200+ Cute Short Names Or Nicknames For Melissa

Does Melissa sound too plain for your vivacious cousin or cool bestie? Why not find some vibrant and fun nicknames for Melissa? Melissa is a classic Greek name that means ‘bee.’ In Greek mythology, Melissa was a nymph believed to be the first to understand and teach the use of honey. Melissa may be a name often associated with sweetness, but a nickname need not be a sweet term. It can be funny, cute, and creative. Let’s look at the different kinds of nicknames you can call Melissa. These nicknames may highlight her personality traits, habits, or little quirks. Check the list below and be inspired to create a new nickname.

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200+ Top Nicknames For Melissa

From adorable pet names to funny titles, discover nicknames you would love to use for Melissa.

Funny Nicknames For Melissa

Melissa may be a fun person or a shy introvert, following are nicknames highlighting all the different sides of her personality.

1. Blissaliss

What do you call Melissa who is always lost in her wonderland, blissfully oblivious to her surroundings? Blissaliss. The nickname might make Melissa roll her eyes, but it may also bring a smile to her face.

2. Celestissa

Tell Melissa she is an alien from another planet, and call her Celestissa for being a celestial creature.

3. Elissadora

Isadora is a feminine name with Greek roots meaning ‘gift of Isis.’ When combined with Melissa, you get Elissadora. The name is so over-the-top that it sounds like the name of a fantasy fiction character.

4. Ess

Ess is a diminutive of Melissa. It will make a funny nickname when followed by a rhyming term. For instance, you can call her Ess the Mess if she is a messy person.

5. Essenceliss

Essenceliss sounds like a perfume brand. If Melissa is a sibling or a close friend, the nickname Essenceliss might seem amusing to her.

6. Gleamell

Melissa, who gleams like a star, is called Gleamell. Gleamell is a funny choice denoting a sparkly person or character.

7. Lilmissa

A fun take on Little Miss Melissa. Give the nickname to a close friend older than you (who doesn’t mind a funny nickname) and see how she laughs at being called ‘little.’

8. Lissa Gigglepants

For a cheerful girl who laughs her heart out, Lissa Gigglepants might be a funny nickname, just like her jokes.

9. Lissa Goofykins

Lissa Goofykins is a nickname for a lively girl. It describes her happy personality and is a reminder of her clumsiness.

10. Lissa Laughs-a-Lot

The nickname is self-explanatory and suitable for a happy-go-lucky girl who enjoys life and laughs without restraint.

11. Lissa Loopy

A playful term highlighting Melissa’s unpredictability. You can add more terms to make the nickname sound funnier, such as Lissa Loopy Doopy or Lissa Loopy Soupy.

12. Mela Bear

Mela is short for Melissa, and when combined with bear you get the amusing choice Mela Bear. The nickname is suitable for a warm girl, who is cuddly like a teddy bear.

13. Mela Mouse

If Melissa is tiny and swift like a mouse, she might relate to the nickname. Mela Mouse is a cute, whimsical name that highlights her cuteness.

14. Melicious

No, it is not malicious but ‘melicious.’ The nickname would suit a naughty and mischievous girl.

15. Mellow

Mellow would be a suitable nickname for a calm and relaxed person. However, if Melissa is boisterous, restless, and vibrant, then Mellow will be the funniest nickname for her.

16. Mellusion

A fusion of Mellisa and illusion, Mellusion is an interesting nickname that sounds like a magician’s quirky stage name.

17. Melly Bellylaughs

A joyful Melissa would identify with the nickname Melly Bellylaughs. The nickname represents her infectious charm and happiness.

18. Melodiosa

Melodiosa would be a great nickname for a girl blessed with musical talent. But for someone who does not like music, the nickname Melodisa would be hilarious.

19. Melody

Melody is a nice nickname for a musically blessed soul. But for Melissa who is not aware of a single note in music, Melody would be a seriously funny nickname.

20. Melstar

A combination of Melissa and star, the nickname is a funny choice for a snotty girl who feels she is a star.

21. Missy Bumblebrain

Bumblebrain does not have any specific meaning and seems like a funny name referring to a cute fictional character.

22. Mysteriouslissa

If Melissa has a mysterious personality, the nickname would be apt. If she is someone who cannot keep secrets to herself, then the nickname would be even better for her.

23. Quirkessa

Quirky refers to an eccentric person. The nickname would be suitable for a vivacious and unpredictable girl.

24. Zephyrissa

Zephyr means a ‘gentle breeze.’ When combined with Melissa, the nickname denotes a calm person. However, if the nickname is used for a lively girl, then it is sure to make her smile.

Cute Nicknames for Melissa

Cute nicknames are not for cute people but to make people feel cute. Check out these adorable nicknames that will melt your heart.

25. Elisa

A diminutive of Melissa, it is also connected to another Greek name meaning ‘my God is an oath. It is an elegant nickname for the sweet little girl.

26. Elsie

Elsie possesses an undeniable charm that denotes a playful and friendly girl. Use the nickname for a close friend or sibling.

27. Essie

Filled with soft feminine elegance, Essie gives off a strong, friendly vibe. The nickname would be suitable for a bestie you cannot live without.

28. Lil M

If you are close to your grandma and she does not mind you giving her a nickname, then try Lil M. The cute and modern nickname will surely make her smile.

29. Lilac

Evoking images of a flower field, Lilac is an adorable pet name for a little princess.

Nicknames for Melissa, Lilac

Image: Momjunction Design Team

30. Liss

Liss is a diminutive of Melissa. As a nickname, Liss has a cute and catchy sound that stands out from regular nicknames.

31. Lissa

Lissa is full of affection and grace. Lissa would suit a girl who is caring and kind-hearted.

32. Lissalique

If Melissa is a little girl demanding to be treated like a princess, you give her the nickname Lissalique. The lovely choice is suitable for a fairy princess.

33. Lissaluna

Luna means the moon. And Lissluna would be a fitting nickname for a girl whose smile is brighter than the moon.

34. Lissy

Lissy sounds like a nickname for a cute and bubbly girl. The nickname is full of warmth and affection.

35. Lyricissa

Does Melissa love composing music? The nickname Lyricissa might suit her musical endeavors.

36. Liz

The short and classic nickname Liz has never lost its unique charm. Liz is one of those nicknames that are timelessly lovable.

protip_icon Trivia
Liz is a classic nickname because it is commonly used for Melissa and other popular names like Elizabeth, Eliza, Lisbeth, Alyssa, and Lizanne.

37. Malia

Malia is a Hawaiian name that refers to rebelliousness. The nickname has a tropical flair and a playful vibe.

38. Melberry

No, you did not read it wrong. The nickname is indeed Melberry and not Mulberry. The fruity association makes the nickname a sweet title for a cute girl.

39. Mel

You just cannot go wrong with Mel. The nickname is classic and versatile, making it a lovable pet name for Melissa.

40. Mela

Mela is a diminutive for numerous long names. The short nickname exudes casual affection, denoting your love for Melissa.

41. Mela-Bela

The rhyming nickname Mela-Bela is catchy and memorable. The nickname could be suitable for a sweet girl you adore the most.

42. Melada

Melada gives off a Spanish vibe. However, it also evokes a sense of bubbly love, which makes the nickname painfully adorable.

43. Melani

Melani is a Croatian name meaning ‘black’ or dark.’ The sophisticated name is delightfully charming and cute.

44. Melara

Soft and melodic, the nickname Melara is irresistibly attractive and adorable.

45. Melarae

The suffix -rae makes Melarae stand out from other nicknames. The nickname has a magical quality that makes it a cute choice.

46. Melaraissance

A fusion of Melissa and the Renaissance, the nickname is unique and memorable because of its association with renewal and rebirth. Melaraissance would suit any pretty girl.

47. Melarhythms

For the musically inclined girl, the nickname Melarhythms would be the most relatable and lovable title.

48. Melba

Possessing an old-fashioned charm, Melba would make a traditionally sweet nickname for a mature girl.

49. Melcia

Shrouded in mystery, the nickname Melcia evokes a sense of wonder and enchantment.

50. Meldora

An interesting blend of Melissa and Eldora, the nickname Meldora would suit a pretty girl with a strong and confident personality.

51. Melena

Melena is a Greek name that means ‘dark’ or ‘black,’ and is a lovable name for a little girl.

52. Meli

Meli means ‘bee’ in Hawaiian. As a term of affection, Melissa is full of warmth and familiarity.

53. Melicity

Felicity means ‘happiness.’ When combined with Melissa, you get the adorable nickname Melicity, which probably could mean a ‘happy bee.’

54. Melie

Melie is yet another diminutive of Melissa. The nickname has a soft and tender sound, which makes it such a sweet nickname.

55. Melinda

Looking for a sophisticated nickname? Try Melinda. The nickname is an elegant choice that would suit a charming little girl.

56. Melinka

Melinka means ‘lovely’ in Spanish. The exotic sound and foreign connection make it a meaningful nickname.

57. Melise

A hint of elegance and lots of warmth make Melise a beautiful nickname for Melissa.

58. Melita

Melita is a Greek name meaning ‘honey.’ Its rhythmic and melodic sound makes Melita a memorable nickname for Melissa.

59. Melka

Melka means ‘queen’ in Hebrew. When used as a nickname for Melissa, it may seem like you are calling her a ‘queen bee.’

60. Melka-Welka

The rhyming, playful nickname has a catchy sound that makes the title a suitable nickname for a loved one.

61. Melky

Oozing a warm and cozy feeling, Melky is a nickname you would use for a best friend you find absolutely adorable.

62. Mell

Mell is a casual nickname that is used for a friend or relative. Mell can be a cuter nickname when repeated as Mell Mell.

63. Mellarae

Mellarae is a unique nickname with a melodic sound. The name is full of wonder and enchantment.

64. Mellarina

Combining Melissa with Ballerina gives you a lyrical Mellarina. Melissa might love the nickname if she is a ballerina.

Nicknames for Melissa, Mellarina

Image: Momjunction Design Team

65. Mellie

The list would be incomplete without the classic Mellie. The nickname is one of the most adorable choices for Melissa.

66. Mellie-Bellie

The cute and rhyming nickname Mellie-Bellie would be a cool nickname for a little girl who is like a pretty belle.

67. Mellis

A slight twist in Melissa gives you Mellis. The Scottish name means ‘devotee of Jesus.’ Mellis is a sweet and meaningful nickname for a little girl.

68. Mellivora

Mellivora has a gentle vibe that makes it a charming nickname for a cute girl. The nickname is endearing and distinct.

69. Mello

When Melissa dresses in a yellow outfit, the nickname Mello Yellow might bring a smile to her face. And when she is up to no good, call her Mello Dirty Fellow.

70. Mellony

The musical connotation associated with Mellony makes it a sweet and harmonious title for Melissa.

71. Melly

Melly is a straightforward nickname you would use for Melissa because it has a friendly vibe. Melly is ideal for a casual nickname.

72. Mellybean

Mellybean is a playful nickname possessing a cute and cuddly charm. It is a typical nickname a mother would call her little one.

73. Mellybear

A teddy bear is seen as a symbol of warmth and cuddly love. Mellybear is a reminder of that love and cuteness.

74. Mellyblossom

Japan has enchanting cherry blossoms, but you have your very own Mellyblossom. The nickname is charming for a bright and cheerful girl.

75. Mellyboo

Evoking images of sun and sand in Malibu, the nickname would suit a girl from the same city or someone who loves beaches.

76. Mellybug

Bug is a term of endearment denoting a tiny and adorable creature. The nickname Mellybug is what a mother would call her sweet child.

77. Melosa

Melosa means ‘bee’ in Spanish. Associated with sweetness, the nickname would suit any pretty girl.

78. Mels

Casual and concise, the nickname Mels has a friendly vibe that would suit a cute friend of yours.

79. Melsa

Melsa sounds like the name of a Disney princess. The nickname might suit your adorable princess.

80. Melsana

Melsana is a playful and melodic nickname for a pretty girl. The sweet title can melt anyone’s heart.

81. Melsaroo

The suffix -aroo gives Melsaroo a charming vibe. The nickname has a bouncy and fun feel, which makes it a cute title for Melissa.

82. Melshka

Want a Slavic twist on Melissa? Try changing it to Melshka. The nickname is a quirky title that stands out from other regular nicknames.

83. Melsie

For the cute Melissa, here is a short and lovely nickname: Melsie. The nickname is best reserved for a dear friend or a sibling.

84. Melsie-Bee

Add a rhyme and lots of love to Melsie with another term, Bee. Melsie Bee is for a girl who is warm and friendly.

85. Melsie-Q

If Melsie seems too bland, try Melsie-Q. Here is a quirky nickname for the quirky Melissa. A simple ‘Q’ makes a big difference, doesn’t it?

86. Melsita

Melsita is an adorable title best suited for the youngest one in the family.

87. Melski

Here is a sporty nickname for an adventurous and lovely Melissa. Melski has a vibrant and endearing quality that makes it a preferred nickname.

88. Melsun

A playful version of Melissa, tell her that she is the ‘sun’ of your life; hence you call her Melsun.

89. Melsy Boo

Boo is a term of endearment. If you like the nickname Melsy and want to add more love, you can try the nickname Melsy Boo.

90. Melsy Lou

Exhibiting Southern charm, the nickname Melsy Lou is suitable for a girl hailing from the South. Lou is a Chinese surname that means ‘tower.’

91. Melsy Rose

Pair up Melsy with Rose, and you get the unique Melsy Rose. The graceful nickname is suited for a sweet girl.

92. Melsykins

Endearing and cute, Melsykins is for a little munchkin who loves to be pampered.

93. Melsy-Welsy

Suited for a girl with a playful spirit, Melsy-Welsy is an endearing nickname that any girl would like to have.

94. Melu

Melu is one of the simplest and cutest nicknames you will find for Melissa. The choice is most suitable for a kindhearted, soft-spoken girl.

95. Melvine

Melvine is a rare English name meaning ‘bad town.’ As a nickname, it offers a vintage vibe, making the name even more special.

96. Melz

Melz has a zippy and modern sound that makes it a contemporary nickname, which would be suitable for a modern girl.

97. Melzie

Ideal for a cheerful girl, Melzie is a spunky title denoting her high-energy and playful nature.

98. Melzy-Pie

Does Melissa love baking? If yes, then Melzy-Pie might be an apt nickname for the cute girl.

99. Mila

Mila is a Slavic name meaning ‘gracious’ or ‘dear.’ The short nickname Mila would be a graceful choice for a sophisticated girl.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Famous Hollywood actress Mila Kunis uses her nickname Mila as her professional name. Her real name is Milena Markovna Kunis.

100. Milly

Short and sweet, Milly has a cheerful sound that would be suitable for a bubbly girl.

101. Mimi

The repeated sound of ‘mi’ in Mimi gives the nickname a childlike quality that makes it a cute title for a little girl.

102. Minnie

The name Minnie reminds most girls of Mickey Mouse’s love interest, Minnie Mouse. It would make a cute nickname for a girl who likes Mickey Mouse.

103. Misha

Misha is a Russian name meaning ‘who is like God.’ Having a spiritual connection, the nickname would suit a girl with strong religious beliefs.

104. Missa

A short version of Melissa, Missa is an affectionate nickname for an adorable girl.

105. Missy

Cool and chic, Missy is the perfect nickname for the confident and lively girl. Missy’s playful sound also adds a sense of warmth and familiarity.

106. Mojo Jojo

Inspired by a cartoon character, Mojo Jojo is an adorable name for a mischievous girl.

107. Rosaliss

Gentle and graceful, the nickname Rosaliss has a refined quality that would suit a graceful girl.

108. Serenlissa

Serene suggests calmness. So, Serenlissa would be suited for a calm introverted girl.

109. Sis

The monosyllable nickname Sis is best suited for a girl who is a loving and caring figure for you.

110. Sissy

Sissy is an unusually endearing nickname for Melissa. The nickname has an affectionate vibe, which makes it an endearing title.

111. Sosa

Looking for a cute nickname that is also unique? Try Sosa. The nickname is fun, lively, and suited for an energetic girl.

112. Velissity

What do you get when you combine Velocity with Melissa? Velissity. Here is a nickname that is suited for a lively and fun person.

Creative Nicknames For Melissa

Remember you resolved not to settle for a boring nickname for Melissa? So, here are some creative twists to nicknames that might bring a smile to Melissa’s face.

113. Alissa

Maintaining the melodic quality of Melissa, Alissa is a classy nickname for a sophisticated girl.

114. Artistic Mel

For a girl who likes to express herself through art, the nickname Artistic Mel justifies her passion for art.

115. Brave Missy

Here is a courageous nickname. Brave Missy is well-suited for a strong and independent girl.

116. Chef Missy

Highlighting Melissa’s exceptional cooking skills, the nickname Chef Missy would suit a girl who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen.

Nicknames for Melissa, Chef Missy

Image: Momjunction Design Team

117. Ela

Ela refers to the color ‘hazel’ in Turkish. The nickname would suit a girl with hazel eyes.

118. Elissar

Elissar is an exotic nickname, which seems like the name of a fantasy fiction character. The nickname would suit a girl who is a fantasy fiction fanatic.

119. Ellie

Ellie is a lighthearted name that has a strong, friendly vibe. Pick Ellie for Melissa because it is not an extremely common nickname for Melissa.

120. Elsita

A sweet and tender nickname would suit a young girl who is spunky and energetic.

121. Ember

Ember is a fiery nickname for a girl who has a strong personality. A girl who also loves adventure might relate to the nickname.

122. Explorer Mellie

Explorer Mellie might suit a girl who lives a life full of adventures. The nickname is inspiring and bears a gutsy spirit.

123. Gamer Lissa

Is your girl a hardcore gamer? Gamer Lissa is the best nickname for her. You may also consider Gamer Meli, Gameissa, and Gamellie.

124. Great Mel

Great Mel could be a nickname for a confident and accomplished Melissa.

125. Honey Mel

Honey signifies sweetness. Honey Mel is a name that would suit a kind and caring girl.

126. Isa

Short and chic, Isa is a nickname for a simple girl. Isa is a contemporary choice for an elegant girl.

127. Lica

Meant for a quirky and creative girl, Lica is a playful nickname that is full of personality and uniqueness.

128. Lily

Lily is a common nickname but is not too common for Melissa. When looking for a known but still unique nickname, try Lily.

129. Lissa Rae

Lissa and Rae are both short forms of longer names. Together, they make a unique and graceful nickname for Melissa.

130. Lissandra

If you are looking for a stylish and meaningful nickname, give Lissandra a try.

131. Lissara

Possessing a melodic tune, Lissara is a combination of Melissa and Sara. Sara means ‘noblewoman.’ As a nickname, Lissara would suit a sophisticated girl.

132. Lita

Lita is a short version of names ending with -lita. However, for Melissa, Lita is a rare nickname that could be a good choice.

133. Malissa

A slight change in Melissa’s spelling, and you get Malissa. It is a cool way to have a nickname without losing the true essence of the actual name.

134. Meadow

Meadow is not a nickname that pops up instantly in anyone’s mind when looking for a title for Melissa. Hence, it is a unique and creative nickname that would suit Melissa.

135. Melange

Melange is a term for ‘mixture.’ The nickname is ideal for a girl with many interests. The nickname denotes her versatility.

136. Melanka

Melanka has an exotic sound, which adds to the name’s appeal. For a drama queen, the nickname would make an appealing title.

137. Melantha

Melantha is a rare English name that means ‘flower.’ The floral connotation adds fragrance and elegance to the nickname.

138. Melara

Melara is a habitational name referring to the places of the same name. As a nickname, it would be suitable for an elegant girl.

139. Melaster

Aster is an English name meaning ‘star.’ As a nickname, Melaster would be suitable for a girl fascinated by celestial objects and enjoys stargazing.

140. Melastic

Melastic could be a nickname for a flexible girl. The nickname also highlights the girl’s adaptable and dynamic personality.

141. Meldream

For a dreamy girl, the nickname Meldream might be a good choice. It would also suit a girl with creative ideas.

142. Melia

The Greek name Melia refers to the ‘ash tree.’ As a nickname, it is a good fit for a girl with a minimalist style.

143. Melian

Melian is a fictional name that means ‘dear gift.’ As a nickname, it is a versatile title that would be a good fit for any girl.

144. Meli Bee

The English girl band Spice Girls had Mel B, and you have your cool girl Meli Bee. The nickname would suit a girl who dreams of being a pop star someday.

145. Melica

Melica is a Hebrew name meaning ‘queen.’ Considering the meaning behind the nickname, Melica is a cool choice for Melissa.

Nicknames for Melissa, Melica

Image: Momjunction Design Team

146. Melificent

If Disney has its evil Queen Maleficent, you have a sweet little princess, Melificient. You can tell Melissa that she is the nemesis of Maleficent, and hence her pet name is Melificent.

147. Meli-Mel

Melie-Mel is a delightfully rhythmic name that can be a memorable affectionate term for Melissa.

148. Melina

Melina is a variant of Melissa. The nickname is a sophisticated choice that would be suitable for a pretty little girl.

149. Melinor

Connected to royalty and fantasy, Melinor sounds like a noble title. Melinor evokes a sense of mystery and elegance and would be suitable for a classy girl.

150. Melior

Melior is a Latin name meaning ‘better.’ The name denotes improvement and is suited for a girl on a journey towards self-improvement.

151. Melipops

Suited for a bubbly and vivacious girl, Melipops is a nickname full of life and energy.

152. Melis

Melis is the Turkish variant of Melissa. The nickname is a cool and relevant choice that does not deviate too much from the given name.

153. Melisande

Melisande is a French name that means ‘strong and vigorous.’ Rare and uncommon, the nickname will be unique for Melissa.

154. Melisenda

Melisenda is an Italian name that means ‘strong and brave.’ The name possesses a fantasy flair, making it suitable for a girl who loves history and fantasy fiction.

155. Melisent

Melisent is a sophisticated nickname suitable for an intellectual girl who likes literature.

156. Melisha

A slight twist in Melissa’s name, and you get the urban, chic nickname Melisha. The nickname would suit a fashionable girl.

157. Melisita

Looking for a nickname with a Spanish flair? Melisita has an exotic Spanish feel that is ideal for a lively girl.

158. Melisma

Suitable for a girl interested in music, melisma is an Italian term, which refers to a group of notes sung to one syllable.

159. Melissaurus

Does Melissa love dinosaurs? If yes, then she might love the nickname Melissaurus. It is also suitable for a girl who loves adventure.

160. Melissima

Melissima is suitable for a confident and ambitious girl. As a nickname, it can also be used as Lissima or Sima.

161. Melitia

Melitia has an exotic sound that makes it different from other nicknames. If you are looking for a unique, sophisticated nickname, Melitia is the one for you.

162. Melitta

Possessing an old-world charm, Melitta is a nickname that has a classic and gentle vibe.

163. Meliva

Meliva is a name with a mystical twist. The nickname would be suitable for a dreamy, artistic girl who loves fantasy.

164. Meliya

A softer take on Melissa, the nickname Meliya is suitable for a gentle and kind girl.

165. Melizabuzz

Filled with enthusiasm, the nickname Melizabuzz is suitable for a lively and bubbly girl.

166. Melizilla

When you combine Melissa with Godzilla, you get Melizilla. A nickname like this is suitable for a strong and bold girl, unafraid of taking risks and challenges.

167. Melizzle

Melizzle is a sassy nickname for a bold personality. The nickname evokes images of a lively and fun-loving girl.

168. Mella

Mella is a sweet diminutive of Melissa. The nickname also has Irish roots and holds the meaning ‘mild.’ It has a soft and tender quality that makes it a good nickname.

169. Melle

A chic and modern title, Melle is a stylish nickname for a modern and independent girl.

170. Mellicia

The nickname Mellicia is a sophisticated title that would suit any girl.

171. Mellifluous

Does Melissa have a naturally soothing voice? Mellifluous might be a good nickname, indicating her innate talent.

172. Mellyssa

A unique twist on Melissa’s name, the nickname Mellyssa is ideal for a girl who would appreciate a creative nickname.

173. Meladonna

Is Melissa a fan of the American singer Madonna? If yes, then try calling Meladonna. She might appreciate your creative name combination.

174. Melique

A combination of Melissa and the term unique, the nickname Melique is a sophisticated choice for a girl you feel is different from everybody else.

175. Melon

A quirky and ‘fruity’ take on Melissa, the nickname Melon is suitable for a fun-loving and cheerful girl.

176. Melonade

Lemons are bright and refreshing. The nickname Melonade would suit a cheerful girl full of vibrant energy.

Nicknames for Melissa, Melonade

Image: Momjunction Design Team

177. Melosia

Melosia is a blend of music and serenity. The nickname would suit a girl who is interested in music and has other artistic pursuits.

178. Melova

Melova sounds like a Russian name but it’s not. It is a cool nickname for an elegant girl.

179. Melrific

When something Melissa does is terrific you say it is ‘melrific.’ The nickname is full of enthusiasm and is suitable for any girl.

180. Melrose

Evoking images of a garden of roses, the nickname Melrose would suit a pretty and poised girl.

181. Melsia

Melsia holds a timeless charm that makes it suitable for a beautiful and elegant girl.

182. Melster

Sounding cool and adventurous, Melster is a nickname meant for a modern and spirited girl.

183. Melsy

Melsy has a warm and friendly vibe. Save the nickname for a close friend or beloved relative.

184. Meltron

The suffix -tron depicts technology. Meltron would be suitable for a tech-geek girl with a modern outlook on life.

185. Meluna

Luna means the ‘moon.’ The nickname Meluna would suit a girl fascinated by the night sky or is as radiant as the beautiful moon.

186. Melvena

The vintage-sounding nickname Melvena possesses an old-world charm making it a classy nickname.

187. Melvira

Melissa combined with the Spanish name Elvira gives you Melvira. Elvira means ‘happy.’ So, the nickname Melvira can hold the meaning of ‘happy bee.’

188. Melvita

Vita in Latin means ‘life.’ So, the nickname Melvita would suit a girl with a zest for life.

189. Mia

Mia is an Italian name meaning ‘mine.’ Reserve this nickname for a baby girl or a best friend you love the most.

protip_icon Quick fact
Besides being an adorable diminutive for Melissa, Mia is a short form of Maria, Camilla, and Emilia. It is also a Japanese given name that translates to ‘radiant sky.’

190. Milo

Milo is a German name meaning ‘dear’ or ‘gracious.’ A short and edgy nickname, Milo would suit a girl with a dynamic personality.

191. Mina

Mina is a Persian name meaning ‘enamel.’ The nickname is most suitable for an artistic and elegant girl.

192. Mini

Short and sweet, the nickname Mini is perfect for a little girl who is lively and cheerful.

193. Misa

Giving a fresh new twist to Melissa, Misa is a Japanese name meaning ‘sea.’ Save this nickname for a girl who loves to swim in the sea.

194. Mischa

Mischa is a Hebrew name meaning ‘who is like God.’ The nickname has a cosmopolitan vibe that would be suitable for a modern girl.

195. Miss

Simple and straightforward, the nickname Miss is an elegant and classy nickname for Melissa.

196. Miss Bee

Since Melissa means ‘bee,’ calling her a bee as a nickname would not be entirely wrong, would it?

197. Renegade Melissa

Renegade Melissa denotes a bold and rebellious girl. Use the nickname for a fearless and independent girl.

198. Rocker Melo

Rocker Melo is a nickname for a girl with a rebellious spirit and a love for rock music.

199. Sally

Sally is an English name meaning ‘princess. As a nickname, Sally would be suitable for a pretty little girl.

200. Sweet Mel

You call her Sweet Mel if she is a kind and caring girl. The nickname would also suit someone with a sweet voice.

201. Wise Mel

For a young girl who is wise beyond her years, the nickname Wise Mel would be a good choice.

There is no shortage of nicknames for Melissa. And so, what matters is that you choose a name she will love and might relate to. A nickname becomes special for her only when there is deep thought behind it and it has a good meaning. You may use some or more of the nicknames listed above, or use the options as inspiration to create a new nickname for Melissa. Whatever you choose, the sole intention behind it should be your love and affection for Melissa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do nicknames for Melissa change over time?

Similar to given names, nicknames also evolve with changing trends over time. While Mel, Melli, or Lissa may have been popular nicknames with older generations, today’s generation may prefer more creative variations, like Meluna or Melladonna. There is no doubt that classic nicknames will remain favorites while coexisting with the contemporary options added to the long list of nicknames every year.

2. Are there any gender-neutral or unisex nicknames for Melissa?

Most nicknames are generally gender-neutral. Here are a few examples of nicknames for Melissa that are not specific to any gender: Mel, Melo, Melly, and Lis.

Key Pointers

  • Melissa is a classic name of Greek origin. Its diminutives Mel, Missy, Melly, Lissa, and Lizzie are some of its most common nicknames.
  • Modern and creative nicknames such as Meli Bee, Melificent, and Melosia can make Melissa stand out for having an unusual nickname.
  • Foreign names can also be used as diminutives for Melissa. For instance, the French Melisande or the Greek Melita can be used as exotic nicknames.
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