111 Amazing Names Of Lord Krishna For Your Baby Boy


In Hinduism, it is common to name your baby after Gods and Goddesses. So, if you are looking for a fitting name for your baby boy, you can choose from our list of Lord Krishna names for boys. Lord Krishna is known for His charm, grace, and wit, qualities that every parent wishes for in their child. He is Lord Vishnu’s ninth reincarnation, who arrived on the earth to destroy evil. He is known for His acts of love, compassion, music, graceful dance, and poetic skills. Over time, Lord Krishna has earned many names that defined His character. We have included such beautiful and meaningful names in our list that you may opt for your baby.

111 Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boys

1. Aariv:

Lord Krishna is known to represent wisdom. The name Aariv means ‘King of wisdom and justice’.

2. Abhijeet:

Abhijeet is a beautiful name that refers to Lord Krishna. It means ‘One who is victorious’. This name is perfect for your boy, who will see many victories in his life.

3. Abhyankara:

One of the many epithets of Lord Krishna, Abhyankara means ‘The giver of fearlessness’.

4. Abjayoni:

Abjayoni means ‘Born of the lotus’. In Hinduism, the lotus is an important symbol. Lord Krishna mentions the lotus in reverence in the fifth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.

5. Adhiyajna:

The concept of the Supersoul is mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita. The creator of the Supersoul is called Adhiyajna, which is another name for Lord Krishna. If you are looking for a name with spiritual depth, this one is for you.

6. Adwait:

Adwait means ‘Unique’, ‘Undivided’, or ‘No one like him’. It is another beautiful name of Lord Krishna. This name is an excellent choice for your adorable son.

7. Anaadih:

Anaadih means ‘The one who is the first cause’. It is one of the most favored names for boys in Hinduism. Anaadih also means Krishna.

8. Anantajit:

Anantajit means ‘The ever victorious Lord’ or ‘The victor of infinity’. As a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, who is also known to be infinitely victorious, Lord Krishna is also referred to as Anantajit.

9. Anish:

Anish means ‘A close friend’, ‘Good company’, ‘Smart one’, ‘Companion’, or ‘Supreme’.

10. Aparajit:

Lord Krishna loves peace but he is also a great warrior. Aparajit means the ‘One who can’t be defeated’.

11. Aprameya:

Aprameya means ‘Infinite’ and ‘Immeasurable’. It is a charming name for your energetic little one, just like Lord Krishna.

12. Asuman:

Another name for Lord Krishna, Asuman means ‘Lord of vital breaths’.

13. Aswadh:

Aswadh is a beautiful name for your baby boy. It means ‘Tree of knowledge’ which also refers to Lord Krishna.

14. Avyukta:

Avyukta means the ‘One who is as clear as crystal’. If you want your child to have a name that inspires honesty and straightforward behavior, this is an excellent option for you.

15. Bali:

Bali means ‘A mighty warrior’, ‘Brave’, ‘Powerful’, ‘Strength’, or ‘Offering’. This name proudly glorifies Lord Krishna’s might and several admirable traits as a deity.

16. Bankebihari:

Bankebihari means the ‘One who loves to sport in the forests’. It is another form of writing Van ke Vihari, which means the ‘One who roams in the forests’.

17. Bankim:

Bankim means ‘Crescent’ or ‘Curved. It is another beautiful name of Lord Krishna.

18. Bansi:

Bansi means ‘Flute’. Lord Krishna is known to play beautiful tunes with his divine flute.

19. Banwari:

Banwari means the ‘One who lives in Vrindavan’ or the ‘One living in the groves of Vrindavan’. It refers to Lord Krishna, who is believed to have spent his childhood at this place.

20. Brij:

Brij means ‘The place of Lord Krishna’, ‘Strength’, ‘To twist’, or ‘To leave’. This name is one of the most desired baby boy names among the Hindu communities all over the world.

21. Brijesh:

Brijesh means ‘Lord of Braj land’ or ‘Lord Krishna’. Braj means ‘Pasture’, a land where the Yadavas (Lord Krishna’s clan) used to settle down.

22. Darsh:

Darsh means ‘Handsome’ and ‘Sight’. Lord Krishna was known for his exquisite beauty. If you want to name your little one after Lord Krishna, this simple name is definitely the right choice for you.

23. Dayanidhi:

Dayanidhi means ‘The treasure house of mercy’. This name represents Lord Krishna’s kindness and compassion as a deity. These traits are undoubtedly advisable for your son to possess as he grows up.

24. Devesh:

Devesh means the ‘Lord of lords’. This beautiful name refers to Lord Krishna.

25. Devakinandan:

Lord Krishna is the son of Devaki. Devakinandan means exactly that, the ‘Son of Devaki’.

26. Dham:

Dham means ‘Supreme spirit’. This name is an epithet of Lord Krishna, suitable for your baby boy.

27. Gadin:

Gadin refers to Lord Krishna, and means the ‘One who is armed with a club’ or the ‘One who wields the mace’. It is a worthy name for an adventurous boy.

28. Ganashraya:

Ganashraya means ‘He is the shelter of the living entities’; another fitting name for a brave and courteous boy.

29. Garishtha:

Garishtha means ‘He is the greatest’. If you want to honor Lord Krishna’s eminence, this name is an excellent choice.

30. Ghanashyam:

Ghanashyam means ‘Solid dark’ or ‘The color of the darkest cloud that will rain soon’. It is an acknowledgment of Lord Krishna’s appearance in the holy scripts.

31. Girivar:

Girivar means the ‘One who holds the Govardhana Giri mountain’. Legend has it that Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhana Giri mountain to protect the people and cows from Indra’s wrath.

32. Gokul:

Gokul means ‘The place where Lord Krishna grew’. This name is trendy among the worshippers of Krishna.

33. Gopal:

Another famous name of Lord Krishna, Gopal means ‘Cowherd’ or ‘Protector of cows’.

34. Gopan:

Gopan means ‘Protection’. It is another name for Lord Krishna.

35. Gobind:

Gobind or Govind is another variant of Gopal, and it, too, means ‘Cowherd’.

36. Govinda:

A variant of Govind, Govinda is a combination of Gaom and vindati. It means the ‘One who has knowledge of sense’, ‘illuminator of senses’, or the ‘One who makes the cowherds happy’.

37. Harish:

Harish means the ‘One who does everything according to God’s wish’. If you want a name that is both stylish and religious, this name is a sensible option.

38. Hrishikesh:

Hrishikesh means the ‘One who controls the senses’. It is one of Krishna’s multiple names.

39. Jagadbandhu:

Jagadbandhu means ‘A friend or relative of the whole world’. It refers to Krishna’s compassion and warmth towards humans.

40. Jagmohan:

Jagmohan means the ‘One who attracts the world’. It is an apt name for your adorable baby boy.

41. Janardhana:

Janardhana means the ‘One who helps people’ or the ‘Liberator from the cycle of birth and death’. It refers to none other than Krishna.

42. Janav:

Another name of Lord Krishna, Janav means ‘Protecting men’. It refers to Krishna’s kindness and love for human beings.

43. Jayani:

Jayani means ‘Conqueror’. It is a captivating name for a little winner.

44. Jayantha:

Jayantha refers to Lord Krishna, and it means ‘Conqueror of all enemies’. This popular name is a good fit for your little champion.

45. Jyotiraaditya:

Jyotiraaditya means ‘The resplendence of the Sun’. Another name of Lord Krishna, this beautiful name is suitable for your little prince.

46. Kalia:

The name Kalia means ‘Beauty’. It refers to Lord Krishna’s renowned beauty.

47. Kanu:

Kanu means ‘Handsome’. This majestic name is a decent choice for your baby boy.

48. Karnish:

Karnish means ‘The Lord of mercy’. The tale of Lord Krishna’s kindness and forbearance is one told over and over again. It is a desirable trait in your son.

49. Kesava:

Kesava means ‘Long haired’ or the ‘Slayer of the Keshi demon’.

50. Keyur:

Keyur means ‘Flower’ and the ‘Jewellery of Lord Krishna’. This graceful name is apt for a precious little boy.

51. Kiesh:

This beautiful name means ‘Rainfall’ and ‘Joy’. If you are looking for a refined name for your son, this name is a good pick for you.

52. Kishore:

Kishore means ‘Young boy’, ‘Youth’, or ‘The sun’. This dashing name is regarded with affection by the followers of Lord Krishna.

53. Krishnamurari:

Krishnamurari means ‘The one who conquers everybody’s heart by playing his flute’. This unique name is an apparent reference to Krishna.

54. Krishnamurthy:

Krishnamurthy means ‘Lord Krishna’ or ‘The manifestation of Lord Krishna’. This name is one of the most popular baby boy names among the followers of Hinduism.

55. Krishnendu:

Krishnendu means ‘Lord Krishna’ or the ‘Prince of Earth’. This noble name is one worthy of the little ruler of your heart.

56. Kundan:

Kundan means ‘Pure’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Sparkling’, ‘Lovable’, and ‘Diamond’. This name represents Lord Krishna’s charismatic and endearing nature.

57. Kunjabihari:

Another name of Lord Krishna, Kunjabihari means the ‘One who enjoys the lakes’.

58. Madan:

Lord Krishna is well known for the love he spread. Madan means ‘Lord of love’ in Sanskrit.

59. Madhav:

One of the most common and loved names inspired by Lord Krishna, Madhav means ‘Sweet like honey’.

60. Makhesh:

Makhesh means the ‘Lord of sacrifice’. It refers to Lord Krishna.

61. Manhar:

Manhar means ‘Pleasing’, ‘Charming’ or the ‘One who pleases the heart’. This name is alluring just as much as the deity who inspired it.

62. Manmohan:

Manmohan means ‘Pleasing’. It is another name for Lord Krishna.

63. Mayur:

Mayur is a beautiful name that never goes out of style. It means ‘the Lord who has a peacock feathered-crest’, and refers to Lord Krishna.

64. Meghashyam:

Meghashyam means ‘Dark as the clouds’. This name is one of the several names that describe Lord Krishna’s beautiful appearance.

65. Mohnish:

Mohnish means the ‘Attractive god’. It is another name that conveys Lord Krishna’s beauty.

66. Murari:

Murari means the ‘One who holds a flute’. This name is yet another reference to Lord Krishna’s iconic flute.

67. Natwar:

Lord Krishna is known to love dancing. Natwar means the ‘Dancing lord’.

68. Neeraj:

Neeraj means ‘Lotus’, ‘Pearl’, ‘Flower’, or ‘Born from clear water’. This beautiful name is an exaltation of Lord Krishna’s purity.

69. Niranjan:

Niranjan means ‘The Unblemished Lord’. It is another name of Lord Krishna.

70. Parthasarathi:

Parthasarathi means the ‘One who is the charioteer of Partha or Arjun’. This name alludes to Krishna’s role in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

71. Punyah:

Punyah means ‘Supremely pure’. This majestic name is apt for your precious son.

72. Radhesh:

Radhesh means ‘Radha’s lover or Lord Krishna’. If you love the story of Krishna and Radha, you would surely love this name.

73. Rashad:

Rashad means ‘Good judgment’, ‘Counsellor’, ‘Integrity of conduct’, ‘Maturity’ or ‘Thinker’. It refers to Lord Krishna’s integrity.

74. Ravilochna:

Ravilochna means the ‘One whose eye is the sun’. This notable name is worthy of an adored baby boy.

75. Rayaan:

Another name of Lord Krishna, Rayaan means ‘The gate to paradise’ or ‘Heaven’. You should definitely consider this heavenly name for your little angel.

76. Rukminesh:

Another famous name of Lord Krishna, Rukminesh means the ‘Consort of Rukmini’.

77. Saket:

Saket means ‘Lord Krishna’ or ‘Having the same intention’. This ardent name is worthy of a little boy who has a solid determination.

78. Sambathkrishna:

Sambathkrishna means ‘A gift from Lord Krishna’. This name is suitable for your little bundle of joy and blessing.

79. Sameh:

Sameh means the ‘One who is forgiving’. It refers to Krishna’s compassion, which is an ideal trait for your baby boy.

80. Sarvajana:

Sarvajana is one of the many names of Lord Krishna. It means the ‘Omniscient Lord’.

81. Sham:

Sham means ‘A strong person’. This beautiful name is apt for a brave little boy.

82. Shankdhar:

Shankdhar means ‘The one who bears a conch’. It refers to Lord Krishna.

83. Shoubhit:

Shoubhit means ‘ornamented’ and ‘handsome’. This unique name is perfect if you are looking for a beautiful but not commonly used name for your son.

84. Shreshta:

Shreshta means ‘Krishna, the most glorious Lord’. This name is another hidden gem for your little one.

85. Shrigopal:

Shrigopal means ‘The protector of the earth’. This name is an epithet of Lord Krishna.

86. Shrikanta:

Shrikanta means the ‘the consort of Goddess Lakshmi,’ which is again a reference to Lord Vishnu.

87. Shyamal:

Shyamal means ‘Black or dark blue’. This name is another reference to Lord Krishna’s beautiful dark complexion.

88. Shyamsundar:

Shyamsundar means ‘Cloud-coloured and beautiful’ or ‘The one with beauty like the evening’. This name is a slight variation of the previous one on the list. Both these names are perfect for your beautiful child.

89. Souri:

Souri means ‘Brave’. The name highlights your boy’s fearlessness.

90. Sudarshan:

Sudarshan means ‘Appealing’, the ‘Weapon of Lord Krishna’, the ‘Chakra of Lord Vishnu’, ‘A devoted person’, or ‘Lighted’. This name is preferred among the followers of Krishna.

91. Sunil:

Sunil can mean many things such as ‘Dark blue’, ‘Pomegranate tree’, ‘Sapphire’, ‘Blue’, ‘Krishna with blue color’, ‘Wind’, ‘Beautiful sky’. All of these meanings and interpretations allude to Lord Krishna.

92. Suri:

Suri means ‘The sun’ or ‘Wisdom’. It is one of the most beautiful and unique representations of Lord Krishna. This name has a familiar and sweet ring to it, even for people who are unfamiliar with Hinduism.

93. Trivesh:

Trivesh means ‘The one who knows all the three Vedas’. If you are looking for a religious yet stylish name, then this would be a good fit.

94. Urugay:

Urugay means ‘Far-going’, ‘Offering broad scope for movement’, or ‘Far-striding’. This name refers to Lord Krishna and is also an epithet of Lord Vishnu and Lord Indra.

95. Vallabhi:

Vallabhi means the ‘Beloved’. This name is apt for your darling baby boy.

96. Vamsidhar:

Vamsidhar means ‘The bearer of the flute’.

97. Vanavihari:

Vanavihari means the ‘One who enjoys roaming in the forest’. It is another reference to Lord Krishna.

98. Vanamali:

Vanamali means the ‘One wearing a sylvan garland’.

99. Vasoo:

Vasoo means ‘Dweller’, ‘Precious’, or the ‘Ray of light’. This name is apt for none other than the light of your life, your shining little one.

100. Venumadhav:

Venu means ‘flute’, and Madhav means ‘Sweet like honey’. So, another name of Lord Krishna, Venumadhav means ‘Madhav with his flute’.

101. Viaansh:

Viaansh means ‘Full of life’ or ‘Part of Lord Krishna’. This vigorous name is suitable for a zestful baby boy.

102. Vibhavasu:

Vibhavasu means ‘Black’ or ‘Dark,’ which refers to Lord Vishnu’s complexion.

103. Vibhumat:

Vibhumat is an epithet of Lord Krishna. It means ‘Omnipresent’ and ‘Appearing in many forms’. This name glorifies Lord Krishna’s nature and ability as a deity. If you want a beautiful and religious name for your little one, this name is an option worth considering.

104. Vihari

Vihari means ‘Supreme enjoyer’. Lord Krishna is known to enjoy life in the mythologies. This name glorifies precisely that.

105. Vihas:

Vihas means ‘Great smile’, and it refers to Lord Krishna. It is a cute name fitting for your adorable baby boy.

106. Vivaan:

Vivaan means ‘Genius’ and ‘Full of life’. It refers to none other than Lord Krishna. This name represents two characteristics of Lord Krishna that anyone would like their children to have.

107. Vrisa:

This name means ‘Cow’ or ‘Lord Krishna’. This beautiful name exalts the sacred cow and Lord Krishna’s love for cows.

108. Vrishaparvaa:

Vrishaparvaa means the ‘Lord of dharma’, another of Lord Krishna’s beautiful names.

109. Yadunandan:

Yadunandan means the ‘One who is the son of Yadu’.

110. Yajnarup:

Yajnarup means the ‘One who is as pure as Yajna’. A yajna is a ritual that involves mantras and is performed in front of a sacred fire.

111. Yogesh:

Yogesh means the ‘Source of Knowledge’ or the ‘God of Yoga’. This name is used to refer to both Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Krishna a male name?

The name Krishna has its roots in Sanskrit and is derived from the word Krsna. It refers to the “color or someone who is dark in appearance.” Krishna as a name can be used for both boys and girls.

2. Is Vasudev also the name of Lord Krishna?

Vasudev is a popular name for Lord Krishna, but it was the name of his biological father. The name Vasudev is derived from the Sanskrit word “Vrddhi” meaning “descended from” or “belonging to.”

Lord Krishna is an Indian deity known for his intellect, mischief, and charming persona. Naming your baby boy after him could help you instill admirable traits and positively influence your little one. However, with numerous Lord Krishna names available, selecting one for your son could be difficult. To help you choose, we bring you a compilation of the unique and impressive Lord Krishna names. Each name has distinctive significance and depicts the various qualities of Lord Krishna. So, go ahead and choose the perfect name for your boy.

Infographic: Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boys

Lord Krishna is famously known for his charming personality. So, if you expect your little one to possess the same characteristics, check out the infographic below. We bring some Lord Krishna names with meanings. Pick the one that suits your son.

lord krishna-inspired names for your little one [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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