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Sisters are supportive, fun-loving and life is smoother and easier with them. Sometimes you may search for nicknames for sisters, depending on their quirky behavior, to express your affection towards them. For example, you may call your sister mommy 2.0 if they behave like your mom or tease you by calling “babyface.” Nicknames help express affection or endearment and sometimes amusement to your loved ones. However, always ensure that the nicknames are not offensive or putting them down. So you may choose a positive quality nickname with a mutual agreement to avoid hurting your sister. Plunge into this list for some funny, cute, and positive nicknames that will bring a smile to your sister’s face.

Cute Nicknames For Sisters 

  1. Princess: If she behaves so or acts like a drama queen at home
  2. Baby sister: A common nickname for a younger sister
  3. Adorable: For a cute and kind sister
  4. Newbie: Suitable for a newly born sister
  5. Twinkle: Ideal nickname for a sister who brings light to your life.
Twinkle, sister's nickname

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  1. Big sister: A simple name for an elder sister
  2. Twinkie: A sweet and cool name for a sister
  3. Sweetie: If your sister is sweet, and you two share an affectionate bond
  4. Baby doll: For an innocent sister or a younger cute sibling
  5. Sista: A cool nickname or a short name for a sister
  6. Cupcake: Good nickname for a darling sister
  7. Smarty: If you have an intelligent sister
  8. Dimples: In case your sister dimples when she smiles
  9. Bitsy: A lovely name to call your tiny sister
  10. Little lamb: For a sister who is kind and gentle
  11. Bubb: Ideal for a bubbly girl
  12. Ace: In case your sister excels in studies or sports or other activities
  13. Champ: For a sporty and powerful sibling
  14. Marshmallow: Suitable for your soft-hearted sister
  15. Guardian angel: When she takes the best care of you
  16. Copycat: In case she copies everything you do
  17. Chatterbox: For a talkative sister
  18. Boss: If your sister rules over you
  19. Misch: For a naughty sister
  20. Queen: In case your sister behaves like the queen of the house
  21. Flash: An interesting name for a sister who is an athlete or runs faster than anyone in the family
  22. Goldie: A suitable nickname for a cheerful and outgoing sister
  23. Pooh Bear: A lovable name for a sister
  24. Beagle: For a cute and funny sister
  25. Smiley: In case she keeps on smiling or has a smiling face
  26. Geek: Suitable for someone who is nerdy
  27. Menace: Ideal nickname for a sister who creates a chaotic situation at home
  28. Clone: If she resembles you in any way
  29. Sunshine: When she lights up your life or brings happiness
  30. Small: Suitable for a short sister
  31. Piglet: Can be used for someone who is cute like a piglet
  32. Booger: In case she picks her nose most of the times
  33. Sumo: Ideal for someone who likes to fight all the time
  34. Little heart: If she means everything to you
  35. Mustard: When she irritates you a lot
  36. Plum: A good nickname for an affectionate sister
  37. Muffin: For a darling sibling
  38. Killer-looks: When your sister is drop-dead gorgeous
  39. Brainiac: For an intelligent sibling
  40. Cutie pie: For your cute-looking sister
  41. Cinderella: If your sister is beautiful and skillful in every aspect
  42. Kiddo: Suitable for your younger or childish sister
  43. Nugget: Ideal for a silly or crazy sister
  44. Chocopie: If your sister is as sweet as a chocolate pie
  45. Huggie: A sweet name for a sister
  46. Angel face: If your sister is pretty and supports you at every step of the way
  47. Dove: A charming nickname for your beautiful and helpful sister
The term nickname was derived from ‘eke name’ (eke means ‘addition’). It was first documented in the Middle English devotional Handlyng Synne by Robert Manning.
  1. Sisty: That’s a super sweet short name for a loving sister
  2. Barbie: When your sister looks like a beautiful Barbie doll
  3. Button: Suitable for a tiny or young sibling
  4. Baby cakes: Suitable name for a sweetheart sister
  5. Bambi: If your baby sister looks charming and decent
  6. Elf: Suitable for your younger sister who always helps you
  7. Funny hunny: When your sister is funny and sweet as honey at the same time
  8. Darling queen: When she is your Godmother fairy
  9. Green: In case your sister loves the color and is a plant lover
  10. Minion: For a pretty and cute sibling
  11. Missy: A fond name for a young sibling
  12. Snowflake: When your sister sparkles and spreads happiness around
  13. Rockstar: Suitable for a stylish sister or someone who performs on stage
  14. Munchkin: A nice nickname for a cute little sister
  15. Nemo: In case your sister is shy
  16. Diva: For a fashionable sister who loves dressing up the best
  17. Gem: When she is precious to you
  18. Well-wisher: When she supports you and wishes nothing but good for you
  19. Fairy: If she is your biggest supporter and protects you whenever you need her
  20. Sweet potato: In case your sister is helpful, cute, and has chubby cheeks
  21. Rollie pollie: If your sister loves adventures
  22. Ninja: If your sister likes martial arts
Ninja, nicknames for sister

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  1. Savage: If she is extremely stylish and super cool
  2. Candy: For the sweetest sister
  3. Dork: For a sister who always studies and reads books
  4. Cyclops: If she wears glasses
  5. Butter girl: If your sister loves buttery stuff a lot
  6. Lioness: A good name for a powerful sister
  7. Mummy bear: When your sister acts like your mother
  8. Makeup kit: If your sister is fond of makeup
  9. Little rabbit: Ideal for someone who is as cute as a rabbit
  10. Bubbles: For a happy-go-lucky sister
  11. Olive Oyl: Suitable for a cute and sweet sister just like Olive Oyl from Popeye
  12. Sugar: If your sister makes your life happy and sweet
  13. Gentle lady: For a sister who is kind and humble
  14. Little love: When she holds a special place in your heart
  15. Cherry cake: Ideal for a pretty sister
  16. Dunkin donuts: In case she loves eating donuts a lot
  17. Protector: When she saves you from all the troubles
  18. Lady guard: If she guards you and stops you from doing anything wrong
  19. Rapunzel: If she has beautiful and long hair
  20. Kitkat: For a sweet and chocolatey sister
  21.  Tweety: If your sister is clever and has an innocent face
  22. Turtle: If she is your lucky sibling
  23. Kooky: In case your sister is unique and stylish
  24. Snow white: If your sister is innocent and beautiful
  25. Dollface: In case your sister looks like a doll
  26. Cookie: For a darling sister
  27. Daisy: For someone who is gentle and soft as flower
  28. Jewel: If your sister is valuable in your life
  29. Pancake: When your sister is good-looking
  30. Charmy: If she is your lucky charm
  31. Foxy lady: For a smart sister
  32. Bella: For a beautiful sibling

Funny Nicknames For Sister 

  1. Honey bunny: If your sister is sweet like a honey
  2. Cool baby: If she is always cool and stays calm
  3. Snoopy: If she is smart like the Snoopy cartoon character
  4. Shizuka: That’s a character from the famous Shinchan. Shizuka is a little girl who is smart and sweet
  5. Little twin: Suitable for a twin sister who is younger to you
Twin sister nickname

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  1. Cheeky: For a sister who has bubbly cheeks
  2. Jelly fish: A nickname for an innocent sister
  3. Speed racer: If she is quick in every task
  4. Dynamite: If your sister is a powerful girl and your support system
  5. Smarthead: For a sister who is brillant
  6. Squirrel: In case your sister is always playful
  7. Winnie the Pooh: For a sister who is innocent and super sweet just like the character
  8. Cherry: That’s a funny and adorable name for a sister
  9. Momo: If she loves to have dumplings all the time
  10. Atom: A nickname for a sister who is petite but dynamic
  11. Blossom: If your sister likes the cartoon ‘The Powerpuff girls.’
  12. Tinker bell: A cute nickname for your sister who is a fan of Peter Pan stories
  13. Cat woman: If your sister likes cats and takes the best care of them
  14. Mandy: If your sister is your best friend, just like Mandy is in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
  15. Buttercup: If your sister is like a tomboy, just like the cartoon character
  16. Catty: If she is a cat lover
  17. Duckling: A simple name for a playful sister
  18. Gracy: If you sister is graceful and elegant
  19. Senior sister: Suitable for an elder sister
  20. Disney baby: If she is crazy about Disney cartoons and characters
  21. Blush: For a sister who is a kind soul
  22. Kitty: If she likes cats as pets
  23. Sleepyhead: Suitable for a sister who sleeps a lot
  24. Hannah Montana: For a fan of Hannah Montana or if your sister is stylish
  25. Minnie Mouse: Ideal for a girl who likes the Disney cartoon
  26. Darling: For a sister who is the dearest family member for you
Did you know?
Native Americans picked nicknames based on how a person appeared and judged by others.
  1. Shadow: In case your sister always follows you around
  2. Little chicken: A funny nickname for a sister
  3. Wonder Woman: Ideal for a sister who is sharp, intelligent, and brave
  4. Pizza girl: When she can eat pizza any time of the day
  5. Maggie: For someone who has curly hair
  6. Gangster: In case your sister rules all over the house
  7. Sleeping beauty: If she keeps falling asleep at any time of the day
  8. Apple pie: When she is the apple of your eye
  9. Brownie: If she likes brownies a lot or she makes the best brownies in your house
  10. Nosy: In case your sister interferes in everything you do
  11. FBI: If your sister insists on knowing about your whereabouts
  12. Gummy bear: For a cute and cuddly sister
  13. Bookworm: In case your sister reads a lot

Sister In Different Languages 

Nickname for sister

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  1. Sorella: Italian
  2. Sestra: Slovak
  3. Suster: Afrikaans
  4. Dada: Swahili
  5. Soror: Latin
  6. Schwester: German
  7. Sestra: Russian
  8. Hermana: Spanish
  9. Xo: Tajik
  10. Sisko: Finnish
  11. Kakak: Malay
  12. Irma: Portuguese
  13. Zus: Dutch
  14. Systir: Icelandic
  15. Fratino: Esperanto
  16. Syster: Swedish
  17. Chwaer: Welsh
  18. Kaikaina: Hawaiian
  19. Tuahine: Maori
  20. Surella: Corsican
  21. Singil: Uzbek
  22. Arreba: Basque
  23. Tuafafine: Samoan
  24. Apa: Kazakh
  25. Adhine: Javanese
  26. Aapa: Urdu

Additional Nicknames For Sister 

Nicknames for cute sisters

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  1. Sis
  2. Nina
  3. Miss Sis
  4. Bubs
  5. Minnie Me
  6. Panda
  7. Twigy
  8. Missy Sissy
  9. Snitty Kiddie
  10. Honey
  11. Jelly Bean
  12. Sweet pea
  13. Matchstick
  14. Blue eyes
  15. Poker
  16. Star
  17. Slick Chick
  18. Powerpuff girl
  19. Cute bug
  20. Scrappy
  21. Butterscotch
  22. Eenie meenie
  23. Chunkaroo
  24. Dragonfly
  25. Strawberry
  26. Wee One
  27. Youngin
  28. Penguin
  29. Sticky-icky
  30. Bubba
  31. Biter
  32. Claws
  33. Doofus
  34. Foo Foo
  35. Patootie
  36. Bounty
  37. Giggle
  38. Sistie
  39. Gem hearts
  40. Alice
  41. Supergirl
  42. Butter baby
  43. Apple eye
  44. Meg
  45. Happy eyes
  46. Ariel
  47. Coochie coo
  48. Bugs Bunny
  49. Tin Tin
  50. Mishtee
  51. Dora
  52. Betty
  53. Ghost
  54. Chipmunk
  55. Birdy
  56. Partner in crime
  57. Sugar puff
  58. Miss bean
  59. Pumpkin
  60. Tiny tot
  61. Elsa
  62. Winie
  63. Madam trouble
  64. Tiara
  65. Pearl
  66. Nora
  67. Love bird
  68. Angel
  69. Piglet
  70. Beyonce
  71. Cutie bunny
  72. Tulip
  73. Born boss
  74. Jasmine
  75. Blabbermouth

Sisters can be adorable and loving and also bossy and chaotic. No matter how your sister is, you will always share a special bond with her. Having nicknames for sisters is a great way to show your affection for her, and it will enhance the bond between siblings. So, choose a name that suits your sister’s personality. For example, you may choose ‘baby doll’ if she is cute and innocent or ‘champ’ if she is sporty and powerful. Use it often to refer to her, but before that, make sure the name is respectful and she likes it.

Infographic: Points To Remember When Nicknaming Your Sister

Nicknaming is common among siblings that often reflect their closeness. You may give your sister a name of your own out of love and to tease her. But you shouldn’t go overboard as it may hurt her sentiments. So here are a few things to consider while giving your sister a nickname to come up with the perfect one.

things to consider while nicknaming your sister [infographic]
Illustration: MomJunction Design Team

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