10 Awesome Nature Crafts For Preschoolers And Kids

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As a parent, keeping the kids occupied and out of trouble can sometimes prove to be a troublesome experience. Letting them watch too much TV is anything but a good habit, and it is also quite impossible for you to take them out all the time. So, an interesting way to keep your kids entertained is to get them to make crafts.

While there are various crafts that your kids can try at home, nature crafts are a fun way to combine the love of nature as well as the love of craft. Without any further ado, here is our list of some amazing nature crafts for kids:

Top 10 Nature Crafts For Kids & Preschoolers:

1. Sea Shell Creatures:

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  • If you have been to the seaside, you will most probably have a collection of seashells at home. If not, you can always start by collecting some on your next trip to the beach.
  • Help your kid to sort different sea shells and make interesting creatures out of them.
  • Your kid can also make animals, shapes, fish and many more such fun things out of the sea shells.
  • Hold them in place using glue. This is the best nature craft for kids.

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2. Nature Walk Bracelet:

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  • Take your kid out on a nature walk over the weekend and ask him to look out for interesting objects, such as stones, beads, lost keys, feathers and such.
  • Once you are home, ask your kid to clean the objects and sort through them.
  • Let your kid glue on the objects to a wide plastic wrap that he can then wear on his arm like a bracelet, with all his favorite nature walk things with them at all times.

3. Bead, Sea Shell And Stone Wind Chimes:

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  • Ask your kid to go through the collection and find all pieces of sea shells, beads and such. If he does not have interesting stones, you can also ask him to hunt for some in the garden.
  • Once he has enough stones, let him string the pieces together and finally attach it to a base using a thick stick.
  • Put it up next to a window and listen to the chimes.

4. Nature Scrapbook:

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  • Let your kid collect various leaves, feathers, scraps and bits from his many nature walks and garden trips.
  • Ask him to show them off in a scrapbook that he dedicates to nature. This is an interesting and fun nature crafts for kids to make to experience the great outdoors!

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5. Nature Photograph:

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  • Click a pic of your kid in the outdoor and collect flowers and leaves from the ground.
  • Once you are home, print the photograph and add interesting nature decorations to it using the items. Make fun hats, skirts, horns and such using the same.
  • Put it in a fun frame and show off. Nature photograph is the simple nature crafts for kids which makes them to explore the world.

6. Rock Painting:

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  • Ask your kid to collect a few stones and rocks from the garden and his trip outdoors.
  • Make sure the stones and rocks do not have any jagged edges and are mostly smooth. Also, ask them to get the stones and shapes in different sizes.
  • Clean them up and let them dry.
  • Next, ask your kid to paint interesting shapes on the stones and rocks that depict nature animals and insects, such as spiders, lizards, chameleon, and so on. Rock painting is an inexpensive and easy nature crafts for kids to make during their leisure time.

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7. Leaf Print Greeting Cards:

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  • Ask your kid to collect different leaves from the outdoors in different shapes and sizes.
  • Bring them home and clean them up.
  • Ask your kid to paint one side of the leaf and then make an imprint on card paper.
  • Let him repeat the exercise with all the leaves to make interesting designs for a greeting card.

8. Leaf Bookmarks:

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  • Ask your kid to collect some dried leaves and decorate them with glitter pens and paints.
  • Once they are dry, you can use them as bookmarks. It can be one of the best nature crafts for kids to make.

9. Old Branch And Tissue Tree:

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  • Ask your kid to bring a big branch. Help him cut leaves using tissue paper and glue them on.
  • Place it in an empty jar to make a beautiful indoor tree.

10. Painted Tees:

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  • Let your kid paint some fun nature inspired designs on plain tees.
  • Some easy designs that he can try are leaves, stars, spiders, and so on.

Helping your kid connect with nature and using it for craft ideas is a great way to keep him occupied while encouraging his learning in the process.

Moms, do your kids enjoy nature or craft, or a combination of both? Do tell us which of the above crafts is your little one most excited about? Leave a comment below.

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