25 Perfect Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

25 Perfect Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

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What to gift a newborn baby? This question is quite overwhelming when you don’t know what to buy a newborn – whether it is the baby of your best friend, sister, colleague or neighbor. If you want the gift to be a useful and memorable one, you need to consider several things before choosing a gift.

MomJunction helps you pick the best gift with these 25 newborn baby gift ideas.

Things To Consider While Buying Newborn Baby Gifts

Before buying a gift, you need to consider the below things.

  • Consider the time of the year the baby is born; if it is winter, then you can gift them winter clothes to keep the baby warm.
  • Gift something the new parents could use, and save time.
  • Do not buy it for the moment. Give a gift that can be used for a long time.
  • Choose gifts that follow the quality standards; do not buy gifts that are made of low-quality material.
  • When you are gifting things that the baby could put in the mouth, then always read the labels to know if they are made of BPA-free materials.
  • Never buy gifts that have sharp edges or small removable parts as they could cause choking in babies.

With these guidelines, you are ready to move to the next section to know about the various options available to you.

25 Newborn Baby Gift Ideas

Here are 25 ideas that you could use to buy a gift for a newborn.

1. Cute outfits

Cute outfits

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Clothes are always useful for newborn babies, no matter how many they have. You can gift them onesies, jumpers, a cute frock for a girl or a dashing suspender pants for a boy.

Buy cute baby outfits @ www.amazon.com

2. Baby booties

Baby booties

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These are used to keep the baby’s foot warm and cozy throughout the year. You can get several varieties of baby booties – those made of cotton, handmade (crochet booties), and more.

Buy baby booties @ www.amazon.com

3. Baby diapers

Baby diapers

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No matter how many diapers the new parents stock, they will never have enough. They will surely appreciate a gift of diapers. You can gift wrap the packet or make a diaper cake. Make sure you buy diapers as per the age of the baby.

Buy baby diapers @ www.amazon.com

4. Newborn lounger

Newborn lounger

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This a perfect gift both for the newborn baby and the mother. The mother can lounge the baby and relax or do her chores, while the baby can rest comfortably. Buy a loungers made of easy-wipe material and are machine washable.

Buy baby loungers @ www.amazon.com

5. Bathtime essentials

Bathtime essentials

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Bath time gives you plenty of gifting choices. You may buy bathing essentials such as shampoo, mild soap, and baby oil that are organic and free of harmful chemicals. You may also buy some bath toys that make squeaky sounds and squirt water.

Buy baby bath products @ www.amazon.com

Buy baby bath toys @ www.amazon.com

6. Teethers


Image: Shutterstock

Babies tend to bite objects when they are teething. So, a teether can be a thoughtful gift as it helps the baby feel better when light pressure is applied on the gums. Remember, the teethers must be made from chemical-free materials and also must not have any pointy edges.

Buy baby teethers @ www.amazon.com

7. Baby mobiles

Baby mobiles

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Baby mobiles come in various shapes and sizes. They are said to provide visual stimulation and help in the baby’s development. So, gift the baby a cute and interesting mobile. But make sure they are not too long or have small parts, which can pose a choking hazard.

Buy baby mobiles @ www.amazon.com

8. Rattles


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Rattles are safe and useful toys. These come in different shapes and sizes. The toys are helpful in developing the baby’s motor skills and also in training them to respond to sound.

Buy baby rattles @ www.amazon.com

9. Skincare products sets

 Skincare products sets

Image: iStock

From body lotion to diaper cream, there are various skincare products for baby’s smooth and sensitive skin. You can also gift the newborn baby a gift basket of skincare products.

Buy baby skincare product sets @ www.amazon.com

10. Baby rocker/ bouncer

Baby rocker bouncer

Image: Shutterstock

Parents can use this versatile gift even as the baby grows. During the early days, it can be used to lay the newborn in a semi-reclined position. Later on, when the baby starts to kick, it rocks/ bounces, thus satisfying the baby’s urge to move.

Buy baby rocker/bouncer @ www.amazon.com

11. Personalized photo frames

Personalized photo frames

Image: iStock

This is a great way to congratulate the new parents. You can gift them a photo frame with the name and date of birth of the baby engraved, or give them a first-year photo frame that has individual slots for all the 12 months.

Buy personalized photo frames @ www.amazon.com

12. Breastfeeding cover

Breastfeeding cover

Image: Shutterstock

A new mother will truly appreciate this gift. There are various types of nursing covers and multipurpose covers as well. Make sure you buy one which is made of breathable materials such as muslin, cotton, etc.

Buy breastfeeding covers @ www.amazon.com

13. Baby bibs or burp cloths

Baby bibs or burp cloths

Image: Shutterstock

Bibs save the clothes when babies spit up. They are made of cotton material or silicone which is waterproof and stain resistant. You can also personalize the bibs set with the baby’s name.

Buy bibs @ www.amazon.com

14. Interactive rhyme books

Interactive rhyme books

Image: iStock

This gift will be useful for the baby once they are six months old. The battery-operated books sing rhymes and imitate animal voices to keep the baby entertained. Some are made of interactive cloth too.

Buy interactive rhyme books @ www.amazon.com

15. Sorting toys

 Sorting toys

Image: Shutterstock

Babies from the age of six months would love to explore toys. Even though the baby is just a few days old now, these gifts will be put to good use in the coming months.

Buy sorting toys @ www.amazon.com

16. Baby blankets and bed linen

 Baby blankets and bed linen

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There are many attractive designs available in the market. Choose the ones in light shade and those made of soft cotton material. You can also get customized blankets with the baby’s initials on it.

Buy baby blankets @ www.amazon.com

17. Diaper bags

Diaper bags

Image: iStock

Diaper bags are lifesavers for new parents. Be it a long road trip or a walk to a nearby park, they need the bag to store the diapers. The diaper bags come in sleek and stylish designs, which suit both the mother as well as the father.

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18. Newborn health care kit

Newborn health care kit

Image: iStock

Gift the new parents a healthcare kit which has all the essentials needed to take care of the baby’s health. Buy a kit that complies with healthcare standards.

Buy newborn health care kits @ www.amazon.com

19. Baby fruit feeder pacifiers

Baby fruit feeder pacifiers

Image: Shutterstock

The pacifiers help the baby feed on solid foods. All we need to do is peel and deseed the fruits, cut them into small pieces and place them inside the pacifier. The baby can suck, chew the end of the pacifier and enjoy the juices and small pieces of fruit. But this can be used only after the baby is six months old.

Buy baby fruit feeder pacifiers @ www.amazon.com

20. Activity mats

 Activity mats

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This is useful when the baby is learning to reach out and grab things. These mats come with a variety of themes such as the zoo, aquarium, camping kids, etc. They have a playmat and some hanging toys. Some also come with a piano. The activity maps help in developing the baby’s cognitive skills.

Buy activity mats @ www.amazon.com

21. Stuffed toys

Stuffed toys

Image: Shutterstock

Stuffed animals are an all-time favorite gift for babies. These help the babies in identifying textures. They also help in developing social skills. Gift a plush teddy bear or any other stuffed toy, but make sure they are made of quality material.

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22. Baby diaper organizer

Baby diaper organizer

Image: Shutterstock

A messy changing table is a new parents’ nightmare as they will not be able to find things during an emergency diaper change. Gift this organizer to the new parents and help them organize things.

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23. Newborn baby caps

Newborn baby caps

Image: Shutterstock

Gift the baby with these cute and adorable hats, which not only look fashionable but also protect the baby’s head and ears from cold. These come in different designs for boys and girls.

Buy newborn baby hats @ www.amazon.com

24. Newborn portable playard

Newborn portable playard

Image: iStock

This newborn gift helps parents take their babies outdoors and let them play in their space. They come in all varieties from simple ones to those with a bassinet and a changing table.

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25. Gift cards

Gift cards

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When you are unable to decide on a gift for the newborn, then give a gift card so that the new parent can buy something that is really required.

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A newborn gift is not just an object. It carries your emotions and good wishes for the baby. Therefore, choose the gift carefully, and make sure it is useful. Spend some time to find the best newborn gift for the precious one.

Do you have any more ideas for a newborn baby gift? Let us know in the comments section below.

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