Creative And Cool Ideas For Nautical Baby Shower

Sea, sand, and sunshine. If you have grown up in this backdrop, you would know what a beauty it is to sit on the seashore and see the bluish, sometimes greenish-blue, waters touching your feet and then going away.

If you are planning a nautical baby shower for a mom who loves the sea, then you might want to have everything from the invitations to the return gifts based on this theme. And that isn’t easy.

MomJunction helps in your efforts as we share with you nautical baby shower ideas, invites, recipes, and much more.

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Nautical Baby Shower Decoration

The nautical theme brings in the blue color of the sea to welcome the baby, and this theme is trending these days. So, let’s begin with the decorations.

Here are a couple of nautical decoration ideas for you.

1. Indoor decoration:

Having a baby shower at home gives you the freedom to decorate the space the way you want to.

Indoor decoration

Image: party_decorby_liz/Instagram

You will need:

  • A red and white striped background
  • Blue and red balloons
  • Swim tube
  • Customized nautical banners
  • Nautical placemats
  • Nautical table runner
  • Sail boat motifs
  • Anchor motifs

How to decorate:

  1. You can hang a life preserver on your main door.
  2. Decorate a swim tube with broad white ribbon and red ribbon on top of it.
  3. Put up the pictures of a lighthouse, sailor, and a ship in the background.
  4. Place the cake in the center of the stool.
  5. Place the sail boat and anchor motifs in the glasses.
  6. Pin up the balloons around the decoration place.

2. Backyard nautical decoration:

Opt for an outdoor location like your courtyard. It gives you free space to give a creative look to your decor.

Backyard nautical decoration

Image: hills126/Instagram

You will need:

  • Balloon arch
  • Glue strip
  • Paper lanterns
  • Pom-poms
  • Decoration table
  • Wooden sailboats

How to decorate:

  1. Hang the balloon arch from one branch to the other branch just above the table where the guests would be sitting and eating. You can use hammock hooks to hang the arch.
  2. Hang the paper lanterns to the branches of the tree.
  3. The pom-poms can be put on the twigs.
  4. Decorate the table with the cake, snacks, and wooden sailboats.

Nautical-themed baby shower table

Make the table the center of attraction at the party. Fill it up with attractive snacks and goodies. Here’s how you can do it:

Nautical-themed baby shower table

Image: IStock

  1. Place the white table spread on the table.
  2. Put the anchor template as your centerpiece on the table, or wrap a rope around the vase and place some fresh flowers in the jar.
  3. Stick the anchor/ship labels on the water bottles.
  4. Place a netted cloth on the table spread to it a fishing-net look.
  5. Place a glass bottle with a note inside.
  6. Arrange your food items on the table.
  7. You can make paper boats and pin them on twine using a clothespin and hang it along the edge of the table.
  8. You can also make big paper boats and put candies in them.

Nautical Baby Shower Centerpieces

The baby shower centerpiece is like an icing on your cake. Of all the things on the baby shower table, the centerpiece gets everyone’s attention. Here are a few nautical centerpiece ideas for you:

1. Fishbowl:


Image: victorialeighcreations/Instagram

How to make:

  1. Take a large-sized fishbowl.
  2. Fill one-fourth of the bowl with sand.
  3. In the center of the sand, place a glass with a candle in it.
  4. Fill the bowl with shells and toy fish.
  5. Your guests will be blown away by the beauty of this piece.

2. Anchor tub:

Anchor tub

Image: Instagram

How to make:

  1. Take a big tin tub and paint it blue.
  2. Stick an anchor piece in the center of the tub.
  3. Fill in with crepe paper.
  4. Make a sailboat using a stick and colored paper.
  5. Place it in the tub.

3. Fruit boat:

Fruit boat

Image: _hannahseats/Instagram

How to make:

  1. Take an extra large watermelon.
  2. Cut it longitudinally into two halves. Keep the other half to make a shape of a wheel.
  3. Remove the pulp and carve the outer edge in the shape of a boat.
  4. Stick to the wheel using a dowel.
  5. Tie a nylon thread along the watermelon.
  6. Stick a baby shower note on the other end of the boat.

Nautical Baby Shower Cakes

The cake is the prime attraction at a baby shower party, and you can get your cake designed with plenty of motifs such as sailboats, sailor, or lifeguards.

1. Life preserver cake:

You can go for two or three-tier cake depending upon the number of your guests.

Life preserver cake

Image: mach1_mari/Instagram

How to design:

  1. Make a two-tier cake with a smaller cake placed on a bigger one.
  2. Have a blue icing on the base cake and white icing on the top.
  3. Place an anchor fondant in the top center of the cake.
  4. Put the lifeguard and wheel on the top of the cake.

2. Ahoy, it’s a boy cake:

We bet there can’t be anything cuter than this baby boy sleeping on the cake.

Ahoy, it's a boy cake

Image: itsallaboutcake/Instagram

How to design:

  1. A single tier cake with white icing on the cake.
  2. At the base, stick a blue fondant ribbon.
  3. Place an anchor fondant in the center of the cake with small holes embossed on it with a rope fondant sticking out from it.
  4. Place a baby boy motif on the top of the cake with small surfing boats on either side.

3. Three-tier cake:

Three-tier cake

Image: dreamcakesbymelissa/Instagram

How to make:

  1. Have a blue base on the bottom tier, white in the middle, and navy blue on the top.
  2. For detailing, add anchor and rope fondants on the bottom tier.
  3. In the center tier, add the ship wheel in the center, and flags around.
  4. On the top tier, design a fondant in the shape of the sailboat and write your baby’s name on it.
  5. Place the baby’s motif on the top of the cake with a life preserver fondant.

Nautical Baby Shower Snacks

Complement the cake with some snacks. Here are some nautical ideas:

Nautical Baby Shower Snacks

Image: IStock

  1. Sand cookies: Make coarsely textured cookies to give a sand-like appearance to them. You can use bread crumbs or brown sugar for the texture.
  2. Blue jelly beans: Fill in a bowl of blue jelly beans to give the pebbles effect.
  3. Cupcakes: You can have your regular cupcakes and decorate them on the top with blue icing and a sailboat, anchor, or life preserver on top of it.
  4. Gummies: Get white and red gummies in the shape of life preservers.
  5. Sailboat deviled eggs: Deviled eggs are easy to make and are appealing too. You can fill in the boiled eggs with a filling of your choice and stick in the sailboats dowels.
  6. Watermelon ship: You can carve a ship and convert it into a fruit salad bowl.
  7. Anchor cake pops: Make small round sponge cakes and gradually insert a straw into them. Be careful not to mess the shape. You can dip it in chocolate sauce and pipe a sailboat or anchor on top of it. Voila, cake pops are ready!
  8. Sailboat cookies: Make cookies in the shape of a sailboat and top them with blue and white royal icing.
  9. Jelly sailboats: You can make sea blue color jelly and fill in the glasses with it and dip a sailboat dowel in it.

Nautical Baby Shower Invitations

Nautical Baby Shower Invitations

Image: IStock

When you are making efforts to have a memorable baby shower, shouldn’t your invitation be good enough? Here we have some sample invites for you; you can personalize them according to your taste and requirements.

Sample #1

Join us for a baby shower honoring

Ahoy, It’s a boy!
Join us for a baby shower honoring
name of guest-of-honor
Date & Time
Hosted by: host name
RSVP: Contact numbers or email

Sample #2

Two little feet that are oh so sweet,
A New Baby, we can’t wait to meet.
Please join us for a baby shower honoring
name of the guest-of-honor
date and time
Hosted by: host name

Sample #3

A new crew mate is coming soon!
Let’s get ready for Baby baby’s name!
Calling all hands on deck to shower
Guest-of-honor’s name
The Mommy’s 1st mate-to-be
date and time

Sample #4

Oh Boy! Please join us for a baby shower honoring the cutest mommy-to-be
name of the guest-of-honor
date and time

Sample #5

Ahoy! A sweet baby – will soon be sailing into our hearts.
Please join us for a baby shower in honor of
name of the guest-of-honor
date and time
Hosted by name of the host
RSVP: contact number or email

Nautical Baby Shower Games

Games add fun to a baby shower party. And when you have theme-based games, your guests will be super excited to play them.

Game#1: Twine To Wrap

You will need:

  • Twine

How to play:

  1. Give your guests a bundle of string each.
  2. Ask them how much twine is required to wrap around the belly of the mum-to-be.
  3. The person who gets the exact measurement of twine wins the game.

Game#2: Sink or Swim

You will need:

  • Necklace with a life preserver (peppermint tied to a thread)

How to play:

  1. Every guest gets a necklace with a ‘life preserver’.
  2. The guests are not supposed to say the word ‘baby’ or ‘cute’.
  3. If they say the word ‘cute’ or ‘baby’, they lose their necklace.
  4. The person who catches the one uttering the words (baby or cute) gets your necklace and the person who receives the most number of necklaces is the winner.

Game#3: How well can you knot?

You will need:

  • Rope
  • Whiteboard with the pictures of knots

How to play:

  1. Have a board with the images of forty knots.
  2. Ask your guests to make any three knots.
  3. Whoever does it, wins a prize.

Game #4: Donut eating contest

You will need:

  • Clothesline
  • Twines
  • Donuts

How to play:

  1. Hang the donuts on the clothesline using a string.
  2. Let your guests eat as many as they can without using their hands.
  3. Whoever eats the most is the winner.

Game#5: Guess the weight

How to play:

  1. You need to guess the weight of the ‘mum-to-be’.
  2.  Whoever guesses it right, wins a prize.

Nautical Baby Shower DIYs

DIYs are easy to make, and the material is easily available. They save some moolah too.

1. Life preserver wreath

Life preserver wreath

Image: sun_smooched_sundries/Instagram

How to make:

  1. Take a swimming tube.
  2. Wrap a white cloth or paper on it.
  3. Wrap a red ribbon on four sides of the tube.
  4. Run a rope through the tube.
  5. Stick a sailboat on one side.

2. Anchor banner

Anchor banner

Image: Instagram

How to make:

  1. Take a brown color gunny cloth.
  2. Cut the cloth into 6-10 pentagon shapes.
  3. Stick anchor stickers on each pentagon.
  4. Arrange all the pentagons in a straight line.
  5. Run a thick twine or thread on the upper edge of the pentagons.
  6. Roll the upper edge of all the shapes around the twine and glue it.

3. Nautical diaper cake

Nautical diaper cake

Image: she_is_siren86/Instagram

How to make:

  1. Roll the diaper and tie it with a rubber band. Make ten such rolls.
  2. Take a napkin holder and stick it on a cardboard base.
  3. Arrange the diapers in a circle around the holder and tie it up with a ribbon.
  4. Wrap blue, white, and red satin ribbon around the diapers.
  5. Top it with an anchor or ship wheel or lifesaver.

Nautical Baby Shower Party Favors

Last but not the least, see off your guests with some nautical memorabilia.

  1. String bags: Take plain string bags and stamp them with a compass stamp and fill them with some home-made chocolates.
  2. Bath salts: You can fill the essential bath salts in the bottle and have a tag mentioning the name of the mom and the date of the baby shower.
  3. Dish towels: A dish towel comes in handy every day to wipe your dishes clean. Wrap a thank you note around it.
  4. Nautical cookies: You can have various cookie designs in shapes of seahorse, starfish, shells, and anchor. Wrap the cookie in a plastic cover and tie a bow ribbon.
  5. Nautical bottle opener: A bottle opener in white and red comes in handy for your guests’ parties and daily use.
  6. Sea glass candy: Fill in small corked bottles with blue and white color candies and wrap a thank you note around the neck of the bottle.

A nautical baby shower can be a beautiful choice for moms-to-be in love with the sea, navigation, and seashores. You may use fishbowl candles with sand and shells, fruit boats, anchor tubs, snacks and cookies with nautical themes, and cakes with anchors. You may also add nautical images or shapes to baby shower invitation cards. You may decorate the party area with nautical centerpieces such as adventurous anchors and whimsical sailboats. Trying anchor banners and choosing color themes can also make the guests feel the sea and navigator’s life.

Do let us know about your baby shower experience by commenting below.

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