150 Nice, Beautiful, And Cute Baby Boy Names With Meanings

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever!” – John Keats

When you hold your cute little one in your arms for the first time, you can’t help but be overcome by the joy and love you’re feeling. Hence, it’s only natural that you look for the most endearing and sweet baby boy names to choose the perfect name for your little one.

Having a meaningful name may drive a person to lead a life that lives up to their name. In this post, we have listed some beautiful and unique boy names with meanings and origins.

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150 Cutest Baby Boy Names With Great Meanings

1. Aaron

This Hebrew name of baby boy with meaning ‘lofty’ or ‘exalted’ was once used to describe the position of nobility in the society.

2. Abner

This moniker is rapidly climbing the popularity charts. Abner means ‘Father is light’.

3. Aidan

Aidan, meaning ‘fire or born of fire’, entered the mainstream via St. Aidan of Iona, the founder of the monastery on Lindisfarne.

4. Albert

Albert is currently one of the highest-ranking names in Europe. It’s derived from the German name Adalbert, which means ‘noble’.

5. Alfred

It seems that Europe is ahead of America in terms of choosing chic and alluring baby names. This moniker is sweeping through Sweden, Denmark, and Canada. It means ‘elf counsel’.

6. Alvin

Another modernized version of an Old English name, Alvin means ‘wise friend’.

7. Ambrose

Ambrose was once a favorite of British novelists, including P.G. Wodehouse. This name means ‘immortal one’.

8. Anthony

This Latin name has had several historical namesakes, in the form of both Antony and Anthony. It means ‘highly praiseworthy’.

9. Anton

Anton, inspired by the old Latin name, Antonius, would make a lovely name for your son. It means ‘priceless’.

10. Anwyll

Anwyll is a Welsh name, meaning ‘one who’s loved by all,’ which we’re sure your dashing son will be.

11. Apollo

When your child grows up, he will be excited to share his name with NASA’s space mission. Apollo means ‘strength or father of light’.

12. Aquila

Do you wish for a name that reflects the love you have for nature? Aquila could be the one for you. It means ‘eagle’.

13. Arlo

Arlo sounds genuine, unique, and amiable. It means ‘fortified hill’.

14. Armand

This name has been considered one of the most beautifully romantic names since the first release of Armand Assante. It means ‘soldier’ and will perfectly suit your good-looking little man.

15. Arthur

African-American U.S. Open winner Arthur Ashe, King Arthur, and Arthur Miller – the playwright, are few of the many notable bearers of this name. It means ‘bear’.

16. Asher

Asher, a cute boy name

Image: Shutterstock

Asher is one of the cute names for boys meaning ‘happiness.’ This name will fill your child’s world with laughter and love.

17. Ashton

We love this name for the prefix ‘ash’. The popularity of this English surname, meaning ‘from the town of Ash’, could be credited to Ashton Kutcher, the Hollywood actor.

18. Atticus

This name, meaning ‘man of Attica,’ refers to the historical region of Athens. The enchanting name Atticus holds a special place in the world of fiction.

19. August

This summertime month name, meaning ‘great’ is full of warmth and happiness – perfect for an August born baby.

20. Axel

If you’re a huge Guns ‘N’ Roses fan, you might want to name your son after its leading band member who dons this captivating name. Axel is a spelling variant of Axl and means ‘father of peace’.

21. Barney

Honestly, it’s difficult not to conjure the television characters, Barney Stinson and Barney – the dinosaur on hearing this name. Barney means ‘son of comfort’.

22. Basil

History has witnessed several saints and rulers bearing the pretty name Basil. This Biblical name means ‘regal’.

23. Baxter

Baxter is a prim and proper English surname, meaning ‘baker’. We love this name for its ‘x’ appeal.

protip_icon Trivia
Raven Lydia Baxter, the protagonist of Disney’s most popular show “That’s So Raven”, is a famous bearer of this lastname.

24. Bernard

Bernard has given rise to a host of trendy and beautiful boy names like Brian, Brandon, and Braden. But nothing can take the place of the original. Branden means ‘hardy or brave’.

25. Bertram

This name just tugs at our heartstrings. Bertram means ‘bright raven’.

26. Caleb

A beautiful name with roots going back to the Bible, Caleb means ‘devotion to God’.

27. Campbell

This name fits well with both the sexes, but sounds masculine to the ears. This Latin name means ‘crooked mouth’.

28. Carlton

The biggest plus point of this beautiful boy name is that it can be shortened to super charming Tony or super stylish Carl. Carlton means ‘free men’s town’.

29. Carney

This North American name, meaning ‘a skillful tradesman’ will inspire your son to work hard to achieve success in whatever career or trade he chooses.

30. Caspian

One of the most romantic geographical names in our opinion, this is the name of the sea between Europe and Asia.

31. Cecil

Cecil is derived from the Latin word caecus, which means ‘blind or dim-sighted’. The meaning may not be very appealing, but the name definitely looks and sounds beautiful.

32. Chester

Chester is a quirky and cuddly name meaning ‘walled town’.

33. Chris

Even after ages, this diminutive of Christopher continues to have a stronghold on the baby name charts. It means ‘bearer of Christ’.

34. Christensen

One of the most beautiful and least common ‘Christ’ names, Christensen means ‘son of Christ’.

35. Clifford

The geographical name, meaning ‘ford near a slope’ came into regular usage after the 16th century.

36. Clyde

This Scottish name has a beautiful feel to it, just like the River Clyde running through Glasgow in Scotland.

37. Cooper

This English occupational name witnessed a rapid growth in 1982 and never looked back since. Cooper means ‘barrel maker’.

38. Cornelius

This traditional name comes with a long list of nickname options like Kai, Neil, Corey, and Connie. It means ‘horn’.

39. Crosby

This Irish name, meaning ‘village with crosses’ was borne by a character in “Parenthood’.

40. Cyril

Cyril is a modern variation of the Greek name Kyrillos, which means ‘lord’. It is found in the Greek Bible, referring to Jesus.

41. Damian

Damian, meaning ‘to tame’, is usually given to baby boys in Poland, France, and many other European countries.

42. Damon

This beautiful name has its namesake in Damon Salvatore, the super talented actor. Damon means ‘the one who tames’.

43. Dashiell

Dashiell is one of the hottest and most beautiful baby boy names right now. It’s the anglicized version of de Chiel, but has an unknown meaning.

44. Dawson

This is a name that was on the tip of every girl’s tongue in the 90s because of its association with the Titanic protagonist Leonardo DiCaprio. Dawson means ‘son of David’.

45. Dewey

Dewey is a variation of David

Image: Shutterstock

Dewey is the Welsh variation of David and means ‘beloved’.

46. Dmitri

Dmitri is the Russian form of the Greek name Demetrius and means ‘earth lover’.

47. Dominic

This name doesn’t just sound nice, but has a spiritual connection as well. Dominic means ‘belonging to God’.

48. Duke

Duke, meaning ‘nobleman’, could be the ideal name for your little prince.

49. Dylan

In Welsh mythology, Dylan is the name of the God associated with the sea. The name means ‘great wave’.

50. Earl

Earl isn’t just a beautiful and cute name, but also an aristocratic title. It means ‘warrior or nobleman’.

51. Ebenezer

It’s a pity that a name as beautiful as Ebenezer is not much used. Ebenezer means ‘rock or stone of help’.

52. Elias

This name is basically a derivative of Elijah, but has the potential to stand on its own. It means ‘Jehovah is God’.

53. Elijah

A religious name packed with a powerful punch, Elijah means ‘Jehovah is God’.

54. Elmer

Elmer is a charming, yet quirky name, derived from the Old English name Aedelmaer, which means ‘noble and renowned’.

55. Emilio

This name will make everyone grab your child’s chubby cheeks. It is a variation of the Latin name Aemulus and means ‘rival’.

56. Emmanuel

Another favorite, Emmanuel, means ‘God is with us’ in Latin and Hebrew language.

57. Ephraim

This traditional name is saturated with culture and history. Ephraim means ‘fruitful’.

58. Ernest

Its claim to fame is Ernest, the lead of Oscar Wilde’s “Importance of Being Earnest”, and Ernest Hemingway, the American writer. Ernest means ‘resolute’.

59. Ethan

This name hasn’t looked back ever since the 20th century. Ethan means ‘strong or firm’.

60. Evan

If you want something mellow and unique for your son, pick Evan, which means ‘God is gracious’.

protip_icon Trivia
Evan is a Welsh version of the Spanish name Juan and the English name John.

61. Felix

What could be better than having a cheerful son? Felix is a Latin name, meaning ‘happy and lucky’.

62. Finley

Finley is a Scottish royal name, which also belonged to Macbeth’s father. It means ‘white warrior’.

63. Fletcher

Fletcher is a strong name with a catchy sound. It also comes with the nickname option of Fletch. Fletcher means ‘seller of arrows’.

64. Ford

Ford is simple, beautiful, and masculine. It’s an Old English surname meaning ‘someone living near a ford’.

65. Gavin

This English name is strong, elegant, and masculine. It means ‘hawk or battle’.

66. Gilbert

This Old French name, meaning ‘shining pledge’ reached its highest point in the year 1930.

67. Graham

This sophisticated and beautiful name has begun catching up in the US. It means ‘gravelly homestead’.

68. Gray

A handsome name with a straightforward meaning – ‘the gray-haired one’.

69. Gregor

This Russian diminutive of Gregorius, meaning ‘watchful’, would make an excellent name for your son.

70. Gus

This beautiful baby boy name gained recognition via the book and movie “The Fault in Our Stars”, in which Gus was the name of the main lead. Gus means ’great’.

71. Harmon

Harmon is an Irish name with a harmonic feel. It means ‘soldier or warrior’.

72. Harvey

Harvey, the French version of Herve, was brought to England by the Normans. It means ‘battle worthy’.

73. Heathcliff

There’s something beautifully mysterious about this rare name. It means ‘heath near a cliff’.

74. Henry

Henry, royal name for baby boy

Image: Shutterstock

A favorite of the royalty centuries after centuries, Henry means ‘estate ruler’.

75. Herbert

If you want a name ending in ‘bert’ except Albert or Robert, you can consider Hebert, which means ‘bright’.

76. Homer

This ancient Greek name is now majorly associated with “The Simpsons”. Homer means ‘pledge or hostage’.

77. Hugh

This name with Germanic roots is used widely in France and the UK Hugh Jackman and Hugh Grant pushed its popularity higher in the US. Hugh means ‘mind’.

78. Hutton

Currently, Beverly Mitchell’s son would be the only Hutton in his school, but this name has the potential to catch on. It means ‘settlement’.

79. Irving

This cute baby boy name has different meanings in different countries. In Wales, it means ‘white river’ and in Irish, it means ‘handsome’.

80. Isaiah

Hebrew names are definitely on the rise now. And one of the hottest Hebrew names is Isaiah, which means ‘Yahweh is salvation’.

81. Jacob

Even after centuries of usage, the sheen of Jacob has not faded a wee bit. It means ‘supplanter’.

82. James

Classic and beautiful in the truest sense, James means ‘supplanter’.

83. Jan

Jan is the German variation of John and means ‘God is gracious’.

84. Jason

This biblical name can never lose its charm. Jason means ‘the one who cures’.

85. Jasper

Despite being unusual and unconventional, Jasper is an extremely wearable name. It’s a Persian name and means ‘treasure keeper’.

86. Jayden

If you’re confused between Jacob and Aidan, you can settle with Jayden. It is a modern invented name with unknown meaning.

87. Jesse

This charming and boyish Hebrew name for a baby boy with meaning ‘God exists’ can be a perfect choice.

88. Jett

Jett is a dynamic, no-nonsense and beautiful name, meaning ‘protection or purification’.

89. John

This strong name, with Biblical roots, meaning ‘God is gracious’, has featured in the Social Security Administration list for 40 years. And it is currently one of the top 30 contenders.

90. Joseph

In the Old Testament, Joseph was the name of the favorite son of Jacob. This name means ‘May God increase’.

91. Joshua

Joshua, meaning ‘Lord is my salvation’, ranks 33rd in the US. But it’s even more popular in Ireland, Wales, and Australia.

92. Jude

This high-spirited and dapper name also happens to be the title of a Beatles’ song. It means the ‘praised one’.

93. Larkin

It’s hard to believe that this modern variant of Lawrence, meaning ‘victory’, has been absent on the US chart lists since 1880.

94. Laurent

A beautiful name with a European flair, Laurent means ‘from Laurentum’.

95. Lawrence

Lawrence is one of those names that can never go out of style. It’s taken from the Latin name Laurentius and means ‘man from Laurentum’.

96. Lazarus

An uncommon yet beautiful Biblical name, Lazarus means ‘God is my helper’.

97. Leo

Leo means lion

Image: Shutterstock

This two-syllable name is beautiful and ferocious at the same time. As a diminutive of the Latin name Leonardo, Leo means ‘lion’.

98. Lloyd

Lloyd is originally a Welsh surname meaning ‘gray’ It is used as a nickname for someone with gray hair.

99. Logan

The real name of Wolverine means ‘little hollow or dweller at a little hollow’ in the Gaelic language.

100. Lucius

This exotic Roman name has several religious and literary associations. It means ‘light’.

101. Luke

This beautiful Biblical name has been on the rise since the advent of Luke Skywalker of “Star Wars”. It means ‘from Lucania’.

102. Lyle

Lyle is a cute, one syllable French name, meaning ‘island’. It was at its peak in the 1920s.

103. Marcello

This rhythmic name has roots in Mars, the moniker of the mythological God of War. Some opine that it’s derived from the element mas, which means ‘manly’. A bold and beautiful name, indeed.

104. Marcin

This beautiful and playful name would bring a wide grin on anyone who hears it. It is derived from the Latin name Martinus and means ‘warlike’.

105. Martin

Martin, also derived from the Roman god Mars, is shared by the patron saint of France and philanthropist Martin Luther King Junior. The name means ‘war-like’.

protip_icon Trivia
Ricky Martin, a popular bearer of this name, is a fierce advocate for children’s rights and has promoted UNICEF’s global initiatives, particularly in preventing child trafficking.

106. Marvin

Unfortunately, this name isn’t recognized for the awesomeness it harnesses. It is in the #548 spot this year. Marvin means ‘a person from Finland’.

107. Mason

If you want an attractive alternative to Jason, give a thought to Mason. This occupational name, meaning ‘stoneworker’ is a solid hit amongst parents.

108. Mauricio

Mauricio is a beautiful baby name with loads of oomph to it. It’s a variation of the Latin name Maurus and means ‘moorish’.

109. Maverick

This moniker, meaning ‘independent’ has beautifully written all over it. It also served as a call sign for Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”.

110. Mike

This small and cutest baby boy name finds its roots in Hebrew. For those attached to God, well, this name means “He who is like God”. Wonderful, isn’t it?

111. Micah

This beautiful Biblical moniker has reached the pinnacle of popularity. It means ‘one who is like the Lord’.

112. Michael

A classic name that has been a favorite with parents for centuries. This Hebrew name means ‘who is like God’.

113. Milo

Milo, meaning ‘merciful soldier’, is winsome, proper, and adorable, all at the same time.

114. Morris:

Morris is a name with a vintage charm. It means ‘dark skinned’.

115. Mortimer

This name originates from the English surname, meaning ‘still water’. Did you know Walt Disney planned to call Mickey Mouse as Mortimer Mouse?

116. Nicholas

Since this name is associated with St. Nicholas, the patron saint of kids, it would make a cool pick for an innocent baby boy. Nicholas means ‘victory of the people’.

117. Niles

If you’re expecting a twin boy and girl, you can use dignified and stately Niles for the baby boy and Elaine for the baby girl. Niles means ‘river’.

118. Noah

We love this name for the ultra-romantic character Noah from “The Notebook”. It means ‘rest or comfort’.

119. Oliver

In New Zealand and Britain, Oliver ranks on the top spot. And it’s showing signs of popularity in the US as well. Oliver means ‘olive tree’.

120. Orion

The name might be old, but it sounds fashionable, even today. Orion is a classical mythology name and means ‘rising in the sky.

121. Oscar

Oscar is derived from Old English or Old Norse name and means ‘divine spear’.

122. Payton

Your bundle of joy surely deserves a name with a regal ring. Payton is an American name, meaning ‘royal’.

123. Pharrell

Hundreds of babies were named Pharrell since the American musician and designer launched his career. Pharrell means ‘heroic’.

124. Phineas

If you’re looking for something religious and traditional for your son, pick Phineas, which means ‘the face of trust’.

125. Phoenix

Phoenix is a modern and beautiful name, meaning ‘a bird reborn from the ashes’.

126. Quentin

No matter whether your son is fifth-born or not, Quentin would make a lovely name for him. This regal name means ‘fifth’.

127. Ralph

This name has been around for thousands of years now. It means ‘wolf counsel’.

128. Reynard

Reynard is a beautiful name, sharing an association with European animal tales. Reynard means ‘powerful advice’.

129. Rhett

Rhett, best known as the male lead of “Gone with the Wind” character, has not been very popular of late. So it’s the right time to pick it for your son. Rhett means ‘fiery’.

130. Rio

In Spanish, Rio means ‘river’ and in Japanese it means ‘center’. Either way, it’s a beautiful name.

131. Robert

Robert De Niro and Robert Downey Junior have added oodles of charm to this classic name. It means ‘bright fame’.

132. Rocco

This Italian name, meaning ‘rest’ does not sound sleepy at all.

133. Ryan

This quintessential Irish name, originating from the surname O’Riain, means ‘little king’. The tinsel town also has its share of Ryans – Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, and many more.

134. Sage

Sage is a modern baby boy name

Image: IStock

Whether you define this name as a herb used in recipes and medicines or as a wise person, Sage has a modern ring to it. It means ‘intelligent’.

135. Samuel

Samuel is the name of the hugely celebrated prophet in the Old Testament and means ‘heard by God’.

136. Sasha

Sasha may not have broken into the top 1000 list of most popular baby names, but in Europe, it is used widely for boys. It means ‘defender of men’.

137. Sergei

Sergei has been a traditional Russian name for ages. It means ‘protector or shepherd’.

138. Seymour

Not very popular, but sounds melodic to the ears. Seymour means ‘marshy land near the sea’.

139. Silas

Silas, meaning ‘of the forest’, is destined to be cool, all thanks to Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake who picked this name for their son.

140. Terence

Which mom wouldn’t want her son to have a soft or tender side? Name your son Terence, which means ‘soft and tender’.

141. Theodore

If Theodore sounds too stuffy and formal to you, you can shorten it to Ted or Theo. All the options are lovely. Theodore means ‘gift of God’.

142. Tobias

A name that rose in popularity following the “Harry Potter” series, Tobias means ‘the goodness of God’.

143. Valentino

Your little Valentino is sure to charm the little princesses during the recess. Valentino means ‘healthy’.

144. Van

Van is a jazzy mid-century name all set for a comeback. It means ‘of’.

145. Vincent

This name has stood the test of time and how! Vincent takes inspiration from Latin word ‘vincere’, which means ‘to conquer’.

146. Walter

If you’re expecting a little gentleman, name him Walter, which means ‘army ruler’.

147. William

Both William and its short form Liam sound pleasant to the ears. It means ‘resolute protector’.

148. Wren

Wren is a beautiful and breezy Welsh name, meaning ‘rule’. It’s a perfect name for parents who wish to instill the love of nature in the hearts of their sons.

149. Zane

So you love the name John, but are looking for something more unusual for your son? Then how about Zane, the Hebrew version of John? Zane means ‘Gift from God’.

150. Zenith

Zenith is an uplifting word name, meaning ‘highest point’.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What factors should parents consider when choosing a cute baby boy’s name?

When choosing a cute baby boy’s name, you should consider the name’s meaning, origin, pronunciation, spelling, popularity, and its combination with the family name.

2. How important is the meaning of a cute baby boy’s name in the selection process?

The meaning of a name can be important to some parents who want to choose a name with a significant or positive meaning. However, many parents choose a name based on their sound and other aspects, such as popularity, and may not necessarily look for the meaning.

3. Do cute baby boy names have any impact on a child’s personality or future success?

While the name does not necessarily impact a child’s personality or success, it may have some implications on the child’s behavior.

4. Are there any trends or patterns in cute baby boy names that have emerged in recent years?

In recent years, the trend of choosing gender-neutral cute baby names has emerged. However, traditional cute baby boy names inspired by mythology and nature are still popular and trendy.

5. How do cultural and regional factors influence the choice of cute baby boy names?

Cultural and regional factors can influence the choice of cute baby boy names as they reflect the culture, traditions, and customs of the particular region and religion.

6. What are some common mistakes that parents make when selecting a cute baby boy’s name?

Common mistakes that parents make when selecting a name include choosing a name with difficult spelling and pronunciation, giving a too trendy, too popular or too unusual name, or a name with negative associations or offensive meanings in different languages.

7. What are some tips for parents who are struggling to choose a cute baby boy’s name?

Some tips for parents include considering the family customs and traditions, asking for opinions from friends and family, looking for popular names online, checking the aesthetic and meaning of the name, or experimenting with different words and elements.

When you welcome your baby boy for the first time, you often think about what to call him. Naming your child is a beautiful process filled with curiosity and fun. Every parent wants to select a name that is adorable and meaningful. Cute boy names, such as Caspian, Damon, Elmer, and Gus, are charming and add grace to your child’s personality. These names are also easy for people to remember and pronounce. So, go through the list of cute boys’ names and choose the one that connects with you.

Infographic: Cutest Baby Boy Names With Great Meanings

Want to give your little baby boy a cute name that goes with his personality but cannot find which name to use? We have got you! In the following infographic, we have prepared a list of the cutest baby boy names you can keep handy when exploring potential names for him. You can also share it with your friends.

names dor your adorable little prince (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • All the baby boy names have diverse cultures, origins, and meanings.
  • Ensure you choose the one that sounds good, has decent meaning, and suits the baby’s personality.
  • Many names take inspiration from nature, such as the name Niles, meaning ‘river,’ and Aquila, meaning ‘eagle.’
  • Some classic and popular baby boy names include Anthony, Henry, Gilbert, and Nicholas.

cute boy names_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Step into the realm of the most coveted baby boy names for 2022, presented in the esteemed list. Let the allure of these exquisite and unique names inspire you as you choose the perfect moniker for your little bundle of joy.
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