300+ Cute And Creative Nicknames For Chloe

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Chloe is a beautiful, feminine name that is short and sweet. Therefore, nicknames for Chloe should be nothing short of charming and appealing, reflecting the essence that the name carries. This two-syllable name is of Greek origin and is associated with meanings such as ‘green shoot,’ ‘blooming,’ or ‘fertility.’ The name ultimately stems from the Proto-Indo-European root word ‘ǵʰelh₃-,’ associated with green and yellow colors. From the early 1980s to 2022, the name has consistently ranked in the top 1000 names in the United States, increasing the demand for personalized nicknames for Chloe (1). In this post, you can find catchy, affectionate, and light-hearted nicknames that capture Chloe’s charm. Explore this list of Chloe nicknames and find one that perfectly explains the value of the bond you share with your Chloe.

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300+ Cute And Creative Nicknames For Chloe

Find below an extensive collection of adorable and inventive nicknames tailored specifically for Chloe. With such a vast array of options, finding the ideal nickname has never been easier.

Cool Nicknames For Chloe

With a direct link to Chloe in one way or the other, these aliases capture Chloe’s cool vibe. These trendy nicknames add a touch of style to Chloe’s personality, making her stand out wherever she goes.

1. BlingChloe

With an addition of the word ‘bling’ to the original name, this nickname suits Chloe, who is not afraid to stand out and dazzle everyone around her.

2. C.C

This catchy nickname is both convenient and short, making it perfect for friends or family to use when addressing someone named Chloe.

3. CelestialChloe

A nickname that is ideal for someone who carries an ethereal and otherworldly charm.

4. Chee

Meaning ‘shine or shining in Hmong,’ this name shares the ending sound with Chloe.

5. Cheree

Of French origin this name is derived from the French term ‘chéri(e)’ meaning ‘dear.’ Cheree Cassidy, an Australian actress, is a well-known individual with this name.

6. ChicChlo

For someone who is effortlessly cool and carries a chic vibe that everybody loves.

7. Chlo

A name derived by omitting the ‘e’ from Chloe. This is a catchy and cool nickname that carries a contemporary vibe.

8. Chlo-Z

With an urban vibe, this nickname is for someone who likes to keep things modern.

9. Chloa

Pronounced as KLO-ə, this is an extended version of the name Chloe.

10. ChloAria

With a soft and melodious quality, this is perfect for someone with a talent for music.

11. ChloBlaze

A fitting nickname for someone who is motivating and ignites inspiration in others.

12. ChloCascade

Suitable for a Chloe whose presence flows smoothly like a cascading waterfall.

13. Chlochella

Reflecting the fun and free-spirited vibes of the Coachella festival, this nickname fits Chloe if she’s adventurous, outgoing, and loves music festivals and good times.

14. ChloChorus

Symbolizing harmony and unity, this nickname suits a Chloe who brings people together.

15. ChloCipher

Like a hidden code waiting to be deciphered, if Chloe carries an air of mystery, then this name may suit her.

16. ChloDash

Reflecting speed and energy, this nickname suits someone who is always on the go, tackling challenges.

17. ChloDazzler

Does Chloe’s presence light up any room? Then consider this nickname for Chloe with a vibrant energy and charisma.

18. Chlodosind

Sharing the first four letters with Chloe, this German name may serve as a striking nickname. It combines the Old High German term ‘hlûd,’ meaning famous, and the Gothic term ‘sinths,’ meaning ‘path or way.’

19. Chloé

A French variant of the name Chloe, distinguished by its spelling and pronunciation. It is pronounced as KLO-EH. Chloé Paquet, a French tennis player, is a notable bearer of this name.

20. Chloë

Pronounced as KLO-ee, this name is a Dutch version of the name Chloe. It is also considered Chloe’s variant in English. Chloë Stevens Sevigny, an American actress, is a well known individual with this name.

21. ChloEcho

Suitable for a Chloe, who listens deeply and echoes wisdom in her interactions.

22. Chloeigh

Another spelling variant of the name Chloe, this name is considered rather rare and modern. Like Chloe, it carries a similar sound and feel.

23. Chloella

An extended version of Chloe with the Italian suffix -ella added to it. It might also derive from Cloelia, a form of Cloelius, a Roman name with uncertain meaning.

24. Chloelynn

Modern and rare, this American name is formed by blending Chloe with the suffix -lynn.

25. Chloesha

A modern and rare name found within English-speaking communities, possibly formed by combining Chloe with Ayesha, an Arabic name meaning ‘alive or living.’

26. Chloette

An uncommon name formed by blending Chloe with the French diminutive suffix -ette.

27. ChloGlint

If Chloe is someone who shines brightly and catches attention with every glint, then this nickname is suitable for her.

28. ChloHarbor

Ideal for a Chloe who provides comfort and support like a reliable harbor in a storm.

29. Chloi

A Greek name with a phonetic resemblance to Chloe that is a contemporary transcription of the original name.

30. ChloLuxe

Is Chloe someone with a taste for the finer things in life? If so, this nickname may be apt for her.

31. ChloNebula

Perfect for a Chloe whose personality shines, like the captivating beauty of a nebula.

32. ChloQuiver

This nickname is for a Chloe, who faces the toughest of situations with courage, like an arrow that hits the mark irrespective of the obstacles that are present on the way.

33. Chlora

A rare name that is a version of the masculine name Chlore, a French version of Chlorus, ultimately derived from the Greek word ‘khlôros’ meaning ‘pale green.’

34. ChloRipple

With a calming and gentle feel, this nickname is ideal for someone who brings a ripple of laughter with them.

35. Chloris

Nickname For Chloe Chloris

Image: Momjunction Design Team

Originating from the Greek word ‘chloros’ meaning ‘pale green,’ this name was used in Greek mythology to refer to a deity associated with vegetation. Its similarity in the first syllable and Greek roots to Chloe makes it a fitting nickname.

36. Chlorissa

An extended version of Chloris, with some influence from the name Clarissa. This name shares a similar elegance to Chloe. Additionally, it is also the name of a genus of moths.

37. ChloRouge

Like how a touch of rouge can bring a touch of freshness to a face, this nickname is the best suited for someone who makes any dull moment interesting.

38. ChloSphinx

If the Chloe you know keeps others guessing with their intriguing personality, this catchy nickname may fit her well.

39. ChloTango

Ideal for a Chloe, who navigates life with energy and rhythm, just like in a tango dance.

40. Chlotastic

It fits someone with whom every moment spent is nothing short of fantastic.

41. Chlothild

This name originates from the Old High German term ‘hlûd,’ meaning ‘famous,’ merged with the Old Norse term ‘hildr’, meaning ‘battle.’

42. Chlothsind

A name of Frankish origin, it is derived from the Frankish term ‘hroþi,’ meaning ‘glory or fame’ and the Gothic term ‘swinþs.’ In history, Chlothsind was the name of a Frankish princess who married the Lombard king Alboin and became queen consort.

43. ChloVerve

A nickname that is suitable for a Chloe, who approaches life with zest, embracing every moment with vivaciousness.

44. ChloVista

Fits someone with a visionary mindset who is always seeking new perspectives and horizons.

45. ChloVivid

For someone with a colorful personality who is always excited about something or the other.

46. ChloWander

If Chloe possesses a free-spirited and adventurous nature, then consider this catchy nickname.

47. ChloWisp

Like a gentle wisp of air, if Chloe moves through life gracefully, then consider this cool nickname for her.

48. Cho

Consisting of three letters, the name Cho is of Burmese origin and means ‘handsome, smooth, or fine.’

49. Cleo

Sharing similar letter composition and Greek origin with Chloe, this name is a diminutive derived from names like Cleon, Cleopatra, or Cleopas.

50. Cleopatra

If your Chleo carries herself like royalty and has an exotic aura just like the ancient Egyptian queen, then this nickname is perfect for her. It originates from the Greek name ‘Kleopatra’ and means ‘glory of the father.’

51. Clodagh

Derived from the name of a minor river in Ireland’s County Waterford, this Irish name shares the first syllable Chloe.

52. Clodett

A spelling variant of the name Claudette, this name is a French version of the name Claudius, which is ultimately from the Latin term ‘claudus’ meaning ‘ crippled or lame.’ If the Chloe you know is a good sport and wouldn’t mind the negative meaning and rather would find it amusing, then this name may be used in a light-hearted manner.

53. Clodia

A feminine version of the names Clodio and Clodius, this name was carried by a Vestal, a priestess dedicated to Vesta, the virgin goddess of Rome’s sacred fire.

54. Clodine

Sharing the ‘Clo’ component with Chloe, this name is Claudine’s variant, which in turn is a French form of Claude, a gender-neutral form of the name Claudius.

55. Clodomira

If you are looking for a nickname that’s catchy yet unique, then this name may intrigue you. Clodomira comes from the name Clodomiro, which ultimately stems from Chlodomer, an Old Germanic name meaning ‘ famous.’

56. Clodovea

With a nice ring to it, this name is a feminine version of the name Clodoveo, which ultimately is from the name Chlodwig, originating from the Old High German elements meaning ‘famous’ and ‘warrior.’

57. Cloe

Lacking the letter ‘h,’ this name is the Spanish and Italian variant of Chloe.

58. Cloé

Cloé is the French equivalent and Portuguese version of Chloe. A notable bearer of this name is Cloé Zoé Eyja Lacasse, a Canadian soccer player.

59. CloPhenix

Much like the mythical phoenix, it fits a Chloe who rises from challenges with grace.

60. Clorice

This rare name is speculated to be a variation of Chloris that has been influenced by the name Clarice. It shares a resemblance to Chloe in its soft, flowing sound.

61. Clorinda

Believed to have been coined by the Italian poet Torquato Tasso for a character in his poem Jerusalem Delivered, this name gained popularity in the 19th century.

62. Clotilde

French version of the Latin name Chrodechildis, derived from a Frankish name that is a combination of the terms ‘hruod,’ meaning ‘glory or fame,’ and ‘hilt,’ meaning ‘battle.’ Princess Clotilde of Savoy, a French actress born as Clotilde Marie Pascale di Savoia, is a well-known individual by this name.

63. Cloustria

Meaning ‘ear,’ this name is derived from the Gaulish term ‘clutso.’

64. Clove

The name Clove originates from the English term referring to either a piece of garlic or the dried bud of a tropical tree. Clova is another spelling variant that can also be used as a nickname for Chloe.

65. Clover

Sharing the first syllable with the name Chloe, this name can serve as a trendy nickname. It originates from the English term for a wildflower, with its roots tracing back to the Old English term ‘clafre.’

66. Clovia

This nice-sounding name may appeal to those who are looking for a special nickname. Though the meaning of the name is not clearly known, Clovia was featured in one of the longest-running comic strips of all time in the United States, ‘Gasoline Alley.’

67. Clowance

Clowance is a rare nickname that is apt for someone who is looking for something unique. This name is featured in the Poldark series, a set of historical novels penned by Winston Graham.

68. Cocoa

Possibly derived from Coco or the English term for the cocoa bean, this name is considered uncommon, thus making it an apt choice as a cool and unique nickname.

69. Colee

A short form used for the name Nicole, which comes from the Greek name Nicholas meaning ‘victory of the people.’

70. DazzleLo

Every time you see Chloe, do you keep wondering how a person can be so awesome? Let her know by using this nickname.

71. Demeter

Demeter is a name associated with an Olympian goddess of agriculture in Greek mythology (2). Chloe was used as an epithet for Demeter. This connection makes it a trendy option as a nickname.

72. DivaChloe

If Chloe has a diva’s energy and superstar attitude, then this nickname says it all.

73. DollyChloe

Is Chloey cute, sassy, and always camera-ready? Then consider this nickname for her.

74. Echo Loey

With a voice that resonates with those around them, this name is perfect for a clear-headed Chloe who knows what to do and when.

75. Euanthe

This name originates from Greek roots as Chloe and carries a similar meaning, ‘blooming.’ While people might not immediately understand why someone would choose this nickname, it may spark interesting conversations.

76. FlashChloe

For a Chloe who does everything that piques her interest in lightning speed with style.

77. Florens

A unisex Roman name that connotes the same as Chloe, meaning ‘blooming.’ This connection might make this an unconventional yet cool nickname for someone named Chloe. The name is also associated with meanings such as ‘flourishing and prosperous.’

78. Frezer

Of Amharic origin, this name shares the same meaning as Chloe, which is ‘fertile.’

79. GlamLo

If she’s the kind of person who is always on point with her fashion game, then this nickname may suit her well.

80. GlamoLolo

For the queen of sparkle and glam who turns heads without even trying.

81. GroovyChloe

A nickname that fits like a glove for an ultimate vibe queen.

82. Khlo

Derived by slightly modifying Kloe, Cloe’s spelling variant, this nickname is apt for those seeking a fresh alternative to the original name.

83. Khloe

A spelling variant of the name Chloe, this specific version gained fame through the TV personality Khloé Kardashian.

84. Khloee

With an additional ‘e’ at the end, this name is a stylized form of the name Khloe. It is considered a rare variant of Chloe.

85. Khloei

A variant of Chloe that is used amongst the American population. Additionally, the ‘ei’ ending gives it a modern and trendy feel. Chloei is another form of this name that can be used as a nickname for Chloe.

86. Khloey

A modern take on the name Chloe, this name, with a slight spelling modification, brings a sense of individuality.

87. Khloya

A Russian variant of the name Chloe, this name was featured in the title of a 1993 Russian movie, ‘Dafnis i Khloya,’ where Khloya was the name of one of the main characters.

protip_icon Quick tip
If you’re fond of Russian names, Hloya and Chloja are two alternative forms of Khloya that make great nicknames.

88. Klee

Meaning ‘clover,’ this name comes from the German term ‘klee.’ A fictional character with this name is featured in Genshin Impact, a video game launched in 2020.

89. Lee

Nickname For Chloe Lee

Image: Momjunction Design Team

Meaning ‘clearing or meadow,’ this gender-neutral name originated from a surname that’s derived from ‘leah,’ an Old English term. As per another source, it is derived from the English word ‘lee’ and is associated with meanings such as ‘ protection, sanctuary, or haven.’

90. Lola

A charming name that is prominently used as a Spanish short form of the name Dolores, meaning ‘sorrows.’ Additionally, Lola also means ‘tulip’ in Uzbek and ‘heaven’ in Lingala.

91. MysticChlo

Ideal for someone with a deep and mysterious aura or someone who is in touch with their spiritual side.

92. Naroa

A name that originates from Basque, meaning ‘abundant’ or ‘fertile.’ It may be used as a nickname for Chloe due to its shared meaning of fertility.

93. Oly

A unisex name that is considered a diminutive of the name Oliver, which is associated with an olive tree. Composed of just three letters, this single-syllable name shares a similar cool vibe with Chloe, making it a stylish option for a nickname.

94. Pizzazz Chloe

Bringing the party wherever she goes; if Chloe is the source of energy for all the gatherings, then this nickname is apt for her.

95. Rasma

This Latvian name signifies ‘fertility,’ just like Chloe. It also means ‘fruitfulness’ in Latvian.

96. Rebel Lo

Edgy and rebellious, this nickname is for someone with a fearless attitude and a willingness to challenge norms.

97. River Chlo

For someone who is never stuck in one place for too long, constantly moving, just like a river.

98. Rodica

Rodica is a name with a similar meaning to Chloe, as it also signifies fertility. It originates from the Slavic word ‘rod.’

99. ShimmerLo

If she’s got that subtle sparkle that catches your eye all day, every day, then this is a nickname that perfectly captures her glow.

100. StarletLo

For Chloe who is nothing short of a Hollywood star and is born to shine on the big stage.

101. StyleLo

If she’s the fashion icon that everyone goes to for seeking fashion advice, then this nickname is ideal for the style guru that she is.

102. StylishLo

For Chloe who has a strong fashion game going, always.

103. Thallo

Thallo, much like Chloe, has Greek origins and signifies ‘blooming’ or ‘green shoots of new plants,’ thus making it a charming nickname for Chloe.

protip_icon Trivia
In Greek mythology, the name Thallo belonged to one of the Horai goddesses known for bestowing prosperity upon young and budding shoots of plants. Thallo is known as the Hora of Spring (4).

104. TrendChloe

From fashion to popular culture, if Chloe is up to date about all the current trends on demand, then this nickname is for her.

105. Tsetsegt

Wondering how this name is connected to Chloe? This Mongolian name means ‘blooming,’ similar to Chloe. This connection makes it a unique and catchy nickname for Chloe. Additionally, it also means ‘floral or flowery’ in Mongolian.

106. VelvetLo

Like the smooth texture of velvet, this Chloe moves through life with style.

107. Viridis

Associated with the color green and meaning ’blooming,’ among other meanings, this name shares a few similarities to Chloe.

108. Vortex Coco

It’s for someone who’s always in motion, drawing others into their whirlwind of activity.

109. Zazi

Akin to Chloe in meaning ‘fertile,’ this name is of Swahili origin. Its association with fertility makes it a charming nickname option for Chloe.

110. Zoe

Meaning ‘life’ this name originates from the Greek language (3). Its phonetic similarity to Chloe and the shared Greek origin makes it an excellent choice for a cool nickname for Chloe.

Cute Nicknames For Chloe

Find adorable names that match Chloe’s charm. These cute options add a lovely touch to your bond, making moments with Chloe more special.

111. C-bear

Short and sweet, this nickname adds a cuddly touch to Chloe.

112. Cece

Carrying a sweet vibe, this affectionate name is used as a short form of names like Cecilia. An American genetic genealogist named Cece Moore is a notable bearer of this name.

113. Ceecee

A variant of the name Cici, which is typically used as a short form for names starting with or including ‘Ci.’ In Taiwanese, ‘Cici’ also means ‘heart of music or ‘child of music.’

114. Cherrylee

This variant of Cherylee, sharing the ‘ee’ sound with Chloe, makes a cute and affectionate nickname. This name is derived from the word ‘cherry.’

115. Chlo-Bee

Chlo-Bee is likely someone who values connection and community, with a heart as sweet as honey.

116. Chlo-Bunny

Fitting for someone who’s cute and energetic just like a little bunny who hops around.

117. Chlo-Cakes

Just like how cakes are used to celebrate joyous occasions in life, big or small, this name is for a Chloe, who is there with you in all your happy moments.

118. Chlo-Chlo

With a friendly repetition of the name Chlo, this name is endearing and easy to remember. It suits someone with a bubbly and outgoing personality.

119. Chlo-Feathers

It’s suitable for someone who’s as delicate as a soft feather.

120. Chlo-kins

An addition of the suffix “-kins” to the name Chlo renders it an affectionate nickname. It’s great for someone who’s cute and lovable.

121. Chlo-Pie

A name that suits a person who reminds one of the warmth and comfort of a freshly baked pie.

122. ChloAdore

Reflects a loving and affectionate nature, perfect for someone who is deeply caring and adoring towards others.

123. ChloAngel

A nickname that fits an angelic Chloe who is kind-hearted and pure.

124. ChloBabe

This cute nickname is perfect for someone with a confident and appealing personality, much like a ‘babe’ would.

125. ChloBard

With a knack for storytelling, Chloe, with this nickname, enchants those around her.

126. ChloBear

This nickname fits someone who is as adorable as a cute and cuddly teddy bear.

127. ChloBelle

With a touch of Southern charm, this nickname is perfect for Chloe, whose charming personality sets her apart from others.

128. Chlobird

A nickname that brings to mind an image of a free bird flying in the endless sky. This nickname suits someone who is carefree, chirpy and loves to explore new horizons.

Chloé Lukasiak, an American reality TV personality, shares how she got the name Chlobird. She says, “I got that name just because I was younger, and my dad called me ‘Chlobird’ because I was pretty little and just like a bird, I guess. But it’s my family nickname, and it’s kind of caught on, and a lot of people call me Chlobird, which is a little awkward, but I have gotten used to it (i).”

129. ChloBlossom

Paired with Blossom, this nickname is ideal for someone who brings freshness and brightness wherever they go.

130. ChloBoo

This nickname has a sweet and affectionate feel, similar to ‘boo,’ which is often used as a term of endearment.

131. ChloBug

Comparing Chloe to a tiny little bug, this name may suit someone who’s always buzzing with excitement.

132. ChloCharm

Use this nickname to show that Chloe’s charming personality is what you find the most beautiful.

133. Chlochirp

For Chloe whose laughter is as infectious and cheerful as a chirping bird.

134. Chlocinnamon

Ideal for a Chloe who adds a touch of warmth and sweetness to your life, just like cinnamon.

135. ChloDoll

A suitable nickname for a person who is adorable and perhaps has a doll-like innocence and beauty.

136. ChloDream

It’s fitting for a Chloe, who is always chasing her dreams and inspiring others to do the same.

137. Chloeberry

If Chloe’s sweetness is as irresistible as a ripe berry, this nickname is a perfect match.

138. Chloebubble

If Chloe’s presence feels light and airy, like floating on a bubble of happiness and joy.

139. Chloebubblebee

For a Chloe who’s as energetic and bubbly as a busy bee.

140. Chloedelight

When Chloe’s company brings you immense joy and happiness.

141. Chloedimple

When Chloe’s smile lights up her face, showcasing adorable dimples that are impossible to resist.

142. Chloegiggles

If Chloe’s laughter is infectious and brings smiles to everyone around her, this nickname may be used for her.

143. Chloeglitter

For a Chloe who brings sparkle and shine to your life, making every moment feel magical.

144. ChloElegance

Reflecting elegance, this name is fitting for someone who carries themselves with poise and style.

145. Chloelush

For a Chloe whose presence feels luxurious and rich, like sinking into a plush pillow.

146. Chloemarshmallow

If Chloe’s soft and squishy like a marshmallow, this nickname captures her cuddly nature.

147. Chloenectar

For a Chloe who’s as sweet and refreshing as the nectar of a flower.

148. Chloesweetheart

When Chloe’s kindness and affection make her the sweetheart of your life.

149. Chloezzle

If Chloe’s known for her love of snuggling, Chloezzle would fit her snugly.

150. Chlofetti

For Chloe who’s always sprinkling joy wherever she goes.

151. Chloflicker

Reserved for a Chloe whose presence flickers with warmth and positivity like a gentle flame.

152. ChloFlutter

This nickname brings to mind the light and airy movement of butterflies fluttering about.

153. ChloGem

Combining Chlo and Gem, this nickname suggests that the person is precious and valuable, like a gemstone.

154. ChloGlow

Does the Chloe you know radiate happiness and positivity? If so, this nickname is for such a person who lights up a room with their presence.

155. ChloGrace

It’s a fitting nickname for someone who carries themselves with dignity and kindness.

156. ChloHarmony

If Chloe is an expert in creating unity and understanding, then this sweet nickname may suit her well.

157. ChloHeart

This is for Chloe who has a big heart, full of love, compassion, and empathy.

158. ChloHoney

A cute nickname for someone sweet and affectionate, like honey.

159. Chloie

This affectionate name, sharing a similar sound to the original name, is a rare variant of Chloe.

160. ChloJoy

A great fit for someone who brings joy and laughter into the lives of those around them.

161. Chlolight

For Chloe who brightens up your day with her positivity and radiant smile.

162. Chlolilac

Carrying the sweet scent of lilacs, this is for a Chloe with a calm personality.

163. Chlolily

For a Chloe who’s as elegant and beautiful as a lily flower, this nickname is a classy option.

164. ChloLove

A nickname that can be used for someone who radiates love or to symbolize the love you feel for Chloe.

165. ChloLull

This nickname is perfect for Chloe who has a soothing presence that puts others at ease.

166. ChloLullaby

If being with Chloe brings comfort and peace to you, just like a lullaby, then this name may fit her well.

167. ChloLuna

Just like the moon, this nickname suggests a Chloe who is mysterious.

168. ChloMagic

Perfect for someone who brings a sense of wonder and has a magical way of making things better.

169. ChloMoon

Just as the moon lights up the night sky if Chloe is your guiding light, this nickname is perfect for her.

170. ChloRadiance

If Chloe is the owner of a glowing personality, this name filled with positivity is an ideal choice.

171. ChloSerenade

Just like how a serenade is used as a means to complement a loved one, use this nickname to show your endless love for Chloe.

172. ChloSpark

A great nickname for someone full of energy and enthusiasm at any time of the day.

173. ChloSparkle

An affectionate nickname that’s ideal for someone who adds a bit of sparkle to people’s lives.

174. ChloStar

This nickname is fitting for someone who stands out from the crowd, just like a bright and shiny star.

175. ChloSun

Ideal for someone with a sunny disposition, this name carries a sense of radiance.

176. ChloSunshine

Perfect for someone with a bright and cheerful personality, just like sunshine.

177. ChloSweet

If the Chloe you know is someone who brings sweetness to others’ lives, then this name is apt for her.

178. Chloveliness

For a Chloe whose loveliness is unmatched, inside and out.

179. ChloTwirl

If Chloe is always dancing through life with a smile on her face, this nickname may be apt for her.

180. ChloWonders

If the Chloe you know is nothing less of a wonder, then this nickname is ideal for her.

181. Chlozenith

If Chloe is the peak of your happiness and joy, this nickname reflects her importance in your life.

182. Choey

With the addition of ‘ey’ to the name Cho, this lovely name has a cheerful sound to it. The meaning of this name is uncertain, but in Thai, the term ‘choey’ means ‘staying still or idle.’

183. Clo

Shortened from Niclo, an alternative spelling of Niclò, this name is speculated to be from the name Niculò, the meaning of which is unknown.

184. Clobster

A cute combination of Chloe and lobster, this nickname could be for someone whom you are meant to be with forever.

185. CloPetal

Much like a petal, Chloe, with this nickname, might be seen as a person who brings beauty to those around her.

186. Clora

This is a short and sweet name that shares phonetic similarities and origin with Chloe. It is considered a variant of Clori, an Italian version of the Greek name Chloris, meaning ‘pale green.’ Additionally, it is also used as a short form of the name Clorinda.

protip_icon Quick tip
Clorene, Clorine, Clora, and Clori are all wonderful nickname options for the name Chloe, and they are interlinked with each other.

187. Clota

A concise and charming name with Celtic origins, this was the name of the goddess of the River Clyde. The exact meaning of this name remains unclear.

188. Clotee

Ending in ‘tee,’ this name can be considered an affectionate nickname for Chloe. Possibly derived from Clotilde, this name was featured in the 1997 children’s historical novel ‘A Picture of Freedom: The Diary of Clotee, a Slave Girl.’

189. Clowie

A contemporary and uncommon variation of Chloe, which is pronounced as Klowie.

190. Co

Pronounced as KO, this short and sweet name is used as a diminutive of names such as Jacobus and Jacob. It is also used as a surname in the Philippines.

191. Coco

Used as both a given name and surname, this name makes a captivating nickname for Chloe. It is used as a short form of names that begin with ‘Co.’

192. Cocobun

This nickname is adorable and comforting. and is perfect for someone who’s sweet and nurturing.

193. Cocomelon

Combining a common nickname of Chloe with the sweetness of a juicy watermelon, this nickname is endearing, bubbly, and fun.

194. Coey

Meaning ‘timid or shy,’ this sweet name comes from the Old French term ‘coi.’ The name is also used as a surname.

195. Coo

Just like the gentle coos of a little one, this name evokes a sense of warmth and affection.

196. Coo Coo

A cute nickname that oozes affection, this has been used by notable individuals like Calvin Bellamy, an American rapper, and Clifton Burton Marlin, a NASCAR driver.

197. Klotho

Of Greek origin, this name means ‘spinner.’ In Greek mythology, Klotho was one of one of the Fates who was tasked with spinning the thread of life. Similar to Chloe, both names have Greek origins. A combination of two syllables ending in an ‘o’ gives this name a cute vibe.

198. Ko

Sweet and short, this cute name is of multiple origins. It is used as a diminutive of Jakob in Dutch. In Japanese, it comes from the term ‘ko,’ meaning ‘amber,’ or may also be from similar-sounding kanji characters. It is also used as a surname and is seen as a Min Nan and Cantonese representation of Gao, a Chinese name meaning ‘high or tall.’

199. Koko

Nickname For Chloe Koko

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Meaning ‘blue’ in Mongolian, and ‘cute’ in Pashto, this name is indeed cute. It is also considered a unisex name in Japanese and Efik.

200. Lo

A shortened version of names that start with ‘Lo,’ many famous individuals have born this name. Lauren Ogilvie Bosworth, an American reality television personality, is popularly known by the nickname Lo.

201. Loeiza

Starting with the latter part of the name Chloe, this name is a Breton version of the popular name Louise, which ultimately comes from Hludwig, a Germanic name meaning ‘famous in battle.’ Despite its strong meaning, the addition of ‘iza’ at the end adds a gentle and affectionate touch to the name.

202. Loes

Used prominently as a diminutive of the name Lodewijk, this name may make a cute nickname for Chloe, as both share the ‘loe’ component. Lodewijk is the Dutch version of the name Ludwig, which means ‘famous in battle.’

203. Loet

A charming and concise name beginning with the latter portion of Chloe, this name means ‘excellent’ in Thai.

204. Loeva

A form of the name Loevan, this name ultimately comes from the name Laouenan, derived from the Breton term ‘ laouen’ meaning ‘joyful.’ This name, with a positive connotation and spelling resembling the word ‘love,’ may be considered a symbol of affection and warmth.

205. Loey

Sharing the same rhythm as Chloe, this name differs in just a few letters. It is a short and sweet name, and its simplicity makes it easy to remember. It is speculated to be of English origin and means ‘beloved or courageous.’ It is also considered a gender-neutral name in Khmer.

206. Lolo

A multicultural name that is commonly used as a diminutive of names such as Laura and Lorraine in English and Manuel in Spanish. Additionally, in Filipino, it also means ‘grandfather.’

207. Meadow Chloe

Picture your little Chloe skipping through life with a basket of daisies and a smile that could brighten even the gloomiest of days.

208. Sky Chloe

For your little princess who’s always reaching for the stars. Let this nickname serve as an inspiration and teach her that there are no limits when she sets her sights high.

209. Softie Chloe

If you have never seen Chloe lose her cool even in the face of most tense situations, then this nickname is ideal to appreciate her serene demeanor.

Funny Nicknames For Chloe

Explore amusing options such as Chlozilla and Chlo-medy Queen for a good laugh with Chloe. These humorous nicknames for the name Chloe bring fun and light-heartedness to your interactions with her.

210. Artist Clo

For Chloe, who’s always got a paintbrush in hand and is busy planning her next masterpiece.

211. C. C. C (Chloe the Cheerful Chameleon)

Like a chameleon changing colors, Chloe’s mood can shift from silly to serious in the blink of an eye.

212. Chef Chlo

Does Chloe create magic in the kitchen? Even with bare minimum ingredients? Then, use this nickname to appreciate her culinary talents.

213. Chlo-bal Warming

Does Chloe’s presence have a warming effect on you, even the chilliest of days? This nickname is just right for her.

214. Chlo-Bite

Combination of her name with a term that aptly describes her love for tasty treats.

215. Chlo-bot

For the times when Chloe’s efficiency and precision make you wonder if she’s secretly a robot.

216. Chlo-caine

This Chloe is always buzzing with energy like she’s had one too many cups of coffee.

217. Chlo-coholic

For Chloe who is always the life of the party with a drink in hand.

218. Chlo-collate

Chlo-collate is the perfect nickname for a Chloe with a sweet tooth.

219. Chlo-conut

Whether she’s a little nutty or just loves coconuts, this playful nickname highlights Chloe’s fun-loving nature.

220. Chlo-copter

Always hovering around the action, this nickname perfectly depicts Chloe’s ability to elevate any situation.

221. Chlo-cumber

Ideal for someone who is as cool as a cucumber.

222. Chlo-dacious

Bold and fearless, Chlo-dacious is the perfect nickname for the Chloe, who lives life to the fullest.

223. Chlo-gical

For a Chloe, whose logic seems to defy all reasoning.

224. Chlo-gnificent

Acknowledge Chloe’s awesomeness by using this nickname that fits well for the Chloe, who is simply magnificent in every way.

225. Chlo-gyver

Is Chloe always finding creative solutions to everyday problems? Celebrate her resourcefulness with this nickname.

226. Chlo-hoho

An ideal nickname for Chloe who’s always ready with a joke or a witty remark.

227. Chlo-latte

Perfect nickname for Chloe, who loves her caffeine fix, Chlo-latte is a fitting moniker.

228. Chlo-lution

Suitable for Chloe who always has a solution to every problem, no matter how big or small.

229. Chlo-madillo

This nickname is perfect for the resilient Chloe, who’s always ready to tackle whatever life throws her way.

230. Chlo-magnet

For Chloe who always seems to attract attention, whether it’s intentional or not.

231. Chlo-magnon

Maybe this Chloe has got a wild side, or perhaps she’s just a bit quirky.

232. Chlo-mance

Is Chloe the queen of romance? This nickname is perfect for a girl with a big heart.

233. Chlo-matic

For a Chloe who’s always on point, Chlo-matic is just perfect.

234. Chlo-mazing

Be it topping an exam or rocking a cool hairstyle, this nickname celebrates her awesomeness.

235. Chlo-medy Queen

Always ready with a witty comeback or a hilarious story, this comedy queen keeps spreading joy to all her subjects.

236. Chlo-merang

Like a boomerang, Chloe always comes back stronger and more determined than ever.

237. Chlo-metry

Whether she’s measuring up to expectations or just has a knack for precision, this nickname celebrates Chloe’s attention to detail.

238. Chlo-mpact

For Chloe who always leaves a lasting impression.

239. Chlo-nado

Just like a tornado, With Chlo-nado around, you can expect some wild and unpredictable adventures.

240. Chlo-nfire

Igniting the flames of fun wherever she goes, it is perfect for a Chloe whose demeanor warms the soul.

241. Chlo-nicorn

For Chloe who is as magical as a unicorn.

242. Chlo-nkey

Is the Chloe you know mischievous and always keeps monkeying around? Then she deserves this nickname.

243. Chlo-nster

For a lovable yet mischievous Chloe, whose antics are sometimes monstrous, but yet laugh-inducing.

244. Chlo-nut

Chlo-nut is the perfect fit for the girl who’s as delightful as a glazed donut or for someone who sticks like peanut butter.

245. Chlo-overload

For Chloe who always takes on too much yet somehow manages to pull off the impossible.

246. Chlo-patra

Like the legendary queen, this Chloe has a majestic presence and a diva-like vibe.

247. Chlo-phant

Does Chloe have a memory like an elephant, never forgetting a thing? This nickname is perfect for the girl with a knack for remembering everything.

248. Chlo-pinion

When Chloe’s around, you know you can always count on her honest and insightful opinions.

249. Chlo-pocalypse

Chlo-pocalypse is the perfect nickname for the girl who always keeps you on your toes.

250. Chlo-potato

Perfect for Chloe who loves her comfort and cozy moments, just like a warm potato fresh out of the oven.

251. Chlo-pstick

Like chopsticks, this Chloe can pick up any situation with ease.

252. Chlo-rama

For a Chloe whose life is like a dramatic TV serial.

253. Chlo-Rex

If your little one is a dinosaur fan and finds them super fascinating, Chlo-Rex is the perfect nickname for her.

254. Chlo-rida

Whether she’s dreaming of a beach vacation or just bringing a ray of sunshine into everyone’s day, this name suits her sunny personality perfectly.

255. Chlo-riffic

Everything Chloe does is terrific, so why not celebrate her fabulousness with this playful nickname?

256. Chlo-saurus Rex

This nickname is perfect for Chloe because just like the mighty T-Rex, she’s got a presence that’s hard to miss.

257. Chlo-tato

Reserved for Chloe who loves her couch time a little too much.

258. Chlo-velous

For Chloe who is simply marvelous in every way.

259. Chlo-zart

Musically talented, this Chloe is the owner of a creative soul.

260. Chloam

For Chloe who’s as glamorous as they come, with a wardrobe full of designer clothes, Chloam is the nickname that fits like a glove.

261. Chlobro

Is your friend Chloe more like one of the guys, always down for a night of video games? Chlobro is the perfect nickname for her.

262. Chloca-Cola

Is Chloe always bubbly and full of energy, like a refreshing soda pop? Chloca-Cola is the perfect nickname for her.

263. ChloChisel

ChloChisel knows how to carve out good times with precision.

264. Chlocone

Whether Chloe’s always in pursuit of the last cookie in the jar or she’s just a sweet lover, Chlocone fits her like a perfectly baked treat.

265. ChloCraze

ChloCraze is the perfect nickname for Chloe with a unique brand of craziness that makes her so lovable.

266. Chloctopus

Does Chloe have a talent for multitasking that rivals even the most skilled cephalopods? If so, Chloctopus is the perfect nickname for her.

267. Chloe of the Rings

If Chloe were in the Lord of the Rings, she’d be the one bearer of the One Ring, just because it’s shiny and looks cool.

268. Chloe Potter

Nickname For Chloe Chloe Potter

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If Chloe were a wizard, she’d be more interested in experimenting with spells in the kitchen than saving the world from dark wizards.

269. Chloe Skywalker

In a galaxy far, far away, Chloe’s the Jedi knight with a lightsaber in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other.

270. Chloe-rophyll

Chloe-rophyll is a nickname that highlights Chloe’s connection to nature.

271. Chloebacca

Chloebacca is the ideal nickname for Chloe, who has a love for all things furry, just like everyone’s favorite Wookiee from the Star Wars universe.

272. ChloEnigma

Having a hard time trying to figure out what is going on in Chloe’s head? ChloEnigma is the perfect nickname for a mysterious Chloe.

273. Chloetoon

Just like the characters in our favorite cartoons, Chloetoon has a knack for turning everyday situations into fun-filled adventures.

274. ChloFable

Every group has a Chloe who can spin a tale out of thin air. If the Chloe you know has the talent to make any story interesting, choose this nickname for her.

275. Chlolapalooza

Do you count on Chloe to turn the most mundane events into a party? If so, Chlolapalooza is a nickname that captures her infectious energy.

276. Chloless

This Chloe nickname is a lighthearted nod to her laid-back attitude and easygoing nature.

277. Chlolli-pop

Sweet, colorful, and impossible to resist, just like Chloe herself.

278. Chlomaniac

Does Chloe have a wild side? Is she always the life of the party, dancing like nobody’s watching? If so, Chlomaniac is the ideal tag for this party-loving gal.

279. Chlomedy

If Chloe’s the queen of one-liners or funny come-backs, then Chlomedy is the perfect nickname to celebrate her humor.

280. Chlomingo

A name with everyone’s favorite pink bird in it this can be used for a Chloe, who is in love with the color pink.

281. Chlosaurus

Is Chloe a bit of a dinosaur enthusiast? Chlosaurus is the perfect moniker for this prehistoric princess.

282. Chloster

If your friend Chloe is as organized as they come, then Chloster is the nickname for her.

283. Chlotron

A nickname acknowledging Chloe’s magnetic personality.

284. Chlovid

For Chloe, who’s always got a camera in hand, capturing every moment of her life for her vlog or Instagram feed, Chlovid is the perfect nickname.

285. Chlozilla

For a Chloe, who might be known for her larger-than-life presence and is always ready to conquer the world.

286. ChloZing

Whether it’s fashion or just finding the perfect spot to nap, ChloZing knows how to style it out.

287. CloFrost

For Chloe who keeps her chill, even when everyone else is melting under pressure.

288. CloNova

Consider this nickname for Chloe if she’s the first to try out new things.

289. CloPulse

This nickname is for Chloe, who’s always buzzing with excitement that never seems to fade.

290. CloQuake

CloQuake is for Chloe, who brings earthquakes of laughter wherever she goes.

291. CloQuill

CloQuill is for Chloe, who can turn any boring task into a doodle masterpiece.

292. Clown

If Chloe has a knack for bringing laughter wherever she goes, Clown is the perfect nickname for her.

293. CloZephyr

CloZephyr is perfect for the girl who goes where the wind takes her.

294. CloZest

For Chloe, who’s as close as can be to her friends and loved ones, CloZest is a fitting nickname.

295. Custard-Lo

For the dessert queen, who has a difficult time sharing her most favorite custard with anyone.

296. Explorer Loey

For the one who is always up for a hike, a road trip, irrespective of what time, day, or month it is.

297. Gamer Chloe

If all Chloe can do is talk about games and the gaming world, and if she always has a controller glued to her hands, then this name is an excellent choice.

298. Jet Chloe

A trendy nickname that’s excellent for someone who moves fast and has a knack for doing things in a jiffy.

299. Oldchloie

It is an ideal nickname for Chloe, who has an old soul and a love for all things vintage.

300. Rocker Lo

She’s the one who can headbang with such force that people get truly rocked.

301. Stone Lo

A nature-inspired nickname that hints at a Chloe who’s as solid as a rock but with an excellent sense of humor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any gender-neutral nicknames for Chloe?

Cho (Burmese), Loey (Khmer; English), and Lolo (English) are some nicknames of Chloe that fit any gender.

2. Are there any famous personalities named Chloe, and what are their nicknames?

A few notable individuals with the name Chloe include a Scottish singer professionally recognized as Kloe and Chloé Elizabeth Lukasiak, an American reality TV personality who goes by the nickname Chlobird.

From famous figures and fictional characters to songs and movie titles, Chloe is a name widely present in popular culture. Its popularity makes it a sought-after name. Finding a nickname for Chloe that suits the person’s personality is like finding a custom-made piece of clothing tailored specifically for them. Nicknames serve not only as a playful addition to a name but also as a reflection of the connection shared between individuals. Whether it’s quirky, cool, or cute, the right nickname for Chloe can create lasting memories to cherish.

Key Pointers

  • Chlo, Coco, Lolo, and Loey are a few commonly used nicknames for Chloe.
  • Cute nicknames for Chloe, such as Coco, Coey, and ChloBear, perfectly capture the warmth and affection felt for Chloe.
  • Bring a playful vibe to your relationship with Chloey’s funny nicknames like Chlozilla, Cloctopus, and Chloe Potter.

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