200+ Adorable And Cute Nicknames For Olivia

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Olivia is a melodious name for a little girl and was the top name for girls four years in a row since 2019 (1). With such a lovely name comes a potential of nicknames for Olivia. You may be surprised to know that the original spelling of Olivia is Oliva. It has its roots in Late Latin and it means ‘olive.’ The beauty of the name even compelled Shakespeare to use it in one of his best comedy plays, Twelfth Night. The name has been used since the 18th century, but picked up its popularity in the late 20th century. Coming to nicknames for Olivia, they can be sassy, cute, funny, adorable, or just another way to distinguish your Olivia from others. Whether you are looking for something short like Oie, Oly, or Via, or something silly and boisterous like Lallapalooza and O-livin’ the dream, we have endless options for you.

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Funny Nicknames For Olivia

Olivia is a chic and sophisticated feminine name but it is also versatile enough for silly and goofy nicknames. Have a look at our list.

1. Bolivia

Bolivia is a fun little twist on Olivia. Adding a ‘B’ to the beginning changes the entire meaning of the name into the name of a country in South America.

2. Brolivia

Your little Olivia is one of the boys? Brolivia is the perfect nickname for her. It is a combination of the word ‘bro’ and her name.

3. Busy Vee

Instead of busy bee, call your little Olivia Busy Vee since the name has the sound ‘vee’ in it.

4. Captain Liv

Your daughter is the one in charge around the house? Captain Liv can be an appropriate nickname for her.

5. Diva Olivia

If your Olivia is always belting out notes that surprise you, calling her Diva Olivia might be the beginning of her rise to stardom.


Since Olivia means ‘olive,’ why not play with the meaning a little? EVOO is the abbreviation for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Not only does it have a quirky meaning but it sounds cute too.

7. Giggly-Olivia

Does your baby girl’s laughter light up the room? Giggly-Olivia is a happy nickname for your little one.

8. Grinny Olivia

Your little girl’s smile brings a smile to your face so why not give her a nickname that fits her? Grinny Olivia can be the perfect choice for your smiley bunny.

9. Jollyvia

Babies have their own personalities too. Jollyvia is for a baby who is always giggling and bouncing around. It is a combination of the word jolly and Olivia.

10. Lallapalooza

Here is a little play on the spelling of Lollapalooza, an American music festival. If your Olivia is always head-nodding to beats and tapping her feet, you’ve found the nickname for her.

11. Laugh-O-Liv

If your Olivia is constantly laughing and making joyous sounds, Laugh-O-Liv is a playful nickname for her.

12. Liv-a-little

Inspired by the English phrase ‘live a little,’ it is an upbeat nickname suggesting a joyful and carefree behavior.

13. Liv-a-lot

Liv-a-lot is the opposite of the phrase live a little, but it is suggestive of someone who is adventurous and always ready to explore.

14. Liv-Laff-Love

A play of words, ‘live, laugh, love,’ turns into Liv-Laff-Love. This can be used when your little one is in a high-spirited mood.

15. Liv-ster

The suffix ‘ster’ is often used after names to give it a personalized touch. It conveys a sense of affection and closeness.

16. Liv-Tastic

A combination of the word ‘fantastic’ and the middle syllable ‘Liv.’ It exudes a level of enthusiasm and energy.

17. Liver

Liver is a funny nickname, not only because it is a play of words, but it is actually inspired by the human organ.

18. Livers

A silly and cheerful nickname, best used among close friends.

19. Livi the Ladybug

Your baby girl enjoys rolling in the grass and playing with bugs. Make her feel loved and like one of the cute creatures with this nickname.

20. Livi the Legend

Everything that she does is legendary and iconic, Livi the Legend can be the perfect nickname for her.

21. Livie Doodle

Are your walls covered in your little master artist’s crayon marks? Livie Doodle can be a funny nickname for your mini Picasso.

22. Livipop

Just like a sweet treat, Olivia’s personality is bubbly and charming all the time.

23. Livity

Livity is the belief in following the natural lifestyle including natural foods and allowing the natural growth of hair.

24. Livvy Boop

Booping is a gentle tap on the nose considered an act of love. Livvy Boop may also be inspired by the cartoon character Betty Boop.

25. Livvy Divvy

Livvy Divvy is a fun and cute nickname with rhyming words. It may suggest someone who spreads sunshine and happiness wherever she goes.

26. Livvy Doodle

A slight variation in spelling from Livie Doodle, here is a nickname for your budding artist.

27. Livvy Laff

Adding a minor twist to the spelling of laugh, Livvy-Laff is like a warm hug of a nickname, enveloping Olivia in warm giggles and smiles.

28. Livvy Lou

The endearing nickname adds another layer of charm to Olivia’s personality, making her the ever-loved protagonist of every story.

29. Livvy McBivvy

A whimsical nickname that adds a sprinkle of magic and fairy dust into the exciting life of your little darling.

30. Livvy Snickerdoodle

A snickerdoodle is a type of cookie. Associating the name Olivia with a type of cookie is a personalized nickname.

31. Livvy Sillybean

The nickname adds a layer of goofiness and lightheartedness to the name Olivia. It may be used for a tiny Olivia who likes to have fun and be carefree.

Nicknames for Olivia, Livvy Sillybean

Image: Momjunction Design Team

32. Livvy Wacky

For a baby that outshines everyone with her crazy and unique personality. Is your Olivia a tad bit wacky?

33. Livvy Wivvy

Another playful combination of rhyming words, Livvy-Wivvy is an endearing term for someone you love and cherish with your whole heart.

34. Livy Lovegood

Ever heard of Luna Lovegood? Livy-Lovegood is the Olivia version of this happy-go-lucky character from Harry Potter.

35. Lollop

A play of words inspired by ‘dollop.’ It is a cute and cuddly nickname.

36. Lolly

Sweet and comes with a range of flavorful personalities, Lolly is a shortened form of lollipop. It is an apt name for someone so sugary and delightful.

37. Lulu

Adding a touch of whimsical magic and innocence, Lulu is an endearing nickname for Olivia.

38. Mastermind Liv

Is your Olivia the brains behind every single family prank? Mastermind Liv may be a suitable nickname for her.

39. Miss O

Who said sophistication and grace are only for grown women? Miss O is a sassy and catchy nickname for your little achiever.

40. Nollie

Like ‘naww,’ an expression used when seeing or hearing something cute. Nollie resembles this perpetual expression of cuteness when seeing Olivia.

41. O-liv and Let Die

Inspired by the Guns N’ Roses song, Live and Let Die and the same phrase that means to not interfere with someone else’s business. Olivia may use this to embrace the ideas of acceptance and tolerance.

42. O-liv-ious

An effortless and punny blend of the name with the word ‘oblivious.’ This nickname may be given to Olivia who is unaware of her cuteness and charm.

43. O-Livi-Ah

Most of the time, nicknames are shortened, but what if each syllable in the name is pronounced? That would make a fun nickname to call out every time.

44. O-livin’ It Up

Like a vibrant superstar of her own life, your Olivia is living it up. She adds cheers, laughter, and joy to the lives of those around her.

45. O-livin’ Proof

This nickname is not only proof that Olivia is a bundle of joy but also a testament to how anything is achievable with determination and positivity.

46. O-livin’ the Dream

The nickname evokes an image of someone who is out there living her dreams and embracing life every single day.

47. O-Livvy and Beyond

Who hasn’t dreamed of toys coming to life? Inspired by Buzz Lightyear’s tagline ‘To infinity…and beyond!’ emerges O-Livvy and Beyond.

48. O-lympics

A playful comparison to the Olympics. This nickname may suggest someone who is athletic and ready to take on new challenges.

49. Oblivia

A play of words on the word ‘oblivious,’ however Oblivia has a more feminine touch to it.

50. Oblivious

Used playfully, Oblivious may suggest an Olivia who is wrapped up in her world and always lost in the clouds.

51. Oblivous Olivia

The nickname is given to someone sweet and dreamy, often going through life happily and making everything around her seem magical.

52. Oilly

Olivia carries the meaning of ‘olive’ and olives produce oil, Oilly can be a fun nickname for your little Olly.

53. Ol’ Laughter

Is your Olivia a jokester? Making everyone laugh with her silly humor and punchlines, Ol’ Laughter may be a fit for her.

54. Olaf

Inspired by the friendly Olaf from the Disney film, Frozen, Olaf is suggestive of someone talkative and outgoing.

55. Olevia

Switching the ‘i’ with an ‘e,’ this is a fun new way to spell Olivia.

56. Oli Bear

A nickname for someone chubby, cuddly, and hibernates like a bear.

57. Oli Coco

Coco is a cute term to add to a name. It attaches a sense of sweetness and playfulness, like a sprinkle of sugar on top of a delicious treat.

58. Oli Osbourne

Is your Olivia a big fan of Ozzy Osbourne? Here is the perfect chance to create a nickname for her that resembles her favorite metal singer.

59. Oli-Babba

Who does not like a good folk tale? Oli Babba is a nickname fashioned from the Arabic folktale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. It is a part of the One Thousand and One Nights collection.

60. Oli-Via

This nickname emphasizes the third syllable of the name, that is the ‘Vi’ sound.

61. Oliv-yeah!

Adding a cool twist at the end of Olivia, Oliv-yeah! still sounds closely similar to Olivia.

62. Olive Branch

The darling of the family, always ready to make amends and fix the peace in the house. You may lovingly call your Olivia a little Olive Branch.

Nicknames for Olivia, Olive Branch

Image: Momjunction Design Team

63. Olive Garden

Olive Graden plays off the similarities between the name Olivia and its meaning ‘olive.’ Just like how the restaurant Olive Garden is known for its Italian goodness, Olivia might be known for her special qualities and charm.

64. Olive Oil

Olive Oil has a fun and playful ring to it. It is a play on words with her name. Just like olive oil is derived from olives.

65. Olive Oopsie

Olive Oopsie is an adorable nickname for a clumsy baby.

66. Olive Tree

Another witty way to play with the sound of the name Olivia is to call her Olive Tree. It is like saying she is not just Olivia, she is the whole tree where olives come from.

protip_icon Did you know?
Olive branches as a symbol of peace have been rooted since Roman times. Virgil, the poet used the olive branches as a symbol of peace in the Aeneid.

67. Olive You Forever

Here is a punny nickname that is endearing at the same time. Olive You Forever sounds like ‘I love you forever,’ which is a cute reminder to hear every day.

68. Olive You Too

This is an adorable nickname for your Olivia. Whenever she says I love you, you can say Olive You Too.

69. Olive-It-Now

Olive-It-Now can be a fitting name for Olivia who is slightly tardy. It creatively combines her name with a sense of urgency and enthusiasm.

70. Oliveea

Sometimes stretching the sound of a name can be a fun way to introduce a new nickname for your little one.

71. Olivia Bovilia

Playing with same-sounding words or terms, Olivia Bovilia is a fun and whimsical-sounding nickname.

72. Olivia Cromwell

Ever thought of crafting a name after one of the most influential people in British history? Olivia Cromwell is an English statesman, politician, and soldier who is a popular name bearer.

73. Olivia de Bolivia

This nickname has a touch of exotic flair, reflecting Olivia’s vibrant and diverse personality, while also hinting at her adventurous spirit.

74. Olivia Newton John

Is your Olivia a little drama queen? Maybe this name once borne by four-time Grammy Award winner, singer, and actress, Olivia Newton John, can be a good fit.

75. Olivia Oggy

Inspired by the French animated series, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Olivia Oggy is a fun nickname for a little troublemaker.

76. Olivia Queen

Your Olivia believes she is a superhero in disguise? Oliver Queen is the same. He is the alter-ego of Green Lantern, a superhero from the television series, Arrow.

77. Olivia Twist

If your Olivia is a reader who enjoys the classics, giving her a nickname after one of Charles Dickens’ best works, but with a ‘twist.’

78. Olivine

Playing with the meaning and the sound of the name, Olivine is a combination of ‘olive,’ the meaning of Olivia and the word ‘vine.’

79. Oliviosa

Based on the Harry Potter spell that means ‘to rise up,’ Oliviosa is a play of words on the term Leviosa.

80. Olli Pollie

Ollie Pollie is a cute and cuddly nickname for a little bear. This may suit your Olivia if she loves to cuddle while sleeping.

81. Ollie Baby

This is a simple nickname by adding the word ‘baby’ after shortening Olivia to Ollie.

82. Ollie Boo

Another common yet adorable nickname by adding the word ‘boo’ after Olivia’s shortened name.

83. Ollie Hun

Hun is a shortened form of honey. Ollie Hun gives off an aura of sweetness and love for your little one.

84. Ollie Love

Ollie Love is a wonderful nickname combined with the word love that suggests it is used affectionately.

85. Ollie Luv

Another variation of Ollie Love, Ollie Luv is a sweet nickname for someone suggesting it is used as a term of endearment.

86. Ollie Rockstar

This is a vibrant nickname for someone who plays air guitar or drums.

87. Ollie Vera

Ollie Vera, aloe vera, get it? This nickname may be suitable for someone with a soft and caring personality.

88. OlliVIA

This nickname captures the essence of Olivia by highlighting the ‘via’ sound.

protip_icon Quick fact
Some prominent women with the name Olivia in today’s world are Olivia Rodrigo, Olivia Munn, Olivia Newton-John, Olivia Culpo, and Olivia Wilde.

89. Olly Volly

Olly Volly may be a playful spin on the classic childhood phrase ‘Olly olly oxen free,’ used in games like hide-and-seek.

90. Olly-Chuckle

Is your little Olivia easily amused? Olly-Chuckle might be the perfect nickname for them.

91. Ollygiggles

Another nickname inspired by your laughing baby. Ollygiggles is for your sweet Olivia who giggles and smiles at everything.

Nicknames for Olivia, Ollygiggles

Image: Momjunction Design Team

92. Oodles of Noodles

The pure and silly nickname may have stemmed from Olivia’s love for noodles. It is an adorable way to highlight her love for her favorite food.

93. Roly-Oly-Poly

A fun and adorable nickname if your Olivia has just started rolling on her own.

94. Silly-Liv

Silly-Liv is an adorable nickname for someone who enjoys being goofy and playful.

95. Sunny-Olly

Your Olivia has the brightest of smiles and is always cheerful and happy, maybe Sunny-Olly is a nickname that may suit her.

96. The Livster

Similar to the Jokester, the Livster is a personal twist on the nickname.

97. The O-Zone

The queen of her realm? This can be the perfect nickname for Olivia. It also plays off of the word ‘ozone’ layer.

98. The Olivianator

A hilarious nickname referencing superheroes, perfect for a strong and playful Olivia.

99. Vivy

Vivy is an endearing and affectionate nickname for your little one, a special name just between you and her.

100. Witty Liv

Adding to the endless and vibrant personality of Olivia, Witty Liv highlights how smart your Olivia is becoming.

Cute Nicknames For Olivia

When you hear the name, Olivia, you think of a cuddly baby wrapped in pink. Here are a few cute nicknames to enhance Olivia’s charm.

101. Libbydoo

Remember the song Baby Shark? If this is Olivia’s favorite song, why not give her a nickname after it.

102. Livvy Bambi

Does Olivia look at you with her big doe eyes and it makes your heart melt? Livvy Bambi may be the perfect option for your Olivia.

103. Livvy bit

Livvy bit is a cute twist and a little wordplay. Instead of saying little Olivia, you can call her Livvy bit. In a way, the nickname sounds like ‘little bit.’

104. Livvy Boo

This nickname is an expression of love and a sense of fun. It is a cute nickname to be used by parents, friends, and loved ones.

105. Livvy booboo

Livvy Booboo is an endearing nickname suggesting a touch of lightheartedness and ensuring you find her little goof-ups cute.

106. Livvy dippy doo

This nickname is a combination of the name Olivia and a silly nonsense phrase, adding a playful and goofy touch to the nickname. It may be used for someone who is fun-loving and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

107. Livvy Dove

Livvy Dove is a combination of the name and the word dove. This nickname can evoke an image of a gentle and soft-hearted Olivia.

108. Livvy Luna

Is your Olivia a lover of the moon? This nickname may suit her perfectly since Luna means ‘moon.’

109. Livvy sprout

This is a loving nickname for Olivia who is undergoing a growth spurt.

110. Livvy toot

Does your little Olivia make silly sounds and noises? Livvy toot may be a good nickname for her.

111. Livvy Tuna

Livvy Tuna is an adorable and quirky nickname for Olivia, perhaps inspired by her love for tuna sandwiches.

112. Livvy Twinkle

Livvy Twinkle is a nickname fashioned after the nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’ Just like a star, your Olivia also shines.

113. Livvymoo

Livvymoo is a cute nickname associated with a sound made by cows. It’s a silly term of endearment suggesting you find Olivia as loveable and cuddly as a cow.

114. Livvypoo

‘Poo’ is often used at the end of a name to create a cute nickname and Livvypoo is proof.

115. Lolly Beany

Lolly Beany is a sweet nickname for Olivia, suggesting sweetness and joy, as well as a playful and energetic nature.

116. Olivet

Olivet is a unique and unheard-of nickname for Olivia.

117. Olivianna

Here is a nickname that is a combination of two names, Olivia and Anna. It is an elaboration of the name Olivia and is a modern American name as well.

118. Ollie baby boo

Ollie baby boo is a combination of terms of endearment for your little bundle of joy.

119. Ollie Bambi

Inspired by Disney’s Bambi, Ollie Bambi adds a personal touch by adding Olivia’s name in the beginning.

120. Ollie Boo Boo

Ollie Boo Boo is an adorable nickname for someone who is a little clumsy. Boo Boo may be used as a term of endearment similar to honey or sweety, or it may refer to a minor mishap or injury in baby language.

Nicknames for Olivia, Ollie Boo Boo

Image: Momjunction Design Team

121. Ollie bop

Ollie bop is an energetic nickname suggesting an Olivia who likes to move and groove.

122. Ollie collie

A play on sounds and rhymes, Ollie Collie is an adorable nickname for your little one.

123. Ollie Cuckoo

A nickname used affectionately. ‘Cuckoo’ is occasionally used to describe someone exhibiting eccentric behavior.

124. Ollie Paloolie

Ollie Paloolie is a fun made-up nickname for Olivia who is always goofy and cracking jokes.

125. Ollie Patootie

A nickname inspired by another nickname, Ollie Patootie may be a reference to the common nickname ‘cutie patootie.’

126. Ollie Pie

Similar to sweetie pie or cutie pie, Ollie Pie is a personalized twist on endearment, adding a touch of uniqueness and affection to the nickname.

127. Ollie Poppins

Your very own Miss Poppins in the household. Inspired by Mary Poppins, Ollie Poppins is Olivia’s personalized nickname.

128. Ollie Sauce

Ollie Sauce does not have a literal meaning, but it is a silly nickname for Olivia.

129. Ollie Star

A nickname for the apple of your eye, Ollie Star makes Olivia stand out from the rest.

130. Ollie Wolly Wonka

Who does not like Willy Wonka? Can’t stop Olivia from eating her toffees and chocolates, maybe this nickname would suit her?

131. Olliecup

Olliecup is a nickname that may be used for someone who is always filled to the brim with joy and positivity.

132. Ollierific

Everything that she does impresses you? Ollierific is a combination of the word terrific and the name Olivia.

133. Ollietotter

Is your Olivia learning how to walk on her own? Imagine calling her Ollietotter while encouraging her to walk towards you.

134. Ollikins

Ollikins is a sweet nickname for your darling Olivia. It can be used for her as a child and even when she grows up.

135. Ollivianne

Playing with two feminine names in this nickname. Ollivianne is a combination of Olivia and Anne, making it a dainty and uber-feminine nickname.

136. Olly Doodle

Olly Doodle is an adorable nickname where the word ‘doodle’ adds a touch of silliness and suggests someone who’s creative or likes to have fun.

137. Olly Golly

Ever heard of the expression ‘Oh golly!’? If your Olivia tends to suppose you all the time, maybe this can be an apt nickname for her.

138. Olly Jolly

Olly Jolly brings forth an image of a child who is always playful, fun, and full of laughter.

139. Olly Rolly

Nicknames are another way of playful and affectionate teasing between family. Olly Rolly is a play of sound and it adds a touch of silliness.

140. Olly Wolly Dooda

Nicknames don’t always have to make sense. Olly Wolly Dooda is a silly nickname that adds a layer of goofiness suggesting a fun and playful nature.

Good Nicknames For Olivia

Most of the nicknames for Olivia on this list are shortened or elongated forms of the original name, making them the perfect choice of nicknames for her.

141. Alivia

Looking for a modern nickname for Olivia, Alivia is one option. It is a spelling variant of Olivia and is borne by Indian model and Bengali actress, Alivia Sarkar.

142. Alivvea

Alivvea is a made-up nickname for Olivia, going by the sounds of the name and replacing it with a few other vowels for a personalized touch.

143. Alyvia

This nickname offers a distinct flair while keeping the essence of Olivia. It is visually unique and gives a sophisticated feel.

144. Coco Liv

A unique combination of the name with ‘Coco’ in the beginning for a touch of personality and flair.

145. Eliana

A nickname of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God has answered.’  The name is also borne by American ice dancer, Eliana Gropman. She was in the top twelve in the World Junior Championships held in 2019.

146. Lavinia

A beautiful nickname with Roman roots, associated with nobility and perseverance. The name was borne by the daughter of King Latinus and the wife of Aeneas. She is regarded as the ancestor of the Romans.

147. Leah

A subtle variation of Olivia, offering a familiar yet different feel. It is also an independent Hebrew name that means ‘weary.’ Leah Marie Remini is an American actress known for her roles in The King of Queens and Kevin Can Wait.

148. Leia

Leia is another beautiful nickname for Olivia. It also hints at the character of Princess Leia in Starwars.

149. Lia

Lia is short and sweet, emphasizing the ‘ia’ sound in Olivia.

150. Libby

A friendly and approachable nickname with a long history of use.

151. Lili

A short and graceful nickname with a touch of elegance. It also evokes the image of the fragrant lily flower.

152. Lilo

A playful nickname combining the first three letters of Olivia. Say it out loud, and see how fun and playful the nickname is.

153. Lily

Focusing on the second syllable of the name, Lily is also an independent English name that represents the flower.

154. Little Lil

Everyone wants their baby to stay little and adorable forever, so why not give them a cute nickname based on that? Little Lil is often used for a child version of Olivia.

155. Liv

A classic and straightforward nickname for Olivia. Liv is simple and easy to remember.

156. Liv Bug

Like June Bug, Liv Bug is adorable for your favorite pesky little bug.

157. Liv the Magnificent

A grand and descriptive nickname for an Olivia who feels extraordinary.

158. Liv the Thrive

A unique and motivational nickname that combines Liv with ‘thrive,’ suggesting someone who thrives in life.

159. Liva

The nickname highlights the ‘va’ sound in Olivia, creating a softer and more elegant feel.

160. Livi

A shorter and more casual version of Olivia, upholding its playful vibe. It emphasizes the ‘vi’ sound in Olivia.

161. Livi Lamb

Here is a soft and endearing nickname. Is your little Olivia gentle like a lamb? Livi Lamb might be the most suitable nickname for her.

Nicknames for Olivia, Livi Lamb

Image: Momjunction Design Team

162. Livi Star

Is your Olivia the star of the household? Here is a nickname that paints a picture of a shining personality.

163. Livia

Here is a more formal and sophisticated version of Olivia. It sounds traditional with a vintage feel to it.

164. Livilicious

Livilicious is a fun and playful nickname created by adding ‘licious’ to the middle part of Olivia.

165. Livkins

Parents often use the word ‘kins’ at the end of a name to add a level of cuteness to the name.

166. Livs

Livs is one way to further personalize Olivia’s already shortened nickname Liv. This one is for those with a special and close bond between them.

167. Livvy

Livvy is a playful and energetic twist on the name Olivia. It indicates a fun-loving nature.

168. Livvy Lane

The playful nickname references the famous children’s show ‘Sesame Street,’ adding a touch of whimsy.

169. Livvy Lou

A nickname with a Southern charm, suggesting a friendly and welcoming personality.

170. Livvy O

A jumbling of letters, Livvy O is a fun and casual nickname for Olivia.

171. Livzilla

A funny nickname referencing Godzilla, playful for an Olivia with a strong personality.

172. Lizzo

Inspired by the American rapper and singer, Lizzo, the name is also a play on the second syllable of Olivia.

173. Lola

The name offers a familiar sound to Olivia but with a distinct tone to it. Lola can be seen as more playful or sophisticated depending on the context.

174. Lolly Polly

Lolly Polly is a super sweet nickname with a touch of rhyme, perfect for a young Olivia. It also reminds you of a lollipop.

175. Lolo

A cute and short nickname for an adorable and chubbly little Olivia.

176. Lovie

Lovie is a term of endearment that slightly plays off the sound of the name Olivia. It is mainly used to express affection.

177. Lyvia

Lyvia focuses on the last two syllables of Olivia. It is a cute and girly nickname for your pretty girl.

178. Octavia

Another Roman-inspired nickname, radiating strength, intelligence, and historical significance. It means ‘eighth,’ and is borne by American science fiction writer, Octavia Estelle Butler. She is the recipient of the Hugo and Nebula awards.

179. Oie

A fun and unexpected variation of the nickname. It is a different sound and not commonly seen.

180. Olive

Olive is also an English and French name that radiates a gentle and peaceful personality. It comes from the Latin word ‘oliva’ and refers to the olive tree. Olive Mary Borden was an American film and stage singer who was given the nickname ‘the Joy Girl.’

protip_icon Trivia
A popular idiom involving olives is ‘offering an olive branch to someone.’ This means saying or doing something to stop a disagreement.

181. Olivea

A very American nickname for your little one. Olivea is a spelling variant of Olivia. It is also found as a last name borne by American professional football player, Shane Olivea.

182. Oliviola

Oliviola is a playful combination of two names, Olivia and Viola. It has a sing-song quality that may be well-loved by the bearer.

183. Oliwa

Oliwa is a nice respelling of Olivia. It is the Hawaiian form of the original name.

184. Olle

Olle may be pronounced as ‘olle’ or ‘ol’ depending on the preferences of the individual. It is unique and would stand out.

185. Ollie

A quirky twist on Olivia, Ollie sounds personal and endearing at the same time.

186. Ollie da Vinci

A play of words and a nickname inspired by a famous historical painter, Leonardo da Vinci. This can be a great nickname if your Olivia has an artistic side.

187. Ollie lolly

Nicknames are often created by using rhymes, Ollie lolly is one of them. It gives the nickname a fun and joyful beat.

188. Ollie Pop

A fun and energetic nickname that reminds you of fizzy drinks and something upbeat and bright.

189. Olly

Another respelling for the adorable nickname Ollie.

190. Olly dolly

For your favorite and most beautiful doll, this nickname radiates a personal and caring aura to Olivia.

Nicknames for Olivia, Olly dolly

Image: Momjunction Design Team

191. Oly

Oly is just a shorter respelling of Ollie. It evokes an affectionate relationship between the two.

192. Olyvia

If you are searching for rare nicknames, Olyvia is a rare respelling of the well-known Olivia.

193. Ottie

Ottie is another adorable nickname for Olivia. It adds a playful and charming twist to the name.

194. Ova

This is a short and distinctive nickname, focusing on the ‘o’ and ‘va’ sound in Olivia.

195. Ovi

Ovi is a simple and easy-to-remember nickname that emphasizes the ‘vi’ sound of Olivia. It is a short and catchy option.

196. Ovie

Ovie is just another spelling variant for the nickname Ovi. It again emphasizes the ‘vi’ sound in Olivia.

197. Vee

Vee is short, sweet, and catchy. It is a more casual and intimate way to refer to Olivia.

198. Via

A chic and stylish rendition of the name, Via is derived from the middle of Olivia.

199. Viv

Viv is a short and energetic nickname for Olivia. It may be used as an informal nickname between friends.

200. Viva

Viva is a chic nickname for Olivia. It almost sounds like ‘diva.’

201. Vivi

Short and energetic, this nickname hints at a sassy and cute personality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Olivia have multiple nicknames?

An individual can have multiple nicknames at the same time. Nicknames are different from names and may vary from one person to another. For example, Olivia’s mother may call her Livvy, while her friends at school may refer to her as Liv.

2. Can Olivia’s nickname change over time?

Nicknames are easier to change rather than given names, so yes, nicknames can change over time. For example, while Olivia is still a little girl you may refer to her as Olly Boo or Olli Pollie, but when she grows up, you may decide to call her by a more adult-appropriate nickname such as Olive, Liv, or Oli.

There are a range of nicknames for Olivia, from classic hits to cool, funky, and funny, our list has them all. Take your time and choose the one that fits your Olivia best. You can make sure that the nickname sounds natural and reflects your darling’s personality. Nicknames do not always have to make sense and there are no rules to follow except your gut. Have fun with the possibilities and let your imagination bloom.

Key Pointers

  • Classic nicknames for Olivia are taken directly from the name: Liv, Oli, Livia, Vivi, and Ole.
  • Nicknames for Olivia can be creative such as Brolivia, Olivia Twist, Olive Tree, and Olly Pop.
  • You can customize nicknames according to your preferences. A few examples are Ollierific, Lolly Polly, and Liv-a-little.


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