53 Ultimate Baby Names That Mean New Beginning And Rebirth

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The birth of a baby marks a new beginning in a parent’s life. And you may wish to carry this feeling forward into the child’s life. In that case, here are a few names that mean a new beginning. These names are derived from several languages and cultures and carry the essence of a new start. They are unique, stylish, and beautiful that would remind your child how precious they are to you and how grateful you are for their presence. If all of these words describe your feelings for your baby, then we suggest you scroll through this list.

Baby Names That Mean New Beginning And Rebirth For Girls

1. Alba:

The name Alba has made a comeback and how, all thanks to the actress Jessica Alba. It was given to over 150 baby girls last year, which speaks a lot about its popularity today. The meaning of Alba is ‘dawn’ in Spanish and Italian.

2. Amaryllis:

If you like showy, flower names, which signify new beginnings, you can consider Amaryllis, Greek for ‘new and fresh’. In Greek poetry, Amaryllis is an appellation used of pure pastoral beauties.

3. Anastasia:

Anastasia meaning ‘resurrection or rebirth’ was once a forbidding regal Russian name. Now it is a viable option not just in Ireland and ancient Britain, but also in America. And since it means ‘resurrection’ it is an apt choice for a spring or Easter baby. Its claim to fame is Princess Anastasia, the daughter of the last Czar of Russia.

4. Aurora:

Latin name Aurora, meaning ‘dawn’, exemplifies new beginning. It’s obtained from the name of the Roman goddess of sunrise whose tears turned into dew. This poetic name is also associated with Northern Lights, the stunning natural phenomenon. Rory would make a unique and quirky nickname for Aurora.

5. Ausra:

This beautiful name, meaning ‘dawn’, is one of the most popular names for baby girls in contemporary Lithuania. It also happens to be the name of one of the newspaper companies in Lithuania.

6. Avil:

Avil, meaning ‘renewal’, is a fresh spin of common names such as Aviva or Avril. In the US, the name is freshly back in the top 1000 list after a hiatus of three decades.

7. Ayelet:

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This unusual and slightly challenging Hebrew name, meaning ‘dawn’, sounds familiar today all because of the Jerusalem-born novelist Ayelet Waldman.

8. Chae-Won:

Korean name Chae-Won, meaning ‘beginning’, will make an unusual and unique name for your baby girl.

9. Dagny:

If you’re looking for a moniker with Scandinavian roots or want to pay tribute to a Scandinavian ancestor, Dagny meaning ‘new day or new beginning’, would make an appealing pick. And with its meaning, it could make a lovely choice for a girl born during Easter. Dagny Taggart, the heroine of “Atlas Shrugged” novel is a literary bearer of this name. And Dagny also happens to be a French place name.

10. Dawn:

There could be no better name than Dawn if you’re looking for a name with a strong sense of new beginning. It started off well but began to dwindle soon after. But Dawn is attracting parents once again as an option that is both simple and multicultural. This moniker originates from English vocabulary word, meaning ‘beginning of the day’.

11. Eos:

Here’s yet another unusual choice for your little baby. Eos, the name of Greek goddess of dawn, is ancient name but has a modern and sleek feel to it.

12. Fatiha:

Arabic name Fatiha, meaning ‘beginning or first’, is widespread in several Middle Eastern and African countries. All in all, Fatiha is an interesting and attractive naming option. The spelling variation of Fatiha includes Fathiya.

13. Genesis:

Genesis, the name of the first book of the Bible may sound contemporary, but it isn’t as original and recent as you may think. It’s been used for both boys and girls for decades. But Genesis is more popular for girls and was given to more than 4000 baby girls in the year 2013. And it hasn’t fallen 55 places down since the year 2013. For the nickname, you can pick Gen instead of the ubiquitous Jen.

14. Iola:

The name Iola, meaning ‘violet dawn’, is quite dated, considering it was last heard on Carol Burnett Mama’s Family show. But there’s no denying that it sounds lovely and will make an excellent option, even today. Just for clarification, Iola is a three syllable name and the ‘I’ is pronounced as ‘eye’.

Did you know?
Iola in Greek means ‘violet’ or ‘beautiful lady’ while it means ‘valued by the Lord’ in Welsh.

15. Kia:

Kia is a sweet and straightforward name of African origins, meaning ‘new beginnings or season’s beginning’. Drawn from the old books, this antiquated name feels just perfect for modern times. If you want to make the name look more stylish, spell it as Kiah.

16. Neoma:

The name Neoma has featured in a book by Barbara Cartland, Light of the Moon.

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Neoma, meaning ‘new moon’, is a rare variant of Noami, which has experienced a flurry of usage in the last four decades. There haven’t been many takers of Neoma until now, and it has only featured in Barbara Cartland’s book “Light of the Moon”.

17. Nova:

The moniker Nova, meaning ‘new’, has made a strong comeback in recent years. It soared over 300 spots since 2013 and currently sits on one of the top names in the 200 list. Nova is also the astronomical term of a star that increases in brightness suddenly and then fades. And it gets its glamorous quotient from Nova Pilbeam, a British actress.

18. Nyssa:

Nyssa, a fairly common Greek name, meaning ‘new beginning’, has a global appeal, which would fit well in America and its surrounding regions. It gained extreme usage after featuring in the British sci-fi series, “Doctor Who”.

19. Oriana:

This strong and exotic name, meaning ‘dawn’, has a literary cred to it. In the medieval tales, Oriana was the name of knight Amadis’ beloved. She has appeared in three 17th century plays and Tennyson’s poem as well. This dashing name is also tied with the English actress, Oriana Pooles.

20. Raanana:

This lovely Hebrew name, with double ‘a’, would make a unique name for your little princess. Meaning ‘fresh and new’, the name signifies the new beginnings in life. Ra’anana also happens to be the name of a city in Israel.

21. Renata:

The name Renata, meaning ‘reborn’, is used widely across Europe symbolizes spiritual rebirth. It is most used in Chile, where it’s the 34th most popular name of all time. Renata Adler, one of the stars among the literati, is a famous bearer of this name. It was also borne by a minor character in the “Twilight” series. Renata also gives an opportunity to use increasingly popular name Wren as the nickname.

22. Renee:

The name Renee meaning ‘reborn’ is currently in the public eye only because of the famous America actress Renee Zellweger. The variations of this name include Renny, Rene, and Renae.

23. Roxanna:

Roxanna, the name of Alexander the Great’s wife, sounds way more attractive than the commonplace Roxanne. Meaning ‘dawn’, Roxana was first used in Europe and other English-speaking countries in the 1600s, but it gained popularity after featuring in Daniel Defoe’s novel, “Roxana.” We think it’s an attractive and relatively underused possibility.

24. Sahar:

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This lilting Arabic name, meaning ‘morning, dawn, or awakening’, was first heard in the Middle East countries, but is now familiar with the Muslim populations of India, Pakistan, and the US as well. We’ve seen plenty of famous women bearing this name, including the Iranian author Sahar Delijani and Iranian actress Sahar Dolatshahi.

25. Senara:

Senara, meaning ‘dawn’, is one of the rarest and loveliest names in the list. It’s simple, straightforward, and exotic, all at the same time. It’s claim to fame is the Cornish saint and the patron of Zennor village.

26. Wahuj:

Wahuj, an exotic and feminine Arabic name, increasingly popular with the parents in UAE, is beginning to rank well in other countries as well. The meaning of Wahuj is ‘dawn, a new beginning or the first day of light’.

27. Zelenka:

Czech name Zelenka, meaning ‘fresh and new’, has a certain twinkle and charm to it that’s unavoidable.

28. Zera:

Hebrew name Zera, meaning ‘new beginning’, is an unconventional name that’s almost unheard everywhere except maybe Israel. It does sound too much like Vera, but is doubly more exotic than the former. And it’s such a tiny name that you wouldn’t need a nickname. If you want to romanticize it more, add an ‘h’ at the end to make it Zerah.

29. Zerlinda:

This exquisite Hebrew name, chosen by several celebrities, is one of the most luminous names. The name existed in the middle ages too but wasn’t adopted until the 19th century. Zerlinda means ‘beautiful dawn’.

30. Zora:

Zora, meaning ‘dawn’, honors none other than Zora Neale Hurston, a black writer, and leader of the Harlem Renaissance. This moniker was used extensively from the 1880s to 1940 and reached its highest spot 293 in the year 1885. It’s variant – Zorah – is a Biblical place name and the name of a character in the operetta “Ruddigore”.

31. Zorina:

Zorina, meaning ‘golden dawn’, has lovely, ballerina-like sound, which falls smoothly to the ears. This Slavic name doesn’t have many takers yet, so your child might be the only Zorina in her school. You also get plenty of nickname options with Zorina such as Zori, Zorah, or Zoriya.

Baby Names That Mean New Beginning And Rebirth For Boys

32. Altan:

This short and sweet Turkish name is enjoying well-deserved favor, not just in Europe, but also in several parts of America. While Altan traditionally began as a surname, it would make an excellent option as a first or middle name too. Altan is a unisex name but has lately been in use more for boys than girls. The meaning of Altan is ‘red dawn’.

33. Anastasius:

This Greek name, meaning ‘rebirth or resurrection’, is more popular all over the world in its feminine form. So if you’re looking for a unique and regal name for your son, go for Anastasius without a second thought. Your child can boast that his name was shared by several historical figures such as Saint Anastasius, who was martyred under Nero, and Anastasius I Dicorus, the Byzantine emperor.

34. Anatole:

The French name, meaning ‘dawn or rising sun’, conjures to mind a French artist dressed in a dapper suit and sporting a pencil-thin mustache.

35. Arata:

Arata is a Japanese name also means new.

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This Japanese name, meaning ‘new or fresh’, is an excellent option for parents who are looking for unusual and unique names, but with panache. A name common throughout the middle ages, Arata is known for its association with eminent personalities such as Arata Isozaki, the Japanese architect, and Hamao Arata, Japanese educator, and politician.

36. Aroon:

Though unrelated, Thai name Aroon is a dramatic twist on the Hebrew name Aaron. The double ‘o’ in Aroon gives a gentleness to this name. The name Aroon means ‘dawn’.

37. Asier:

This Basque name, meaning ‘the beginning’, is very popular in Spain, where it’s on the top 100 list. This is primarily because of its pleasant sound and lovely meaning. It will take some time for it to do well in English speaking countries though.

38. Dagian:

Dagian, an English baby boy name, meaning ‘dawn’, is too sassy to be overlooked. You even get the option of picking the ever cool Dag as the nickname.

39. Fajr:

Who would have even thought that a pure and simple name Fajr, one of the obligatory prayer times in Muslim religion, would become so popular? This beautiful Arabic name means ‘dawn or beginning’.

40. Fresco:

The name Fresco is a perfect example of a successful last name turned into the first name. We’ve seen several prominent people in the history with Fresco as their surname, for instance, the Dutch scientist Louise Fresco and American polymath Jacque Fresco. But honestly speaking, Fresco sounds better as a first name than the last name. Fresco comes from an Italian word, meaning ‘fresh’.

41. Inizio:

Inizio is an Italian vocabulary name that has started gaining traction lately, perhaps because of the trendy ‘o’ ending. The meaning of Inizio is ‘beginning’.

42. Irvin:

Irvin, after losing the ‘g’, this name sounds way less dated than before. There’s something about the ‘erv’ sound, which makes the name highly appealing. It also represents modern mutations to names that have been going on for centuries. The meaning of this cool name is ‘fresh’.

43. Janus:

This name of the Roman God relates to transitions, which speaks of its connection to the name of the first month of the year, the time of fresh beginnings. It has royal connections as well since Janus was the name of King of Cyprus.

44. Neander:

Greek name Neander, meaning ‘new man’, is the classical form of surname Newman. It is quite unique making it best for grabs!

45. Neo:

Neo, the name of Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix”, enjoyed a burst of popularity following the release of the movie. It’s short, snappy, and sounds contemporary. The meaning of Neo is ‘new’, but in the African language, Neo means ‘gift’, which is also a positive connotation. Neo Raunch, the contemporary German artist, is a popular bearer of this name.

46. Nouvel:

The French name, meaning ‘new’, entered the mainstream with the rise of renowned architect Jean Nouvel, but it shot to fame when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie used it as a middle name for their little one, Shiloh. Nouvel is a unisex name, but it sounds manly to the ears in our opinion. What do you think about it?

47. Novak:

The famous tennis star Novak Djokovic introduced this Serbian name to America, and there has been no looking back for it ever since. And the tennis star can also be a role model for your little one. The meaning of Novak is ‘new’.

48. Oighrig:

Oighrig is a Scottish Gaelic name.

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Oighrig is a Scottish Gaelic name, meaning ‘new’ and has quite a unique ring to it.

49. Ordell:

If you’re unintimidated by old-fashioned formality and have a love for vintage names, you can pick Ordell for your son. This unusual name would make a distinct alternative to Orwell or even Olive for that matter. The name Ordell means ‘beginning’.

50. Raanan:

This strong moniker, meaning ‘fresh’, is used in all its variations in Israel and its surrounding regions. One of its most famous bearers is Ra’anan Cohen, Israeli politician, and Ra’anan Alexandrowicz, Israeli film director.

51. Sachar:

Hebrew name Sachar, meaning ‘dawn’, has a dorky quality, which is quite positive in today’s tech savvy world, where nerds are the thriving businessmen.

52. Tan:

Tan is one of the hottest one syllable names reigning in Vietnam right now. This short and sweet name, meaning ‘new’, is ideal for parents looking for non-frilly names for their boys.

53. Zoran:

Zoran may look like a funky version of Zoro, but it is a genuine Slavic name, meaning ‘dawn’. The name Zoran is highly popular in Croatia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Serbia. It has several notable namesakes too, such as Zoran Bečić, Bosnian Serbian actor, and Zoran Baldovaliev, Macedonian football player.

Having a baby and becoming new parents truly marks the beginning of a new phase in your life, and naming your baby inspired by this experience is a good idea indeed. We hope that these names that mean new beginnings will come in handy for you when you welcome your little bundle of joy. We have included names for both girls and boys in this list derived from various cultures, languages, and backgrounds. So scroll through the list and choose the names that attract your attention.

Infographic: Baby Names That Mean New Beginnings And Rebirth

Your newborn’s arrival is indeed a beginning of a new and exciting phase in your life, which brings you great joy and positivity. So, if you want to give them a name to celebrate these pleasant beginnings, scrolling through the infographic below could help you pick a beautiful ‘new’ name for your little one.

names that signify reincarnation and new beginnings [infographic]
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