19 Best Nike Shoes For Kids in 2023

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Childhood is an ideal time to introduce them to sports. Children must be on their feet, running, jumping, moving, and participating in sports to be active and fit. And buying some of the best Nike shoes for kids can keep them protected from any risks or injuries. Nike provides some of the best collections of children’s sneakers among today’s several brands. Isn’t your little champ deserving of nothing but the best?

Here is a compiled list of the top Nike shoes for boys and girls. If you come across anything that meets your child’s needs, buy right away.

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Nike Running Shoes For Kids

Whether or not they are a part of a sports team, children who play outdoors run a lot. That’s a good thing and should be encouraged. And a pair of running shoes or training shoes by Nike can be a great way to encourage them!

1. Best Overall: Nike Boys Grey Flex 2014 Running Shoes

Available in attractive gray and white, these shoes have a textured rubber sole and a partial mesh that offers breathable comfort. Also, This video review will help you learn more about the product.

  • The inner sleeve of the outer mesh wraps the forefoot and keeps it padded and comfortable
  • It has well-designed full-length grooves for smooth and easy movement
  • It has a molded sock liner for support
  • The shoes are available in a range of sizes for young kids as well as teenagers

The shoes are lightweight, making it easier for the child to run easily, without stressing the feet.

2. Best For Girls: Nike Kids’ Revolution 3 (GS) Running Shoes

If your little girl, aged 8-12, loves to run or jog, she’ll love these shoes too. They come in a variety of color combinations, including different shades of blue, pink, green and red in combination with white. Other features of these shoes include:

  • Rubber sole
  • Deep flex grooves that enable natural movement of the foot
  • Full-length foam inside to provide support for the heel and the bottom during motion
  • Full-length mesh in white and silver on the top, with no-sew overlays that make it breathable

These shoes are available in multiple sizes. Just make sure you pick the right size and the appropriate color, and we are sure your kid would love them.

Price at the time of publication: $76.59

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3. Best Casual:  Nike Kids Roshe One SE (GS) Running Shoe

When you want a smart casual running shoe that can also be worn for everyday use, you pick the Nike Kids Roshe One SE shoes. Like most other Nike shoes, these are also available in over 20 color combinations and patterns. Here are some things you should know about the shoe before you buy it. This video will help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

  • Mesh on top
  • Rubber sole
  • Waffle outsole for improved traction
  • Cushioned collar provides ankle protection
  • Full-length midsole provides cushioning while keeping the product light

A combination of port wine and a prime pink suede mesh is used to make the shoes durable and stylish. These shoes are available in multiple sizes.

Price at the time of publication: $55.0

4. Best Comfortable: Nike Girl’s Presto Extreme Running Shoe (PS)

Your girl can use the Presto Extreme running shoes by Nike for casual sports or jogging, and athletics. The pair of shoes is available in a combination of pink with black; blue, red with gray; blue with black; and black. The shoes come with:

  • A white suede sole
  • A breathable bootie mesh on the top
  • Lightweight cushioning for the midsole
  • Hook and loop strap, no need to ensure the shoes stay on until taken off

The fit is comfortable, or foot hugging as some would say, and the shoes are perfect for girls in grade school. These shoes are available in sizes only for little kids.

Athletics is not the only sport, is it? What if your child is interested in soccer, basketball, baseball or tennis? Well, Nike has options for that too!

protip_icon Quick tip
You should opt for shoes with sturdy fasteners, as they keep children’s feet from slipping and moving too much (1).

Nike Sports Shoes For Kids

Having the right shoes for a sport not only helps the child perform better but also prevents injuries and minimizes discomfort (1). So, here are a few Nike sports shoes that you can buy for your children.

5. Best Supportive: Nike Boys Red Team Hustle D 6 GS Leather Basketball Shoes

The right shoes for basketball are those that provide flexibility, sideways support, and ankle support. Made of synthetic material and a mesh lining on the top, these basketball shoes have:

  • A rubber sole
  • Mid-sole cushioning
  • Deep flex grooves for better flexibility and ease of movement
  • Herringbone pattern to provide traction

The Hustle D6 basketball shoes by Nike come in a variety of color combinations, including red, black and white; black and white; blue and black; white, black with yellow; white; black; and gray with white among others. These shoes are available in sizes for small and big kids.

Price at the time of publication: $75.0

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6. Best For Flexibility: Nike Jordan True Flight GG Girls Basketball Shoes

Does your girl play basketball? Then buy her the Nike Jordan True Flight basketball shoes. The shoes have suede sole. The other features include:

  • The dynamic fit gives the kid a secure casing that keeps the ankle and the foot safe
  • A leather upper casing with durabuck (synthetic leather used by Nike) and neoprene (synthetic rubber)
  • Flexible full-length sole, which is lightweight and offers a cushion the entire foot.

The shoes are available in four color options and different sizes only for big kids.

protip_icon Do remember
You should regularly check for any wear and tear on the soles of the shoes, as any damage in the cushioning reduces the shoe’s shock-absorbing capacity (2).

Price at the time of publication: $224.99

7. Best Stylish: Nike Jr. MercurialX Artificial-Turf Soccer Shoe

Indoor soccer turf is not the same as the outdoor football field that has grass, and so are the shoes. If your child plays soccer indoors, you may choose the Junior Mercurial soccer shoes by Nike, made for artificial turf. These shoes have:

  • Textured speed ribs, which can enhance ball control and awareness
  • Low-collar sock liner that makes the shoe lightweight and comfortable
  • Outsole with rubber turf for grip on synthetic surfaces
  • Non-marking outsole

The shoe comes in two color options: black and orange, and black and white. These shoes are available in sizes for small and big kids.

Price at the time of publication: $62.3

8. Best Lightweight: Nike Kids’ Jr. Victory VI Dynamic Fit FG Soccer Cleat

Ideal for outdoor field soccer, the Nike Kids Junior Victory VI soccer cleats:

  • Enable better awareness and control of the ball, thanks to the flexible leather layer on top and embossed textured speed ribs
  • Have a low dynamic fit sock liner that holds the ankle tight and provides low profile cushioning
  • The outer layer is lightweight and textured for better grip and traction, making it ideal for use on firm, natural surfaces

These shoes are available in sizes only for big kids.

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9. Best For Skateboarding: Nike Eric Koston Canvas Grade School Skate Shoes

Skating is all about maintaining balance, and your feet play a significant role in ensuring that you stay standing. Nike Eric Koston Canvas Grade School Skate Shoes for girls help your child stay balanced when she is skateboarding in the rink or on the road.

  • The shoes are made of durable canvas material and are flexible, enabling ease of movement on the skateboard
  • Animal print makes your girl look fashionable
  • The solid sole is designed especially for skateboarding

These shoes are comfortable, eco-friendly and pocket-friendly too, priced at less than $50. If your child is just starting with skateboarding, getting her these shoes will be one of the best things you’d do.

protip_icon Did you know?
Experts suggest that children wear shoes with a flexible flat sole that is bendable near the toe area for better support (1).

10. Best Cushioned: Nike Boy’s SB Portmore II Skateboarding Shoe

Skateboarding is one of the coolest sports that boys enjoy. The sport allows them to flex their body and try new stunts and skills safely. For such boys, the SB Portmore skateboarding shoes by Nike can be a good fit. Some features of these shoes:

  • Made of suede, the shoes have a rubber sole for good grip
  • Slim shoes with a low-profile, designed for skateboarding
  • Cushioned footbed for extra comfort for the heel, especially during jumps
  • Superior flexibility and board feel owing to the vulcanized construction

The Herrington traction pattern allows the boy a better feel of the board, which helps them maneuver it safely. The shoes are available in different color combinations including black, white, and dark red and in sizes for only big kids.

Price at the time of publication: $60.0

11. Girl’s Nike Hyperdiamond Keystone GS Softball Cleat

Is your little girl joining the softball league? If yes, Nike has the perfect softball cleats for her. The multicolor softball cleats are designed to make softball safe and enjoyable for kids. Besides having an appealing outward appearance, the shoes are:

  • Light in weight, as they are made of synthetic. Running with these shoes is easy, which means the girl can run faster without having to carry a lot of weight.
  • The full-length Phylon midsole ensures complete cushioning and support for the sole.
  • The outsole is made of solid rubber, and features the fast flex technology, enabling comfortable movement of the foot inside the shoe.

The cleats are available in color combinations of digital pink, black and white, black and white, atomic red and electric green. They are available in sizes for small and big kids.

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12. Boy’s Nike Huarache 2KFilth Pro (GS) Baseball Cleat

Available in attractive colors of blue, black, white and gray, the Nike Huarache pro baseball cleats for boys are one of the best shoes you can get for your little baseball champ. The shoes are designed with appealing features, with the players’ comfort in mind.

  • Made of synthetic leather, these baseball shoes are eco-friendly and light in weight.
  • The lightweight midsole, made of phylon, stretches the entire length of the foot for comfort during play.
  • The top has a TPU mesh for form-fitting comfort and durability
  • The geometric divots prevent dirt from clinging to the sole, which makes cleaning the shoes so much more easier.

The shoes are available in sizes for little and big kids.

Price at the time of publication: $109.89

13. Nike Jr Magista Ola Fg-R Green Football Shoes

There’s a lot of running in soccer, which makes having the right shoes for the sport important. The Nike Jr. Magista Ola football shoes for kids are designed to keep your child’s feet safe and comfortable during gameplay.

  • The shoes are made of synthetic material and are light in weight
  • The screen print on the top enhances the texture and enables better touch and feel of the ball with the feet. The texture also allows the kid to lock in the ball during play
  • The EVA insole provides added padding for more comfort, even when the kids play for extended hours
  • The conical foot spikes at the front and the oblong spikes at the heel ensure that the child has a good grip on the ground while running, preventing slips and falls
  • The spikes also ensure speed and stability when running on firm ground surfaces

The shoes are available in light sea green, yellow and black.

14. Nike Girls’ Capri 3 LTR (GS) Tennis Shoes

Tennis is not a game that lets you stand in one place for long. It needs you to move swiftly and stretch without running much. The game requires you to stay flexible while having a solid grip of the ground.

And that is why your daughter will need something like the Girls’ Capri 3LTR tennis shoes by Nike if she enjoys the sport and wants to pursue it seriously. These shoes:

  • Are available in an elegant white and metallic silver combination
  • Are made of synthetic material and have a fabric outsole and rubber sole for easy movement
  • have a soft, cushioned collar around the ankle

The shoes look cute and go well with leggings, skirts, and shorts too. These shoes are available in sizes only for big kids.

15. Nike Kids Tennis Classic PRM (GS) Tennis Shoe

Unlike canvas shoes, these classic tennis sneakers are ideal for both girls and boys. The white shoes by Nike have an elegant look and go with different tennis outfits. The shoes:

  • Are made of leather and have a rubber sole
  • The simple design is amplified by the Nike swoosh symbol on the sideways
  • The Herringbone outsole provides extra traction that is needed for stability on the court

If your boy is starting out with tennis lessons, getting him these shoes can be a great idea and also help him play the game better. The shoes are available in sizes only for big kids.

Besides this impressive range of sports shoes for children, Nike also has an extensive collection of fashion and casual sneakers that the kids can wear for parties, special occasions or everyday use. Keep reading to know about our picks of the best Nike sneakers for kids.

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Casual Nike Sneakers For Boys And Girls

The job of a good pair of sneakers is to keep your feet comfortable and make you look smart and fashionable. Nike shoes offer the best of both with their range of sneakers available for children across age groups.

16. Nike Lunar Force 1 Sneaker Boots (Kids)


The smaller version of the Nike Lunar Force 1 men’s shoes, these Nike shoes scream style from the get-go. The shoes are made of an all-black synthetic material and have some impressive features.

  • The shoes are made of fabric and leather, with reinforced outsole for performance and comfort
  • The sides have the signature Nike swoosh in gray, making the shoes even more stylish
  • The shoes have extended cushioning around the ankles for extra comfort

They are available in team red color and in sizes for big kids.

Price at the time of publication: $199.0

17. Nike Jordan 5 Retro (PS) Kids Sneaker

If you are looking for something retro-styled for the kids, the Nike Jordan 5 Retro can be a good choice. The design of these sneakers is inspired by Michel Jordan and his famous aerial attacks in basketball, and also by WWII fighter planes. It has:

  • Rubber outsole to prevent slipping
  • Plastic lace-lock
  • Full-grain leather for durability
  • Side vents that converge, giving the shoe a solid look

The Nike Jordans are available in tropical teal and digital pink color and are ideal for older kids.

18. Nike Sock Dart (GS) Boys Fashion-Sneakers

If you are looking for sneakers with an unconventional design, the Nike Sock Dart fashion sneakers might appeal to you. These cool-looking shoes come in three color options: blue and black, midnight navy and red, and black.

  • The shoes are made of synthetic material on top and rubber sole for traction
  • They have breathable fabric on top, with an adjustable synthetic strap in an attractive design
  • Lightweight foam is used for cushioning the midsole and the sock liner
  • Design allows flexibility of feet for natural movements
  • Rubber outsole ensures durability, allowing your child to use the shoe every day for a long time.

Nike Sock Dart fashion sneakers are available in sizes suitable for small and big kids.

Price at the time of publication: $114.0

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19. Nike Girl’s Tanjun BR Sneaker

The Tanjun sneakers for girls come in an attractive blue color, with the signature Nike swoosh in white on the sides.

  • The shoe has a breathable mesh stretched over the top
  • The casual sneaker is designed for comfort, with rounded toe edges
  • Padded tongue with durable midsole provides lightweight cushioning
  • Flex grooves enable natural movement of the foot
    • It has a durable outsole in white

These sneakers are ideal for those who like Nike shoes with the Roshe Lace-up design. The shoes are available in sizes for both small and big kids.

Nike has a wide range of shoes for boys and girls of different ages. Investing in quality shoes is nto a bad idea if they meet your child’s sporting or lifestyle requirements. But if you have no need for sports or athletic shoes for your child, Nike may seem like an expensive option. That said, don’t hesitate if you are getting a good discount on Nike shoes. Whether they are sneakers or sports shoes, Nike footwear is durable and is worth every penny you spend.

Sofia Darkmoon, a fashion designer and illustrator, says, “Wearing the right-sized shoes is crucial for keeping your active children comfortable. Refer to the manufacturer’s size chart when buying a pair of shoes for your child, and ensure the shoes are lightweight, well-cushioned, and breathable.”

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For children with a keen interest in sports, using the right shoes that provide sufficient support and comfort is important. As one of the most trusted footwear brands worldwide, Nike offers ergonomic and durable designs for children that are worth the price. Our list of the best Nike shoes for kids covers footwear of various styles and colors. They are padded, breathable, and made from high-quality materials, so your little one can play freely and comfortably participate in sports activities.

Infographic: How To Clean Nike Knit Shoes?

Machine-washing Nike knit shoes can damage the delicate mesh fabric. Therefore, following a precise procedure when cleaning them is essential to maintain their durability and hygiene. Check out the infographic below to discover how to safely and effectively clean Nike mesh shoes.

Steps Involved In Cleaning Nike Mesh Shoes (infographic)

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