16 Negative Traits Of A Virgo

No zodiac sign is without its fair share of bad traits. If you know someone who is a Virgo and want to know the common Virgo bad traits to understand them better, this post is for you.

Virgos, born between August 23 and September 22, are known to be humble, practical, and extremely loyal. They have a strong sense of accountability and believe in helping the people around them. They are also calm and organized in nature. However, they tend to be finicky perfectionists and fastidious critics when it comes to certain things and may also judge someone too soon.

If you wish to understand a Virgo better, here are some bad traits that they may typically possess. Read on.

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16 Bad Traits Of Virgo

Even with several powerful strengths, a few weak character traits can hold a Virgo back from achieving their full potential as per astrology. Read ahead to understand these virgo personality traits and weaknesses.

1. They are perfectionists to a fault

Perfectionist, Virgo trait

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Virgos, known for their pedantic nature, hold themselves to an impossibly high standard. They put their best foot forward and want everything to be perfect. In this quest for perfection, they over-analyze things. While they often excel at tasks, they tend to put undue pressure on themselves in the process. Virgos judge themselves too harshly to achieve the best possible outcome, and so, they become unnecessarily stressed.

Sharing her experience of being a Virgo, Anne Kirstin Mol, a writer and a photographer, says, “The thing I hate most about being a Virgo, is the perfectionist part. It makes me so frustrated. It’s making me hate my own art. When I take a photo, I either hate it immediately or love it and start hating it a week later. I keep on deleting more and more of my gallery just because I can’t believe I could have ever considered those pieces art (i).”

2. They may be overly critical

Before doing anything, Virgos research a lot to ensure they do it right. If someone around them doesn’t do things according to them, they might judge their ability and criticize them, which can be discouraging to most people. The intention behind the criticism is not to hurt them but to help them do stuff correctly. Due to their sharp and critical thinking ability, Virgos often notice details that others might miss out on. However, while their intentions might be good, Virgos often come across as judgmental.

3. They may come across as tightly-wound

Virgos lead an organized life and meticulously plan everything. Often, they get so busy working hard and controlling every aspect of their life that they forget to have fun. Even little things can bother them, disturbing their mental peace. It is tough for them to let go of their worry for a while and relax.

4. They can be selective

Virgo with sky-high standards

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They can be selective about everything in life. Being practical, they can easily set aside their emotions, which causes them to nitpick about everything. While this may help them choose the most compatible partners, it can take a while for them to find a person of their sky-high standards.

5. They can be discontent in life

Virgos set high standards for themselves and others around them. However, their standards can often be too high to meet, causing them to be persistently unsatisfied. Being observant, they can easily identify flaws in others, thereby demotivating and discouraging them. While they want to help, people tend to feel disheartened.

6. They can be stubborn

Virgo bad trait, stubborn

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Virgos put a great deal of thought into any decision they make. They weigh in all the details before reaching a consensus. As a result, they make well-rounded decisions. However, once they decide something, they stick to it. While they may know the best in several scenarios, they commit mistakes too. But Virgos have trouble accepting their faults. They find it difficult to change their beliefs and become angry if anyone puts forward a different opinion.

protip_icon Did you know?
Virgos are people-pleasers and often put other people’s needs before theirs. But they may lack genuine concern for others and can be superficial.

7. They are overly considerate

Virgos are reliable and tend to go above and beyond to help people. If their loved ones have a problem, they selflessly try to solve it. However, in trying to make everyone happy, Virgos sometimes go overboard. They start putting other’s problems over theirs and neglect their personal needs.

8. They can be excessively independent

Virgos often believe that the only way to do things right is to do them by yourself. As a result, they might bite off more than they can chew. While they are quite capable of handling tricky situations, sometimes they feel overwhelmed. So instead of seeking help, they prefer exploring every avenue and managing the situation themselves.

9. They find it tough to adapt

Virgos have a plan in life and stick to it. They systematically organize everything to avoid bumps and have a smooth journey. Since they do not like to veer too far beyond their comfort zone, any unexpected challenge can be tough for them to handle. While they are okay with making a few adjustments, they largely want to follow a precise, well-defined path and are inflexible. Unfamiliar situations can be intimidating for them, and their rigid nature makes it hard for them to adapt quickly. If you invite a Virgo to go on a spontaneous adventure, they may be reluctant to join.

10. They may have low self-esteem

Virgos are hardworking and always try to give their best, working tirelessly to get the best possible outcome. However, whenever something falls short of their expectations, they can become self-critical, and their self-esteem can take a hit. Striving for perfection makes their egos fragile, so it can be hard for them to take any feedback constructively. They are sensitive to criticism or negative comments and are unyielding. Virgos want love and be loved, so they may start feeling depressed if anyone rebuffs them.

11. They can come across as cold and distant

Virgos lead with their head rather than the heart. However, beneath the hard, critical exterior, they have a sensitive heart that can get hurt easily. So, to protect themselves from getting hurt, they take time to open up. They evaluate the person and their intentions before letting them get close. As a result, they may come across as reserved, cold, and distant.

Even after they open their heart and let a person in, expressing their true feelings is not easy for Virgos. Being vulnerable scares them, making it harder for them to reveal their true feelings.

12. They tend to overthink

Overthinker Virgo

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Due to their logical bend of mind, Virgos look at a situation from every possible angle before deciding anything. As a result, they might end up overthinking. They can spend hours deliberating about a mistake from the past. Ruminating so much may cause them to stress too much about the smallest of things and lose sleep over it.

13. They may be overly skeptical

Virgos have a strong analytical mind and critical thinking ability. Hence, they believe something only if they have concrete proof and steer clear of gossip and hearsay. While a healthy amount of skepticism is good, they may come across as people who are suspicious and don’t trust anyone. Trust is important to make any professional and personal relationship work. If Virgos constantly question everything another person says or does, they could be offended and hurt.

protip_icon Quick tip
If you are crushing on a Virgo or are in a relationship with them, note they will take time to open up. Therefore, practice patience!

14. They tend to be obsessive about cleanliness

Virgo, organized and cleanliness freak

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One of the most striking Virgo traits is that they are sticklers for hygiene. They believe in clearing the clutter and keeping everything tidy and organized. While the desire to keep the surroundings neat is an admirable trait, Virgos sometimes take it too far. They can get frustrated and irrationally afraid if they see messiness around them.

Virgos may spend hours tidying and meticulously organizing everything. Sometimes, this obsession can escalate into a ritualized cleaning and organizing routine that can make a Virgo a nervous wreck (if the task is not done properly).

15. They can be stingy

Like every other thing in life, Virgos are careful about money. They put a lot of thought into spending and investing for maximum returns. This majorly stems from their practical traits. Hence, they always plan for the worst possible scenario and spend their money conservatively. However, this constant anxiety about money and hesitation to loosen the purse strings might make people around them label them as “stingy.”

16. Easily annoyed

Virgos are known to get annoyed easily for a few reasons. They have set a high standard and expect the same from others. This means they can get upset over small things like someone chewing loudly, not using turn signals, or not putting things back where they belong. Virgos like things to be perfect and get frustrated when they’re not. They also don’t like it when people are full of themselves or don’t care about others. Because they pay so much attention to details, they notice things that others might not. This can lead to them getting annoyed more often. So, Virgos can be a bit sensitive to things that seem out of place or wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are things Virgos hate?

Virgos might not like people who are unorganized, needy, impulsive, reckless, and those who make false promises.

2. How do Virgos react to ignoring?

Virgos tend to be independent and reflective. They might not even be conscious of being ignored. They may shrug it off or not even care that they are being neglected because of their high tolerance level.

3. What triggers Virgos?

Virgos, like individuals of any zodiac sign, can have different triggers depending on their individual personalities and life experiences. A messy or chaotic environment can be a trigger for them. They can be sensitive to criticism and may be triggered when their efforts are not appreciated or acknowledged. Even a lack of preparation or spontaneity in situations can unsettle them and potentially trigger feelings of anxiety or frustration.

4. How do Virgos calm down?

While Virgos may share certain characteristics and tendencies based on the astrological sign, it’s essential to recognize that individuals are unique and influenced by a wide range of factors beyond their zodiac sign. Factors such as upbringing, personal experiences, environment, and individual choices all play significant roles in shaping a person’s character and behavior.

5. Can Virgos change their bad traits?

Changing or improving negative traits is possible for individuals of any zodiac sign, including Virgos. It requires self-awareness, reflection, and a willingness to make positive changes. Self-reflection, setting personal goals, seeking personal development resources, and adopting new habits or perspectives can all contribute to personal growth and the transformation of negative traits into positive ones.

6. Do all Virgos recognize their bad traits?

Not all Virgos recognize their bad traits, just like individuals of any other zodiac sign. Personality traits and self-awareness can vary greatly among people, regardless of their astrological sign. While Virgos are often known for their analytical and self-critical nature, it doesn’t mean that every Virgo will automatically recognize or acknowledge their negative qualities.

Although Virgos are known to be humble and kind by nature, they can also be critical and stubborn at times. However, no human being is without flaws, so these traits do not define Virgos. Their excessive perfectionism and need for independence are personality quirks that, when taken in the right sense, could be judged in a positive light as well. Despite these flaws, Virgos are loyal friends and have a kind nature, making them endearing. So, if you have a Virgo in your life, keep them close and accept them for whom they are.

Infographic: How To Deal With A Virgo’s Negative Traits

Every zodiac sign has certain traits that may be difficult to deal with, and Virgos are no exception. But if they are otherwise loving and caring, give them a chance. Here are a few suggestions to deal with their negative traits to help them grow out of them and be the person you can have a happy relationship with.

virgo negative traits (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • Virgos are known to be kind, sympathetic, and quick-witted.
  • Being perfectionists and overly critical are a few negative traits of a Virgo.
  • Not every Virgo possesses negative traits.
virgo bad traits_illustration

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Virgos can be perfectionists, critical, and judgmental. Learn about the dark side of the Virgo zodiac sign and how to manage it.

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