400+ Cute And Funny Nicknames For Brother

Many people look for suitable nicknames for brothers depending on their characteristics and behavior. Brothers are lovable and always have our back. But, they are also the ones who irritate you the most. You may give many nicknames to your brother based on your mood. For example, you may call him ‘sweetie pie’ when he melts your heart with your sweet behavior or ‘grumpy’ when he irritates you. However, always use nicknames that he loves. Plunge into this post for some interesting and unique nicknames for a brother.

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Cute Nicknames For Brother

  1. Baby Brother: If your brother is younger to you by a few years
  2. Bumblebee: If your brother is always buzzing with energy
  3. Bruh: A cool name for a super cool bro
  4. Captain: When he takes charge and leads the way on family outings
  5. Chipmunk: For a brother who has chubby cheeks that you like to pull
  6. Choco chip: For a brother with a sweet tooth
  7. Duckling: In case your brother always follows you around
  8. Champ: Suitable for a sporty brother
  9. Espresso: Suitable for the brother who can’t start his day without coffee
  10. Zippy: If he is energetic
  11. Frodo: If he’s a fan of “The Lord of the Rings” series
  12. Honey: If he is always sweet
  13. Giggly wiggly: When he can’t stop laughing
  14. Handsome: For a good-looking brother
  15. Jigsaw: If he’s great at solving puzzles
  16. Romeo: If your brother has many girlfriends
  17. Knight: For a protective older brother
  18. Bro: A short yet stylish name
  19. Duke: If he has a noble demeanor
  20. Swagger: For a confident brother, or if you are proud of his achievements.
  21. Nemo: When he’s always getting lost in thought
  22. Tiger: When he is furious or if he roars on top of his voice
  23. Peanuts: Perfect for a brother who’s a little nutty
  24. Yoda: For your wise little brother.
  25. Quicksilver: When he’s incredibly fast at everything he does
  26. Rockstar: If he plays the best music, or if he is a singer
  27. Peachy: If your brother has a fair or clear skin
  28. S’mores: For a brother who’s always up for a camping trip
  29. Sunshine: When your brother brings happiness to your life
  30. Bobby: For your chubby or adorable brother
  31. Unicorn: When he’s unique and special
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  1. Dork: In case he is a studious boy or a nerd
  2. Whiz kid: If he’s a genius in academics and sports
  3. Hitman: If he likes action movies or if he is a fighter
  4. Xylophone: For a music enthusiast
  5. Daredevil: Suitable for a brother who likes to take risks
  6. Yeti: For a brother who’s a bit mysterious
  7. Prince: For a charming brother or when he looks majestic when dressed up
  8. Zoomer: When he’s always on the move
  9. Sugar: If your brother is sweet
  10. Breezy: For a brother with a relaxed attitude
  11. Goofy: If your brother has crooked front teeth or tells corny jokes
  12. Caramel: If he’s too sweet to handle
  13. Egghead: Can be used in a playful way if your brother is a smart boy
  14. Daring Dave: Suitable for a brother who’s always up for adventure
  15. Stasi: In case your brother likes spying
  16. Firefly: For a brother who lights up your life
  17. Brainiac: If he is an intelligent fellow
  18. Grizzly: When he has a bear-like, strong personality
  19. Marshmallow: Suitable if your brother is sweet or if he looks fluffy
  20. Huckleberry: Perfect for an adventurous spirit
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  1. Sasquatch: For a wild or hairy brother
  2. Ice cream: For a brother with a soft and sweet heart
  3. Munchkin: If you think your little brother is cute
  4. Jellyfish: When he’s a bit wobbly on his feet
  5. Tyke: In case your brother is cheeky or mischievous
  6. Koala: For a brother who loves to cuddle
  7. Muffin: For your sweet brother who is younger than you
  8. Robin: A playful nickname for your favorite brother
  9. Moonlight: When he’s brightens your darkest nights
  10. Crybaby: In case your brother cries, whines or complains a lot
  11. Nutmeg: For a brother with a warm and spicy personality
  12. Smiley: Suitable nickname for your happy brother
  13. Ocean eyes: If he has captivating eyes like the sea
  14. Bitsy: For you tiny little brother
  15. Pegasus: When he’s your mythological hero
  16. Buttercup: When your brother is super cute
  17. Quasar: Suitable for a brother who loves astronomy
  18. Big bear: Ideal for your big brother who is often grumpy
  19. Evil twin: For your twin brother who is always annoying
  20. Starshine: For a brother who shines even in the most challenging times
  21. Cutie pie: For an adorable brother
  22. Tornado: When he’s full of energy and always in motion
  23. Chief: In case your brother is bossy, suitable for an elder brother
  24. Umbrella: Suitable for a protective older brother
  25. Rambo: For someone who fights a lot
  26. Vanilla: If he’s classic and timeless
  27. Cuddles: When you always want to hug your brother
  28. Waffle: For a brother who’s as delightful as breakfast
  29. Shrimp: Ideal for a short person
  30. Pancake: For a brother who loves pancakes or has a round face
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  1. Charming: If your brother has a pleasant personality
  2. Giggleosaurus: If he’s known for his infectious laughter
  3. Fox: For a clever and sneaky brother
  4. Zany: For a brother with an eccentric personality
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Call him Knuckles if he practices karate or fights like a sidekick.
  1. Twinkle: Suitable for a brother who is jolly and makes everyone laugh
  2. Aquaman: If he’s a fan of superheroes
  3. Angel: In case your brother is always helpful or watches over others
  4. Bolt: For a brother who does everything with blazing energy
  5. Runt: If your brother irritates you often
  6. Menace: For a chaotic brother or someone who always disturbs everyone
  7. Drifter: Suitable for a brother who loves traveling
  8. Barbarian: If he is always rude
  9. Fluffy cloud: For a brother with a soft heart
  1. Slim Jim: In case he is your cool and stylish buddy
  2. Galaxy: When he’s out of this world
  3. Ninja: For a super fit or athletic brother
  4. Heroic Harry: When he’s your hero
Ninja, nicknames for brother

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  1. Weirdo: Just to tease him
  2. Iceman: Suitable for a brother who’s always cool under pressure
  3. Snickerdoodle: For a sweet cookie-like brother
  4. Jester: If he’s the family comedian
  5. Cupid: If your brother is a match-maker
  6. Kite runner: For a brother who loves flying kites
  7. Jellybean: For a cute companion
  8. Lucky charm: To acknowledge his positivity and high spirit
  9. Morpheus: Suitable for an elder brother or a wise one
  10. Mellow yellow: If he has a calm and easygoing personality
  11. Elf: For your reliable little brother
  12. Night owl: Suitable for a brother who stays up late
  13. Minion: When he is naughty yet lovable
  14. Oreo: For a brother who’s simple and sweet yet
  15. Chatterbox: In case he likes to talk a lot
  16. Pudding pop: For a brother with a fun-loving nature
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  1. Homie: Ideal for someone who is supportive
  2. Quokka: If he’s always smiling like this adorable marsupial
  3. Kiddo: If your brother still behaves like a kid
  4. Rocketman: Suitable for a brother with a flamboyant persona
  5. Pal: For a brother who is your chum or best friend
  6. Jelly belly: When he loves jelly beans or has a cute belly
  7. Muggle: When he is not conversant with the cool things
  8. Thunderbolt: For a brother with a dynamic and powerful persona
  9. Mario: For a cartoon-like brother who jumps around the house
  10. Giggles: In case your brother laughs a lot
  11. Velvet voice: For a brother with a soothing voice
  12. Brozart: If he is a good musician
  13. Wildfire: When he’s passionate and intense
  14. Rebel: If he has an attitude
  15. X-ray: Suitable for a brother who’s highly perceptive
  16. Plum: For a lovable person
  17. Yoda’s padawan: If he’s a “Star Wars” fan
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You may also nickname him Brosef if he is your best mate and companion.
  1. Snitch: When he always reveals your secrets
  2. Zigzag: For a brother who’s full of surprises
  3. Waldo: If your brother is a manipulator
  4. Apple pie: When he’s a mix of sweet and spice
  5. Savage: When he shows aggressive behavior
  6. Bear hugger: Suitable for a brother with a warm heart
  7. Dagger: If he likes taking risks
  8. Captain Marvel: If he’s your superhero
  9. Giganotosaurus: In case he is tall, and you would like to tease him
  10. Doodlebug: For a brother who loves to draw
  11. Enigma: If he has a mysterious personality
  12. Explorer: When he’s always curious and adventurous
  13. Superfly: If he is cool and famous around his friends
  14. Firecracker: Suitable for a brother with a vibrant personality
  15. Oddball: Suitable for a brother who is the odd one out in the family
  16. Gadget guru: If he’s tech-savvy
  17. Baby bunny: A casual name for your little buddy
  18. Hiker: For a brother who loves the great outdoors
  19. Junior: If he is the youngest in the family
  20. Icicle: When he’s cool and collected
  21. Little boss: When your brother is younger to you but still acts bossy
  22. Jolly Joker: If he loves cracking jokes
  23. Mickey Mouse: If he is dear to you
  24. Kung Fu Panda: For a brother who’s a martial arts fan
  25. Mufasa: In case your brother is a tough guy
  26. Lightning bug: Suitable for a brother who lights up your life
  27. Sherlock Holmes: If he solves all your mysteries
  28. Mountain man: If he loves hiking and climbing
  29. Turbo: In case your brother is super quick
  30. Ninja Turtle: When he’s a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” fan
  31. Muscle man: Suitable for someone who likes to work out
  32. Optimus Prime: Suitable for a Transformers enthusiast
  33. Pup: If he is your little puppy
  34. Popsicle: For a brother who’s cool and refreshing
  35. Shortie: In case he is short
  36. Quokka whisperer: If he’s an animal lover
  37. Amore: It means ‘Love,’ — could be a stylish name
  38. Ranger: When he’s always ready for an adventure
  39. Babushka: Just a simple and sweet name
  40. Sherlock’s sidekick: If he’s a fan of mystery and deduction
  41. BamBam: Suitable for a brother who looks like a teddy
  42. Thunderstruck: Suitable for a brother who’s full of surprises
  43. Cherub: For an innocent brother
  44. Undercover agent: If he’s good at keeping secrets
  45. Cosmo: Ideal for someone who likes space stories
  46. Vroom vroom: When he loves everything about cars
  47. Cuddle bunny: For a charming brother
  48. Wonder boy: Suitable for a brother who amazes you
  49. Dimples: If he dimples when smiling
  50. Dumpling: When your brother is soft natured
  51. Yoga master: For a brother who is an ardent fitness and relaxation enthusiast
  52. Little lamb: For a brother who is so sweet that you would like to cuddle him
  53. Zeppelin: When he’s into classic rock
  54. Mowgli: If your brother runs and hops around in the house and loves animals
  55. All-star: Suitable for a brother who excels in everything
  56. Ozzie: An old-school name for a young boy
  57. Blueberry muffin: If he’s sweet and comforting
  58. Panda: For a chubby brother
  59. Diamond in the rough: For a brother with hidden talents
  60. Little Pumpkin: If he is round like a pumpkin
  61. Iceberg: When he’s cool, calm, and collected even under pressure
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Funny Nicknames For Brother

  1. Pooh Bear: Suitable for your darling brother
  2. Captain Clumsy: If he’s prone to tripping and falling
  3. Scooby-Doo: In case you treat him as your pup
  4. Mr. Bubbles: For a brother who loves bubble baths
  5. Chuckles: When he’s always cracking jokes
  6. Snoopy: If he always disturbs you
  7. Giggles: If he has an infectious laugh
  8. Pookie: For your beloved brother
  9. Tater Tot: Suitable for a short and stout brother
  10. Simba: If he is your daddy’s favorite
  11. Goofball: When he’s the king of silliness
  12. Piggy: If he is capable of eating five burritos
  13. Boomerang: When he always comes back for more mischief
  14. Rollie Pollie: Ideal for a person who always acts childish
  15. Noodle Arms: When he can’t lift anything heavy
  16. Silly Pickle: Just a funny name
  17. Snail Trail: If he’s incredibly slow
  18. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Giggle: When he has a split personality
  19. Teddy: In case he is soft like a teddy bear
  20. Twinkle Toes: For a brother with fancy footwork
  21. Noodlehead: When he’s too forgetful
  22. Bill Ding: Easy name to call your silly brother
  23. Caveman: When your brother is a man of few needs
  24. Cheesy Peasy: Just a silly name
  25. Chico: Just a cute name
  26. Pixel: If he’s into creating stunning digital art or playing video games
  27. Chucklenuts: When he’s nuts about laughing
  28. Cyclops: Suitable for a brother who wears glasses
  29. Jellybean: Suitable for a colorful personality
  30. Little Rat: If he is tattle tale or “rats others out”
  31. Silly Sausage: For the goofiest brother
  32. Dracula: In case he scares you
  33. Slippy McSlide: When he’s prone to slipping and sliding
  34. Zombie boy: Ideal for a grumpy brother
  35. Darth Vader: In case he is a Star Wars fan
  36. Whiskers: If he sports a scruffy beard
  37. Flubber: When he’s whimsical and humorous
  38. Lucky: If he has always proven lucky for you
  39. Crunchie: For a brother who loves to gorge on cereal
  40. Ape: If he is super aggressive
  41. Chucklehead: When he’s got a head full of laughter
  42. Thor: For a brother who is as strong as Thor
  43. Comic Buff: In case your brother is humorous or loves comic books
  44. Jigglypuff: If he’s round and loves to sing
  45. Bean: For the funniest person in the family
  46. Gamer Bro: Suitable for someone who keeps on playing games
  47. Clown Shoes: Suitable for a brother with big feet
  48. Prez: In case he is the leader of your family
  49. Pajama King: For someone who’s always in their PJs
  50. Popeye: An old-fashioned name for a strong brother
  51. Giggly Goblin: When he’s mischievously funny
protip_icon Quick tip
Noodles is an apt nickname for brothers with curly hair.
  1. Sweet Potato: For a chubby-looking brother
  2. Fuzzy Wuzzy: For a brother with a fuzzy beard
  3. Cowboy: In case he is an adventurous guy
  4. Twisted Twinkie: Suitable for a quirky sibling
  5. Granite: For a brother who doesn’t show his emotions
  6. Zany Zeppelin: If he’s always floating around with crazy ideas
  7. Terminator: If he is tough and ends all your activities
  8. Jackson: In case he is an amazing dancer
  9. Mr. Chucklenado: Suitable for a brother with a whirlwind sense of humor
  10. Fizzlesticks: If he’s always fizzling with excitement
  11. Steel: For a strong brother
  12. Gobble Gobble: For a brother who loves Thanksgiving
  13. Berry Pie: When he’s as sweet as pie
  14. Matrix: For a brother who has always been a genius
  15. Flash: Suitable for a brother who is quick in every action
  16. Hulk: If your brother has an uncontrollable temper
  17. Button: Just a sweet name for a cute brother
  18. Pizza: A name to tease your buddy
  19. Bubble Boy: For a brother who lives in his own bubbly world
  20. Burger Boy: In case he loves to eat burgers a lot
  21. Chuckle Commander: If he leads the laughter brigade
  22. Eye Candy: If your brother is super good-looking
  23. Bestie: Ideal if he is your best friend
  24. Chucklefish: If he swims through life with a smile
  25. Professor: When he tries to explain everything in detail
  26. Lazy Lad: For someone who is too lazy to do even simple things
  27. Mighty: For a brother who is huge or strong
  28. Whirlwind: Suitable for a brother who brings a whirlwind of humor
  29. Fatty: If your brother is a chubby fellow
  30. Picasso: When he loves painting more than anything else
  31. Mushy: If your brother has soft cheeks
  32. Nutella: If you love your brother as much as you like Nutella
  33. Gigglesmith: When he makes everyone around him laugh
  34. Yoyo: When he changes his mind often and is up and down like a yoyo
  35. Clown Prince: If he’s the jester of the family
  36. Poker Face: In case your brother doesn’t show facial expressions
  37. Balloonatic: If he’s obsessed with balloons
  38. Dodo: Adorable nickname for a brother
  39. Tycoon: If he’s the mastermind behind all pranks
  40. Troublemaker: If he is an instigator
Troublemaker, brother's nickname

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Brother In Different Languages

  1. Fratello: Italian
  2. Irmão: Portuguese
  3. Hermano: Spanish
  4. Bror: Swedish
  5. Brathair: Irish
  6. Broder: Norwegian
  7. Brat: Russian
  8. Vellai: Albanian
  9. Batska: Slavic
  10. Anh trai: Vietnamese
  11. Bruder: German
  12. Irmán: Galician
  13. Broer: Dutch
  14. Teina: Maori
  15. Frate: Romanian
  16. Arakunrin: Yoruba
  17. Bràthair: Scottish
  18. Brudder: Luxembourgish
  19. Broer: Afrikaans
  20. Fratellu: Corsican
  21. Nii: Japanese
  22. Hermano: Guarani
  23. Dan uwa: Hausa
  24. Ndeko: Lingala
  25. Kuya: Filipino
  26. Jila: Aymara
  27. Ikhwan: Indonesian
  28. Qardaş: Azerbaijani
  29. Abang: Malay
  30. Anaia: Basque
  31. Frater: Latin
  32. Igsoon: Cebuano
  33. Bhai: Hindi
  34. M’bale: Chichewa
  35. Akh: Arabic
  36. Kaka: Swahili
  37. Bratr: Czech
  38. Bir Tuugan: Kyrgyz
  39. Frato: Esperanto
  40. Donglyo: Korean
  41. Broer: Frisian
  42. Brolis: Lithuanian
  43. Dan uwa: Hausa
  44. Brawd: Welsh
  45. Nwanna: Igbo
  46. Veli: Finnish
  47. Obboleessa: Oromo
  48. Vend: Estonian
  49. Nuabarima: Twi
  50. Bror: Danish
  51. Mfowethu: Zulu
  52. Ax: Mongolian
  53. Buti: Sepedi
  54. Dogan: Turkmen
  55. Walaal: Somali
  56. Frère: French
  57. Manong: Ilocano
  58. Bror: Norwegian
  59. Kwv tij: Hmong
Bror, Danish nickname for brother

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Additional Nicknames For Brother

  1. Adopted
  2. Bruno
  3. Billy
  4. Enzo
  5. Jimmy
  6. Hank
  7. Punky Pie
  8. Blobby
  9. Ping Pong
  10. Road Runner
  11. Kit Kat
  12. Little Monkey
  13. Fozzie
  14. Oreo
  15. Wolf Man
  16. Monster Boy
  17. Batty Boo
  18. Doodlebug
  19. Funny Honey
  20. Candy
  21. Copycat
  22. Spiderman
  23. Big Arms
  24. Tarzan
  25. Baby Boo
  26. Kitty Kat
  27. Blossom
  28. Coco
  29. Toodles
  30. Young Buck
  31. Chubster
  32. Prankster
  33. Big Gun
  34. Brofessional
  35. Brodown
  36. Bourbon
  37. Brominator
  38. Hawkeye
  39. Bambino
  40. Ghosty
  41. Scrappy
  42. Little Bug
  43. Freddie
  44. Duckling
  45. Buggy Bunny
  46. Cookie Monster
  47. Batman
  48. Big Mike
  49. Heavy Man
  50. Movie Star
  51. Handsome Hunk

    Handsome Hunk, nickname for brother

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  52. Big Chef
  53. Pancake
  54. Boo Boo
  55. Gangsta Baby
  56. Firecracker
  57. Nemo
  58. Couch Potato
  59. Stinker
  60. Wombat
  61. Scrooge
  62. Sumo
  63. Terry Bull
  64. Wee Lad
  65. Babykins
  66. Small Fries
  67. Ollie
  68. Gummy Bear
  69. Maggie
  70. Nuggie
  71. Rainbow Boy
  72. B-Rad
  73. Big Bro
  74. BuddyMan
  75. Big Guy
  76. Lil Bro
  77. Homeboy
  78. Little Man
  79. Broheim
  80. Big Sibs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some things to consider when choosing a nickname for my brother?

Ensure the nickname is not degrading or insulting in any way, and don’t use one to highlight a flaw in his appearance. The nickname should be endearing and alluring. Your brother should not mind it. If he does, then quit calling him that nickname right away.

2. How can a nickname reflect my brother’s personality or interests?

Nicknames such as Charming, Chatterbox, and Barbarian, reflect your brother’s personality while nicknames such as Ninja, Muggle, and Dagger may reflect his interests.

3. What are some creative ways to come up with a nickname for my brother?

You can call him something that reminds you of a funny incident. For instance, if your brother dropped an important family item you can call him ‘butter fingers,’ or if he tends to stumble a lot you can call him ‘butter legs.’

4. How can a nickname be used to express admiration for my brother’s talents or achievements?

You can call him by his achievement itself. For instance, if he was named Player of the Year, you can keep that as his nickname. Or if he is a certified professional or aims to become a professional, you can address him like that. For instance, you can call him ‘doctor’ or ‘actor’ to inspire him, too.

Siblings are important parts of personality development in childhood, and their relationship remains forever. While choosing nicknames for your brother, make sure to pick one that matches his personality. Nicknames help express your affection towards your loved ones. Baby brother, Champ, Zippy, Yoda, etc., are some of the nicknames you can use to call your little brother. You may call some names that show your respect and love to call your big brother, such as Hero, Commando, etc. Always use names that are positive, meaningful, and not hurtful.

Infographic: How To Come Up With The Best Unique Nickname?

Nicknaming someone such as your brother reflects your close bond with each other. So it should be unique to them and your relationship. If you want a funny and unique name for your brother, here are a few tips to help you come up with one that will stand out.

unique nickname for brothers (infographic)

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From “bro” to “troublemaker,” find the perfect nickname for your brother in this video

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