50 Best Lord Murugan Names For Baby Boy With Meanings

Your search for Lord Murugan names for baby boy ends here. Did you know, in South India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Malaysia, Lord Murugan is one of the most revered Hindu gods? According to Hindu mythology, Lord Murugan is the elder brother of Lord Ganesha and the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is the Hindu gods’ army’s commander-in-chief or Senapati.

Here is a comprehensive list of Lord Murugan names for your baby boy. You may want to choose names synonymous with Lord Murugan if you are his devout follower or if the rich Hindu mythology attracts you. Continue reading!

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Lord Murugan Names For Baby Boy

1. Aranmakan

This name is used to denote Lord Murugan, the son of Lord Shiva who is also called Aran. Aranmakan means ‘son of Shiva’. This is an excellent name for your baby boy if you are a devotee of Lord Shiva or your name is Shiva.

2. Arumugan

Meaning ‘one with six faces,’ Arumugan is one of the many names that Lord Murugan possesses. The name sounds venerable.

3. Bahuleyan

This uncommon name comes from the Sanskrit word bahu, which means ‘a lot’ or ‘abundant’. It will be an apt name for your little prince who has brought an abundance of joy in your life.

4. Balamurugan

Balamurugan stands for young Murugan and is used to denote the child version of the lord with Bala meaning ‘child’ and Murugan denoting Lord Murugan It is a trendy name in the southern states of India.

5. Bhaktavatsalaya

The name Bhaktavatsalaya means ‘praise be to Thee’. If you worship Lord Murugan and want your son to follow in your footsteps, Bhaktavatsalaya will be an apt name for him.

6. Chetty

Chetty is a small and adorable synonym for Lord Murugan. It has become very popular in the recent years among parents in South India. It means ‘mind’. The name is here to stay, so you can confidently go ahead and pick this one for your son.

7. Chevatkodiyan

Chevatkodiyan will add to the uniqueness of your son’s name. Chevatkodiyan comes from the word Chevat meaning ‘consciousness’.

8. Dandapani

Dandapani is a rarely used name of Lord Murugan. Dandapani means ‘he who punishes’. This name is also a reference to Lord Yama. This name will make your son stand out among the sea of humanity.

9. Deyvayanakantan

Lord Murugan, who was the husband of Devayani, is also known as Deyvayanakantan. This name means ‘consort of Devayani’. Although a long name, it has a certain lyrical quality to it.

10. Dvinadhbhujaya

This name is climbing the popularity charts. The traditional title refers to ‘the Lord with 12 hands’.

11. Dvinanetraya

This name is an ode to Lord Murugan who is also called Dvinanetraya or the one with 12 eyes. This will be an excellent pick for your baby.

12. Gangasiruvan

The holy river Ganga was the sister of Lord Murugan’s mother Goddess Parvati and had a hand in nourishing him. Hence Lord Murugan is also known as Gangasiruvan or ‘Ganga’s boy’.

13. Gauranandan

Lord Murugan is the elder son of Goddess Parvati, who is also called Gauri. Gauranandan means ‘son of Gauri’. This will be a sweet and uncommon name for your baby.

14. Guhaya

This name is one of the many names of Lord Murugan and means ‘the invisible lord’. Guhaya can be a bit stuffy for a first name but can be used as a nickname if you want to name your son after the lord.

15. Guru

Don’t be surprised to see the name Guru here. It means ‘teacher’ or ‘priest’. This is a short and sweet name, and we think it will suit your little teacher perfectly!

16. Ilamurugu

Ilamurugu is a name used to denote the young version of Lord Murugan and means ‘young Murugan’.

17. Kadambhan

According to popular folklore, Lord Murugan wields the kadamba stalk with his hands. Hence, he is called Kadambhan or the ‘wielder of the Kadamba stick’.

18. Kandan

Your baby boy is an angel from the clouds, a gift from Lord Murugan. Why don’t you name him Kandan then? Kandan is another name for the lord that means ‘cloud’.

19. Karthikeyan

It is one of the famous Lord Murugan names for boys. Lord Murugan was brought up by bright star clusters called Krittikas. Kartikeya means ‘of the Krittikas’. The Sanskrit name enjoys immense popularity in North India as well. You can also consider its variant Karthik.

20. Katireshan

If you want to go for a very uncommon name for your baby boy, then go with Katireshan. It means ‘lord of Katir’. This name is pretty musical.

21. Kumara Vel

You would want your baby boy to always remain youthful, a quality matching Lord Murugan. Kumara Vel is another name of the Lord meaning ‘youthful’.

22. Kumaran

Some names have a timeless appeal, and Kumaran is one of them. The name Kumaran means ‘eternal youth’. This Lord Murugan name has a regal charm and is perfect for your little prince charming. Some common derivations include Kumarappan or Kumaraswamy.

23. Kundrakkudiyon

Lord Murugan is said to reside in the hills. Hence he is known as Kundrakkudiyon or ‘one who lives in the mountains’. This name of the lord is hardly in usage in today’s times, so you can consider this if you want an unusual name.

24. Kurinjvendan

Lord Murugan has two wives of which Goddess Valli is one. Valli is also known as Kurinji, thus making Lord Murugan Kurinjvendan or ‘the consort of Kurinji’.

25. Kuzhagan

This is one of the rarer names of Lord Murugan. Kuzhagan means ‘affectionate’. You can pick this unusual name to match your baby boy’s unique personality.

26. Manoharan

Your little boy is the center of everyone’s attention and is full of grace and charm. You can use this name, which means ‘one who steals hearts’. It can be shortened to Mano too.

27. Mayil

An excellent choice of name for your graceful little boy, Mayil means ‘graceful as a peacock’. Peacock is the vehicle of Lord Murugan.

protip_icon Trivia
Mayil Vahanan is another name for lord Ganesha, which means ‘one who travels on a peacock.’

28. Mayon

Owing to his dark complexion, Lord Murugan is also called Mayon which means ‘the black god’. Naming your baby boy Mayon would imply that his complexion will not stand in the way of his greatness.

29. Muttai

Muttai denotes Lord Murugan’s third eye. Muttai in Tamil means ‘spheroidal or egg-shaped’.

30. Murukan

A local derivation of the name Murugan, this is one of the most popular versions of Lord Murugan. Murukan means ‘god of war’.

31. Pisidasaprabhajanaya

This tongue-twister of a name means ‘the destroyer of the Asuras’. The name is a bit long, but that’s what adds to its unique charm.

protip_icon Did you know?
Lord Murugan was manifested for the purpose of killing Tarakasura, an Asura (demon), who became invincible after receiving a boon from Lord Brahma.

32. Sangat

You think your son is an excellent company? Name him Sangat which is a Sanskrit term for ‘company’ or ‘presence’. Your son will have a dominant presence just like Lord Murugan, the holder of the name.

33. Sanatan

This name means ‘the eternal one’. Pick this name for your son if you are into philosophical names as well.

34. Saurjyesh

Saurjyesh means ‘the god of courage’ and is a name used to denote Lord Murugan, the god of war. Saurjyesh is a very unusual name, and we recommend it for your little boy.

35. Shanmukha

Shanmukha means the ‘first son of Lord Shiva’ and is a popular name of Lord Murugan. This name is trendy in India and Indians settled abroad.

36. Senapati

Lord Murugan is the ‘commander of the army’ of Hindu gods. Hence the term Senapati is given to him. This is an uncommon name and there are not many Senapatis around.

37. Sendan

Sendan is a popular name, which means ‘youthful or divine’. You would want your son to be youthful always.

38. Sendhil

Your son will go on to become a formidable person. Choose this name of Lord Murugan which means ‘the formidable one’.

39. Sevvel

A unique name of Lord Murugan, it stands for the ‘wielder of the vel’ or ‘lance’, his battle weapon.

40. Shivikahanar

This name of Lord Murugan stems from his mode of transport, a peacock. Shivikahanar means ‘one who uses peacock as a vehicle’. An excellent name for your son if you are looking for unusual names.

41. Siddhan

Your son will be a success in the world someday. Prepare him for the victory by giving him a name that is equally powerful. Siddhan, another name for Lord Murugan, stands for ‘accomplished,’ ‘perfected,’ or ‘successful’.

42. Singaravelan

If you are an ardent devotee of Lord Murugan and you love to dress up your baby, this is a perfect name for him. Singaravelan means ‘one who dresses up,’ and is used to denote Lord Murugan’s colorful appearance.

43. Skandaya

The name means ‘the vanquisher of the mighty foes’. This name might give your baby the power to overcome his enemies with his love and kindness.

44. Subrahmaniyan

Lord Murugan and your little boy are both precious to you. Choose this name of the lord that means ‘jewel’ or ‘precious’. It is one of the most common names in South India.

45. Suresan

Lord Murugan towers over other gods owing to his courage and bravery. Hence he is also known as Suresan or ‘the lord of the gods’. This can be a mighty name for your son, who will surely tower over others in the future.

protip_icon Did you know?
Sharad Purnima is a popular festival dedicated to Lord Muruga in Odisha on the full moon day after Vijayadashami, when young women worship Kartikeya to get a handsome groom.

46. Swami

The master of warcraft, Lord Murugan is sometimes addressed as Swami too. A common variation is Swaminathan. The meaning of Swami is ‘master’.

47. Umasuta

Lord Murugan is called Umasuta as he is the son of Goddess Parvati, also known as Uma. This is an unusual name.

48. Vallmanalan

Vallmanalan stands for consort of Valli, who is the second wife of Lord Murugan. It will be a unique name for your son.

49. Velan

Velan is one of the most common names used to denote Lord Murugan and can be a cute name your baby boy. Velan comes from Vel, which is the spear that Lord Murugan wields.

protip_icon Did you know?
Muruga’s vel was gifted to him by his mother Parvati, when he went to seek her blessings before the battle with Asuras.

50. Vishakhan

Originally meaning ‘having many branches,’ Vishakhan denotes Lord Murugan who has his branches everywhere or is ‘omnipresent’.

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When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many names does Lord Murugan have?

According to Tamil and Sanskrit folklore, Lord Murugan has 108 names.

2. Is it necessary to be a follower of Hinduism to name a baby after Lord Murugan?

No, it is unnecessary to be a follower of Hinduism to name your baby after Lord Murugan. Parents from different cultures and religions have named their children after this beloved God. As long as no law prohibits the same, non-Hindu can name their child after Lord Murugan.

3. How do Lord Murugan’s names differ across different regions or cultures within India?

In India, Lord Murugan is known by different names in different regions and languages. He is known as Lord Kartikeya in North India and Lord Subramanya or Lord Shanmukha in South India. The Tamilians know him as Lord Murugan.

4. How can parents ensure that their child’s Lord Murugan name is pronounced and spelled correctly?

When naming your child after Lord Murugan, check for the spelling online or consult someone well-versed in Tamil and has good knowledge of the names. Alternatively, you can check YouTube videos that pronounce Lord Murugan’s name correctly.

You can choose from a range of Lord Murugan names if you want your child’s name to represent Lord Murugan’s character or if you’re a Lord Shiva devotee. Because all of the names portray Lord Murugan and his characteristics, you should consider the significance of each name when naming your baby boy. So go ahead and pick your favorite, considering the meaning of the name and whether it fits the character you want your child to have when they grow up.

Welcome to our video on Lord Murugan-inspired names for baby boys! Discover spiritual and meaningful names for your little one, inspired by the Hindu God Murugan.

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