I Adopted This Night Routine For My Baby And My Life Changed

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While it may seem unfashionable to say so now, I had always wanted to be a mother. I had always looked forward to the day when I would be able to hold a mini version of myself in my arms. In whose innocent face I could see the best of me. Fortunately, God was kind to me and I conceived my little angel after trying for just a few months.

When my daughter was born, she was the most perfect baby I had ever seen, and I completely fell in love with her. She was a beautiful little girl with jet black hair and the tiniest little button nose. She was perfect in every way and I couldn’t wait to take her home. I wanted to settle into my new routine of caring for her as soon as possible. Upon reaching home, I realized that while the whole experience was incredibly fulfilling and exciting, I was overthinking every small detail. Questions like “Was my baby eating enough?” or “ Was she getting enough sleep?” were always on my mind. But the worst was yet to come.

When I Couldn’t Comfort My Angel

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Less than a month later, my worries grew substantially when my baby refused to fall asleep. She cried often and was always cranky. Even when she did drop off to sleep, I found myself staying up, worrying and trying to figure out ways to calm her down. Finally, when nothing worked, I went to my doctor looking for a solution. He recommended that I should try giving her a warm bath before bedtime. It made perfect sense to me. I, too, often took a warm shower to unwind before bed.

The solution seemed to work initially. The bath seemed to calm her down, and I thought that I had finally figured it out. A week later, I was back to square one. The warm bath did not seem to soothe her anymore; in fact, she got even more cranky after her bath. This made me feel extremely guilty. What kind of mother was I that I could not figure out what was wrong with my baby? I decided to discuss the issue with my mom, and she pointed out to me that my daughter’s skin appeared to be dry and peeling. And that’s why the night time routine wasn’t providing her any relief.

The Solution That Made Our Mother-Daughter Bond Strong

I decided to consult my doctor again. He explained to me that babies have thin, sensitive skin which is very vulnerable to chemical toxins. Using chemical products on them increases the risk of disrupting its pH balance. Therefore, we must use products made from natural ingredients for them. The products that I had been using were washing off my baby’s natural body oils and rendering her skin dry and flaky. It was then that my doctor recommended I switch to using Himalaya’s Extra Moisturizing Baby Wash.

This suggestion changed my life. Made from Almond Oil, Indian Aloe, Indian Lotus, Milk, and Olive Oil, this baby wash is designed to effectively cleanse my baby’s skin and make it softer and smoother. All these ingredients are known to moisturize and nourish the skin, keeping it soft and supple. They are natural skin conditioning agents that are known to protect the skin and improve its texture as well.

This natural baby wash cleansed my baby’s sensitive skin gently, keeping it’s natural oils intact, and I almost immediately saw the difference in the texture of her skin. With her skin being taken care of, she began to enjoy bath time once again.

After her bath, I used the Himalaya Baby Lotion to further moisturize her skin. This lotion is specially formulated to moisturize babies’ skin. It is made from natural ingredients such as Almond Oil, Licorice, and Olive Oil that helps moisturize babies’ delicate skin, leaving it hydrated and nourished. Olive Oil provides extra protection to babies’ tender skin due to its antioxidant properties.

I followed this routine for a few days and the change was visible. In just a few days, I found that the quality of my baby’s skin had improved drastically. The Extra Moisturizing Baby Wash, coupled with the Baby lotion ensured my baby’s skin was well-nourished. Her complexion no longer looked dry and patchy, her skin texture was softer than ever before, and there was absolutely no more peeling. This brought the joy back into bath time. I always believed bath time was an incredibly intimate time for us, and I was no longer robbed of the joy it brought me. It also helped my baby relax and easily drift off to sleep.

Upon my doctors’ recommendation, I also began using Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes to clean my baby when I didn’t want to give her a full bath. Infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Indian Lotus Extracts, they provided a thorough cleansing. The best part is that they are free of alcohol and enriched with the goodness of baby lotion. So on days when it was slightly cooler, I could just use them instead of giving her the bath and moisturizer routine.

Himalaya BabyCare offered me the perfect products to establish a nourishing, gentle night-time routine, which allowed me to strengthen my bond with my daughter. And for that, I am eternally grateful to them. I decided to share my story today so that moms who are struggling with such issues know that there is a way out.

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