225+ Unique, Cute, And Funny Nicknames For Matthew

Before diving into the world of nicknames for Matthew, let’s dig a little into the origin and meaning of the name. Matthew is the English form of a Greek name. It originated from the Greek Matthaios or the Hebrew Matityahu, meaning ‘gift of God.’ An interesting fact about Matthew is that it has been around since the Biblical ages. It was used as an epithet for the apostle Levi. Matthew was quite popular in the Middle Ages and it has inspired a plethora of lovable and creative nicknames. From funny nicknames like Motthew and Mattitude to cute ones like Mattie Poo and Hew Hew, There is a nickname for Matthew that suits every personality. Explore this list, each with its charm and magic.

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225+ Short Names Or Nicknames For Matthew

Nicknames are like ornaments to an individual’s personality. Keeping this in mind, look at the different types of nicknames that can be used for Matthew.

Funny Nicknames For Matthew

There is never a dull moment when Matthew is around and he deserves a funny nickname. Check out some funny nicknames for Matthew that highlight his jovial side.

1. Marvel Matt

Your son wants to be the next Marvel superhero, it’s a good thing he already has a fitting superhero name of his own.

2. Matador

Does your little Matthew dream of becoming a bullfighter one day? Matador may be a suitable nickname for him.

3. Math-Whiz

Playing around with the sound of Matthew, Math-Whiz is a brilliant nickname for a math genius.

4. Mattchew

We all know someone who takes forever to chew their food. Do you know a Matthew who does the same? Maybe he is Mattchew.

5. Mattchless Hero

He is better than the rest, he is none other than your local champion, Mattchless Hero.

6. Mattchless Wonder

Whatever he does, he excels. Mattchless Wonder is a suitable nickname for a polymath.

7. Mattchmaker

Every friend group has a cupid in their circle. Is Matthew playing the role of a matchmaker? This can be an appropriate nickname for him.

8. Mattchstick

If Matthew has a personality similar to a matchstick, maybe a temper that flares up for a short period, he can be called Mattchstick.

9. Mattchstick Man

The nickname can be given to someone who is thin and lean, similar to a matchstick.

10. Matter of Time

Is Matthew’s go-to phrase ‘it is just a matter of time?’ This can be a funny and appropriate nickname for him.

11. Mattgic Carpet Ride

For children, everything is possible. Is your little one obsessed with flying on magic carpets? This nickname can be suitable for Matthew.

12. Mattgic Wand

Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, or any other Disney movie that involves magical wands. You name them, your baby boy has seen them all.

13. Mattgical Beast

Inspired by the story of Beauty and the Beast or the Fantastic Beasts film, this can be a funny and adorable nickname for your baby.

14. Mattgical Guru

He believes that he is the best magic teacher in the realm. Give him this fitting nickname to make him proud.

15. Mattgical Unicorn

Special and unique like a unicorn. This nickname is for a Matthew who is one-of-a-kind.

16. Mattgician

With a little play on words, Matthew turns into Mattgician.

17. Matthatter

Ever heard of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland? You can personalize Matthew’s nickname into Matthatter.

18. Matthemagician

A number wizard is a Matthemagician, combining two words mathematician and magician!

19. Matthematician

Without the magic, Matthew can just be a Matthematician. This nickname can be given to someone talented with numbers.

20. Matthine Gun

Your living room is always a battleground. Matthine Gun is a play of words on the term ‘machine gun.’

21. Mattician

Similar to Mattgician, Mattician is also a nickname inclined to the enchanting world of spells and potions.

22. Mattinator

“I’ll be back” is the Terminator’s famous line. What is Mattinator’s line?

23. Mattinee Idol

A term used for film or theatre stars who are adored by their fans. What a fitting nickname for a Matthew you adore.

24. Mattitude

A little toddler with the attitude of an old man. Mattitude may be a fitting name for him.

25. Mattlignancy

This may be a little too much unless you are super close with Matthew. Matt-lignancy, a nickname taken from the word ‘malignant.’ Be careful to only use this as a sarcastic nickname.

26. Mattmatical Genius

For the little number nerd in the house. This highlights what a genius Matthew is.

27. Mattmatician

Similar to Matthematician, Mattmatician is a slightly shorter spelling.

28. Mattmosapien

From the scientific name for humans, Mattmosapien emerges, a species of his own.

29. Mattnificent

Inspired by the word ‘magnificent,’ this is an endearing nickname to give to someone you love.

30. MattNCheese

A funny and adorable nickname for a little lover of mac and cheese.

31. Matt-o-lantern

Always in the spirit of Halloween and dressing up, maybe Matthew should be nicknamed Matt-o-lantern.

32. Mattpocalypse

When Matt is in the house, no room is safe from his catastrophic destruction. He may be nicknamed the Mattpocalypse.

33. Mattrathon Matt

For a little runner, Mattrathon Matt can serve as a source of empowerment.

34. Mattress King

If you are ever shopping for your home, you know who to call, the Mattress King.

35. Matt-rex

You have your dinosaur in your home. Instead of a T-Rex, you have a Matt-rex.

36. Mattronome

A nickname inspired by the instrument, the metronome. This nickname may be given to someone who taps his feet all the time.

37. Matt-ry Poppins

Here is a little twist on Mary Poppins, if your baby boy likes the movie, he can be nicknamed Matt-ry Poppins.

38. Mattstache

A cute and funny nickname for someone with a mustache.

39. Mattstache King

This nickname is for Matthew whose mustache is always on fleek. He is the Mattstache King.

40. Mattster of Disguise

It is always difficult to find him in a crowd because he is the Mattster of Disguise.

41. Mattsterpiece

Every single individual is a masterpiece, but your Matthew is a Mattsterpiece.

42. Matttastic

A combination of the name Matthew and the word fantastic, Mattastic.

43. Matttastic Four

If you are ever lucky enough to be a part of a friend group with four Matthews, they can be referred to as the Mattastic Four.

44. Matter of Fact

This funny nickname can be given to someone who has a fact ready for every occasion.

45. Matter of the Universe

Do you have a budding little scientist at home? This is for your very own Einstein.

46. Matt the Magician

This Matthew is obsessed with cards and rabbits disappearing from hats. A nickname that is suitable for a little magician.

Nicknames for Matthew, Matt the Magician meaning ‘magician

Image: Momjunction Design Team

47. Matt-trickster

A little prankster on the loose. He is always up to no good in the cutest way possible, meet Matt-trickster.

48. Matthesaurus

This Matthew knows the meaning, synonyms, and antonyms of words you have never even heard of. He is a Matthesaurus.

49. Monarch Matt

Who says you can’t be king? Monarch Matt rules your household and his word is law.

50. Motthew

For a boy who is fascinated by the winged creatures of the night.

Cute Nicknames For Matthew

Matthew fills our hearts with warmth and joy. Here is a list of extra cute nicknames for the cutie patootie Matthew.

51. Aromattic

Before you see him, you can smell him. Matthew always has his signature scent on, which led to the nickname.

52. Ati

Matt or Matti is often used as a nickname for Matt, how about Ati? How cute is that?

53. Baby M Hew

Baby M Hew is a unique and adorable nickname for someone who is learning to say their own name out loud.

54. Bestie Matty

Popular among groups of friends, Matthew is everyone’s bestie.

55. Chewy

Chewy is a loving way to call Matthew.

56. Happy Matty

Glowing and always shining bright like the sun. Your little baby boy is a Happy Matty.

57. HewHew

Taken from the last syllable of Matthew, HewHew is a personalized nickname specially used between you and him.

58. Hewy

How do you make HewHew sound cuter? You call him Hewy.

59. Little M

Big M is commonly heard and used, but what about Little M? Denoting someone who likes to cuddle in the blanket with you at night when it is thundering outside.

60. Little Monkey Matt

An expert at the jungle gym, you have yourself a Little Monkey Matt.

61. Mac

Mat and Mac sound extremely similar. You can get away with this if your little Matt loves mac and cheese.61

62. Maitiu

A whimsical version of Matthew, Maitiu carries its own charm.

63. Major

He is the soldier fighting to keep the house safe from monsters. He is a Major.

64. Major Matty

For a more personalized touch, Major Matty is a cute away of softening a manly nickname such as Major.

65. Mao

Playful and affectionate, don’t mind if it is short.

66. Master M

A posh and elegant nickname for a little Matthew whose hair is always slicked back and neat.

67. Mat Mat

An adorable way to refer to someone named Matthew.

68. Mate

Taken from the name and also from the English dictionary, Mate can be used between friends or family.

69. Matt-adorable

Combining the name Matt and the word adorable, you get Matt-adorable.

70. Mattel

Who said only girls can like dolls and Barbies? Your Ken can also be referred to as Mattel.

71. Mattachussettes

Inspired by a state in the US, Mattachussettes is a play on the name Massachusetts.

72. Mattatattat

A master at tap dancing, Mattatattat is a repetition of the sound Matthew makes.

73. MattBlue

Known for his piercing blue eyes that reflect the beauty of the seas, he is MattBlue.

74. Mattencesse

Mattencensse is a combination of Matthew and the hardened gum-like material Frankincense.

75. Mattie

A little on the nose, but an all-time favorite.

76. Mattie Poo

Adding poo at the end of the name is always a cute and popular option.

77. Mattmazing Grace

Inspired by the hymn Amazing Grace, Mattmazing Grace is for someone who loves to sing hymns on Sunday and is part of the choir.

78. Mattrick

Ever heard of a hat trick? Mattrick is inspired by it.

79. Matty

A spelling variant of Mattie, Matty is just as cute and popular.

80. Matty Baby

A nickname suitable for your little baby bear. He is always tugging on your clothes for a hug.

81. Matty Bear

He loves cuddling and naps. That’s all you need to know about Matty Bear.

82. Matty Bee

Opposite to Matty Bear, Matty Bee is always frolicking outside in the sun, smelling the flowers.

83. Matty Boo Boo

This is for your little munchkin who you can’t help but squeeze his adorable chubby cheeks.

84. Matty Munchkin

Matty Munchkin is for a little boy who waddles like an adorable penguin.

85. Mattykins

Adding ‘kins’ at the end of a name is also a well-loved option.

86. Moo Moo

Going by the M sound of the name, Moo Moo is adorable for a Matthew who loves cows.

87. Tat

Inspired by the sound of the first syllable ‘Matt,’ Tat is a cute option for a nickname.

88. Thewy

Based on the last syllable of Matthew, Thewy is an endearing choice that highlights how adorable Matthew is.

89. Watty

Instead of Matty, why not opt for Watty, cute and it rhymes with the name.

Cool Nicknames For Matthew

Matthew is everyone’s best friend and everyone wants to be bros with him. Check out this list of cool nicknames for Matthew.

90. M-Dawg

This nickname conveys a sense of casual coolness. It is the perfect nickname for someone who is laid-back yet always ready for an adventure with friends.

Nicknames for Matthew, M-Dawg meaning ‘cool and laid-back

Image: Momjunction Design Team

91. M-Train

Like a resilient locomotive, the nickname signifies strength, resilience, and a determined attitude, making it ideal for someone who consistently powers through challenges and obstacles.

92. Magnetic Matt

With a charming personality and an innate ability to befriend anyone, this nickname suits someone who effortlessly draws people in with their charisma and magnetism.

93. Matt Blitz

This Matthew is quick, always ready, and has a go-getter mentality. This nickname is for someone who approaches life with relentless energy and determination to achieve their goals swiftly.

94. Matt Star

It’s the perfect nickname for someone who shines brightly in whatever they do, whether it’s academics, sports, or just about anything.

95. Matt Zenith

The perfect nickname for Matthew who continually strives for excellence and reaches new heights in his endeavors.

96. Matt-dawg

The approachable and super-friendly Matthew deserves this amazing nickname.

97. Matt-i-gator

Combining ‘Matt’ with the formidable alligator, this nickname suggests strength, resilience, and a fierce determination to overcome any challenge.

98. Matt-itude

This nickname is for someone who approaches every situation with optimism and determination, inspiring those around them.

99. Matt-o-rama

You never know what is going to happen with this Matthew who brings vibrancy and energy to every situation, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

100. Matt-ster

At the outset, it is a cool nickname for any Matthew in any situation.

101. Mattalanche

Like an avalanche down a mountainside, this nickname is for someone who brings a rush of energy, excitement, and unstoppable momentum to every situation, leaving a lasting impact in their wake.

102. Mattalicious

This playful and fun nickname is perfect for someone who brings joy and excitement to every interaction, making life a little sweeter for those around them.

103. Mattallica

Combining the name ‘Matt’ with the power and intensity of the legendary band Metallica, this nickname is for someone who exudes strength, resilience, and a rock-solid attitude. It is also well-suited if they happen to love Metallica.

104. Mattalogue

Reflecting a talent for communication and storytelling, this nickname is for someone who has a way with words, captivating others with their tales and insights.

105. Mattanova

This nickname suggests sophistication, charm, and a touch of mystery, perfect for someone with an air of elegance and allure.

106. Mattapult

Just like a catapult launching into action, this nickname is for someone who approaches life with enthusiasm and determination, propelling themselves toward success with every endeavor.

107. Mattara

Evoking images of exotic locales and adventure, this nickname is for someone with a free spirit and a passion for exploration.

108. Mattaroo Ninja

Combining ‘Matt’ with the stealth and agility of a ninja, this Matthew is quick, stealthy, and sharp.

109. Mattastic Voyage

For Matthew who is all about adventure and exploring the unknown.

110. Mattaya

This Matthew is in love with Pattaya. He talks about it all the time, say hello to Mattaya.

111. Mattchampion

Like a true champion, this nickname is for someone who embodies perseverance, determination, and a relentless pursuit of greatness in all they do.

112. Mattcognito

What is Matthew up to? You will never know because Mattcognito is good at keeping this hush.

113. Mattdog

Everyone loves this Matthew. He is loyal, he radiates golden retriever energy, and is super reliable! There is never a dull moment with this one.

114. Matteclipse

Like a celestial event, this nickname is for someone who leaves a lasting impression wherever they go, eclipsing others with their charisma and presence.

115. Matteholic

We just can’t get enough of Matthew’s personality and time.

116. Mattenigma

What is it about him? How is he mysterious all the time? Where does he get his energy? We will never know. He is an enigma in himself. Let’s just call him Mattenigma.

117. Matteo Royale

The regal and dignified nickname is for someone who carries themselves with grace, elegance, and a touch of majesty.

118. Matteo Titan

The nickname is for someone who commands respect and admiration with his strength, determination, and unwavering resolve.

119. Matteosaurus

Make way for the loud and hungry Matteosaurus.

120. Matterhorn

Inspired by a mountain in the Alps, Matterhorn can be a suitable nickname for someone strong-willed and determined.

121. Matterhorn Adventurer

Your little buddy dreams of climbing frosty peaks when he grows up. This nickname can be a source of inspiration and empowerment for him.

122. Matteus Rex

This Matthew is a natural leader of the pack and has a dominating presence. When Matteus Rex enters a room, he commands attention.

123. Matthesis

Reflecting a sharp intellect and a love for learning, this nickname is for someone who approaches life with curiosity, always seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding.

124. Matticulate

He is articulate, hence the nickname, Matticulate. This is probably going to annoy him, but that’s okay. It is used with love.

125. Mattifaction

Reflecting a sense of fulfillment and contentment, this nickname is for someone who finds joy and satisfaction in every aspect of life, no matter how small.

126. Mattify

Like a master of transformation, this nickname is for someone with a knack for turning challenges into opportunities, always emerging stronger and more resilient.

127. Mattinator

If you need any help or need something to be taken care of, leave it to Matthew. He will ‘terminate’ all your worries and problems. Do not fear, the Mattinator is here!

128. Mattinator X

It’s the same Matthew that solves all your problems but this time we make him sound all the more cooler, we give him an X.

129. ​​Mattinfinite

Reflecting endless potential and possibility, this nickname is for someone who embraces life’s opportunities with open arms, always eager to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

130. Mattini

Like a refreshing cocktail, this nickname is for someone who brings a touch of sophistication and elegance to every occasion, always ready to lift spirits and bring joy to those around them.

131. Mattiplier

Give it to Matthew and he will double it! This Matthew has a big heart and keeps giving.

132. Mattitude Era

It is Matthew’s time to shine, people. You are either with him or you will be left behind.

133. Mattivator

Like a motivational speaker, this nickname is for Matthew who inspires and uplifts others with his words and actions, always encouraging those around them to reach for the stars.

134. Mattlantic

Reflecting the vastness and depth of the ocean, this nickname is for someone who possesses a calm and steady demeanor, navigating life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

Nicknames for Matthew, Mattlantic meaning ‘calm as the ocean

Image: Momjunction Design Team

135. Mattocentric

This nickname suggests a focus and dedication to one’s goals and priorities, making it perfect for someone who approaches life with purpose and determination.

136. Mattopotamus

He is built tough, he is scary, but he has a heart of gold, and he is super cute. He is our very own huffing and puffing, Mattopotamus.

137. Mattropolis

Reflecting a bustling and vibrant personality, this nickname is for someone who brings energy and excitement to every interaction, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.

138. Mattsonic

Like a sonic boom, this nickname is for someone who leaves a lasting impression wherever they go, with their dynamic personality and magnetic presence.

139. Mattstermind

The way he comes up with ideas is just brilliant and unique! For the brilliant-minded Matthew, we call him the Mattsermind.

140. Mattstronaut

Like an astronaut exploring the cosmos, this nickname is for someone who approaches life’s challenges with curiosity, courage, and a sense of adventure.

141. Matty Flame

The nickname suggests a fiery and passionate personality, perfect for someone who approaches life with enthusiasm and zest, igniting inspiration in those around them.

142. Matty Oak

This Matthew stands tall in the face of adversity, rooted firmly in his values and beliefs.

143. Matty River

The nickname is for someone who flows through life with ease and grace, navigating its twists and turns with calmness and serenity.

144. Matty Sky

For Matthew who dreams big and reaches for the stars, he is always striving to soar to new heights.

145. Matty Storm

This Matthew has an unstoppable energy, leaving a lasting impact wherever he goes.

146. Maverick

The nickname suggests a bold and adventurous spirit, perfect for someone who marches to the beat of their drum, unafraid to chart their course in life.

147. Merry Matt

Reflecting a cheerful and jovial demeanor, this nickname is for someone who brings joy and laughter to every situation, spreading holiday cheer all year round.

148. Mighty Matt

Like a mighty warrior, this nickname is for Matthew who possesses strength, courage, and resilience, always ready to overcome any challenge that comes their way.

149. Mysterious Matt

This nickname suggests an air of intrigue and mystique, perfect for someone who keeps others guessing with their enigmatic personality and hidden depths.

150. Teo

Short, sharp, and crisp, Teo is inspired by the last syllable of Matthew.

Good Nicknames For Matthew

There are so many nicknames for Matthew to choose from but which one is the best? Don’t worry, this handpicked list gives you a selection of nicknames that are well-suited for Matthew.

151. Maciej

A Polish nickname that is also a spelling variant of Matthew. Maciej can be pronounced as ‘MA-chay.’

152. Madis

The rare gem of a nickname comes from Estonia. It is the shortened form of Mattias.

153. Mads

An adorably short and quirky nickname for Matthew. It comes from Mathias, commonly used as a Danish diminutive.

154. Mahé

This French spelling of Mazhe has its roots in the Breton name Mazhe, a form of Matthew.

155. Maitiú

Maitiú is a beautiful nickname for Matthew with Irish roots.

156. Makaio

Makaio is the Hawaiian island rendition of Matthew, a perfect nickname for a Mathew who enjoys the gentle sway of palms and the soothing crash of waves.

157. Matas

Matas rhymes with tapas. This cute nickname is inspired by the lands of Lithuania.

158. Mate

A catchy nickname for Matthew. It could be a Croatian or Georgian form of the name. As a Croatian nickname, it comes from the given names Matej or Matija.

159. Máté

Weaving together threads of history, faith, and resilience, Máté emerges as the Hungarian embodiment of Matthew.

160. Matei

Enunciated as ‘ma-TAY,’ this nickname comes from the land of Dracula. Matei is the Romanian spelling for Matthew.

161. Matej

Matej is a popular variant of Matthew in different languages such as Slovak, Slovene, Croatian, and Macedonian. In Slovak, the name is used for the apostle who replaced Judas Iscariot. However, as the Slovene, Croatian, and Macedonian forms of Matthew, it is used as a reference to Levi.

162. Matěj

As mentioned above, Matěj can also be spelled without an accent but the accented spelling is the Czech form of Matthew.

163. Mateja

From the depths of the gorges of Serbia comes Mateja, the Serbian equivalent of Matthew.

164. Mateo

The Croatian and Spanish spelling of Matthew. As a given name, it is borne by Mateo Morrison Fortunato, a Dominican writer, lawyer, poet, and essayist who won the Premio Nacional de Literatura of the Dominican Republic in 2010.

165. Matéo

Matéo with an accent on the ‘e’ is the French spelling of the Mateo or Matteo, variants of Matthew.

166. Mateu

Taken from one of the Romance languages, Mateu is the Catalan equivalent of the Greek name Matthew.

167. Mateus

The nickname can also be spelled as Matheus. It comes from the rich and diverse region of Portugal.

168. Mateusz

Mateusz is pronounced as ‘ma-TEH-oosh’ and it comes from Poland. It is the Polish equivalent of Matthew.

169. Matevos

A wonderful but rare variant of Matthew that can be used as a nickname. Matevos is the Armenian spelling of Matthew.

170. Matevž

From the heart of Europe, specifically Slovenia comes the name Matevž as a spelling variant of Matthew.

171. Matey

From the home of the Black Sea, Matey is the Bulgarian spelling of Matthew. It can also be written in the Bulgarian script.

172. Matfey

A rare Russian name that is pronounced as ‘mut-FYAY.’ It is an Older Russian spelling of Matthew.

173. Matheo

Norwegian and Swedish forms of Mateo or Matteo, Matheo also offer a different writing style to the already popular nickname Matteo.

174. Mathéo

Often French names are accented to differentiate them from others. Mathéo can be written without an accent as well, but it then becomes Norwegian and Swedish variants.

175. Matheus

Matheus is the Portuguese, or rather Brazilian alternative of the Greek name Matthew.

176. Mathias

A well-loved variant among the European and Slavic languages, Mathias is used in French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.

177. Mathieu

The French have numerous spelling alternatives for Matthew, and Mathieu is one of them.

178. Mathijs

This is the Dutch equivalent of Matthew. It may look complicated but it can be easily enunciated as ‘mah-TAYS.’ It can also be spelled as Matthijs.

179. Mathis

The French and German equivalents of Matthew. They are pronounced differently in different languages, ‘MA-tis’ in German and ‘MA-TEES’ in French. It means ‘gift of Yahweh.’

Nicknames for Matthew, Mathis meaning ‘gift of Yahweh

Image: Momjunction Design Team

180. Mathys

A modern French variant of Matthew that can be used as a nickname.

181. Mati

Short and sweet, Mati is the Estonian form of Matthew.

182. Matia

In Basque, Matthew is spelled as Matia. It adds a mysterious aura as a nickname.

183. Matias

Hailing from Finland and Portugal, Matias is another super unique nickname for Matthew.

184. Matías

Pronounced as ‘ma-TEE-as,’ this is the Spanish form of Matthew. It can also be written without any accents.

185. Matic

A timeless Slovene variation of Matthias, its name is a beacon of tradition in a changing world.

186. Matija

This unisex appellation is the Serbian, Croatian, and Slovene form of Matthew. It can be pronounced as ‘MA-tee-ya’ in Croatian and Serbian.

187. Matis

Another modern French variant of Matthew. This nickname can be pronounced as ‘MA-TEES.’

188. Matīss

Matiss with a double ‘s,’ stands out as a cool nickname. Taken from Latvian culture, bonus points if this Mathew loves snakes or maybe just likes to hissss.

189. Matjaž

Another unique sounding nickname from the blessed lands of Slovakia.

190. Matko

The nickname comes from the masculine and unisex names, Matej or Matija. It is a common Croatian spelling of Matthew. It can also be spelled as Mato.

191. Mato

Mato is predominantly used as a masculine name. It comes from the given names Matej or Matija. Mato is the Croatian form of Matthew.

192. Matouš

Did you know that the evangelist and apostle Levi was referred to as Matouš? It can be pronounced as ‘MA-tosh.’

193. Mats

Nicknames can be short and sweet sometimes and Mats is perfect in that regard. It happens to be the short version of Matthias and is especially popular across Swedish and Norwegian cultures.

194. Mattanyahu

Mattanyahu is the Hebrew form of Mattaniah, the Biblical spelling of Matthew.

195. Matteo

Inspired by the sun-drenched hills of Italy, Matteo is the Italian nickname for Matthew who loves Pasta and hates it when you break the pasta.

196. Mattéo

The French spelling of Matthew is pronounced as ‘MA-TEH-O.’ It carries the air of a chic individual.

197. Matteus

A name that was once used as a reference for the apostle Levi. Matteus is the Swedish and Norwegian form of Matthew.

198. Matthaios

Since Matthew is considered a Biblical name, Matthaios is the Biblical Greek spelling of the name.

199. Matthäus

Matthew carries different spelling variations differentiated simply by their accents. Matthäus is a rare German form of the name and it was used as a reference to Levi, the apostle and evangelist.

200. Mattheos

This is the modern Greek spelling of Matthew, a name derived from an Old Greek name.

201. Mattheus

Matthew has different Biblical variants across the globe. Matthues is the Biblical Latin spelling of the name. This variant may be frequently seen in old texts. It can also be spelled as Matthias.

202. Matthias

Another Biblical Greek spelling of the name. Matthias is pronounced differently in different languages, ‘ma-TEE-as’ in German, ‘MA-TYA’ in French, ‘mə-THIE-əs’ in English, and ‘MAT-tee-as’ in Latin.

203. Matthías

Hailing from the frost-kissed lands of Iceland, Matthías is a simple spelling variant of Matthias, which is a popular nickname for Matthew.

204. Matthieu

You may have guessed which country this variant comes from and if you guessed France, you are right. The sound and pronunciation of the name are what makes it distinctively French.

205. Matthijs

Most names that end with ‘js’ can be considered Dutch in origin. It is pronounced as ‘mah-TAYS.’

206. Matti

Extremely similar to the English version of Matty, Matti is the Finnish equivalent of Matthew. However, the pronunciation is the same.

207. Mattia

This simple nickname is the Italian form of Matthias.

208. Mattias

Broken into three syllables ‘ma-TEE-as’ is the Swedish and Estonian spelling of the original name Matthew.

209. Mattis

A popular variant across several cultures namely Norwegian, Swedish, and German making it a truly international nickname.

210. Mattithyahu

This is the alternate transcription of the Hebrew name Mattityahu, the Hebrew equivalent of Matthew.

211. Mattityahu

Rich in biblical tradition, Mattityahu reiterates the ancient Hebrew origins of Matthew.

212. Matts

Sharp, but still sweet. Matts is a spelling variant of Mats, the Swedish and Norwegian diminutive of Matthias or Matthew.

213. Matúš

This nickname will help you stand out. It is found across the lands of the Slovaks. It can be pronounced as ‘MA-toosh.’

214. Matvei

Bringing in a touch of Russian to the mix, Matvei is an alternate transcription of the Russian name Matvey.

215. Matvey

Coming in all the way from Russia, the nickname Matvey brings excitement and mystery.

216. Matviy

Matviy is unique because it has its own transcription in the Ukrainian language.

217. Matyáš

Matyáš is another Czech form of Matthew. It may look like a two-syllable nickname but is pronounced as ‘MA-ti-yash.’

218. Mátyás

Rich in regal history and adorned by two great Hungarian kings, Mátyás stands as a majestic representation of Matthias.

219. Mazhe

A nickname that is derived from an almost extinct language. Mazhe is the Breton form of Matthew.

220. Motiejus

Another cool nickname for Matthew rich in history and heritage. And why shouldn’t it be? It is after all inspired from Lithuanian history.

221. Motya

Motya is a memorable diminutive of Matvey or Matrona, variants of Matthew. Based on its sounds, Motya is very soft and sweet.

222. Tevž

Tevž is a cute and interesting diminutive of Matevž, a variant of Matthew.

223. Thijs

Similar but shorter than Mathijs, Thijs is also a Dutch variant of Matthew and is pronounced as ‘TAYS.’ It means ‘gift of God.’

Nicknames for Matthew, Thijs meaning ‘gift of God

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224. Ties

This may look like a normal English word to the common eye but it is the Dutch variant of Matthew. It is a diminutive of Matthijs and Diederik, or any other Old High German name beginning with the element ‘diota.’

225. Tijs

Do not be confused with the spelling and pronunciation of this name. It is a Dutch spelling of Matthew and is enunciated as ‘TAYS.’ Simple and cute.

226. Tjaž

Tjaž is a playful short version of Matjaž, the Slovakian equivalent of Matthew.

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The world of nicknames for Matthew is as vast and diverse as the name itself. Whether you are drawn to cool nicknames like Matt-dawg or unique and classic nicknames like Mateo, there’s a suitable choice for everyone. These nicknames on our list capture the essence of Matthew in distinct and enchanting ways, offering you a treasure trove of options to choose from. Have a look at our list because we believe there is a nickname for every Matthew out there.

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