have, such as uncle, aunt, brother, or sister.

Becoming a grandfather is a milestone many look forward to achieving after reaching a certain age. Once they do, they may be eager to find a name their little munchkin can call them. Though many go with the classic “grandpa,” some may want to explore more options and opt for a unique name. For example, if they want a cool, modern nickname, they could go with “Big Poppa,” “Chief,” or “Grand-dude.” Alternatively, if they want to introduce their little one to their culture or one they are fascinated by, they could opt for some international names for grandfathers. So go through our extensive list of nicknames for grandpa to find the perfect one!

Infographic: How People Around The World Call Their Grandfather?

A nickname for your grandfather can be your way of saying how special he is to you. So if you want to give a unique name to your grandpa, how about exploring what people around the world call their grandfather? This infographic has a compiled list of names for granddads from some popular languages across the world.

notable international grandfather names (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Grandpa is often a child’s best friend with whom they share a close bond. It is your grandfather who may often take care of you when your parents are away for work or other errands. Grandpa is also your partner in crime and the savior who will always have your back. He will also leave no stone unturned to make you happy. So, show your love and care by giving him a cute and funny nickname that matches his personality. This will bring a smile to his face and further fortify your bond.

Key Pointers

  • Grandpa and grandchildren share a friendly relationship, so you may give an adorable or funny nickname to him.
  • You may either pick gaming names such as ‘James Bond’ or ‘Skywalker,’ or traditional nicknames such as ‘Gampa’ or ‘Popsy.’
  • Choose a nickname that goes with your grandpa’s personality.
nicknames for grandpa_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Looking for other names to call your grandpa or grandma? This video provides you with a few nickname suggestions for your sweet grandparents.

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