Blocked Fallopian Tubes - Types, Causes And Solutions

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Are you diagnosed with fallopian tubes blockage and unable to conceive? Do you suspect your inability to conceive is due to a blocked fallopian tube? You don’t have to panic.

All you need to know is what exactly fallopian tube blockage is and how to treat it to become pregnant naturally.

Can You Conceive With This Problem?

The first question that strikes your mind if you are diagnosed as blocked fallopian tubes is, “Can I become pregnant?” The answer is definitely a big “YES”. Let’s know more about blocked fallopian tubes in detail which can help you to answer your own question on pregnancy.

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All About Blocked Fallopian Tubes:

To know what is blocked fallopian tubes you should first know what fallopian tubes are. Here are the details about both:

  • These fallopian tubes are very thin tubes which will help the egg to pass to the uterus from the ovaries. You will have two fallopian tubes one on each side of your uterus.
  • When the passage from the ovaries to uterus is blocked and the egg is not able to pass through it then it is known as blocked fallopian tube.
  • Either one of the tubes may be blocked or in some cases both.

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Blocked Fallopian Tubes Can Cause Infertility:

For the fertilization to happen and get pregnant two things events should occur. They are:

  • Every month egg will be released by one of the ovaries and this egg has to pass from these fallopian tubes and reach the uterus.
  • The sperm of the men also should pass the cervix area and uterus to get the matured egg.

Fertilization is a process which happens when the egg is passing through the fallopian tubes but if both or one of the fallopian tubes are blocked then the sperm will not reach egg and egg cannot make way to the uterus. This prevents fertilization and also pregnancy.

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Types Of Fallopian Tube Blockages:

Generally there are many types of fallopian tubes blockage as these tubes get blocked at different areas and due to different reasons. Few of them are:

  • Hydrosalpinx: This kind of blockage occurs when the fallopian tubes gets filled up with some liquids when some kind of infections happens.
  • Pyosalpinx: This Pyosalpinx blockage happens when the tubes are completely filled with pus.
  • Hematosalpinx: A health condition where the blood gets stuck up in the fallopian tubes and blocks the tubes is Hematosalpinx.
  • Chronic Salpingitis: This blockage happens when there is inflammation in the fallopian tubes and this is permanent blockage of fallopian tubes.

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Fallopian Tube Blockage Treatment:

This blocked fallopian tubes problem is very common in women. Thankfully, in the current decade, there are many medical technologies available to unblock these blocked fallopian tubes.

  • These advanced treatments work very well for women to unblock the fallopian tubes.
  • But like all latest developments in the medical field, there are few risks involved, the most serious risk being organ damage during surgery.
  • These surgeries are expensive as well, and may not be affordable to all.

Natural Solution:

Some might prefer to go the natural way, with minimal side effects. Check out these natural and holistic ways to unblock the fallopian tubes.

  • Try Herbal Tampons: These herbal tampons work in unblocking the fallopian tubes by reducing the inflammation and does not cause any damage to the tubes.
  • Blocked Fallopian Tubes Massage: There are many massaging techniques available like castor oil massaging therapy which will help in ovulation regulation and clearing the fallopian tubes blockage.
  • Total Body Cleansing: This method removes the excess toxins present in the blood and improves the blood circulation. Improved blood circulation will automatically help in smooth fertility.

So, do not lose hope! Try these natural ways to unblock the fallopian tubes and these have helped many women to improve their chances of pregnant.

If you are having knowing about more methods of un-blocking the fallopian tubes then do share with us.

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