Top 24 New Year Coloring Pages For Toddlers

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Coloring pages are not just a medium to keep kids occupied while you are busy with your work. It’s a great educational tool as well! Through the coloring pages, you can acquaint your children with your customs, traditions and rituals. Today, we’ll teach your kids about New Year through our coloring pages.

New Year is one of the oldest of all the holidays. It was believed to have been recognized more than 4000 years ago in Babylon. Over the years, New Year is represented by several symbols and images. The symbols conjure up the lively spirit of the New Year and get us in the holiday spirit. Today, we have compiled a list of New Year coloring pages for your little ones. It includes all the important symbols associated with the New Year, along with fun diagrams of kids celebrating the holiday.

1. Happy New Year

Greet your children a happy New Year with this celebratory coloring page. The coloring page is sure to get him in the festive spirit. It’s also a perfect coloring page if you want to create a New Year banner. Kids can cut out the letters, assemble and stick on a large, craft paper. Just encourage him to make some fancy designs and make the banner pop.

2. New Year Countdown

Do you know how the preschoolers and toddlers celebrate the New Year? By counting down, just like us. If your kids are waiting for the clock to strike 12, then hand him this beautiful new year coloring sheet to pass the time. The clock in this coloring page is about to strike 12, and the exhilaration is increasing with every passing second. Even the clock is finding hard to control his happiness and excitement for the upcoming New Year. And we loved the Santa hat the clock is wearing. Kids will have a great time filling colors with the little twinkling stars, streamers, and Mr. Clock’s hat. If you want, you can even make the kids draw the numbers on the clock too!

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3. Baby New Year

Here’s a coloring image of Baby New Year. Baby New Year, a chubby baby wearing nothing but a sash and diaper with New Year Printed on it personifies the start of the New Year. The tradition of Baby New Year began in Greece in 600 BC. The Greeks had a tradition of celebrating their God of wine on the first day of new year. It represented the annual rebirth of the Wine God as the spirit of fertility. Dionysus began the tradition by parading a baby in the basket. Even the Egyptians used the baby as a symbol of rebirth. The use of baby’s image in the New Year’s banner was brought to early America by the Germans, who had been using it since the 14th century. The Christians initially denounced the practice, but the popularity of the baby as a symbol of rebirth forced the Catholics to reevaluate their decision. Later, the church allowed everyone to celebrate the New Year with a baby. It later came to symbolize the birth of the baby Jesus. The Baby New Year grows up to become the old bearded Father Time at the end of the year.

4. Fireworks

This coloring page features New Year’s fireworks. It is believed that the noise and smoke from the firecrackers on the New Year’s Eve dispel the evil spirits and bring good luck. Different regions follow different customs and traditions related to the superstition of chasing away the evil spirits. In Australia, people make a cacophony using car horns, whistles and bells to chase away the evil spirits. Have your kids color the diagram in different colors. He can also use glitter glues for decorating the images.This coloring page will work for Diwali, Canada Day and Fourth of July too!

5. New Year’s Day

The clock has struck 12 and Father Time and Baby New Year are greeting each other on the occasion. On the New Year’s Eve, the Father Time hands over his duties to the Baby New Year. Baby New Year and Father Time serve as the metaphors for the death of one year and calendar and birth of a new year. The new year coloring page also has a short poem.

“Goodbye Old Year, and welcome, New!
We shall be very kind to you.
We’ll say our prayer, be very good.
Obey our parents as we should!”

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6. Father Time

Father Time is another significant New Year symbol. The symbol has been used in New Year’s celebration in countries throughout the words, especially in the United States. The Father Time, as you can see in the diagram, is a bearded, old man dressed in a robe and wearing a sash around his body. Being the personification of time, Father Time carries a timekeeping device, the hourglass, and a scythe. The image of the Father Time was derived from the Celtic God of the dying year, the Holly King and the Greek God of time.

7. New Year In New York

Have your kid color in the lovely New York cityscape picture as the fireworks pop to celebrate the arrival of New Year. New Year is much more than a celebration in New York. It is more of a tradition. All the schools, organization, government offices, and corporations are closed to mark the day. The beginning of the new day is heralded by special events, parties and of course, fireworks, which are often televised. Parades are held, and football games are played in some parts of the city. Times Square especially transforms into a wonderland on the New Year’s Eve. Watching the ball drop in the Time’s Square is a popular New Year’s Eve tradition in New York. There are a lot of details on the coloring page for the kids to color, which will improve his fine motor skills too in the process.

8. Santa Wishing Happy New Year

Here’s a coloring image of our beloved Santa Claus wishing Happy New Year to all of you. But what is Santa doing on New Year’s Eve? Not many are aware, but most of the traditional Christmas symbols are also associated with New Year as it falls just a week after the Christmas. Even the festivities of Christmas continue till New Year. So what color will your tot give to Mr. Santa? The usual and customary red, white or green? Or will he give a multi-color to his uniform?

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9. Connect The Dots

What is hiding behind those numbers? Can you guess what it is? We think even you cannot! So just, pass it on to your child and tell him to connect the dot from 2 to 49 to reveal the picture. We’re sure he’ll be surprised to see the result. Our connect-the-dots page will help your toddler learn his counting skills, thereby laying the foundation for solving math problems. It will also exercise his fine motor and thinking skills as he navigates from one dot to another. After joining the dots, he can color the image any way he likes, but holiday colors will look best.

10. Chinese New Year

Here’s a coloring picture of a kid celebrating Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival is a crucial festival celebrated at the turn of the Chinese lunar. It has more than 4,000 years of history. The day falls on the first of the lunar calendar and lasts for half a month. In the folk custom, the holiday begins on the 23rd of the last month and ends on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar. The whole family gets together and celebrates the family reunion. The Chinese New Year is an official holiday in China. The citizens are given seven days off work for the holiday.

11. Yule Log

This coloring page shows a woman lighting candles on the Yule log. The Yule log is one of the most significant symbols associated with the New Year. It symbolizes the light coming to conquer the darkness. The Yuletide is decorated beautifully before bringing it to the fireplace. The red ribbons, ornaments and glitter add an extra zing to it. The Yule also gives a traditional touch to the New Year celebrations. The Yule log should burn for a whole night and smolder for 12 days. Then it should be put out ceremoniously.

12. Mistletoe

This happy new year coloring page shows a little girl about to be kissed by her friends under the mistletoe. Mistletoe is one of the most magical and sacred plants of the European folklore. It’s believed that giving a mistletoe sprig to the first cow calving after the New Year would protect their entire herd. Mistletoe is also a symbol of joy and peace. Any people decorate their houses with a sprig of this plant during the holidays. And kissing under mistletoe means a lasting friendship and goodwill. Did you know that mistletoe is a partial parasitic plant? It grows on the trunks or branches of the tree and penetrates its roots into the tree to take up the nutrients.

13. New Year’s Fruits

In several countries, fresh fruits are considered auspicious New Year symbols. Grapes, especially, have immense importance during New Year. In Italy, it’s believed that consuming grapes on New Year bring prosperity throughout the eyes. The moment clock strikes 12, Portuguese people eat 12 grapes from a bunch so that all the twelve months of the coming year are full of prosperity and happiness. Even pomegranates and figs are eaten in some parts of the world. Figs symbolize fertility while pomegranate represents success. Whatever fruit you eat, make sure it’s rounded and luscious. Even greens and lentils are eaten in some regions. They represent financial prosperity.

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14. New Year’s Party

The kids are celebrating and enjoying the New Year party in this coloring image. Traditionally, it was believed that what people did or ate on the first day of the year could affect their luck throughout the year. For this reason, people throughout the world began celebrating the New Year in the company of friends and family. It was also believed that the first visitor on the New ear’s day could bring good or bad luck for the rest of the year. It was particularly lucky if the first visitor was a tall, dark-haired man. It would be even better if he gets a gift for the host. We can’t vouch for its authenticity, though!

15. Bonfire

Here’s a coloring image of a father and daughter duo witnessing a bonfire. Bonfire is a noteworthy symbolism associated with New Year’s Eve. Bonfire pulls people around because of its warmth as New Year falls at the peak of winter in most of the countries. There’s also a tradition surrounding bonfires. It’s said that the smoke from the bonfire rises and reach the heaven. It will ensure that the Almighty will answer all their secret prayers said over the bonfire flame. Several celebration activities like singing and dancing are centered on bonfires. The candle is an important symbol of New Year. It is believed that lightning candles spread warmth, light and cheer all around.

16. Janus’ Mask

Still don’t have a New Year’s mask ready for your child? Then why don’t you make him a Janus’ mask? It’ll be a great way to involve him in the New Year’s festivities. The month of January is named after the Roman God Janus. You will always see him pictured with two faces, one looking at the past and the other looking into the future. This coloring page requires kids to make their own Janus mask. Ask your child to decorate the image any way he likes. Now have him cut out the picture carefully, including the eyes. Then use a punch hole over the two small circles. String a ribbon through each side of the mask and it’s ready. Tell your kid to put on the mark and have fun in the party.

17. Auld Lang Syne Worksheet

Here’s a beautiful coloring image of a group of veterans singing Auld Lang Syne. Auld Lang Syne is a traditional New Year eve’s song taken from a Scottish poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 in the book “Scots Musical Museum.” The song also appears in Dick Clark’s film “Rockin New Year’s Eve from Time Square”. The song translates to “old along since”, meaning “times gone by.” It asks people, whether the old times and promises made to friends will be forgotten. The new year coloring page contains the entire song, which you can practice singing with your kid. You can also make him write his new year’s resolution on the other side of the coloring image. Be ready for some amusing resolutions.

18. New Year Party Hat

Here is a simple New Year party hat for younger kids to color. Tell your child to make a New Year party backdrop that will go with the picture. Alternatively, you can print out the template to make New Year’s party hats with your children. Either have them draw the pattern on the craft paper cone or print out the diagram on the card stock paper. Then tell your kid to decorate it with yarns or strings, glitters, craft paint or whatever he likes.

19. Pooh Wishing You Happy New Year

Print out this fun coloring page featuring Pooh wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Winnie-the-Pooh, or Pooh, as is he commonly known, is a short and stout yellow bear living in the 100 Acre Woods. He is friendly and kind to everyone in the woods and that’s what makes him popular. Pooh is said to be stuffed with nothing but fluff, which means that the bear has a little brain. Pooh may not be brilliant but sometimes gives wise ideas to his fellows, much to their surprise. Pooh is also famous for his love for hunny (honey). He keeps pots of honey at his home to satiate his hunger. And when he runs out of it, he travels to Rabbit’s home to borrow some. If your kid is good at drawing, then tell him to draw other pals of Pooh beside him.

20. Chinese New Year Feast

Celebrate the beginning of the New Year with his lovely coloring page of the Chinese New Year Feast. It features a Chinese family ready to indulge in the feast. Just like Diwali and Christmas, the Chinese families clean and beautify their houses with handmade or store bought decorations. Reunions and family feasts are indispensable parts of the Chinese New Year. The families purchase enough food to prepare the food, including meat, roasted nuts, fish, seeds, fruits, and candies. Certain foods prepared during the Chinese festival have symbolic meanings. The lucky food is served during the 16-day festival, especially during the New Year’s Eve. The auspiciousness of the foods depends on their appearance or pronunciation. Dumplings and fish are the traditional food items prepared for the feast.

21. Snowman And Snowflake

What wintertime activities does your child enjoy doing the most during the holiday? Does he enjoy making snowmen? Well, then this snowman coloring image is sure to please him. This snowman surrounded by snowflakes is perfect to color on a chilly New Year’s afternoon. Kindergarteners especially will enjoy adding color to this jolly snowman. We’d suggest you to use festive colors for this snowman. As for the snowflakes, stick to the light blue. He can even give a name to this snowman. Color and hang this snowman in your kid’s room. It will spread the holiday cheer throughout the house.

22. New Year Party Decoration

Throw a party, countdown to the new year and make a resolution with this coloring image featuring New Year party decoration. It features streamers, party hat, confetti, sparklers and many more. Give your kid this new year coloring sheet and ask him how he would like to decorate the house for the New Year party. See what he answers and then take him to the market to purchase the decorations.

23. New Year’s Party Invitation

Are you throwing a New Year’s party for your kid’s friends? Have you sent out the invitations yet? If not, then why don’t you download our New Year’s party invitation template? The coloring page cum template features a group of kids with their friends. You can either paint in online or download the picture to let the little artist in your house fill the colors. Make sure you download the invites on card stock paper. As for the venue, name, and date, either edit on your computer or write it yourself. Have your kid decorate the invites with ribbons and glitters to make it look festive.

24. New Year Card Template

Here’s a cute New Year card template for making greeting cards or doing a drawing project. The pattern in this diagram is lovely. Imagine how beautiful it will look when filled with colors. Allow your kid to be as creative as he wants for bringing life to this coloring image. And tell him to write the New Year message to his friends himself. The card will surely bring a wide grin to the recipient’s face. What is your kid planning to gift his friends this New Year?

25. Happy New Year 2016

Here’s a coloring page to welcome the New Year 2016. Have your child fill in some colors and then present it to his friends. Or fold it to make a 2016 booklet, perfect for storing the secret resolutions and to-do lists. Tell him to use different colors for all the letters and then fill up the blank space with stickers or sequins. Do not leave it empty. It won’t look appealing.

These New Year coloring pages can also be used for decoration by hanging on the window or walls. You can use these coloring pages for New Year’s activities and games too! How are you and your kids planning to celebrate this New Year’s Eve? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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