237 Newlywed Game Questions To Ask Couples

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Are you hosting a party to welcome a newlywed couple? You would want to plan some interesting activity to let everybody at the party know more about the couple.

In that case, host a newlywed game questions party. MomJunction shares more than 200 such questions which you may ask the participants. You may also tweak these to suit the other couples at the party. If you are a newlywed couple yourself, you can ask these questions to each other too!

49 Newlywed Romantic Questions

The stepping stone for a new beginning is romance. Here are some entertaining romantic and dating questions you can ask the couples.

  1. How did you two meet?
  2. Where did you go on your first date?
  3. What was your first impression when you saw your spouse on your first date?
  4. What was your other half’s impression about you?
  5. When did you first kiss?
  6. What was your spouse wearing on the first date?
  7. Which one of you said, “I love you,” first?
  8. When did you two first dance, do you remember the song?
  9. Where did you go on your latest date?
  10. How long have you both dated before getting engaged?
  11. How long after your engagement did you get married?
  12. When did you first realize you’re in love?
  13. Who proposed the marriage first?
  14. Tell us about the most beautiful memory with your spouse that you’ll never forget.
  15. What’s your beloved’s idea of romance?
  16. Which of you two says ‘I love you’ more?
  17. What was the first movie you watched together?
  18. Which moment did you realize this person is “the one”?
  19. What clothes do you like your spouse to wear on dates?
  20. What was the first dish your spouse cooked for you? How was it?
  21. What gift did your beloved get for you on your first birthday together?
  22. When did your first fight happen? How did it end?
  23. What did you plan for your first Christmas together?
  24. After how long did your spouse meet your parents?
  25. What was the reaction of your family when you declared you are ready to get married?
  26. Name the adjectives that describe your spouse on the wedding day?
  27. What was the most special meal for your guests at your wedding?
  28. What cake flavor did you get for your big day?
  29. What was the best thing that happened on your wedding day?
  30. Who caught the bridal bouquet?
  31. Who held your wedding garter?
  32. What song did you play while walking the aisle?
  33. Name five of your spouse’s friends.
  34. How many cousins does your spouse have?
  35. Given a chance to go on a vacation with your in-laws, which place would you choose?
  36. An adjective that describes your spouse’s family best?
  37. What is the name of your better half’s best friend?
  38. How many family members does your spouse have?
  39. When are your mom-in-law and father-in-law’s birthdays?
  40. Which part of your home would you two love to get cozy?
  41. If you two could go on a dream trip, where would you go?

Here are some exciting questions for the couple, but the answer has to be spontaneous, no thinking!

  1. It always makes you smile when your spouse _______________
  2. If you could give your spouse anything in the world, that would be _________
  3. You can figure out your spouse is in a bad mood by _________
  4. When you two are old, you can imagine your spouse and you doing this ________
  5. The one thing you look forward to the most with your spouse is _________
  6. Now that you’re married, you cannot wait to __________
  7. If your better half could go on a dinner with a famous person, it will be ______
  8. If your spouse could watch only 1 Netflix show for the rest of the life, it would be ________

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69 Newlywed Questions to the Wife

Here’s a collection of hilarious questions you can ask the wife. You’re going to remember this for a long time.

  1. Which of you won the last argument?
  2. Which relative of yours do you think your husband dislikes?
  3. Has your husband ever cried while watching a movie or reading a book?
  4. What’s that one material item your husband can’t live without?
  5. Which one of you first falls asleep at night?
  6. Which of you is the thrifty shopper?
  7. If you visit a pet park together, would your man first head to the cats or the dogs?
  8. Who does your husband think you are most attached to in his family?
  9. What is the one thing you guys cannot ever seem to agree on?
  10. Does your husband prefer you with short hair, long hair, or it doesn’t matter at all?
  11. Which of you deals best with stressful situations?
  12. What’s your spouse’s most cherished clothing?
  13. What is your husband’s most annoying moment?
  14. What’s your spouse’s jeans/ trousers size?
  15. After tasting the meal cooked by your husband, would you kiss him for being spot on or sign him up for cooking lessons?
  16. Does your husband prefer your makeup look or the natural look?
  17. If you talk to him about having kids, what would be your husband’s reaction?
  18. What’s that thing you do that makes your husband go bonkers?
  19. Who is the packrat at home – you or your husband?
  20. Which one of you is a greater procrastinator?
  21. If your spouse could wear one of your clothes, what would you give?
  22. If your mom-in-law were an animal, which animal would she be?
  23. If your husband were a character from ‘Friends’ what would they be?
  24. What scares your spouse like hell?
  25. What is the most awkward and funny thing your better half has done recently?
  26. What’re the most-repeated words and phrases your husband uses?
  27. If you are offered a million dollars, would you reveal a deep secret about your husband?
  28. By what pet name do you call your spouse?
  29. How frequently do you go on dates?
  30. How do you express love to your beloved?
  31. If you find out that your husband is an ex-convict, how would you react?
  32. Imitate your spouse when he/she gets angry.
  33. What is the one gift that you didn’t like from your husband?
  34. What’s the weirdest dress that your husband has ever worn?
  35. Which cartoon character will be your spouse be?
  36. Which of you fight most over the TV remote?
  37. Which of you spends the most time on the phone or laptop? Doing what?
  38. Who mostly gets their way?
  39. Who takes longer to get dressed?
  40. What adjective best describes your spouse in bed?
  41. Describe your spouse on your wedding night, in three words.
  42. Which song precisely defines your husband in bed?
  43. How long can your spouse go without making love?
  44. If you woke up one day and found out your husband had lost his memory, what would you do?
  45. Use one word to describe your husband when they wake up in the morning.
  46. Who does most of the household chores?
  47. Who eats junk food the most?
  48. Where was the best vacation you’ve ever had with your spouse?
  49. Who’s a better cook?
  50. What’s your husband’s favorite color?
  51. What’s the fave junk food you crave together?
  52. What’s your husband’s favorite candy bar?
  53. What is your partner’s perpetual favorite munching snack?
  54. What’s your spouse’s favorite ice cream flavor?
  55. What is your spouse’s most favorite thing in the house?
  56. What’s your partner’s favorite movie?
  57. What TV show do you both love to watch together?
  58. Which is your partner’s favorite restaurant?
  59. Tell us your better half’s favorite food?
  60. Have you purchased anything that your spouse doesn’t know about?
  61. Did you ever fight over bills or finances?
  62. If you win the lottery, what do you want to gift your spouse?
  63. What bill does your partner grumble about the most?
  64. Which bill will you want to hide from your spouse?
  65. Do you two believe in charity, and do that?
  66. Which one of you mainly keeps account of the family finances?
  67. Who is better at handling finances?
  68. Which of you makes more money?
  69. Which of you spends most of the money on shopping?

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43 Newlywed Questions to the Husband

After all, it’s his wedding and the new husband has every right to have the most fun. Try out these questions with him.

  1. Does your wife prefer heels, flats, sandals or plain sneakers?
  2. Which is your wife’s favorite music genre?
  3. What is the name of your wife’s favorite clothing brand?
  4. What is that one household task your wife says you do better?
  5. Do you remember how many bags your wife carried on your honeymoon?
  6. What is that household chore you hate but your wife nags you to do?
  7. What’s the best thing about your partner?
  8. What do you think your partner likes the most about you?
  9. What’s your spouse’s most annoying habit?
  10. Which clothing of your wife you just cannot stand?
  11. The last gift you gave to your wife.
  12. Your wife is the most annoyed about?
  13. What is the color of your beloved’s eyes?
  14. Who among your spouse’s family members annoys you the most?
  15. Which one of your wife’s friend knows everything about your married life?
  16. Finish this sentence- “Our wedding was almost perfect until _____________”.
  17. When is your wife’s birthday?
  18. Which one of you is elected to turn the lights off before sleeping?
  19. Which of you make most amends after a fight?
  20. “Each time my wife goes out shopping, she brings one more _________.”
  21. If you write a love letter to your wife, would she be able to read it or does she need to call for professional help?
  22. Other than you, to whom does your wife speak the most?
  23. How many children do you want?
  24. If you are to go on a second honeymoon, where would that be?
  25. Do you two get intimate as often as you would want to?
  26. How do you deduce that your wife is in the mood for lovemaking?
  27. In which dress does your better half look the sexiest?
  28. What do you find the most physically attractive thing about your spouse?
  29. Who is better at cuddling?
  30. Have you planned your dream vacation together? Where would you like to visit?
  31. What is your beloved’s dream job?
  32. What is your ideal job?
  33. Do you agree that people can still be insanely in love till they are old and grey?
  34. How would you describe, “And they lived happily ever after?”
  35. If you two could live anywhere in this world, where would you live?
  36. What was the best part of your wedding celebrations?
  37. Who among you both gives the most surprises?
  38. Who is the most short-tempered?
  39. Who is the more organized?
  40. Which of you is the early riser?
  41. Who is the night-owl?
  42. Who has a better sense of humor?
  43. Who says sorry first after a clash?

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20 Newlywed Funny Questions

Here’s our collection of hilarious questions for the couple. Ask, have them answer and roar with laughter!

  1. Which of you is more likely to fight on the streets?
  2. Who among you two snores loudly?
  3. Who is the bed hogger?
  4. Who is terrible with directions and gets lost easily?
  5. Whose job is it to replace toilet paper rolls?
  6. Who is the official argument winner?
  7. What is the first thing your spouse will buy if they won a lottery?
  8. Who is more prone to go bonkers at a telemarketer?
  9. Who finishes the last pastry or cookie?
  10. Which of you is the goofy one?
  11. Who of you has a crazier family?
  12. Which of you burps the most?
  13. Among the two of you, who believes in ghosts?
  14. Imagine your house is on fire, which thing will your spouse grab first before escaping?
  15. What is that one thing that your partner would like to discard?
  16. What habit of yours annoys your partner the most?
  17. Which of you is pro at fixing things in the house?
  18. Which of you can win an eating challenge?
  19. Who is better at haggling prices while shopping?
  20. Who is the title-holder of the ‘shoe person’?

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56 Newlywed Cute Questions for Bonding

These questions are cute, loving and meant to bring the lovebirds closer. Surely, everyone will have a smile on their faces.

  1. What will your better half choose: a one-piece swimming costume or a bikini?
  2. What way does your better half like to cook their steak?
  3. What according to the both of you is a perfect weekend?
  4. If you could change one thing about your spouse, what would it be?
  5. If Doomsday is tomorrow, how do you want to spend your last day with your spouse?
  6. What’s that thing your better half does for you although they hate it?
  7. How many pairs of shoes does your spouse own?
  8. What is your spouse’s shoe size?
  9. Which of you loves adventure?
  10. Which of you is athletic?
  11. Which of you is great at dancing?
  12. Who is more spontaneous?
  13. Who is better at giving advice?
  14. Which spouse is a good listener?
  15. Which spouse always finishes his/her food first?
  16. Whose friends come over home the most?
  17.  Who is more photogenic?
  18. Which of you has breakfast in bed?
  19. Which spouse is a picky eater?
  20. Who is the most thoughtful gift-giver?
  21. Which of you is very creative?
  22. Who has an excellent fashion sense?
  23. Who is the chatterbox?
  24. Which of you two always share his/her food?
  25. Who is outgoing?
  26. Which of you mums in front of strangers?
  27. Which of you planned most of the wedding?
  28. Which of you is the party animal?
  29. Who is better at remembering important dates?
  30. Who has really cool parents?
  31. Which of you takes forever in the shower?
  32. Which spouse wants more kids?
  33. Whose family is better-looking?
  34. Which of you would be better off in the wilderness?
  35. Who is a better singer?
  36. Who is more generous?
  37. Who has the ‘green fingers’?
  38. Who is better with kids?
  39. Who is more forgetful?
  40. Which partner tends to kiss more?
  41. Who is the better lover?
  42. What’s your idea of celebrating anniversaries?
  43. If your spouse could choose to be someone else for a day, who do you think that person will be?
  44. What’s your better half’s favorite thing to drink?
  45. Who is your spouse’s celebrity crush?
  46. Which of you is more probable to invent something really cool?
  47. What is your spouse’s nickname?
  48. What is your spouse’s zodiac sign?
  49. Who is the bookworm?
  50. What did your better half wanted to be as a kid?
  51. What is your spouse’s favorite sport?
  52. Where would you like to live with your spouse after you retire?
  53. What is your better half’s hidden talent?
  54. Who officiated at your wedding ceremony?
  55. What is the ONE thing that your spouse dreams of having at home?
  56. Who among you cries the most?

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You may ask all the relevant questions and add a few situational ones too. You can also try asking the same question separately and compare their answers. It’s fine if the couple does not know a few things about each other. The idea of the game is to be spontaneous and have fun.

Do you have any more questions to add? Let us know in the comment section below.