100+ Best Nature-Inspired Gender-Neutral Baby Names

In a world where individuality is celebrated, gender-neutral nature names offer a refreshing and inclusive option for parents. By combining the appeal of nature with the versatility of gender-neutral naming, parents have a wealth of options that are both simple and creative. Whether from mountains, rivers, flora, fauna, or the wind, these nature names blend power and peace. Embracing these names not only celebrates the beauty of the outdoors but also provides a meaningful choice that goes beyond traditional gender boundaries. This post lists unisex nature names that reflect the beauty of the world around us. Explore and choose one that resonates with you.

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100+ Unisex Nature Names With Meanings

From serene landscapes to majestic creatures, these names draw inspiration from the natural world, offering a gender-neutral option for parents seeking a connection to nature for their child’s name.

Top Gender-Neutral Nature Names

These names offer diverse options inspired by elements like trees, rivers, and celestial bodies. Whether you’re drawn to the sound of Brook or what the name Phoenix represents, you’ll find a name that resonates with your connection to nature.

1. Ash

This name is used as a diminutive or short form of Ashley, which comes from an English surname taken from place names indicating a ‘clearing with ash trees.’ Alternatively, it may derive from the English term for the tree or the remnants of fire.

2. Aspen

Derived from the Old English term ‘æspe,’ it refers to various deciduous trees within the Populus genus. Aspyn is a variant of this name.

3. Bay

This name may be linked with the English word ‘bay,’ stemming from the Middle English term ‘baye’ and the Old English term ‘beġ’ meaning ‘berry,’ as seen in ‘beġbēam’ which means ‘berry-tree.’

4. Beverly

Originating from the Old English term ‘beofor’ for ‘beaver’ and possibly ‘licc’ for ‘stream,’ this name finds its roots in an English surname linked to a Yorkshire city.

5. Brook

Evolving from an English surname, it identifies someone living in proximity to a brook. Additionally, it shares a name with a fictional character from the manga and anime One Piece.

6. Cedar

Traced back to the English word for the coniferous tree, this name originates from the Greek term ‘kedros’ via Old French and Latin.

7. Finch

Finch originates from the surname Finch, which draws its roots from the Old English word ‘finc’ denoting the bird. Harper Lee adopted it for the characters in her novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ such as the lawyer Atticus Finch and his children.

8. Indigo

This nature-inspired gender-neutral name is associated with the color found in the rainbow. This name is linked to the English term ‘indigo,’ representing the purplish-blue dye or color. Its etymology traces back to the Greek word ‘Indikon,’ meaning ‘Indic, from India.’

9. Jade

Jade denotes the precious stone extensively used in carvings. Its origin can be traced back to the Spanish phrase ‘(piedra de la) ijada,’ signifying ‘(stone of the) flank.’

10. Kai

Kai is a nature-inspired name that means ‘sea’ in Hawaiian.

11. Lux

Of Latin origins, Lux finds its roots in the word ‘lux,’ which translates to ‘light.’

12. Marley

A name with English origins, Marley traces back to a surname linked to places, depicting meanings like ‘pleasant wood,’ ‘boundary wood,’ or ‘marten wood’ from Old English. It also carries connotations of a ‘marshy meadow.’

13. Marlowe

Emerging from a surname, Marlowe’s origin lies in a place name indicating ‘remnants of a lake’ in Old English.

14. Oakley

Inspired by an English surname, the name Oakley is derived from the name of the places that denoted ‘oak clearing’ in Old English.

15. Phoenix

This name stems from the Greek term ‘phoinix,’ meaning ‘dark red.’ The legendary immortal bird of Egyptian and Greek mythology, the Phoenix symbolizes resilience. According to myth, it resided in the Arabian Desert for centuries, perpetually rebirthing from its ashes every 500 years.

16. Robin

Robin, denoting a small bird with a distinctive red breast, is a gender-neutral nature name.

17. Silver

The name Silver comes from the English term referring to both the precious metal and the color, tracing its origins back to the Old English term ‘seolfor.’

18. Storm

Storm, derived from Old English or Old Dutch, and in the Scandinavian context, from the Old Norse term ‘stormr,’ is a gender-neutral nature name inspired by turbulent weather phenomena.

Unique Unisex Nature Names

With options ranging from familiar favorites like Raven and River to more exotic choices like Marama and Moana, there’s a name here to suit every parent’s taste.

19. Aanakwad

The name signifies ‘cloud’ in the Ojibwe language, reflecting the beauty of clouds in the sky.

20. Afon

Afon, originating from Welsh, translates to ‘river.’

21. Agam

Meaning ‘lake,’ Agam is an anime of Hebrew origins.

22. Ailbhe

Stemming from the Old Irish name ‘Ailbe,’ this name comes from the old Celtic root ‘albiyo,’ meaning ‘light, world, or white,’ or possibly ‘rock.’

23. Almas

Originating from the Persian term ‘almas,’ this name means ‘ diamond.’

24. Almog

This name signifies ‘coral’ in Hebrew.

25. Aquila

Aquila originates from a Roman nickname signifying ‘eagle’ in Latin.

Gender-neutral name, Aquila

Image: Momjunction Design Team

26. Aster

Coming from the flower’s name, this name traces back to the Greek word ‘aster,’ meaning ‘star.’

27. Azar

Azar denotes ‘fire’ in Persian.

28. Azure

Derived from the English term representing ‘sky blue,’ this name stems from the Persian term ‘lajvard,’ meaning ‘lapis lazuli or azure.’

29. Baran

A name of Persian origin that means ‘rain.’

30. Beck

Originating from English, Scandinavian, or German roots, Beck is a name derived from words referring to ‘stream.’

31. Bryn

In Welsh, Bryn signifies ‘mound or hill’ and is predominantly used as a masculine name in Wales, though it’s considered unisex in other English-speaking regions.

32. Celyn

Found in Welsh folklore, in the tale Culhwch and Olwen, Celyn translates to ‘holly’ in Welsh.

33. Chandra

Rooted in Sanskrit, Chandra means ‘moon,’ stemming from the word ‘chand’ which means ‘to shine.’

34. Chesley

Derived from a place name, Chesley denotes ‘camp meadow’ in Old English.

35. Chun

It is derived from the Chinese word ‘chūn,’ meaning ‘spring,’ or from other similar-sounding characters.

36. Cove

Cove might come from the English family name Cove, or simply from the word itself, denoting a small inlet along the coast.

37. Dale

Originating from an English surname, this name initially identified individuals who resided near a dale or valley.

38. Deniz

Deniz is a Turkish name that means ‘sea.’

39. Eden

Of biblical origins, this name may stem from the Hebrew term ‘eden,’ meaning ‘delight or pleasure.’ Alternatively, it might have roots in the Sumerian term ‘edin,’ meaning ‘plain.’ According to the Old Testament, the Garden of Eden served as the initial dwelling place for Adam and Eve before their expulsion.

40. Fiore

Of Italian origin, meaning ‘flower,’ this name captures the beauty of floral blooms.

41. Giang

Stemming from the Sino-Vietnamese term ‘giang,’ this name means ‘river.’

42. Hadley

Originating from an English surname, it finds its roots in a place name indicating ‘heather field’ in Old English.

Gender-neutral name, Hadley

Image: Momjunction Design Team

43. Haneul

The name means ‘sky or heaven’ in Korean.

44. Harley

The name is derived from an English surname linked to a place name that combined the Old English term ‘hara’ meaning ‘hare’ or ‘hær’ meaning ‘heap of stones or rock’ with ‘leah’ meaning ‘clearing or woodland.’

45. Hira

The origin of this name lies in Sanskrit, where ‘hira’ means ‘diamond.’

46. Hollis

Sourced from an English surname, this name finds its origins in the Middle English term ‘holis,’ meaning ‘holly trees.’ It was initially assigned to someone residing close to a cluster of holly trees.

47. Hyacinthe

The French name Hyacinthe originates from Hyacinthus, a Latinized version of the Greek name ‘Hyakinthos,’ which was inspired by the hyacinth flower.

48. Isi

In Choctaw, Isi means ‘deer.’

49. Ivory

Ivory comes from the English term for the hard, creamy-white material obtained from elephant tusks, historically utilized for making piano keys.

50. Jyoti

Jyoti, derived from Sanskrit, means ‘light.’

51. Kaede

Kaede, rooted in Japanese, either comes from ‘kaede,’ meaning ‘maple’, or from other kanji characters that share the same pronunciation.

52. Kahurangi

Originating from New Zealand, Kahurangi is associated with a type of green gemstone and translates to ‘sky blue’ in Maori.

53. Kaimana

A Hawaiian name formed by combining the Hawaiian terms ‘kai’ meaning ‘sea or ocean,’ with ‘mana’ meaning ‘power.’ Additionally, it also means ‘diamond,’ in Hawaiian.

54. Kalei

Another nature-inspired Hawaiian name meaning ‘the flowers’ or ‘ the child,’ formed by combining the Hawaiian terms ‘ka’ meaning ‘the’ and ‘lei’ meaning ‘child or flowers.’

55. Keahi

Meaning ‘the fire’ in Hawaiian, it merges ‘ke,’ a definite article, with ‘ahi’ meaning ‘fire.’

56. Keshet

In Hebrew, this name means ‘rainbow.’

57. Kohaku

Originating from Japanese, this name means ‘amber.’

58. Lake

Originating from the English term for a body of water enclosed by land, this name finds its roots in the Latin word ‘lacus.’

59. Lei

In Hawaiian, this name signifies ‘flowers,’ ‘child,’ or ‘lei.’

60. Linden

A name derived from a German and Dutch surname, it traces back to the Old High German word ‘linta,’ denoting the linden tree.

Gender-Neutral Nature Names Linden

Image: Momjunction Design Team

61. Lucero

The Spanish name means ‘bright star, morning star, or light source,’ and originates from the word ‘luz,’ meaning ‘light.’

62. Lynn

Stemming from an English surname, this name is linked to the Welsh term ‘llyn,’ meaning ‘lake.’

63. Maayan

In Hebrew, Maayan means ‘spring of water.’

64. Marama

Originating from Maori, this name means ‘moon’ and holds significance as a deity in Maori folklore.

65. Meade

Derived from an English surname, this name was used originally to refer to someone residing in a meadow or involved in the production or sale of mead.

66. Merle

Drawn from either the English term or the French surname, this name means ‘blackbird’ in both languages and comes from the Latin word ‘merula.’

67. Metztli

Rooted in Nahuatl, the name means ‘moon’ and represents the Aztec lunar deity.

68. Moana

With origins in Maori, Hawaiian, and other Polynesian languages, this name means ‘wide expanse of water or ocean.’ It became popular through its association with the 2016 Disney animated film featuring a Polynesian girl.

69. Mwenya

Derived from the Chewa language, Mwenya denotes a type of flowering tree known as Breonadia salicina.

70. Oasis

Stemming from the English term ‘oasis,’ this term describes a cultivated area, often a date palm grove, found in desert or semi-desert environments.

71. Padma

Padma, derived from Sanskrit, means ‘lotus’ and finds mention in Hindu texts for characters like the goddess Lakshmi and the hero Rama.

72. Pepper

Originating from the English word used to refer to the spice, this name is derived from the Latin term ‘piper.’ It is linked to Virginia Potts, a fictional character nicknamed Pepper, in the Iron Man series.

73. Pua

A Hawaiian name meaning ‘flower or offspring.’

74. Raven

Originating from the Old English term ‘hræfn,’ this name comes from the bird.

75. Ripley

Sourced from the names of various English towns, this name is formed by combining ‘rippel,’ meaning ‘thicket or grove’ with ‘leah,’ meaning ‘clearing.’

76. Sequoia

Sequoia is the name of the gigantic trees found mainly in California. It means ‘sparrow’ in Cherokee.

77. Shams

The name Shams originates from Arabic and signifies ‘sun.’ It was used to address a deity associated with the sun in ancient Arabian culture before Islam.

78. Shikoba

In Choctaw, the name Shikoba translates to ‘feather.’

79. Stav

Meaning ‘autumn,’ Stav is a name of Hebrew origin.

80. Tiriaq

Tiriaq, deriving from Inuktitut, signifies ‘weasel or ermine.’

81. Trúc

Meaning ‘bamboo,’ this name is of Sino-Vietnamese origin.

Celebrity Gender-Neutral Nature Names

From Atlas, favored by actor Shay Mitchell, to Everest, chosen by George Lucas, these names draw inspiration from elements of nature and also reflect the creativity of celebrity parents.

82. Blue

Blue is derived from the English word representing the primary color. It was notably chosen by Beyoncé and Jay-Z for their first child, Blue Ivy.

83. Bluebell

Inspired by a delicate flower, this is the name given to Geri Halliwell and Sacha Gervasi’s daughter, Bluebell Madonna.

Celebrity gender-neutral name, Bluebell

Image: Momjunction Design Team

84. Briar

Briar takes its origins from the English word for a thorny plant. Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen selected this name for their daughter, Briar Rose.

85. Cyan

Cyan finds its roots in the English term for ‘greenish blue,’ originating from the Greek word ‘kyanos.’ Andre Lemmers and Adriana Lima chose this name for their son.

86. Everest

Everest, named after the world’s highest mountain, was chosen by George Lucas and Mellody Hobson for their daughter.

87. Gal

Meaning ‘wave’ in Hebrew, this name is borne by Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress and model known for her portrayal of Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe films.

88. Harlow

Originating from an English surname, this name is derived from the Old English words ‘hær,’ meaning ‘heap of stones or rock’ and ‘hlaw,’ meaning ‘hill.’ The daughter of Joel Madden and Nicole Richie, Harlow Madden, proudly bears this name.

89. Ice

The name comes from the English word for frozen water. Ice Davis, the son of rapper Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’Oir, carries this cool name.

90. Maxwell

Originating from a Scottish surname meaning ‘Mack’s stream,’ this name combines, Mack, a diminutive of the name Magnus with the Old English term ‘wille,’ meaning ‘stream or well.’ Jessica Simpson chose this name for her first daughter, Maxwell.

91. Ocean

Derived from the English word for a vast body of water, this name comes from the Greek word ‘Okeanos.’ The son of Alexa PenaVega and Carlos PenaVega, Ocean King, bears this name inspired by nature.

92. Onyx

Onyx comes from the English word for the gemstone, which can be black, red, or other colors. It stems from the Greek word ‘onyx,’ meaning ‘nail or claw.’ Nick Cannon and LaNisha Cole’s daughter is named Onyx Ice Cole. Alanis Morissette and Mario ‘Souleye’ Treadway also chose this name for their daughter, Onyx Solace.

93. Rain

Rain, a gender-neutral nature name, comes from the Old English term ‘regn.’ Bodhi Rain, the child of Mark Webber and Teresa Palmer, carries this name.

94. Riley

Riley is derived from an English surname that comes from a place name meaning ‘rye clearing’ in Old English. The American actress Riley Keough is a notable bearer.

95. Rio

Meaning ‘river’ in Spanish or Portuguese, this name was chosen for the son of Peta Murgatroyd and Maks Chmerkovskiy.

96. River

Inspired by flowing water, this name originates from the English word signifying a moving body of water, ultimately tracing back to the Latin ripa meaning ‘riverbank.’ Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s daughter, River Rose, bears this name. Jamie Oliver and Juliette Norton opted for River Rocket for their son.

97. Rowan

Given in reference to the rowan tree, this is a name of Old Norse origin. English actor Rowan Sebastian Atkinson CBE, known for his role as Mr. Bean is a notable bearer.

98. Sage

Sage comes from the English word sage, which denotes either a type of spice or else a wise person. Sylvester Stallone and Sasha Czack chose Sage Moonblood for their child.

99. Sky

Sky is simply from the English word sky, which was ultimately derived from the Old Norse term ‘ský’ meaning ‘cloud.’ Sky Safir Cornish Colman is the son of Jessie J and Chanan Safir Colman.

100. Sparrow

Sparrow is derived from the Old English term ‘spearwa,’ originating from the bird of the same name. Joel Madden and Nicole Richie chose Sparrow James Midnight for their son.

Gender-neutral celebrity baby names, Sparrow

Image: Momjunction Design Team

101. Sunny

Sunny comes from the English word meaning ‘cheerful or sunny.’ American actress Sunny Mabrey is a notable bearer of this name.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Gender-neutral nature names offer a lovely mix of simplicity, creativity, and inclusivity for parents looking for meaningful options. These names connect with emotions and experiences linked to our love for nature and its varied elements. Whether it’s the peacefulness of a river, the beauty of a sunset, or the freshness of a pine forest, nature-inspired names may be used as a symbol that represents these qualities. Let nature be your inspiration as you seek the ideal name for your child, reflecting the beauty and depth of the natural world.

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