300+ Funny And Cute Nicknames For George

How to find nicknames for George, when the name itself is compact? Knowing the origin and meaning of the name can help you find a nickname that suits your boy. George comes from the Greek name Georgios and carries a sensible and modest connotation of ‘farmer’ or ‘earthworker.’ But the meaning of the name does not stop the people who bore it from achieving fame and glory, such as Saint George, the patron of England, Portugal, Catalonia, and Aragon. It was also the name of several kings throughout the centuries. Whether you are in search of unique nicknames such as Varghese, Djuradj, or Gevorg, or common ones like Georgie-pop or Georgie-pumpkin, we have them all for you to choose from. Have a look at this post to explore popular, common, amazing, and even funny nicknames for your George.

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300+ Short Names Or Nicknames For George

The beauty of nicknames lies in the eyes of the user, which is why we have a range of nicknames ready for you to choose from.

Cute Nicknames For George

When you look at someone, you just know that they deserve a nickname that is as cute as them.

1. Geo-Joy

A nickname for a bundle of sunshine wherever he goes, Geo-Joy is fitting for a baby who always brings a smile to everyone’s face.

2. Georgie Baby

George may not be a baby anymore but he will always be your baby. Calling him Georgie Baby adds a tone of love and endearment to the nickname.

3. Georgie Bear

For a little boy who enjoys his nap time, always hibernating like a bear is Georgie Bear.

4. Georgie Bearcub

If you call yourself a mama bear, why not call George your Georgie Bearcub?

5. Georgie Bearhug

A big fan of hugs? Especially bear hugs? Georgie Bearhug may be fitting for your little cub.

6. Georgie Boo

Adding the term ‘boo’ after the end of a name is a cute option for a nickname. Georgie Boo makes you think of a boy who is always by his mother’s side.

7. Georgie Bug

Fit for a little hiker and a nature-loving boy, Georgie Bug emanates the beauty of nature.

8. Georgie Button

Ever heard of the saying ‘cute as a button?’ Here is our twist for that phrase, Georgie Button.

9. Georgie Cake

Fluffy, chubby, and awfully sweet? Maybe, you should call Georgie Cake.

10. Georgie Charming

This little boy knows how to charm everyone with his giggles and smiles, Georgie Charming he is.

11. Georgie Cuddlebug

Before tucking your baby boy in bed, does he insist on cuddling? This is an appropriate nickname for a cuddle bug.

12. Georgie Cupcake

Choosing nicknames based on sweet treats should be a thing! Here is a suggestion, Georgie Cupcake for your little bundle of sweetness.

13. Georgie Doodle

Always drawing and doodling on papers and even on the walls. Maybe you should use Georgie Doodle.

14. Georgie Dreamer

Your little boy has big dreams and plans about what he wants to become. Georgie Dreamer may be an appropriate nickname for him.

15. Georgie Duckling

Does your baby follow you everywhere just like a duckling follows the mother ducking? Maybe you should lovingly call your boy Georgie Duckling.

16. Georgie Huggie

Fit for a child who enjoys hugging everyone he meets. Georgie Huggie may be used even when he’s grown into a little boy.

17. Georgie Jellybean

Looking at your little George makes you feel warm and gooey? They must be a Georgie Jellybean for making you feel that way.

18. Georgie Lovebug

This nickname was created by adding the word ‘Lovebug’ after the name. What an adorable nickname!

19. Georgie Moonbeam

Your little one loves staring out of the window to look at the moon. Georgie Moonbeam can be an apt nickname for him.

20. Georgie Muffin

With his chubby cheeks and dimpled chin, he looks like a muffin. Why not call him Georgie Muffin?

21. Georgie Pie

Cutie pie may be an overrated nickname to give someone you love. Here is a personalized version of that, Georgie Pie.

22. Georgie Porgie

Inspired by the nursery rhyme, Georgie Porgie is an adorable nickname for your baby boy.

23. Georgie Smiley

Sunshine and smiles all day long, your Georgie Smiley warms your heart.

24. Georgie Snugglebug

Here is a nickname slightly different from Cuddle Bug, Georgie Snugglebug is for your baby boy who likes to be snug as a bug inside his blankets.

25. Georgie Snugglemuffin

A combination of the warmth of a snuggle and the sweetness of a muffin.

26. Georgie Snugglepuff

A heartwarming nickname for your sweetheart who loves to snuggle with you all the time.

27. Georgie Sprinkles

Does your little Georgie brighten all the colors in your life? Georgie Sprinkles does that.

28. Georgie Sunshine

A splendid and matching nickname for the one who is like the sun in your life, radiating warmth and life into your soul.

29. Georgie Sweetheart

The nickname needs no explanation. It can be given to someone who is an angel.

30. Georgie Wonder

For a little boy who is full of awe and curiosity, Georgie Wonder can be a great fit.

31. Georgie Worgie

Instead of Georgie Porgie, how about choosing a similar rhyming nickname such as Georgie Worgie?

32. Georgie-licious

For that sassy king, Georgie-licious is the perfect nickname to elevate his sass and style.

33. Georgiekins

The suffix ‘kins’ adds a lovely air and warmth to any name. Just say it out loud, Georgiekins.

34. Georgito

Georgito is an adorable nickname for a little boy who is always ready to have fun and enjoy.

35. Giorgino

This adorable nickname is derived from the rare Italian name. It is a diminutive of Giorgio, the Italian spelling of George.

Funny Nicknames For George

George may be a one-syllable name, but that does not mean it is short on hilarious nicknames. Have a look at our suggestions.

36. George of the Jungle

Inspired by the Disney comedy movie with the same name, this may be perfect for your wild boy.

37. Georgie Chuckleberry

Adding the word ‘chuckleberry’ to the name Georgie is a unique and fun way to mix it up.

38. Georgie Chucklebutt

Laughing and cracking silly jokes all day long. Georgie Chucklebutt, don’t you think it suits him?

39. Georgie Chucklehead

He is always up to no good but with the purest intentions to make everyone laugh.

40. Georgie Chuckles

You hear his chuckles and giggles before you see him. Who is he? He is Georgie Chuckles.

Nicknames for George, Georgie Chuckles meaning ‘a giggling baby.’

Image: Momjunction Design Team

41. Georgie Giggles

A nickname for a little boy with an infectious laugh who spreads joy wherever he goes.

42. Georgie Gigglesnort

There are different types of laughter and if your Georgie has the snorting kind, this may be an appropriate nickname.

43. Georgie Giggletush

Georgie Giggletush is a warm and endearing nickname suggesting someone who brings laughter wherever they may be.

44. Georgie Goofball

Every time you see him, he makes a new goofy face. Georgie Goofball is who he is.

45. Georgie Sillypants

This funny nickname for George can highlight their silly and whimsical personality.

46. Georgie Sizzle

Is your little George always active and playful? Maybe Georgie Sizzle can highlight his sparkling and dynamic personality.

47. Georgie Snickerdoodle

Special and sweet like a Snickerdoodle cookie? Why not give a nickname inspired by it?

48. Georgie Snickerpants

This little Georgie always has a Snickers in his pocket. That is how he earned the nickname.

49. Georgie Snort

All his friends know him for his silly laughter that sounds like a snort and they love him for it.

50. Georgie Snortle

An endearing nickname with a touch of playfulness to their charming and joyful persona.

51. Georgie Ticklemonster

His favorite thing to do is run around the house and attack people with his tickles. He is Georgie Ticklemonster.

52. The Real George

There may be many Georges in the house, and to add a funny tone to the nickname you can call him The Real George.

53. Belly Laughs George

What’s more cuter than a baby’s belly laugh? If your George is one of them, this can be a suitable nickname.

54. Captain Gigglesnort

Laughing to the point where you are snorting? Does this remind you of your George? Maybe it can be an appropriate nickname for him.

55. Chuckling Chum

You always have loads of laughter whenever George is around. He is a friend who is always ready with his jokes and puns.

56. Comedy George

The standup comedian in training. This is for George who is always quick and witty.

57. Gargantuan Guffaw

A laugh you can hear from miles away, some people are known by their way of laughing. This reminds you of George? Maybe it is a suitable pick.

58. George the Giggle Monster

Be it funny or serious, George cannot keep a straight face and always breaks out in giggles like he is being tickled by the giggle monster.

59. George-in-the-Box

He is the master of pranks and surprising his family members. You might have a real-life Jack-in-the-box in your hands, but instead, he is George-in-the-box.

60. Georgeous Maximus

A funny nickname for George who is always in the gym. Inspired by the muscle gluteus maximus.

61. Georgeous Mischief

A nickname suitable for someone who always gets into trouble or is always out to prank someone.

62. Gigglemeister

A meister is a person who has plenty of knowledge about a particular topic. This meister knows all about how to make someone giggle and laugh.

63. Gigglestorm George

Once he starts, he doesn’t stop laughing. This is your Gigglestorm George.

64. Giggly Gargoyle

For others, he may present a stony-faced appearance, but you know deep in his heart that he is a giggly boy.

65. Laughquake George

This little boy shakes like an earthquake when he is laughing, which earned him this nickname.

66. Laughzilla

You may call your George Laughzilla if he terrorizes (in a cute way) everyone with his laughter.

67. Pun-tastic George

For someone who is known for his punny jokes. It’s always a hit and never a miss.

68. Sir Chucklesworth

This nickname evokes an air of the Medieval Ages, Sir Chucklesworth is someone who you can find always laughing.

69. Sir Jokes-a-Lot

A self-explanatory nickname, Sir Jokes-a-Lot is for someone who always has a joke up his sleeve.

70. Sir Pranks-a-Lot

The nickname needs no explanation either. It can be given to someone always ready with a prank or two.

71. Whoopee George

For a cheerful and happy George. Whoopee is an excited shout of happiness.

72. Wit-tastic George

You cannot keep up with this little man’s wit. He is just wit-tastic!

Classic Nicknames For George

There is nothing wrong with going for a more traditional nickname. Here are a few.

73. Big G

A nickname fit for a big boy who is always ready to take the responsibility in his hands.

74. Big George

Similar to Big G, Big George is slightly formal in tone and may be used among acquaintances.

75. Geordie

An English diminutive of the original name George, Geordie has a cute and playful tone.

76. George the Great

Like Alexander the Great, George the Great is a king in his own might.

77. Georgey-Porgey

A slight respelling of Georgie Porgie, this cute nickname is a creation based on rhymes.

78. Georgie

For your little baby muffin, if George sounds too grown up, maybe Georgie will do for now.

79. Georgie Love

A warm and endearing nickname, combining the name Georgie and the word love. It is exactly what it sounds like, full of affection and love.

80. Georgie Boy

What is more classic than adding the word ‘boy’ at the end of the name? It makes you think of the 20s or 30s.

81. Georgie Dear

An appealing and precious nickname for a little boy you hold close to your heart.

Nicknames for George, Georgie Dear meaning ‘my dear.’

Image: Momjunction Design Team

82. Georgie-O

Adding the letter ‘o’ to form a new nickname is something that has been done ages ago and Georgie-O has a really fun sound.

83. Georgie-Poo

Georgie-Poo is a sweet and endearing term to call your little one. Something different from Georgie Boo.

84. Gio

This short and sweet nickname is the Gregorian short form of Giorgi, the Georgian spelling of George.

85. Golden Boy George

The prince of your heart and the apple of your eye, George is your Golden Boy George.

86. Little G

Big G may be fitting for an older George, but while he is toddling around the house, he is Little G.

87. Sir George

Did you know knights were referred to using the term ‘Sir’ Maybe this is a fitting name for Sir George, a knight in shining armor.

88. The George-man

This nickname is fun and affectionate at the same time it shows respect and love for George bringing with it a sense of closeness and warmth.

Cool Nicknames For George

Imagine a little boy or a grown-up version of George with sunglasses and a leather jacket. These nicknames suit the whole cool vibe.

89. G-Bear

A shortened and cool-sounding nickname for George. Even though George is converted to just G, the addition of the word bear adds for a cuddly name.

90. G-Champ

G-Champ is a nickname for a George who is into sports and physical activities.

91. G-Force

When you know your little boy is a force to be reckoned with, G-Force sounds like a great option.

92. G-Unit

Taking inspiration from an American hip-hop group formed by the East Coast rappers, G-Unit can be a hip option.

93. Geo

Geo can be used as a nickname for George but is also an independent name. It is the shortened spelling of the name.

94. Geo-Buddy

A friend of everyone, your little George is amazing at making new buddies, which is how he earned this nickname.

95. Geo-G

Geo-G is a creative nickname taking the first three letters of the name and emphasizing it with the initial after.

96. G-Daddy

He is his little papa’s boy, G-Daddy is a nickname suitable for George who is always on his father’s tail.

97. G-Dawg

Similar to G-Buddy, but G-Dawg is a more modern and hip nickname since Dawg means buddy or dude.

98. G-Man

If George is secretly a superhero, his superhero name would probably be G-Man.

99. G-Money

The nickname may be suitable for George who is a working man and making money like a boss.

100. The OG

Elaborately, the Original Gangster. Note that the word gangster in this nickname is used differently. It refers to someone who is incredibly exceptional and authentic in the field.

Unique Nicknames For George

Taken from faraway lands and medieval languages, these nicknames are one-of-a-kind. Some are extremely rare, you have never heard of them.

101. Deòrsa

The rare nickname for George is the Scottish Gaelic form of the personal name George. One of its spelling variants is Seòras.

102. Djôr

A luxe-sounding nickname possibly because it sounds like Dior. Djôr is the Walloon spelling of George.

103. Djordje

Djordje is the alternative Serbian transcription of Đorđe, the Serbian spelling of George.

104. Djuradj

The given name George contains varied transcriptions in Serbia and Djuradj is one of them.

105. Djuro

The Serbian alternate transcription of Đuro, another Serbian and Croatian form of George.

106. Đorđe

The accents in Đorđe give a unique touch to this nickname. It is the Serbian form of George and can be written in its script.

107. Đurađ

Pronounced as ‘JOO-raj,’ Đurađ can be used as a rare nickname for George and it is the Serbian equivalent of George.

108. Đuro

The Serbian and Croatian spelling of George is enunciated as ‘JOO-ro.’

109. Geevarghese

One of the rarest forms of George, Geevarghese is the Malayalam spelling of the name. It was used by Saint Thomas Christians in Kerela.

110. Georges

A nickname with an artistic flair, Georges is the French form of George. It was borne by Georges Seurat and Georges Braque.

111. Georgi

You may have commonly seen the nickname Georgie, but what about Georgi without an e? This unique nickname is the Bulgarian equivalent of George.

112. Georgijs

We bet you have never heard of Gerogijs, the Latvian spelling of George. It can also be spelled as Georgs, Jurģis, or Juris.

113. Georgios

Many may not know that George is a Greek name and the original name it was derived from is Georgios. It is an Ancient Greek name that would serve beautifully as a rare nickname.

114. Georgius

Georgius is used as a Latinized Ancient Greek name. It is the Latinized form of Georgios. Commonly in Latin, it is pronounced as ‘geh-OR-gee-oos.’

115. Georgiy

The beauty of Georgiy lies in the fact that it can be written in the Russian script as well. This Russian equivalent of George is pronounced as ‘gyi-OR-gyee.’

116. Georgo

You may have heard of made-up names but what about made-up languages? Georgo comes from Esperanto, the world’s most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language. It can be pronounced as ‘geh-OR-go.’

117. Georgs

The Latvian language has many spellings for Georg, and Georgs is one of them. Isn’t this a cool shortened nickname for George?

118. Georgy

There are many nicknames for George starting with Georgie, but this Georgy is special because it is the alternate transcription of the Russian form of George, Georgiy.

119. Gevorg

Pronounced as ‘geh-VAWRK,’ Gevorg is the Armenian spelling of George.

120. Giorgi

The nickname has a royal history in Georgia. Giorgi is the Georgian form of George. It means ‘earth-worker.’

Nicknames for George, Giorgi meaning ‘earth-worker.’

Image: Momjunction Design Team

121. Giorgino

Once you hear the name, you will instinctively know that it is an Italian name. Giorgino is a cute little nickname for George who cannot resist Italian food.

122. Giorgio

Many Italian names end with ‘io,’ and that is how we know Giorgio is the Italian spelling of George. It makes for a fresh and fun nickname.

123. Giorgos

Even though George emerged from an Ancient Greek name, Giorgos is the modern and contemporary Greek name for George.

124. Gjergj

By simply looking at this name, you may think it is a jumble of words. But it is the Albanian form of George.

125. Gjorgji

Gjorgji might be a little complex when it comes to its spelling. But that is what makes it so unique. It is the Macedonian spelling of George.

126. Goga

Cute, short, and memorable is Goga, a Georgian diminutive of Giorgi or George. It is pronounced as ‘GAW-GAH.’

127. Gogi

A slight variation in spelling from Goga, Gogi is also a Georgian diminutive of Giorgio, the Georgian spelling of George. It has an adorable tone to it for a nickname.

128. Göran

You may not see this name often because it is the Medieval Swedish form of George.

129. Gøran

With a different accent on the O, Gøran is a rare and Medieval Norwegian form of George.

130. Ġorġ

Without the accents, it may sound like a modern shortened slang for gorgeous. Instead, Ġorġ is the Maltese spelling of George.

131. Gorgi

Do you ever wonder where cute nicknames like Gorgie Porgie, or Georgie, come from? It may possibly be derived from such spelling alternatives. Gorgi is the alternate transcription of Gjorgji, the Macedonian form of George.

132. Gorka

Enunciated as ‘GOR-ka,’ this is the Basque spelling of George.

133. György

Do not be fooled, this is not pronounced as Georgy or Georgie, instead it is enunciated as ‘GYUURG.’ It is the Hungarian equivalent of George.

134. Gyuri

The Hungarian nickname is a diminutive of György, the Hungarian spelling of George. It is pronounced as ‘GYOO-ree.’

135. Heorhiy

Hailing from the lands of Ukraine, Heorhiy is the Ukrainian version of George. This is a unique nickname simply because of its spelling.

136. Iouri

Iouri is the famous Russian version of George. It is also an alternate way of writing the popular Russian name Yuriy.

137. Iuri

A name shared by Georgians and Portuguese alike, both variations stemming from Yuriy.

138. Jerzy

Strong and proud, Jerzy is the Polish form of George.

139. Jiří

Bringing a touch of European flair, Jiří is the Czech version of the name.

140. Jockel

Jockel is a diminutive form for Jakob, Jörg, or Joachim and also happens to be a variant of George.

141. Joeri

It is fascinating to see how an English name like George travels all the way to the lands of the Dutch where it is known as Joeri.

142. Jöran

Truly a rare gem as the name is not often to be seen, but Jöran is a rare and historic Swedish form of George.

143. Jordi

A familiar name for Spanish speakers, Jordi brings a touch of Catalan charm to the name George.

144. Jörg

German names always have a strong sound to them. Jörg is no different, this German spelling of George can also be used as a nickname for a strong-minded boy. It is pronounced as ‘YUURK.’

145. Jørg

The Norwegian variant of George is also the shortened spelling of Jørgen, the Danish and Norwegian spelling of Jørgen, the Low German form of George.

146. Jorge

A name shared by the esteemed Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges, Jorge embodies the rich literary heritage of the Spanish and the Portuguese.

147. Jörgen

Jörgen is the Swedish form of Jürgen, which is of course inspired by George.

148. Jørgen

A name with a strong presence in Denmark and Norway, Jørgen is a familiar yet distinct alternative to Jürgen.

149. Jorginho

A diminutive of Jorge, Jorginho is a popular name from the lands of the Portuguese.

150. Joris

Joris is a beautiful fusion of two cultures, namely the Dutch and the Frisian cultures, making it a unique variant of the classic George.

151. Jørn

Jørn is a popular short form of Jørgen. It is especially used in Denmark and Norway.

152. Jory

From the Celtic lands of Cornwall comes Jory, a reminder of the name’s deep-rooted history and a testament to how George has traveled across cultures and languages with ease.

153. Juraj

The name George has practically found a home everywhere across Europe and almost in every European language and dialect. Juraj is a testament to this as it happens to be a Slovak, Czech, and Croatian form of George.

154. Jure

Jure is another popular George variant across Slovenia and Croatia.

155. Jurek

Jurek may be spelled with a J but it is pronounced as ‘YOO-rehk.’ It is a diminutive of Jerzy, the Polish equivalent of George.

156. Jürg

As much as we love Swiss chocolates, we also love George’s Swiss variant, Jürg.

157. Jurgen

George seems to be quite a popular variant in the lands of the Dutch. Jurgen also happens to be a George variant among so many.

158. Jürgen

We already know that George has several variants in the German language and it comes with no surprise. Jürgen is a well-known variant spelling with Low German roots.

159. Jurgis

Representing Lithuania, Jurgis is another variant of George that goes to prove the iconic status of the name George.

160. Jurģis

The Latvian form carries the essence of George with a unique Latvian twist. It means ‘farmer.’

Nicknames for George, Jurģis meaning ‘farmer.’

Image: Momjunction Design Team

161. Jüri

Did you pronounce it as ‘Jury’ with a J? Don’t worry, it is a common mistake. Jüri, the Estonian variant of George, which is pronounced as ‘YUY-ree.’

162. Jurian

A name with a hint of history, Jurian is a Medieval Low German form of George.

163. Jurica

A diminutive jewel derived from Juraj or Jurij, Jurica is a name seen across Croatian and Slovene cultures.

164. Jurij

Yet another George variation, Jurij is an admired choice in Slovenia and the Sorbian languages.

165. Juris

A straightforward and traditional Latvian form of George.

166. Juro

Simple yet strong, Juro is another Croatian variation of the ever-popular George.

167. Jurriaan

From the lands of the Dutch, Jurriaan is another George variant but with an interesting spelling.

168. Jyri  

Jyri is the Finnish twist we did not expect. Jyri is the Finnish form of Jörg, which ultimately is a variant of George.

169. Jyrki

Pronunced with a Y, Jyrki is enunciated as ‘YUYR-kee.’ This Finnish name can be used as a rare nickname for your George.

170. Kevork

Taken as the Western Armenian transcription of Gevorg, Kevork is an Armenian alternative to George.

171. Örjan

Many names may look similar in spelling but what sets them apart is the accents. Örjan is the Swedish equivalent of George and is pronounced as ‘UU-ryan.’

172. Ørjan

Similarly pronyunced as Örjan, Ørjan is the Norwegian form of George.

173. Seoirse

Choosing an Irish name as a nickname is always a unique choice. The reason is because Irish names are often pronounced differently from how they are spelled. Seoirse is enunciated as ‘SHOR-shə.’

174. Seòras

Nobody would guess that Seòras is the Scottish Gaelic form of George, which makes it the perfect rare nickname.

175. Siôr

Pronounced as ‘SHOR,’ Siôr is a Welsh spelling variant of George. It is sometimes spelled as Siors or Siorus.

176. Sjors

A short name but it looks like a tongue-twister. Sjor is pronounced as ‘SHAWRS’ and is the Dutch equivalent of George.

177. Varghese

Varghese is the shortened form of Geevarghese, the Malayalam form of George. However, this name is also used as an independent appellation.

178. Xurxo

Enunciated as ‘SHOOR-sho,’ Xurxo is the Galician equivalent of the masculine name George.

179. Yegor

A strong name that exudes power as a nickname. Yegor is the Russian spelling alternative of George.

180. Yiorgos

Yiorgos is the alternate transcription of the Greek name, Giorgos, the original name from which George is derived.

181. Yorgos

Another Greek alternate transcription of the original name Giorgos, Yorgos is the root of George.

182. Youri

Found as a French and Dutch variant of Yuriy, a Russian variant of George.

183. Yrian

An extremely rare variant and is not commonly seen today. Yrian is the Medieval Scandinavian form of Jurian, the Medieval Low German spelling of George.

184. Yrjänä

Yrjänä is a rare Finnish variant of Jurian or George. It can be pronounced as ‘UYR-ya-na.’

185. Yrjö

Yrjö is another Finnish equivalent of the name George. It is pronounced as ‘UYR-yuu.’

186. Yura

Yura is not only a Russian variant but also the Ukrainian spelling alternative of Yuriy or George.

187. Yuri

Yuri is an alternative spelling of George that can be found in Belarusian, Russian, and Ukrainian-speaking communities.

188. Yuriy

Yuriy is the Belarusian, Russian, and Ukrainian spelling of George. It was a name borne by Yuriy Dolgorukiy, the 12th-century grand prince of Kyiv.

189. Yury

Pronounced as ‘YOO-ryee’ in Russian and Belarusian, it is the alternate transcription of Yuriy, the Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian spelling of George.

Popular Nicknames For George

These nicknames are quite popular among families who have a George in their household. Have a look and see which one tugs at your heartstrings.

190. Captain George

A nickname borne for a leader. He is always the captain steering the ship where it is supposed to go.

191. Charming George

A little twist from Prince Charming, Charming George adds a quality of personal touch to it.

192. Cocoa George

Is your baby a chocolate or hot cocoa lover? This might just be the nickname for him.

193. Cupcake George

Cute and sweet, just like a cupcake. This is for a baby who is chubby and you just want to take a bite of their cheeks.

194. Dreamy George

A baby who never grumbles or complains about nap time. Dreamy George is always ready to go to Slumberland.

195. Gem George

All babies are a gem to their parents, but what if you emphasize this meaning by giving them a nickname with the word gem?

196. Gentleman George

Ever since he was a toddler, you can just tell he is a gentleman from the way he walks, talks, and act.

197. George Sparkle

Some babies have a sparkle in their eyes and your baby has it too!

198. George-in-a-Bottle

Ever heard of genie in a bottle? Here is your personal genie who made all your dreams come true.

199. George-o-Matic

For a productive and efficient little George. They know how to work smart and not hard.

200. Georgey Bear

A cuddly nickname is given by adding the word bear to the name Georgey.

Nicknames for George, Georgey Bear meaning ‘like a teddy bear.’

Image: Momjunction Design Team

201. Georgey Heart

Sometimes the best nicknames are the literal ones. Georgey Heart is a lovely nickname because he is the closest to your heart.

202. Georgey Whiz

As the genius in the household, Georgey Whiz is skilled at everything he does.

203. Giggles

A simple nickname taken from the English word, Giggles is cute and literal for a baby whose laughter is never-ending.

204. Golden George

Possibly a nickname for a George with blonde hair.

205. Grinny George

Always ready to say hello with a smile, even to strangers. We think that is a Grinny George.

206. Guitar George

Blessed with the skills for the strings, this can be a suitable nickname for a young virtuoso.

207. Jolly George

Always happy, always smiling, and laughing. Jolly George will chase your blues away.

208. Sparkplug George

He likes fiddling and fixing all things electronic. You have got a little Sparkplug George in your house.

209. Twinkle Toes George

Is he a born dancer? Skilled enough to challenge the famed Micheal Jackson? Here is Twinkle Toes George.

210. Witty George

Never-ending banter and riddles are what you would expect from Witty George.

Common Nicknames For George

These nicknames are commonly heard and used, but that does not make them mediocre. Pick a nickname that suits your George best and he will love it.

211. Argee

Going by the sound of the name, George or Georgie, Argee can be a common nickname for the name.

212. Eor

Taken from the letters of the name itself, Eor can be a common nickname for George.

213. Georg

This form of George is popular in many languages such as German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and more. It was also borne as a given name by the German idealist philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

214. George-o-Rama

Whatever he is up to is always a sight to behold! George-o-Rama is the king of everything.

215. Georgey-Cakes

Think of a little boy with red chubby cheeks and a dimpled chin who loves cakes!

216. Georgey-Chops

A kungfu specialist in training. He is all about the martial arts.

217. Georgey-Pop

Your little popstar knows the lyrics to all the famous songs and even the dance moves.

218. Georgey-Spice

Tempers can flare up at any time but as fast as it comes, the sooner it fizzles out. This is for a short-tempered George who we can’t help but love.

219. Georgey-Sweetie

Sweetie is quite commonly used as a nickname. What makes this one special is the fact that it is attached to the name Georgey.

220. Georgie-Bee

Like the name suggests, this Georgie is always buzzing like a bee.

221. Georgie-Bop

In the contemporary world, bop refers to a good song. And Georgie-Bop is someone who you like listening to all day long.

222. Georgie-Goo

Georgie is not afraid of a little slime and mud, he loves playing outdoors and is never ready to come home without dirt stains. How adorable!

223. Georgie-Juice

Georgie-Juice will drink anything that is in liquid form. Summers are filled with squeezing fruit juices with your little man.

224. Georgie-Pie-Pie

Pie is such a cute and delicious word isn’t it? Why not emphasize it by calling George, Georgie-Pie-Pie.

225. Georgie-Pumpkin

Pumpkin may be overused as a nickname but do you know what isn’t? Georgie-Pumpkin.

226. Georgie-Saurus

For a little dinosaur enthusiasts. How cute is it that he gets his dinosaur name?

227. Georgie-smoochie

Whether it is you or him who enjoys smoochies, this is an endearing nickname for a baby boy covered in kisses.

228. Georgie-wiggle

Like a little worm, he is always wiggling, never to be found in one place for a long time.

229. Gino

Gino is a common Italian diminutive that can be used as a nickname for names containing the element ‘gino.’

230. RG

Inspired by the initials of the name itself, RG can be a cool creative nickname.

231. The General

An interesting nickname for a little boy who dreams of fighting for his country when he grows up.

Creative Nicknames For George

The beauty of nicknames is that there are no rules if you want to create a new one. Explore the inventive land of nicknames for George.

232. Captain Georgious

Going with the punny nickname combined with the word captain, how creative can one get?

233. G-Whiz

A whiz is a skilled individual and that is who George is. Instead of calling his George the Whiz, why not shorten it to G-Whiz?

234. Geezy Peezy

Like easy-peasy lemon-squeezy, Geezy Peezy is inspired by this line. It is for someone fun and easy to be with.

235. Geo-Berry

Imagine a little boy with a handful of berries and a mouth-stained red. So cute just like the nickname.

236. Geo-Glam

Always dressed to the nines is our boy George, the Geo-Glam.

237. Geo-Quest

Always ready for exploring and adventure is our little Geo-Quest George.

238. George-esque

You know that everything he does is so George-like or rather, George-esque.

239. Georgeorgeousaurus

For a little boy who is fascinated by dinosaurs and wants to become one when he grows up.

240. Georgeous

George is a gorgeous little boy, so why not call him Georgeous.

Nicknames for George, Georgeous meaning ‘gorgeous.’

Image: Momjunction Design Team

241. Georgey-Brew

Being a master brewer, he is also a mix of charm, sophistication, and vibrant energy.

242. Georgey-Whirl

A lively and eclectic individual who is always on the move.

243. Georgie Boogie

Your baby boy can’t stop dancing every time he hears music playing? He is definitely a Georgie Boogie.

244. Georgie Bubble

Lost in his world and always dreaming all day long, George is always in his comforting little bubble.

245. Georgie Bubbly

Similar to Georgie Bubble but with a completely different meaning, Georgie Bubbly is for a George with a shining personality, basically a social butterfly.

246. Georgie-Charm

Being around him is always a charm to behold.

247. Georgie-Cornucopia

Cornucopia means ‘horn of plenty.’ It is a symbol of abundance and nourishment. What a wonderful nickname to give to someone.

248. Georgie-Fiesta

Everywhere George goes it is always a party, hence the nickname George-Fiesta.

249. Georgie-Petal

A lover of nature and flowers, Little George is born with a green thumb.

250. Georgie-Pumpkin-Spice

Inspired by your favorite Starbucks drink. Georgie-Pumpkin-Spice adds flavor to your life.

251. Georgie-Punderful

For someone who always comes up with the punniest jokes and lines, he is just punderful.

252. Georgie-Riffic

For a terrific individual, Georgie-Riffic is a combination of the name and the word terrific.

Catchy Nicknames For George

These nicknames are simply unforgettable, be it their length, pronunciation, or sound, they are super catchy and memorable.

253. Ee

Sometimes the most memorable nicknames are the shortest. This may be used as a nickname for a baby George who has just learned how to recognize his name.

254. Eegee

Georgie or Georgy is one of the most common nicknames for George. Taking inspiration from these names, Eegee is based on the same sound.

255. Doddie

Many may not know but Doddie is the Scottish diminutive of George. A quick and smart nickname.

256. Jo

In a way, George bears a close resemblance to the masculine name Jo, making it a suitable nickname for him.

257. G

Simple and catchy, G is the initial for George and sometimes that is enough to make a mark.

258. Gee

As mentioned, going for short nicknames can be more memorable than longer ones. Gee is an elaborated form of G.

259. Geeg

Geeg is a made-up nickname for your little wonder boy.

260. GeeGee

Expanding Gee into two syllables, GeeGee is a cute and fun nickname for George.

261. Geegie

A respelling of GeeGee with a similar sound. Nicknames can be spelled however you want them to.

262. Geeze

A shortened form of the British word ‘geezer,’ which means ‘man.’ Geeze is a lovely nickname for your baby boy.

263. Geezie

Making Geeze or geezer sound cuter, Geezie is a cute way to do it.

264. Georgie Loops

Can’t get enough of Fruit Loops? Maybe fashion a nickname such as Georgie Loops as a nod to this sweet addiction.

265. Georgie Noodle

Silly Noodle is a commonly heard nickname usually used lovingly. Georgie Noodle has a slightly personalized twist on it.

266. Georgie Pudding

As mentioned, creating nicknames inspired by food is an amazing idea. Georgie Pudding is for someone as sweet as pudding.

267. Georgie Snugglebunny

Georgie has a favorite bunny to sleep with. They are inseparable! Why not give him a nickname after something he loves?

268. Georgie Spaghetti

Playing around with the sound of Georgie and adding a rhyming word such as spaghetti. It’s a bonus if spaghetti is his favorite food.

269. Georgie Squeaky

Prim and proper, this is how George earned the nickname Georgie Squeaky. Everything needs to be fresh and clean.

270. Georgie Wacky

A nickname that is suitable for someone always ready to hop on crazy plans.

271. Georgie Wobble

Your baby just took his first wobbly steps and he looks adorable while doing it. Georgie Wobble may be a temporary nickname for this phase.

272. Georgie Ziggles

Full of energy and infectious laughter is your little Georgie Ziggles.

273. Georgie-Borgie

Choosing a rhyming nickname for Georgie and Georgie Borgie is one of the unique ones.

274. Georgieous

A little play of words, combining the nickname Georgie and the word ‘gorgeous’ together.

275. Gi

Another way to spell the initial G, it is short but makes a lasting impression.

276. Gigi

Gigi may have been overly used as a feminine name, but it can also be a rare nickname for George. It could be a diminutive of the nickname Georgie or Georgy.

277. Gordy

Gordy may be a diminutive of Gordon, but don’t you think it fits pretty well as a nickname for George too?

278. Ore

A nickname that gives the impression of something strong and sturdy, inspired by the letters forming the name George.

279. Orge

Taken from the last four letters of the name, Orge is a catchy but unique nickname option.

Amazing Nicknames For George

Every nickname is amazing in itself. But we get a notch better for you here, for the name George.

280. Benson

For a George who loves Jazz and has great taste in music, there is no better nickname than Benson inspired by the legendary George Benson himself.

Nicknames for George, Benson meaning ‘jazz lover.’

Image: Momjunction Design Team

281. Boole

We all know that George who just loves numbers and is always wondering what indeed is the value of x. While he figures that out, we have just the perfect nickname for him, Boole. Inspired of course by the famous mathematician George Boole.

282. Carlin

Carlin makes for the most fitting nickname for the funniest George out there. Taken from the super funny and witty George Carlin known for his impeccable stand-up comedy and comic timing.

283. Clooney

Handsome, perfect jawline, slightly dramatic, and oh-so-good-looking? He is not just any George, he is a George Clooney. Clooney can be the perfect nickname for a George who not only is blessed with good looks but also has a penchant for dramatics.

284. Eliot

For a George who delves into the depths of literature and poetry, Eliot is the ideal nickname, paying homage to the profound T.S. Eliot.

285. Ezra

Ezra, drawn from George Ezra, suits a George who embodies artistic innovation and a daring point of view in the world of music. This nickname befits George who is not only a legend with the guitar but is also unafraid to challenge conventions and explore new creative frontiers.

286. Georgie Dreamboat

Does your little George have mesmerizing eyes that you can’t help but adore? 100% a dreamboat.

287. Gershwin

Gershwin, inspired by the illustrious composer George Gershwin, this nickname is well suited for a George who has a passion for music and a flair for composing melodies that resonate with the soul. This George likely has a rhythm to his steps and a song in his heart at any given point.

288. Handel

Handel is a flawless nickname for a George whose mastery of music is as grand as the legendary composer George Frideric Handel himself. This George has a penchant for classical compositions and an ear for harmonies that enchant listeners.

289. Hearst

Make way for a George who possesses a keen eye for detail and a knack for storytelling, just like the media mogul William Randolph Hearst. This George likely navigates the world with a journalistic curiosity and an appreciation for narratives that are captivating and mind-boggling.

290. Herbert

Herbert is fitting for a George who is a pioneer in science and engineering, echoing the pioneering spirit of George Herbert, a renowned inventor. This George likely thrives on innovation and problem solving, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and always wondering, what if?

291. Jones

For a George who has a way with country music. This nickname is inspired by ‘the greatest living country singer,’ George Glenn Jones.

292. Lewis Jr.

Lewis Jr. is an apt nickname for a George who champions equality and justice, embodying resilience and determination in adversity much like civil rights leader John Lewis Jr.

293. Marshall

TheGeorge likely advocates for fairness and equity, striving to uphold principles of law and order much like Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall was known for doing.

294. Michael

With music, activism, great voice, good looks, and a heart of gold, this George is a spitting image of the legendary and beloved George Michael. Every time we call him Michael, we celebrate the many wonderful songs of the singer himself.

295. Orwell

A George who values truth and transparency, using words as a tool for social change ought to be called Orwell just like the witty and insightful commentator George Orwell.

296. Santayana

The nickname befits a George who ponders the complexities of existence and seeks wisdom in the journey of life drawing a parallel to the Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana.

297. Segal

Segal is for a George who infuses passion into every endeavor, much like the acclaimed sculptor George Segal.

298. Shaw

A master of wit and satire, embodying the sharp intellect and humor of playwright George Bernard Shaw, this George likely engages in lively debates and challenges societal norms with a quick tongue and a sharp mind.

299. The Third

Inspired by George III, or George The Third, it is the perfect nickname for a George with a regal air and a sense of tradition. This nickname is for one who values heritage and history, embodying a dignified presence reminiscent of royalty. Also, ‘The Third’ sounds cool and almost beats every other nickname.

300. Washington

Washington is a name that commands respect and reverence, much like the esteemed founding father George Washington. This nickname befits a George who personifies leadership and patriotism, guiding others with integrity and honor.

301. Westinghouse

Westinghouse is for George who is an innovator and a visionary, echoing the pioneering spirit of inventor George Westinghouse. This nickname suits a George who’s unafraid to take risks and embrace change, shaping the future with ingenuity and determination.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Nicknames vary from person to person and it is truly a wonder that there are so many nicknames for George. A name that means ‘earthworker’ or ‘farmer,’ can be molded into different nicknames, be it funny, unique, popular, or cute. All these names carry the essence of George in their distinctive way. Some of the nicknames are even inspired by prominent men who bore the same name and that is what makes these nicknames enchanting to parents.

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