25 Creative Newborn Photo Ideas And Tips To Get A Perfect Pic

Creative Newborn Photo Ideas And Tips To Get A Perfect Pic

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Your newborn makes your world beautiful right from their first breath. The new family member will grow in no time. The memories of their infancy are the most precious of your life, and thankfully, you can relive them later through perfectly-timed photographs. There are several newborn photo ideas that let you capture a slice of your little one’s life so that you can cherish it later.

Read on as we acquaint you with

some interesting newborn photo ideas that you can use for your baby’s photoshoot.

25 Newborn Photo Ideas

Look for some inspiration in these ideas and see how you can make it work even with a moody baby.

1. Pick a theme

Pick a theme

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An angel, a bird, or a flower — what would you like to see your bundle of joy dressed as? Get your creativity into action and decide a theme for your baby’s photoshoot.

2. Create a fancy setup

Create a fancy setup

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If your child won’t dress up in theme-based clothes, then place them in a theme-based surrounding. Wrap them in their daily wrap and place them in an already decorated setup.

3. Follow a color scheme

Follow a color scheme

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You can focus on the aesthetic value and decide a particular color scheme for the photograph. You can mix and match but ensure that the color of your baby’s clothes is in sync with the props and accessories.

4. Try a simple cute pose

Try a simple cute pose

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It could be difficult to make your baby maintain a certain pose for even a few seconds. Thus, go for a pose that your baby makes naturally. Alternatively, gently make your baby pose a certain way when they are asleep.

5. Pose with your baby

Pose with your baby

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If your baby cries each time you move away from them, then you have no option but to pose with them. You can wear matching clothes or follow a theme where the two of you look in sync.

6. Let the siblings pose

Let the siblings pose

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If your baby has a sibling, then you can ask them to strike a pose with the little one. Needless to say, you can have their dress and the setup follow a specific color theme or just have them dress up in color-coordinated outfits.

7. Take a family pic

Take a family pic

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Your child may enjoy the company of their entire family, and it might make them bounce with joy. Like the British Royal family, you can pose for a picture with your newborn and your extended family or just capture some candid moments of your baby with you and your loving spouse.

8. Light up the setup

Light up the setup

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You can decorate your baby’s crib or bed with some sparkling fairy lights to make them look like an angel in the sky. Add some cushions and blankets, so your baby sleeps comfortably while you get the shoot done.

9. Shoot in natural light

hoot in natural light

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Plan the shoot around windows and doors that receive direct sunlight or even outdoors. Shoot either in the early hours of the morning or before sunset when the sunlight is not very harsh. Allow the mild sunlight to fall over your child’s face and capture a fresh and natural picture. You can hold your baby playfully in the air to create a beautiful silhouette against the light.

10. Get some candid pictures

Get some candid pictures

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If you know your baby laughs each time you sneeze, capture their hearty burst of laughter in a picture. Lay your baby on their back. Stand right behind the camera and do something that makes them laugh and see how you get the best shots of your baby laughing.

11. Focus on the baby’s tiny eyes

Focus on the baby’s tiny eyes

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Babies have beautiful clear eyes. You can capture a picture focused on their eyes. Ensure that the background is subtle, so the baby’s eyes stand out in the picture.

12. Focus on the tiny limbs

Focus on the tiny limbs

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You can click shots of your baby’s tiny little hands and feet. Here you need to be a little artistic with capturing the image to make it look beautiful.

13. Dress up like an adult

Dress up like an adult

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Place a pair of fake glasses on your baby’s face and keep a small baby suitcase next to them to make it appear like they are heading for work. You can try multiple outfits to see how cute babies look in adult clothes.

14. Get artsy

Get artsy

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If you are creative, then you can decorate a basket with flowers, ribbons, and cushions before keeping your baby in it. Ensure that your baby is dressed to be in sync with the background.

15. Create a design

Create a design

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Make a large heart with rose petals and place your baby within it the way they dwell in your own heart. Alternatively, draw a unicorn and place your baby on it to make it look like they are riding it. Create any such design with flowers or toys.

16. Dress for the season

Dress for the season

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If your child was born in autumn, you might want to have an autumn theme where your child is amidst autumn leaves. Similarly, you can create a winter theme where your baby is surrounded by cotton snow and a cotton snowman.

17. Let the twins look unique

Let the twins look unique

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If you have twins, then you can dress them in similar outfits but in different colors. The picture should indicate they are twins but ensure that each baby has a special look.

18. Dress them stylish

Dress them stylish

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If you have pretty pictures of you on social media, why not click some chic and stylish pictures of your baby, too? Dress them up in some cool outfits and accessories and let them look like a baby celebrity.

19. Dress them up silly

Dress them up silly

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The idea of dressing up your baby in a silly but cute outfit is too tempting to resist. Be it a bunny rabbit outfit or a chicken onesie, do not miss clicking a picture of your little one in a funny costume.

20. Capture a cute yawn

Capture a cute yawn

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Babies look simply adorable with their mouths wide open in a yawn. You just cannot miss having this shot. You can plan the shoot right before your baby’s nap time so that you get a chance to see that cute yawn.

21. Click one with your pet

Click one with your pet

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If you have a pet in your house, click a special shot with just your baby and your pet. You can even make your pet wear a silly costume.

22. Save one for their favorite toy

Save one for their favorite toy

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If your baby already has a toy that they love the most, then you might want to click a picture with that as a prop. You can also place all your baby’s toys and click a toy family picture.

23. Capture a funny expression

Capture a funny expression

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Your baby makes a funny face each time you feed them something sour or when they look at someone. Next time, keep a camera ready so you can laugh at the picture whenever you want.


24. Have an impromptu shoot

Have an impromptu shoot

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One fine day, step out of your house or stay indoors with your baby and a camera and allow your baby to be themself and have fun. You never know, an unplanned, spontaneous shoot might give you the best shot of your baby.

25. Be prepared to capture any moment

Be prepared to capture any moment

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In case you are unable to have a formal photoshoot, you can always keep a camera handy to capture your baby’s initial days of infancy. You do not need a professional camera as your phone will also do the trick. Click the picture the way you want and then edit it later with an image editing software or application.

No matter what the theme or idea of the photoshoot, remember that your baby should enjoy it. When they are happy, you can capture the best images. Keep it natural, and do not force your baby to laugh or make a certain expression. The idea is to have fun with your baby and capture an endearing moment of their baby days. Therefore, keep things relaxed and enjoy clicking lovely pictures of your precious little one.