10 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth

10 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth

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Childbirth – typically, what comes to mind is the immense amount of pain combined with unbridled happiness and love that comes from giving birth to your bundle of joy. That being said, your friends, mothers, and grandmothers sometimes hide a few things from the mother-to-be.

Of course they have their reasons not to tell you. Possibly to save you from knowing certain unfortunate things or they just do not want to scare you, because some truths about giving birth are downright gross and weird.

Want to really be prepared and know what to expect? Read the 10 things no one tells you about giving birth.

1. The ‘Number 2’ Feeling:

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This point may be a little shocking, but you ought to know. While giving birth, you know how everyone yells, “push, push!” Well, while pushing, you will feel the need to use the toilet. Because of all the pushing and pressure, you have no control over the need to run to the toilet. Don’t worry though, if this happens, the nurses and whoever else is in your care will act as if nothing happened.

2. Your Doctor May Vacuum Your Baby Out:

Now this may be a little too much to handle. God forbid this happens to any mother-to-be, but if you have any problems during your pregnancy, such as high blood pressure, for safety, the doctor may have to “vacuum” the baby out. We don’t literally mean using a vacuum cleaner; so please don’t panic.

3. More Maxi Pads:


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This may be a well-known point – the bleeding rightafter you give birth. What you may not know is that there will be so much blood loss that more than one person will be cleaning up the mess. The blood, however, does not stop there. Due to the fact that your period is on pause for 9 months, right after birth, it will resume and goes on for a handful of weeks, which calls for more maxi pads.

4. Lots Of Pain:

Pain wise, contractions can be the absolute worst. You may think they’re like menstrual cramps because that is how the pain starts, but it quickly and torturously becomes unbearable on your lower back and lower abdomen. This can be avoided if you ask for an epidural.

5. Your Water Breaking:

In the movies and perhaps for some women, your water bursts (unceremoniously) once. However, that may not be the truth. The water, which is amniotic fluid that protects your baby, can trickle down all day long. The continuous trickling calls for a giant maxi pad, and unfortunately, this is the beginning of your maxi pad journey.

6. A Squirt Bottle In The Place Of A Tissue Paper:

Heard of squirt bottles for giving birth? They’re actually called perineum irrigation, which are known for squirting warm water after going to the loo to ensure your stitches (if you have them) aren’t irritated, along with ensuring you aren’t rough with yourself.

7. Too Much Of Hair Fall:

A hard pill to swallow is losing a lot of your hair. Yes, your hair is thick and strong during pregnancy thanks to all the oestrogen, but after you give birth, the oestrogen levels drop causing a higher percentage of your hair to fall.

8. Swollen Feet:

Swollen feet are a common side effect to pregnancy. However, after delivery, you may notice that in spite of the swelling decreasing, your foot size may still be larger than what it was. This can be temporary for some women, but for others it can be permanent.

9. Too Much Of Sweat In The Nights

Sweaty nights are something to get used to for the first few weeks. You can wake up in massive sweats that make you wonder if you’re down with the flu. The sweating can occur throughout the night and may call for a change of sheets.

10. You Might Wear A ‘Mommy Diaper’:

Maxi pads that are worn when your water breaks and during post pregnancy for your period, can be known as “mommy diapers”. They are literally diapers for new mothers. Yes, they do help with blood, but did you know they have another use? This glorified diaper has ice in it to provide relief from the post-birth.

We sincerely hope we haven’t petrified you with these hidden secrets. On the bright side, you will now be even more prepared for whatever giving birth may throw at you.

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