13 Signs & Symptoms Of Baby Boy During Pregnancy

Symptoms Of Baby Boy During Pregnancy

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As a pregnant mom, wondering whether that little bundle of joy inside you is a pretty little girl or a cute little boy is a question with which you’re probably familiar. Common sense dictates that increasing your chances of conceiving a boy or a girl are old wives tales. But, what if there is some truth to these legends? And,can certain symptoms indicate that you’ll be a proud mom of a baby boy? As incredible as it sounds, it is rather true! Here we learn more about baby boy symptoms during early pregnancy .

Noticeable Signs & Symptoms Of Baby Boy During Pregnancy

Some of the noticeable symptoms of having baby boy during pregnancy are:

1. Morning sickness:

When you are not experiencing the early symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness or nausea, it is a symptom of having a baby boy.

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2. Heart rate:

If you notice that the heart rate of your baby remains under 140 beats per minute, it could indicate you are pregnant with a baby boy.

3. Acne outbursts:

The onset of pimples is one of the signs that indicate you are having baby boy symptoms.

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4. Food cravings:

When you are pregnant with a baby boy, you would have a huge craving for sour foods or salty foods.

5. Tummy positioning

Tummy positioning is one of the common signs that can determine gender, and if you are carrying it low, it indicates you are carrying a baby boy in your womb.

6. Personality changes:

The sex of your unborn child predominantly influences few behavioral changes. Women with aggressive, bold and dominant nature are more likely to bear a baby boy, and the behavioral aspect is associated with increased levels of testosterone.

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7. Urine color:

Apparently the color of your urine changes during pregnancy. If the urine appears dark, it indicates that you are carrying a baby boy.

8. Breast size:

During pregnancy, your breasts tend to become larger as they prepare for breast milk supply and nurturing your newborn baby. When you carry a baby boy, your right breast becomes bigger than the left one.

9. Cold feet:

The constant sensation of cold feet during pregnancy is one of the clear indications that you are carrying a baby boy.

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10. Hair growth:

Another common sign to indicate you of having a baby boy is your hair growth rate. It usually grows faster than the usual if it is a boy.

11. Sleeping position:

During pregnancy, you often feel exhausted and tired easily. In such condition, if you sleep more on your left side it indicates of you having a baby boy.

12. Dry hands:

Drying and cracking of hands are another viable symptoms of carrying a baby boy.

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13. Weight gain:

Along with a round belly, the nature of your weight gain significantly indicates gender. When you carry a baby boy, the extra pounds are mostly visible to your stomach unlike carrying a girl where the mother’s weight is distributed all over the body including face.

Medical Tests To Indicate Your Baby’s Gender During Pregnancy

Some of the common medical tests used to determine your unborn baby’s gender are:

1. Ultrasound:

Ultrasound examinations are accurate medical tests to indicate clearly your baby’s gender. The test is almost 90% accurate, and it clearly visualizes the gender of your unborn fetus. Doctors recommend conducting the ultrasound examination after the 16th week of your pregnancy and the test is completely non-invasive (1).

2. Ramzi’s Method:

It is one of the newer methods of ultrasound that determines the sex of your unborn baby around the sixth week of pregnancy. The medical test determines your baby’s sex based on the location of your placenta (2).

3. Genetic Testing:

The popular genetic testing methods like Chorionic villus sampling(CVS) and Amniocentesis clearly indicates the sex of your baby before birth. Chorionic villus sampling usually is done at 10-12 weeks of pregnancy and Amniocentesis done during the advanced stage of gestation. These tests are almost 99% accurate (3).

How To Conceive A Baby Boy Naturally?

If you are dreaming of giving birth to a cute baby boy, there are certain things you should remember. Follow these tips to increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy:

1. Have A Deep Knowledge Of Sex Positions:

  • According to Dr. Shettles, some of the sex positions initiate deep penetration of the sperm. The Shettles method claims that to increase your possibility of conceiving a baby boy; you should practice the positions that allow for deeper penetration (4).
  • Deep penetration improves your chances of conceiving a baby boy. In deep penetration, the boy sperm has to travel less distance to reach the eggs. As the weak Y chromosome have a shorter life span, deep penetration makes sure that the chromosome Y easily reaches the egg before they die off.
  • Some of the preferable sex positions to increase chances of having a baby boy include Doggy style, standing up and straddling.

2. Know When You Are Ovulating:

  • By knowing the exact phase of ovulation, it becomes easier to conceive a boy. And as you are aspiring for a baby boy, it is recommendable to try doing sex during the peak ovulation time.
  • It is better to time your intercourse and try having sex, not before 24 hours of ovulation. The cervical mucus during the particular ovulation period remains more slippery and less acidic. As a result, it readily meets with the male sperm and fertilizes.
  • One of the most effective ways to determine your perfect ovulation time is the usage of ovulation test kit, which is available at the local grocery store. The kit determines the exact ovulation phase and keeps you aware (5).
First Day of Your Last Menstural Period:

Average cycle length:

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3. Having Orgasm:

  • Orgasm is another vital thing that helps in the creation of an alkaline environment that is conducive to conceive baby boys.

4. Improve Alkaline Levels Of The Womb:

  • It is no secret that the boy chromosome Y finds it harder to survive in the hostile vaginal environment. Hence, by increasing the alkaline level of your vagina, you can elevate your chances of conceiving a boy.
  • You can improve the alkaline level by altering your diet and having foods that contain a high level of sodium and potassium.
  • You should also monitor your PH levels regularly by using test strips.

5. Make Your Man Wear Boxers:

  • You may have heard the fact that the underwear your man wears greatly affects his sperm production rate.
  • If your man wears tight and uncomfortable underwear, the sperm production rate degrades and hampers the baby-making process.
  • Make your man wear loose and comfortable underwear, to keep the things airy and cool.

6. Focus On The Right Food Regimen:

  • You need to pay great emphasis on your daily diet plan and try to decrease the acidic level of your body. If the acidic level becomes too high, the boy sperm cannot survive for a longer time span.
  • Avoid eating dairy foods such as cheese, milk, and yogurt.
  • Try to eat the foods containing a higher percentage of potassium. The food list includes potatoes, bananas, spinach and broccoli.
  • Researchers conclude that the intake of Evening Primrose Oil supplements increases your chances of conceiving a boy.

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7. Help Your Man Maximize Sperm Count:

  • The Shettles Method states that your man needs to take requisite measures to increase his sperm count and raise the chance of conceiving a baby boy.
  • Restrict your man from the habit of drinking and smoking. Such habits greatly degrade the sperm production rate.
  • Restrict your man from taking illegal drugs such as Marijuana or ecstasy. Cocaine or other hard drugs also hamper sperm count and hampers the possibility of conceiving a baby.
  • Your man needs to avoid intake of certain medications such as chemotherapy medications. These medications can even make the man permanently infertile.

8. Drinking Coffee (For Men Only):

  • Encourage your man to drink higher amounts of coffee as it boosts the chances of conceiving a baby boy.
  • Coffee provides additional “energy” to the Y sperm, and they can reach the egg easily. Moreover, the quicker the Y sperm swim, the lesser they get subjected to the acidic cervix discharge.

Foods For Conceiving A Baby Boy

Here are certain foods that boost your chances of conceiving a baby boy naturally:

1. Banana:

  • Banana contains a high percentage of potassium and is a super food for conceiving a baby boy.
  • Potassium helps the male sperm to survive for the longer duration of time in the womb and proceed towards successful fertilization. Having two bananas per day can surely boost up your baby-making process.

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2. Breakfast Cereals:

  • The male sperm is highly delicate and requires nutrient rich elements to survive longer within the female body.
  • For such reasons, you need to have breakfast with fortified cereals and increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy.

3. Mushrooms:

  • Mushroom comprises of Vitamin D, which is a key element in maintaining good sperm health.
  • Mushroom contains both potassium and Vitamin D that increases your chance of conceiving a male child.

4. Citrus Fruits:

  • Citrus fruits contain a high percentage of Vitamin C that aids in the improvement of your overall health and immunity.
  • Citrus fruits help in creating an alkaline environment that seems to be more favorable for conceiving baby boy naturally.
  • The alkaline environment is the most suitable for survival of the Y chromosomes boy sperm.
  • Some helpful citrus fruits that you can intake to conceive a male baby include lemon, orange, lime, and grapefruit.

5. Starchy Foods:

  • Researchers conclude that high dosage of glucose and starch in your food increases the chances of conceiving a male fetus.
  • To increase starch intake, you can include rice and potatoes in your daily diet menu. It also increases your calories and attains an optimal body weight.

6. Seafood:

  • Seafood contains traces of Zinc that helps in boosting your man’s sperm count tremendously.
  • Increased sperm count boosts the chances of the conception of a male child. So, you can try having sea fishes that are a fresh source of Zinc.

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7. Salty Foods:

  • Salt comprises of both sodium and potassium in higher amounts. Both these minerals are helpful in conceiving a baby boy.
  • You can include salty foods in your diets such as pepperoni, pickles, and crackers. You can also sprinkle salt on freshly cut fruits and salads.
  • But after giving birth to your baby you should cut back your salt intake as it effectively increases your blood pressure level.

8. Tomatoes:

  • Tomatoes help in maintaining the sodium-potassium balance in your body and supplies higher amounts of Vitamin C.
  • All these vital nutrients and minerals help in maintaining the accurate pH balance of your body. The perfect pH balance is crucial for the conception of a baby boy.

9. Pickles:

  • Pickles are one of the most craved foods during pregnancy. But you should also know that eating pickles before conceiving increases your chance of having a baby boy.
  • Pickles are rich in salts and contain a high percentage of sodium and potassium. Adding a few servings of tangy pickles in your daily menu makes it easier for the male sperm to fertilize your egg.

10. Fruits And Vegetables:

  • Fruits are natural sources of potassium, and they produce a similar effect of whole wheat cereals.
  • Higher intake of potassium-rich fruits like cantaloupe and apricots raises your chances of conceiving a baby boy.
  • Some of the vegetables containing a high level of potassium include potatoes, spinach, beans and squash. Adding these vegetables to your daily diet can surely boost up your chances a little bit.

11. Pumpkin Seeds:

  • Pumpkin seeds contain high levels of fatty acids such as omega-3 and zinc, which elevates your chance of conceiving a baby boy.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid aids in cardiovascular functioning and enhances the blood flow rate.
  • In men, intake of pumpkin seeds improves the blood supply to the sexual organs, and it leads to a healthier production of sperm.
  • In women, intake of pumpkin seeds makes the internal environment better for the male sperm(Y chromosome boy sperm) to survive.
  • Another point about pumpkin seed is that it also contains a high amount of Zinc, which is another key element to elevate the chance of boy conception.
  • Some of the other nuts have similar nutritional value as pumpkin seeds like Flaxseed and almonds. Intake of such nutty foods increases your chance of conceiving a baby boy.

12. Asparagus:

  • It is one of the best vegetables to increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy. Asparagus contains high amounts of vital minerals and vitamins like vitamins D, B-12, and C along with potassium. The useful minerals and vitamins help in the survival of the male sperm within the female body.
  • Researchers conclude that intake of three hundred milligrams of potassium every day increases your chance of having a boy. Asparagus is a rich source of potassium and thus elevates your chances.
  • Apart from including asparagus in your daily diet, you can also intake some of the potassium-rich foods like potatoes, apples, steak, bananas and almonds.

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Herbs And Supplements For Conceiving Baby Boy

Apart from eating nutritious and potassium-rich foods, you can also intake natural herbs and supplements to elevate your chance of conceiving a baby boy:

1. Anthocyanins:

  • It is a compound that usually exists in smaller amounts in different foods like red cabbage, grapes, berries and purple eggplant. The compound serves as a natural antioxidant and boosts your immune system. The best way to intake these foods is to eat them raw or in a form of fresh salads. You should prevent cooking these vegetables on high flame, as it hampers the effect of the compound.
  • It makes the vaginal environment favorable (alkaline environment) that supports the traveling of the Y chromosome boy sperm towards your ovaries..

2. Ellagic Acid:

  • The acidic compound is mostly present in strawberries, pomegranate, and blueberries. The particular acid highly boosts your chances of conceiving a baby boy.
  • The compound makes the vaginal environment more alkaline. As a result, it becomes easier for the Y chromosome boy sperm to survive longer in the environment.

3. Caulis Sargentodoxa:

  • It is a natural herb mostly found in Asian countries. The herb prepares your body for pregnancy and aids in cleansing your reproductive tract.
  • The herb improves the blood circulate rate of your body and ensures smooth delivery of blood and nutrients to your reproductive organs.
  • It makes the vaginal environment ready for the fertilization process and also increases the chance for the Y chromosome boy sperm to survive longer within the vagina.

4. Guaifenesin:

  • It is a natural supplement that restores the chemical balance of your body and makes it favorable for the fertilization.
  • The supplement aids in transforming the consistency of your cervical mucus and makes it thinner and slippery.
  • Such consistency of the mucus aids in smooth traveling of the Y chromosome boy sperm towards the fallopian tube. As a result, the egg gets easily fertilized and increases your chance of having a baby boy.

5. Folic Acid:

  • It is an effective mineral that helps you to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby. Most of the doctors recommend intake of folic acid supplements before and during the phase of pregnancy.
  • Regular intake of folic acid prepares your reproductive tract for fertilization and helps in the healthy development of a fertilized egg.
  • To elevate your folic acid intake from natural foods, you need to consume seafood, nuts, eggs, fruit juices, and dairy products.

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6. Arginine Supplements:

  • It is a natural amino acid usually present in seeds, nuts and pecans.
  • Intake of this particular amino acid in the form of supplement makes your body ready to conceive a little boy.

Fun Party Tricks To Identify You Are Carrying A Baby Boy

Here are some of the common tricks, which women practice to determine the gender of their baby during pregnancy. Let’s pay a kind attention to few of those tricks:

1. The Wedding Ring Trick:

  • To conduct the trick, tie your wedding ring with a long piece of string and then dangle the suspended ring over your bumped belly.
  • If the ring swings in a circular motion, it indicates that you’re having a boy.

2. The Key To The Mystery:

  • In the following trick, you are told to pick up the key placed in front of you.
  • According to traditional belief, if you grab the long end of the key, you are having a baby boy. However, if you pick the round end, you are having a baby girl.

3. Chinese Lunar Calendar:

  • The Chinese birth calendar invented more than 700 years ago helps in the determination of your baby’s gender.
  • The chart determines your baby’s sex by using your exact birth date and month of your conception. (3)

Conceiving a boy is something that most couples desire, especially when they are proud parents of a sweet and lovely princess. So, you can follow the effective tips and ideas to boost your chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Are you a proud mother of a handsome and cute baby boy? What symptoms did you experience during pregnancy? Did these symptoms help determine your newborn’s gender? Share your knowledge about the symptoms of a baby boy during pregnancy with other mommies here!

Gender-prediction methods are only for fun and do not replace medical examinations. MomJunction believes in gender equality; we do not support or encourage sex determination nor entertain any queries on finding the sex of the baby.

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