200+ Short Names Or Nicknames For Luna

Luna is an enchanting name often chosen for girls. It is commonly used in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese cultures and means ‘moon.’ For parents considering Luna as a name for their child, this post offers several funny and cute nicknames for Luna. In addition to its association with the moon, Luna was the name of a mythical Roman goddess who, along with two other goddesses, formed the Roman triple goddess (diva triformis). If you are captivated by this name and want to find equally compelling short forms for it, dive in and discover the perfect nickname that captures your little one’s essence beautifully and makes her feel truly special.

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200+ Short Names Or Nicknames For Luna

Whether you are attracted to the celestial charm of the term, or looking for playful short names for Luna, this list presents a wide range of endearing and whimsical titles to personalize your little one’s name.

Cute Nicknames For Luna

When choosing a nickname, parents, family and friends seek endearing titles that warm the heart. If you are among them, consider these cute nicknames for Luna that add a touch of sweetness to the name.

1. Honey Luna

A name as sweet as your little one, capturing the beauty of Luna.

2. Lala

A natural variant of Luna, Lala is a captivating choice for your little princess, who often drifts in her own LaLa land.

3. Lil’ Luna

The chic name evokes a sense of petiteness, while also carrying the aura of the given name.

4. Lina

Used across various cultures, Lina connotes grace and beauty. In Arabic, it means ‘tender,’ aptly reflecting the gentle nature of your little one.

5. Little Moon

Give this short name to your baby to liken them to a tiny version of the moon, symbolizing the light and comfort they bring into your life.

Nicknames For Luna, Little Moon

Image: Momjunction Design Team

6. Lona

A variation of Luna, Lona, is linked to the Hawaiian moon goddess. Hence, this name carries significance and elegance.

7. Loona-verse

The fascinating name can illustrate the idea of your child as your little universe, highlighting their importance in your life.

8. Loonie

A playful spin on Luna, Loonie could be the perfect pick for your quirky and lively girl.

9. Loonstar

A name suggesting a free-spirited personality, much like a lone star, shining brightly in the vast sky.

10. Loonster

An affectionate moniker with a sprinkle of playfulness, ideal for your little mischief-maker.

11. Loony

Loony is a fun twist on Luna, suggesting a spirited and joyful personality. It also refers to someone who is crazy and silly.

12. Lou

The short name Lou is rooted in the name Louis, meaning ‘famous in battle.’ Choosing this name could reflect your wish for your child to stay strong in tough times.

13. Lu

Lu is an intuitive nickname for Luna. Furthermore, this two-letter term serves as a given name in Chinese, Burmese, and Vietnamese cultures.

14. Luana

Thought to be inspired by popular culture characters, Luana is a stylish and trendy alternative to Luna.

15. Luella

A combination of Lou and the suffix ella, the nickname would be suitable for a girl with an enigmatic persona.

16. Lula

A subtle spelling variation of Luna, Lula is an affectionate term, akin to a soft hug, wrapping your precious one with love.

17. Lulu

While often considered a frisky term, Lulu holds a deeper significance, meaning ‘pearl’ in Arabic, making it a lovely nickname choice.

18. Lulu-Moon

Combining Lulu with Moon creates a wonderful nickname radiating a sense of magic and whimsy.

19. Luna Bella

A delightful fusion of Luna and Bella, capturing the true essence of the moon’s beauty.

20. Luna Belle

Lunabelle, a blend of Luna and Belle, carries beautiful meanings related to the moon and beauty. This nickname stands out with its charm and simplicity.

21. Luna Bunny

The term filled with innocence and playfulness, Luna Bunny is a fantastic choice for your little hopping star.

22. Luna Cakes

Whether you have a sweet tooth or your little one loves cakes, embrace a sweet nickname like Luna Cakes to add an extra touch of joy to your world.

23. Luna Cherub

Luna means ‘moon,’ while Cherub refers to angelic beings. Together, this name represents celestial beauty and divine grace.

24. Luna Cupcake

An aww-dorable name for your little girl who adores cupcakes. Selecting this name is like calling her a sweet, heavenly delight!

25. Luna Cupid

Combining the moon’s beauty with the playful spirit of Cupid, this nickname is apt for your little angel, who spreads love and joy wherever she goes.

26. Luna Cuteness

Luna Cuteness demonstrates the adorable essence of the name Luna, combining its charm and sweetness in a perfect manner.

27. Luna Gem

Conveying a sense of rarity and beauty, this title is apt for acknowledging the most precious one in your life.

28. Luna Glow

Luna Glow is a cute name beaming with the unmatched allure and magical gleam associated with the moon.

29. Luna Light

Adding the term light to your little Luna’s name could signify the radiance and warmth she brings into your life.

30. Luna Loco

Painting a picture of a beautiful yet crazy character, Luna Loco is the right choice for someone with a zesty spirit.

31. Luna Lou

Luna Lou is an affectionate and sweet title for your child with a friendly feel.

32. Luna Love

Possibly inspired by the fictional character Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, this nickname is filled with warmth and affection. Luna Lovegood resonates with many Harry Potter fans across the globe. Kritika Ponia, an enthusiastic reader and blogger, recounts, “I felt an immediate connect with her. Luna Lovegood first appeared in the fifth Harry Potter book and I was a fan instantly. She spoke to the hidden me that was yearning to come out. She was the hidden me (i).”

33. Luna Magic

Adding a spark of mystique to the wonder of Luna, the informal term Luna Magic could be a fitting choice for your little fairy.

34. Luna Marshmallow

A tender name for a little one who is as sweet and soft as a marshmallow.

35. Luna Muffin

Spreading an aura of freshness and charm, this term fits the bill for your sweet little muffin.

36. Luna Noche

An amalgamation of the names Luna, meaning ‘moon,’ and Noche, meaning ‘night,’ this captivating nickname symbolizes the magic of starry evenings.

protip_icon Did you know?
Names meaning ‘moon’ are popular across many languages globally. Examples include Feray in Turkish, Chandra in Hindi, and Helen in English.

37. Luna Noodle

For a girl who is beautiful as the moon, yet fun and silly, Luna Noodle fits rightly as a nickname.

38. Luna Nugget

Luna signifies ‘moon,’ while Nugget suggests something precious. Together, they embody an endearing quality, akin to a cherished treasure.

39. Luna Pie

A cute and cuddly choice that embraces the delightful and comforting essence of a pie.

40. Luna Shimmer

Painting a picture of the sparkling and radiant aura of the moon, Luna Shimmer presents a truly radiant and captivating option.

41. Luna Spark

Akin to a little light in the dark, Luna Spark evokes a sense of hope and joy, mirroring the radiance of your bundle of joy!

42. Luna Sprinkle

A name seamlessly merging beauty and wonder, Luna Sprinkle is for a child who sprinkles joy and laughter everywhere she goes.

43. Luna Sweetheart

A lovable title reflecting the warmth and radiance of both the moon and your baby.

44. Luna Laugh

Adding a comic touch to Luna, occasionally calling your baby Luna Laugh, will surely brighten even the dullest moments.

45. Lunabear

Combining Luna’s enchantment with the snug embrace of a bear, the name Lunabear is wrapped with a blanket full
of love and warmth.

46. Lunabug

The nickname is cute and charming, just like your little darling. Instead of Bug, you may also use terms like Bugsy and Bugs.

47. Lunalee

A bright and modern name, often taken as a blend of Luna and Lee. It conveys the meanings of ‘moon’ and ‘clearing.’

Nicknames For Luna, Lunalee

Image: Momjunction Design Team

48. Lunalyn

Reminiscent of the moon’s soft glow and the lake’s serene vibe, Lunalyn makes for a lovely nickname choice.

49. Lunar

The term Lunar refers to several things related to the moon. Thus, calling your baby Lunar connects her to the notions of light and beauty.

50. Lunara

A name with an exotic and flowery significance, Lunara would suit a gentle and caring girl.

51. Lunarae

Lunarae sounds like a blend of Luna and Ray, making it a cute and radiant name for your lively bundle of joy.

52. Lunaria

Choose this name if you want a unique and mesmerizing title. Meaning ‘moon-like’ in Latin, Lunaria also refers to a group of flowering plants.

53. Lunaspell

Giving your little one a chic name like Lunaspell is like adding a sparkle of the moon’s magic to her persona.

54. Luna Star

The alluring name is for a girl who shines bright like a star, standing out amidst a crowd.

55. Lunavie

A sweet and gentle name uniting Luna, for the moon, with Vie, a French word for ‘life.’ Thus, Lunavie is an excellent pick for your baby who brings light and peace into your life.

56. Lune

When translated from French, Lune means ‘moon.’ Select this name if you wish to give an unconventional twist to your child’s name.

57. Lunetta

Besides sounding sophisticated, Lunetta is an Italian version of the name Luna, meaning ‘moon.’

58. Lunette

Reflecting calmness and beauty, this sweet nickname means ‘little moon’ in French.

59. Luney

Another endearing name that mirrors the tranquility of the moonlit sky. Interestingly, Luney is also a surname in Irish.

protip_icon Quick fact
Luney is also an Irish surname and an Anglicized version of Ó Luanaigh. The name means ‘warrior.’

60. Lunia

Did you know that this name denotes ‘delicacy of taste’ in Kongo? Well, it also makes for a delightful nickname for Luna.

61. Lunis

Lunis carries a modern vibe that appeals to people of all ages. Moreover, it appears as a surname in Haitian Creole.

62. Luni-Bear

A snuggly name for your beloved little one, who’s just as soft and adorable as a teddy bear.

63. Lunie

If you’re fond of the name Luna but prefer something more casual, Lunie is a great alternative. Like Luney, it is also used as a surname in Italy.

64. Lunie-Pie

Here’s a super cool and cuddly nickname, just perfect for your adorable little cutie pie: Lunie-Pie.

65. Lunita

A cool and beautiful Spanish term for the moon, Lunita sounds as special and lovely as the moon in the night sky.

66. Lunitina

Lunitina is a nickname that exudes warm, sophisticated vibes. Call your girl by this name in front of her friends, and she’ll blush with joy.

67. Luniverse

A mix of Luna and universe, Luniverse serves as a reminder that your little one is full of wonder and magic, just like the moon and stars.

68. Lunlight

This specially crafted term perfectly suits your bundle of joy, who fills each day with joy and brightness.

69. Lunshine

Your little sunshine deserves an extraordinary name like Lunshine, as she brightens your dullest moments with her warm presence.

70. Luny

If your baby’s a bit silly, playful, and always bubbling with energy and laughter, calling her Luny might sound the best!

71. Midnight Luna

The enchanting term seems lovely and mysterious, just like the moon peeking through clouds on the darkest of night.

72. Moon

Just as the moon sparkles with beauty and wonder, what could be a better choice for your remarkable little beauty queen?

73. Moon Muse

Your baby is a constant source of inspiration in your life, so why not celebrate her wonderful presence by calling her Moon Muse?

74. Moon Princess

A supremely cute and regal nickname for your princess, who always shines with grace and beauty.

75. Moonbeam

An intriguing nickname inspired by a character in the animated film ‘Happily Ever After.’ It symbolizes the brilliant silver light that the full moon casts on the Earth.

76. Moonchild

Consider the name Moonchild because it goes beyond praising your baby, and reflects your love and hopes for them.

77. Moonflower

Blending the beautiful essence of the moon with the gentleness of a flower, Moonflower would fit perfectly for your little beauty queen.

78. Moonie

Moonie is perhaps the right term for your charming little one who adds a touch of cheer to your life.

79. Moonlight

The nickname emanates a calm and soothing vibe, akin to the gentle gleam shining at night. Call your baby Moonlight for a bit of magic!

80. Moonlit-Luna

Moonlit-Luna is a nickname brimming with brilliance and luster, enhancing the inherent essence of the given name.

81. Moonshadow

Besides capturing the captivating allure of the moon’s shadow, this name also suggests that your little one is as beautiful as the moon itself.

82. Moonstruck Beauty

If you adore your baby’s beautiful eyes, sparkling like the moon, you can call her by this sweet nickname.

83. Na

Na is a brief and straightforward nickname, yet it holds profound meanings like graceful and delicate in Chinese. Its most notable feature is its simplicity and ease of remembrance.

84. Night Queen

Your baby is indeed in charge of your nighttime sleep and the new ruler of your timetable. So, calling her your Night Queen seems just right.

85. Selene

Also the name of the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene is a sacred title for your sweet little goddess, connoting grace and strength.

protip_icon Trivia
In Greek mythology, Selene was the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia. She is the Greek equivalent of the Roman goddess Luna.

86. Starshine

Bestow this name upon your little star, who spreads laughter and gleam wherever she goes. It is also a name shared by various characters in Marvel Comics.

87. Stellaluna

Stellaluna is a dazzling name as stellar as the sky sparkling with stars and the moon.

88. Sugar Luna

Just as sugar adds life and flavor to a dish, this sweet name embodies the sheer joy of having your precious one in your life.

89. Sweet Luna

You may pick this nickname to highlight the sweet and caring nature of your baby girl.

90. Twinkle Luna

This name shines with simplicity and charm. Calling her Twinkle Luna will certainly make your girl feel exclusive.

91. Una

A Latin name signifying unity, Una makes for a meaningful yet trendy nickname for Luna.

Nicknames For Luna, Una

Image: Momjunction Design Team

Funny Nicknames For Luna

Adding a humorous twist to traditional names not only brings a light-hearted vibe but also adds an element of fun to your moments. Here are some funny nicknames for Luna that are sure to bring a smile to your little one’s face.

92. Loonaroo

Loonaroo has an edgy vibe, carrying a sense of freedom; ideal for a carefree and joyful child.

93. Loony-Balloon

The lively and bubbly nickname could make you think of your baby like a bouncy, colorful balloon, ready to spread bouts of smiles and cheer.

94. Loony-Boo

Loony in this name hints at a bit of silliness, while Boo adds a touch of affection. Thus, Loony-Boo oozes with playfulness and sweetness.

95. Loony-Bunny

The uber-cute nickname seems ideal for a baby who is lively, funny, and silly in a lovely way, just like a little bunny hopping around!

96. Loony-Goony

Filled with warmth and a joyous vibe, Loony-Goony is a perfect pick for your adorable little kiddo, bringing boundless love and joy into your life.

97. Loony-Luna

A delightful choice for your little miss sunshine, who lights up your world with her smiles and laughter.

98. Loony-Moon

Most suitable for your little live wire, always full of energy who loves making funny faces, yet manages to look pretty!

99. Loony-Moonie

Loony-Moonie is just the right term to use for your quirky and fun daughter, beaming with energy and excitement.

100. Loon-Loon

The double Loon in this title makes it cool and easy to use in casual settings, and it is bound to bring a smile to everyone’s face in a really nice way.

101. Looney-Tunes

Inspired by the beloved characters in the classic cartoons, Looney-Tunes is for a baby with a mischievous and bubbly personality.

102. Loonysaurus

The imaginative nickname might sound a bit goofy, but it fits the bill perfectly for an adventure-loving little one.

103. Lulugiggle

Attach this joyful title to your bundle of joy, which sounds like a happy melody filled with laughter and giggles.

104. Lulunar

A charming name evoking imagery of lunar landscapes and wanderlust, Lulunar is certainly a unique choice.

105. Lulunatic

If your little girl is always up to some wild yet adorable antics, Lulunatic is a sweet and funny way to address her.

106. Luna Breeze

The lovely name combines the calm beauty of the moon and the refreshing feel of a night breeze. Luna Breeze could be a nice name for a calm baby.

107. Luna Doodle

A playful and cheerful title for the creative one who loves to draw or scribble.

108. Luna Funnypants

Here is a joyful and giggly nickname for your little charmer who lights up every room with her fun and happy spirit.

109. Luna Halo

The title merges the beauty of the moon with the mystery of an angel’s glowing ring. Luna Halo is ideal for a beautiful and mysterious little angel.

110. Luna Maya

Call your little princess Luna Maya, a nickname carrying a sense of magic and wonder, just like how amazing she is.

111. Luna Pop

The fun and energetic nickname is like saying your baby girl is not just as beautiful as the moon, but also a delightful bundle of energy and joy!

112. Luna Popsicle

Combining the lunar charm of Luna with the delightful, refreshing vibe of a popsicle, Luna Popsicle is pretty appropriate for your cheerful little one.

113. Luna Puff

If your little Luna is soft and irresistible like a fluffy puff, then this nickname would be apt for her.

114. Luna Snickers

Here is a name specially crafted for your personalized brand of chocolate: Luna Snickers. Doesn’t it sound sweet and lovely?

115. Luna Twirl

With a dash of fun and whimsy, Luna Twirl could be a go-to name for your kiddo who often likes to spin around with joy and excitement!

116. Luna Velvet

The soothing and magical name is for your little fairy, whose gentle presence is lovely and comforting.

117. Lunabean

Lunabean is an adorable and funny term for your cute little one, who is like a tiny bean, packed with bouts of energy and joy.

118. Lunaberry

Full of charm and sweetness, akin to your little one, is this name oozing with beauty and delight. If your little Luna loves berries of all kinds, Lunaberry could be a great nickname for them.

119. Lunablink

Bestow this whimsical title upon your curious little one, who keeps blinking her eyes in a quest to discover new things.

120. Lunaboo

The lighthearted nickname is perfect for cuddling up with your little one during their playtime.

121. Lunabop

While Luna connotes the moon’s beauty, bop adds a bouncy vibe, like a melodic tune, lively and refreshing. Choose this name for your lil dancing queen, who loves boogieing all day.

122. Lunabubble

Lunabubble could be the right choice for a beautiful and bubbly child who is sweet as a bubble and bright as the moon.

123. Lunabun

With its cozy and warm vibe, this nickname evokes a heartwarming feeling every time you say it.

124. Lunachicks

The whimsical and chic nickname appears somewhat dreamy yet beautifully mysterious. Lunachicks is also the title of an American punk rock band.

125. Lunacorn

Imagining this name as a fusion of Luna and Unicorn, it’s uniquely special, radiating a touch of the mythic beauty of the nighttime.

126. Lunadillo

The super cool term Lunadillo might be the one with a resilient personality, yet with a hint of magic.

127. Lunafizz

Give this sparkling title to your lively little one, who never fails to enchant you with their energetic personality.

128. Lunajelly

A delightful nickname for your little sweetheart. Moreover, if she likes Jellies, chances are she would love this name.

129. Lunalicious

The term is reminiscent of the moon’s beautiful radiance and delightful treats at the same time. To make it funnier, pronounce it Loo-na-lee-cious.

130. Lunalumpy

Your little one’s cheeks are round and squishy, and, of course, most beautiful. Why not give her a name that’s as adorable and wonderful as she is?

131. Luna Luvbug

Like a love bug, your baby is also known for her adorable and affectionate nature. So, this name would suit the cutie pie you love snuggling with on a cozy evening.

132. Luna Peep

Say hello to a cute nickname that captures the calming vibe of the nighttime, with the moon peeking out from behind the clouds.

133. Lunawesome

Naming your darling Lunawesome is like describing her as amazing as the moon itself. Isn’t that cool and amazing?

134. Lunatastic

Luna+fantastic= Lunatastic. It is an excellent name for someone with an exceptional personality.

135. Lunartini

Lunartini is a chic and distinctive choice, ideal for parents who want a name with a unique, cosmopolitan vibe.

136. Lunatic Princess

A royal title for your lil princess with a weighty personality. With a touch of adventure and elegance, it nicely captures her lively spirit.

137. Lunar Diva

Your baby can be called a Lunar Diva if she has a flair for fashion and exudes a starry aura, mesmerizing those around her.

138. Lunatopia

This affectionate term evokes images of a beautiful, dreamy location. Anyone addressed with it will feel like they have been transported to a paradise-like place.

139. Luntie

Your daughter is perhaps the only one who can brighten your dull days with her smile. But whenever you call her Luntie, she will certainly burst into a wide smile.

140. Lunatoonie

Choose this whimsical name if you picture your little one as a silly cartoon character, laughing and bouncing around.

141. Lunasmile

Even though she always keeps you on your toes, her tiny smile warms your heart. So, what better way to call her than Lunasmile?

142. Luna Rose

Radiating the quintessential essence of lunar and floral beauty, this nickname is truly unparalleled. It may blend Luna, meaning ‘moon,’ and Rose, meaning ‘famous type,’ and representing the flower rose.

Nicknames For Luna, Luna Rose

Image: Momjunction Design Team

143. Lunawhirl

Lunawhirl sounds like a perfect blend of dreamy beauty and playful chaos, capturing the lively spirit of a child spinning around mischievously.

144. Lunoodles

Whether you love noodles or are seeking a unique name with a culinary twist, Lunoodles fits the bill. It might even leave you craving some delicious noodles.

145. Lunu

The short and sweet title has a modern and jolly vibe, making it a fitting choice for any cheerful girl.

146. Luna-tic-tac

When in a fun and playful mood, you may call your little one by this name. And bonus: it holds a hint of adventure and wonder.

147. Moonadoodle

With a sprinkle of whimsy, a little one called Moonadoodle would surely bring laughter and light to any gathering.

148. Moondust

A mystical mix of moonbeams and glitter, this name could add a starry twist to your little one’s identity.

149. Moondancer

Moondancer might be the perfect fit for your budding dancer, aspiring to make it big in the world of dance.

150. Moonerific

For a baby girl who is always charming and joyful, this makes for a terrific nickname.

151. Mooniac

Choosing a funny yet adventurous name like Mooniac means you could be having a baby with a wild imagination.

152. Moonicorn

An alternative for Lunicorn is Moonicorn. This captivating mix of lunar glow and unicorn’s charm is simply enchanting.

153. Moonlit Dream

Going beyond mere tales and myths, this nickname is suited for someone who dreams of reaching greater heights in life.

154. Moonlit Serenity

Holding tons of charm and sophistication, this term undoubtedly stands out among the other nicknames for Luna.

155. Pudding Luna

Here is a sweet and casual term you may use for an adorable and giggly girl who spreads happiness wherever she bounces.

Unique Nicknames For Luna

If you’re looking to steer clear of familiar nicknames, consider opting for an unconventional and unique nickname for Luna to make a bold statement.

156. Aurora Luna

A fancy title, sparkling with a touch of magic, Aurora Luna is for those who believe in colorful and cool adventures.

157. Cuddle Luna

Given a pet name like this, you can expect endless cuddles and giggles from your adorable little princess.

158. Enchantress

A little one named Enchantress is like a bundle of happiness and magic, filling your days with never-ending joy.

159. Loona-tic

A cute and dynamic name for your small-size dynamite who is always ready for fun and mischievous times.

160. Loonapalooza

With close ties to Lollapalooza, a Chicago musical festival, this nickname has a distinctive lyrical flair, making it chic and memorable.

161. Looniverse

A personalized nickname for your little miss Universe who reigns supreme over the entire house.

162. Loonimedy

Loonimedy is a quirky, fun-filled name that wonderfully highlights your little one’s comic talent.

163. Loony-Bug

The pet name Loony-Bug is perhaps most suited for a little mischief-maker who loves annoying people.

164. Loonytuneville

If you want a unique and long name for Luna, nothing can beat this one. Moreover, it sounds somewhat like a whimsical tale or cartoon adventure waiting to unfold.

165. Lulabelle

A mix of Lula and Belle, this nickname was possibly created for a little beauty queen who loves her sleep.

protip_icon Did you know?
While slightly informal in tone, Lulabelle is a standalone name for baby girls with significant meanings such as ‘famous in battle’ and ‘my God is an oath.’

166. Luminary

Luminary draws inspiration from the English term indicating an object emanating light. Hence, you may give this name to your little one, who illuminates your world.

167. Luna Beam

The radiant name is effortlessly classy and just perfect for your little beam of sunshine.

168. Luna Button

An endearing name for an adorable child who can activate a vibe of happiness with the flip of their smile.

169. Luna Delight

Your baby is your endless source of joy, so why not give her a pet name beaming with ecstasy?

170. Luna Faerie

Perhaps you like the term fairy, but want to choose something different, you may try this nickname for your little faerie.

171. Lunafly

A blend of Luna and Fly, this title might be a fine choice for a dreamer who wishes to soar high to achieve her aspirations.

172. Luna Giggles

Whether it’s her innocent talks or cute chuckles, your little one is surely a melody maker in your house, deserving a nickname like this.

173. Luna Serenade

Mirroring the gentle notes of a serene melody, this nickname fits right for a child who brings a sense of beauty and calmness to your world.

174. Lunaticula

Affectionately call her Lunaticula if she is your little laughter magician, filling your moments with endless smiles and happiness.

175. Luna-fy

When you’re not in the mood to put in much effort to find a distinctive nickname, try Luna-fy. It’s simple and suitable for Luna.

176. Luna-tic

If you have a happy-go-lucky kiddo, whose little mischiefs and innocence remind you of your good old childhood days, you may name them Luna-tic.

177. Luna-tunes

A perfect selection for your little maestro who is just starting to speak or making those adorable babbling sounds.

178. Lunaburger

With her oh-so-pretty cheeks and charming chuckles, she’s got a sure-shot recipe to win your heart. If that is so, she’s certainly your little Lunaburger.

179. Lunacycles

If she’s fond of bike rides, you may address your little joy rider as Lunacycles. On your next ride, she’ll surely burst into laughter.

180. Lunadream

For a cherished little one embodying all the beautiful things you have dreamt of, Lunadream is a magical title.

181. Lunafish

Eliciting images of enchanting creatures splashing joy everywhere, Lunafish is for the one who never fails to bring a smile to your face.

182. Lunafrost

The cool and contemporary name could be given to a girl who either loves winters or imagines herself as a snowy princess, ruling over hearts.

183. Lunakitty

Lunakitty seems like a name crafted for a curious little one with a spirit of exploration and adventure.

184. Lunaloon

Lunaloon is a whimsical nickname with a catchy tone. It would suit a mischievous and joyful persona.

185. Lunamazing

A flamboyant option reflecting brilliance, Lunamazing is a fantastic choice for your tiny epitome of awesomeness.

186. Lunami

If your little one amazes you with her boundless energy and unmatched resolve, she could be your little Lunami.

187. Lunamaria

The enchanting title combines two classic names: Luna and Maria. It also has a pop culture reference as the name of a Japanese anime character, Lunamaria Hawke.

188. Lunamore

The term is Lunamore distinctly special for a little girl with a lovely heart and beautiful soul, whom you can’t help but adore more and more with each passing day.

189. Lunaphase

For a munchkin who has her phases, like the moon. Sometimes she’s full of mischief, and sometimes she’s just the sweetest.

190. Lunar Lark

The Lark is an alluring bird with lunar qualities, known for its pleasant sound. Give this nickname to someone who is just as joyful and captivating.

191. Lunarama

Lunarama would be the perfect fit for a lovely and energetic soul, with whom each day is filled with bouts of laughter, surprises, and endless joy!

192. Lunatic Fringe

This would make for a quirky name for your little powerhouse of fun. Moreover, its length adds to its unusual and unique charm.

193. Lunatickles

Is your Luna simply hilarious? Then use this unique name that highlights the mischievous yet funny antics of your little tickle monster.

194. Lunatico

Lunatico sounds like a familiar name but with a modern twist. To add a feminine vibe, you may also spell it Lunatica.

195. Lunatrix

Possibly influenced by the Matrix series, Lunatrix carries a digital vibe that makes it relevant to current times.

196. Lunita-Bonita

Lunita is a form of Luna meaning ‘moon,’ while Bonita means ‘pretty’ in Spanish. Hence this playful and unique name is not just chic, but also meaningful.

Nicknames For Luna, Lunita-Bonita

Image: Momjunction Design Team

197. Moon Unit

Moon Unit is an unusual choice for your little adventurer who loves exploring the world around them.

198. Moon Wisp

An enigmatic title with no specific meaning, Moon Wisp is surely unique with a touch of mystique.

199. Moonology

If your little one is like a mini scientist, intrigued by the stars and the moon, this name is nothing short of perfect.

200. Moony Balloony

The captivating rhythmic term reflects the phenomenon of the moon bouncing through the sky like a giant balloon. It makes for a truly unique name for Luna.

201. Silver Moon

Radiating the luster of silver and the allure of the moon, this informal name for Luna stands out from the rest.

202. Snuggle Luna

As snug as a warm blanket and as lovely as the moon, whisper this name before kissing your little one good night.

Luna is a popular girl’s name with a few variants. However, when it comes to nicknames for Luna, there are numerous options. These informal names can be influenced by other given names, fictional characters, or even your child’s characteristics and your personal preferences. While some nicknames have specific meanings, others are informally used by parents and friends. Regardless of the source, each nickname is created to express love for your little Luna. Scour through the aforementioned compilation of funny to distinctive names to select the best-suited nickname according to your preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some playful nicknames for Luna?

Loonster, Loony, Loony-Goony, and Lunatopia are playful nicknames for Luna. Other perky options, such as Pudding Luna, Lunabug, Luna-Tic, and Lunie-Pie are also worth considering.

2. Are there any nickname options inspired by mythology or fantasy for Luna?

Selene, Aurora, and Lona are a few mythological or fantasy-inspired nicknames for Luna. These are also forenames, often chosen by parents for their charming and magical aura.

Key Pointers

  • Luna is a given name widely used across English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian-speaking cultures.
  • Luna has celestial and mythological associations and offers many charming nicknames.
  • Creative nicknames like Lunalu, Luna Cupcake, and Lunette add a playful and whimsical flair.
  • Lunita, Selene, Moonbeam, and Lunara are alluring options suitable for people of all ages.

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