135 Most Popular Lord Vishnu Names For Baby Boys

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Vishnu is one of the most important Hindu gods and is a member of the holy trinity of Hinduism, along with Brahma and Shiva. Lord Vishnu’s names portray the various attributes of God, and if you are a follower of Him or his principles, this list of Lord Vishnu names for baby boys is for you. Vishnu is the preserver and guardian of men and appears on earth in various incarnations to fight evil. Nine of his avatars have descended on the earth, with five in human form, three in non-human form, and one in hybrid form. Vaishnavites, one of the largest Hindu sects, are the devotees of Vishnu, the Supreme being, worshipped in the forms of his incarnations or manifestations. We bring you a list of Lord Vishnu’s names that you may pick for your baby.

135 Best Names Of Lord Vishnu For Your Baby Boy

1. Aadhavan:

Aadhavan means ‘As brilliant as the sun’. This name exalts Lord Vishnu’s flair, and it is appropriate for your little sunshine.

2. Aashrit:

This name is a nod to Vishnu’s regality. Aashrit means ‘Ruler’, which is perfect for the little king of your heart.

3. Abhima:

Abhima means the ‘Destroyer of fear’. If you are looking for a daring or courageous name for your baby, this is perfect.

4. Abhoo:

One of the many epithets of Vishnu, this name means the ‘Unborn’.

5. Achintya:

Achintya means ‘He is incomparable or inconceivable’. This name celebrates Lord Vishnu’s excellence.

6. Achyut:

This name glorifies Lord Vishnu’s incredible status as a god, and it means ‘Imperishable or indestructible’. Achyut is an ideal name for a resilient boy.

7. Adama:

Adama means ‘He is not subdued by anyone’. It is a suitable name for a boy with admirable strength and courage.

8. Adbhuta:

Adbhuta means ‘The one who is wonderful or astonishing’. It is a notable name that praises Lord Shiva’s charm.

9. Adeep:

Adeep, Lord Vishnu names for baby boy

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Adeep means ‘Light or Light of Lord Vishnu’. If you are looking for a name that will brightly shine through with warmth, this is an ideal choice for you.

10. Adhaata:

Adhaata is one of the many synonyms of Lord Vishnu, and it means ‘Above whom there is no other to command’. This aspiring name is perfect for your baby boy.

11. Adhoksaja:

Adhoksaja is another name for Lord Narasimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It means ‘Supreme’ or ‘Universe’.

12. Adhrit:

Adhrit means ‘One who does not require support, but supports others’. This name hails self-sufficiency and benevolence, traits that we would all want our children to possess.

13. Advith:

Advith means ‘Powerful’ or ‘Focused’. This name is fitting for a boy with determination and strong will.

14. Agnija:

Agnija means ‘One who is born out of the fire’. This name is befitting for a boy who is brilliant, bold, and spirited.

15. Ajan:

This name means the ‘Unborn’ as well as ‘Love of Vishnu’ in Sanskrit.

16. Ajitesh:

This name is a tribute to Vishnu’s insurmountable strength. Ajitesh means the ‘Lord of the unconquerable’.

17. Akshar:

This name aptly represents Lord Vishnu’s essence. Akshar means ‘Everlasting’, ‘Immortal’, or ‘One who cannot be destroyed’.

18. Amitash:

Another one of Lord Vishnu’s names, Amitash means ‘Omnipresent’ or ‘He who has sacred marks’.

19. Amoghah:

This name honors Vishnu’s work and wisdom. It means ‘He whose acts are for a great purpose’.

20. Amritaya:

If you are looking for a name that represents eternal greatness, this name may be the right one for you. Amritaya means the ‘One who will never die’ or the ‘Immortal one’.

21. Amurti:

Another moniker of Lord Vishnu, this name means ‘All-pervading’ or ‘Incorporeal’. This name is mysterious, beautiful, and spiritual.

22. Anagh:

Anagh means the ‘One who has not committed any sin’. If you are looking for a virtuous or modest name fit for an innocent baby boy, this is the right one for you.

23. Anant:

Another epithet of Lord Vishnu, Anant means ‘Endless’ or ‘Infinite’.

24. Aneesh:

This name acknowledges Vishnu’s importance in the universal set. Aneesh means ‘Supreme’ or ‘Paramount’.

25. Aniruddha:

It means ‘Uncontrolled’ or ‘Without obstacles’.

26. Anish:

This name praises Vishnu’s qualities, and it is a desirable name for your baby boy. Anish means ‘Supreme’ as well as ‘Punctual’.

27. Antak:

This name reveres Vishnu’s immense strength as well as his unforgiving side. Antak means ‘One who has the power to end everything’ or ‘Death’.

28. Anvith:

It means ‘One who bridges the gap’. This name is entirely appropriate for a boy who is kind, thoughtful, considerate, and accommodating.

29. Aprameyah:

The name means ‘He who cannot be perceived’.

30. Arnav:

As a tribute to Lord Visnu’s magnificence, this name means ‘As vast as an ocean’. Arnav is a suitable name for your beautiful baby boy.

31. Arvind:

A popular name of Lord Vishnu, Arvind means ‘Lotus’ or ‘One who has lotus-like eyes’. It is perfect for your captivating baby.

32. Asan:

Yet another one of Lord Vishnu’s names, Asan means ‘Vault’ or ‘Easy’.

33. Ashrith:

This name is one of the variations that revere Lord Vishnu’s benign nature. It means the ‘One who helps’.

34. Avyan:

Avyan means ‘Perfect’ or ‘One who is without imperfection’. It honors Lord Vishnu’s unparalleled state of godhood or divinity.

35. Avyayah:

This is another synonym of Lord Vishnu. Avyayah means the ‘One who is always the same’. If you are looking for a name that is imperishable, this is the right one for you.

36. Avyukt:

This name is given to Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It means ‘Crystal clear’ or ‘Having a clear mind’.

37. Badri:

Badri also means the rains before winter

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Badri means ‘Rain that falls before winter’, and the ‘Fullness of the moon’.

38. Bhaav:

One of the monikers of Vishnu, this name means ‘Emotions’, ‘Feeling’, ‘Affection’, or ‘Faith’.

39. Bhartaa:

This name is an homage to Lord Vishnu’s supremacy in Hinduism. Bhartaa means ‘He who governs the entire living world’.

40. Bhudhav:

Bhu means ‘Earth’ and Dhav means ‘Lord’. It praises Vishnu’s mastery over the world.

41. Bhuri:

Another variant of Vishnu, this name means ‘Abundant’ or ‘Mighty’.

42. Chakradhar:

Lord Vishnu holds a chakr (sphere) in his hands. Hence he is also called as Chakradhar, which means the ‘One who carries a chakra’.

43. Dharesh:

This name is used to describe Lord Vishnu. Dharesh means ‘Lord of the Earth’.

44. Dharmaadhyaksha:

The name means ‘The one who presides over Dharma’. You can shorten the name to Dharma, which sound posh.

45. Dhurya:

Known as the preserver of the universe, this variant of Lord Vishnu’s name means the ‘One who carries out the creation without any problem’.

46. Dridh:

Dridh means ‘Strong’, ‘Solid’, ‘Firm’, ‘Fixed’, ‘Steady’, ‘Resolute’, and ‘Persevering’.

47. Durariha:

Durariha means ‘The dispeller of the evil-minded enemies’. It represents Vishnu’s ability to purify the threats of evil.

48. Ekana:

This name means ‘Strong’ or the ‘One who has a lot of drive and determination’. It is an ageless name for a baby boy.

49. Esa:

Another name for Vishnu, Esa means the ‘God is Salvation’, ‘Desirable’, ‘Prophet’, or ‘God delivers’.

50. Eshan:

Eshan means ‘Shining’, ‘Passion of the sun’, ‘Lord’, ‘Master’, or ‘God’s grace’.

51. Gahan:

Gahan means the ‘One who has depth’. It is suitable for an intelligent child.

52. Garudadhvaj:

The name means the ‘With Garuda as his banner’. Garuda is a mythological character with a mix of bird eagle and human features.

53. Govind:

A popular name among the Hindus, Govind means the ‘One who protects and guards cows’. It is the name of Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu.

54. Haraka:

Another variant of Lord Vishnu’s name which means ‘He will be good to all’ or the ‘One who takes away (the miseries)’.

55. Hari:

Hari means the ‘Almighty’, the ‘One who belongs to God’, or the ‘One who relieves pain’.

56. Hridev:

It means ‘Part of the heart’. Apt for your son, who is definitely a part of your heart.

57. Ijya:

This sophisticated name means the ‘Dispeller of evil-minded enemies’, ‘Sacrifice’, ‘Divine’.

58. Indrakarmaa:

It means the ‘One who always performs auspicious actions’.

59. Iresh (pron Ee-resh):

This name exalts the power of Lord Vishnu as it means the ‘Lord of the Earth’.

60. Ish:

Ish also means 'Master of the universe'

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One of the most adored names of Lord Vishnu, Ish means ‘Divine’, ‘Master of the universe’, ‘Ruler’, or ‘Pious’. You may club it with some other relevant name or make it a nickname for your little ruler.

61. Jagadish:

It is a combination of Jagat ‘World’ and Ish ‘Ruler’. So, the name means the ‘Ruler of this World’.

62. Janardhana:

The name means the ‘One who gives happiness to people’.

63. Jayant:

This name means the ‘One who is always victorious’ or ‘Victorious in the end’.

64. Jayapal:

This name is apt for your little star as it means the ‘King’.

65. Jyestha:

Jyestha means ‘The eldest’. What is more suitable than this name for your beloved firstborn son?

66. Kaamah:

This name is perfect for your adored child. Kaamah means ‘The beloved’.

67. Kanil:

Kanil means ‘Power’ or ‘Indestructible’.

68. Keshava:

Was your son born with long, shiny hair? Then you may name him Keshava, which means the ‘One who has a long, shiny and uncut hair’. It also means ‘The Lord of creation, sustenance, and destruction (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva all in One)’.

69. Koustub:

Koustub means ‘A gem on the chest of Lord Vishnu’. It is a name worthy for the jewel of the family.

70. Kritan:

Kritan means ‘Skilled’, ‘Clever’, or ‘Wise’. This name sounds sophisticated.

71. Kshetrajnah:

The name means the ‘Knower of the field’. Use this name for your son if you want him to shine in his chosen field.

72. Lohitaksha:

This name refers to the beauty of Lord Vishnu’s eyes. It means the ‘Red-eyed’.

73. Loknath:

It is another name that hails Lord Vishnu as above all else. Loknath means the ‘Lord of the world’. This name also refers to Lord Shiva.

74. Madhusudhan:

This name means the ‘Destroyer of the demon Madhu’. Lord Krishna is also called Madhusudhan.

75. Mahil:

This name highlights the desirable qualities of Lord Vishnu. Mahil means ‘Kindness’ and the ‘One who progresses’.

76. Mokshith:

Mokshith means ‘The liberated’ or the ‘One who has attained moksha’. Moksha refers to ‘enlightenment’, ‘liberation’ or ‘release’ from this world.

77. Mukund:

This name means the ‘One who gives freedom’. It is a positive and sensible name for your baby.

78. Murthy:

Murthy means ‘An idol’, ‘All auspicious Lord’, or the ‘Statue’, and refers to Lord Vishnu.

79. Namish:

Namish means ‘Determined and independent’.

80. Nanda:

If you wish to name your son after one of the delightful names of Lord Vishnu, this is a good choice for you. Nanda means ‘Meritorious’, a ‘Great achiever’, ‘Joy’, ‘Bliss’, ‘Happiness’, or ‘Pleasure’.

81. Narasimha:

It means a combination of the man and the lion, as Nara means ‘man’ and Simha means ‘lion’. Narasimha is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

82. Narayan:

Narayan means the ‘Refuge of man’.

83. Nidhir:

It means ‘The imperishable treasure’, which your son is for you.

84. Nigraha:

Nigraha means ‘He who has firm control over all creation’. This name is enchanting and charming.

85. Nikesh:

Nikesh is a beautiful name. It means ‘The savior’ or the ‘One who is infinite’.

86. Nitin:

This name has multiple meanings and interpretations. It means the ‘Master of the right path’, ‘Owner of the truth’, ‘Brave’, or the ‘Follower of the right path’.

87. Padmanaabha:

This is yet another name with a lotus connection. It means ‘He from whose navel comes the lotus’.

88. Prajapati:

Another name of Lord Vishnu, Prajapati means ‘The Lord of all creatures’.

89. Pramod:

Inspired by Lord Vishnu, Pramod is an optimistic name. It means ‘Happy’, ‘Growth’, ‘Delight’, or ‘Smile’.

90. Pranav:

Pranav is a beautiful name of Lord Vishnu

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Pranav is a popular and beautiful name. It can mean ‘The divine sound’, ‘The sacred syllable Om’, ‘Intelligent symbol’. It is one more name that denotes the combination of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

91. Pratishthit:

Pratishthit is an appealing name for boys. It means the ‘One who is consecrated’.

92. Pushkaraaksh:

Lord Vishnu has beautiful eyes. Pushkaraaksh means the ‘One with lotus eyes’.

93. Rakshan:

Raksan means the ‘Guard’ or ‘Protector’. It is a reassuring name for your son.

94. Ramesh:

Ramesh means ‘The preserver’. This name is pretty common among the followers of Hinduism.

95. Ranganath:

Ranga means ‘Colorful’, Ranganath means ‘A colorful Lord’. This is a common name in South India.

96. Reyaansh:

Reyaansh means ‘The first rays of the sun’ or ‘ a part of Lord Vishnu’. Reyaansh sounds pretty stylish.

97. Rivaansh:

Rivaansh means ‘A strong desire to succeed’. It is a commendable name for a child who has an exciting life ahead of him.

98. Rohin:

Another name of Lord Vishnu, Rohin has several meanings. It means ‘Climbing’, ‘Blossom’, ‘Rising’, and the ‘One who is born under the sandalwood tree’.

99. Sahasrajit:

Sahasrajit means ‘He is the conqueror of thousands’. It is a sophisticated and innovative name to give your son.

100. Sahishnu:

Sahishnu means ‘He is the forgiver’ or the ‘One endowed with enormous patience’. This name is perfect for instilling Lord Vishnu’s best traits in your son.

101. Samarjit:

Samarjit means the ‘Winner of the battle’, the ‘One who is victorious in war’ or the ‘One who has conquered lust’.

102. Sarvesh:

Sarvesh means ‘He who controls everything’.

103. Satveer:

Satveer means the ‘Champion of truth’. It is a charismatic name for your baby.

104. Sharu:

Sharu means ‘An arrow’, ‘Dart’, ‘The thunderbolt of Indra’, ‘The weapon of the Marutas’, or ‘Passion’. You can use this as a nickname for your boy.

105. Sharvas:

Sharvas means the ‘One who is auspicious’. What better name than this to invite luck and optimism to your son’s life?

106. Shubhaang:

Lord Vishnu is the most beautiful. Shubhaang means the ‘One who has the most beautiful form’.

107. Shreemaan:

Shreemaan means ‘He who is always with Goddess Shree’, ‘Consort of Goddess Shree Lakshmi’ or ‘A respectable person’.

108. Shreshthah:

Nobody is more powerful, benevolent and pious than the god. This name means ‘The most glorious’.

109. Srinivas:

Another name of Lord Vishnu, Shrinivas means an ‘Abode of Goddess Lakshmi, or an ‘Abode of wealth and prosperity’.

110. Sudhanvan:

Sudhanvan means ‘He who has a splendid bow’.

111. Sutantu:

Sutantu means ‘He who has expanded this universe starting from himself’. It is an excellent option for people looking for exotic names.

112. Svar:

Svar, Lord Vishnu names for baby boy

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Svar means ‘The Sun’, ‘Heaven’, ‘World of Gods’, ‘The Sky’, ‘The region of the planets and constellations’, ‘Sound’, ‘Voice’, ‘Tone’, or ‘Tune’. It is also a mystical word pronounced after Om and before the Gayatri mantra.

113. Taran:

Taran means ‘Raft’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Thunder’, and ‘Earth’. This name holds weight and is wholesome.

114. Trilokesh:

The name means the ‘King of the three worlds’.

115. Trivikram:

Trivikram means the ‘One whose three strides covered the whole world’. This name glorifies the colossal greatness of Lord Vishnu.

116. Udarathi:

An epithet of Vishnu, Udarathi means ‘Rising’. This buoyant name is perfect for your son’s hopeful future.

117. Udayin:

Udayin is an elegant name. It means ‘Rising’ or ‘Prosperous’.

118. Upendra:

It means the ‘Brother of Lord Indra’ who is Lord Vishnu.

119. Vaikhan:

Vaikhan means the ‘One whose consumption has a strange pattern as he devours the whole universe’.

120. Vasu:

Vasu means ‘Precious’, ‘Gem’, ‘Wealthy’, ‘Invaluable’, or the ‘One who is rich and has a lot of wealth’. It is a prosperous name for a boy with a flourishing life ahead of him.

121. Vedatman:

Vedatman means the ‘Soul of the Veda’. It is another name for Lord Vishnu. It is a good fit if you are looking for a name with spiritual depth.

122. Venkat:

Venkat means ‘Existing’, ‘Natural’, or ‘Divine’. If you are looking for a profound name for your baby, this popular name is a good choice.

123. Vibhu:

Vibhu is a beautiful and deferential name. It means ‘Great’, ‘Strong’, ‘Solid’, or ‘Excellent’.

124. Vikram:

Vikram means ‘Valorous’, the ‘One who is wise’, ‘Brave’, ‘Courageous’, or ‘Strong’. It is a popular baby boy name in the Hindu communities.

125. Vinit:

Vinit means ‘Humble’, ‘Knowledgeable’, or ‘Polite’. It is a great name if you like to imbue your son with these favorable traits.

126. Viraj:

Viraj means ‘Resplendent’, ‘Splendour’, ‘Intelligent’, ‘To Shine’, or the ‘King of the planet’. This name is splendid and magnificent. It will surely make your little one stand out.

127. Viresh:

Viresh means ‘The brave Lord’. It is suitable for a spirited and fearless boy.

128. Vishath:

Vishath means ‘Setting free’ or the ‘One who delivers’. It is another name of Lord Vishnu.

129. Vishokah:

Vishokah means the ‘One who is without sorrow’. This beautiful name is equally cheerful.

130. Vishodhan:

Another name of Lord Vishnu, Vishodhan means ‘The act of purifying’, ‘Freeing from defect’, or the ‘One who finds own soul and self’.

131. Vishwakarma:

According to Indian mythology, Lord Vishnu has created the universe. Vishwakarma means the ‘Creator of the Universe’.

132. Vishvaksena:

Lord Vishnu is all powerful. Hence his epitaph the ‘One against whom no army can stand’.

133. Vishvam:

Vishvam means ‘He who is the universe’, ‘The Lord of the universe’, ‘Ruler’, or ‘The greatest’. This popular name beautifully glorifies Lord Vishnu’s godly status.

134. Vithal:

Another name of Lord Vishnu, Vithal means the ‘One who gives fortune’ or the ‘One who bestows prosperity’. It is also spelled as Vitthala.

135. Yajnesh:

Yajnesh means ‘Lord of worship or sacrifice’.

Lord Vishnu is the Hindu deity and is believed to be the savior of the universe. He is the epitome of supreme power and compassion. He is worshiped in the various forms of his manifestations, and hence you may encounter numerous Lord Vishnu names for baby boys. These comprehensive baby names inspired by Lord Vishnu are worthy, regal, and inspirational. Moreover, naming your little boy after Lord Vishnu could instill many of his great attributes in your son. Choose a suitable name as per your preferences.

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