21 Wonderful Names For November Borns

november baby names

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The month of November is the harbinger of winter. Trees shed most of their leaves, and they turn from green to orange. The favorable weather makes life and work, simple for all.

And, if you’re preparing for the arrival of the new member in your family in November, we at Momjunction have selected some November baby names for you to choose from! Peruse our collection here:

November Baby Boy Names:

1. Carter:

Though it’s a surname, it’s also a popular name given to many. It has its origin in the countries like Ireland or England. People associated with the profession of transporting goods were usually called by that name. If you want your boy to be hardworking and honest, you can call him by this name.

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2. Leonard:

It means “brave lion” and was derived from two German words levon (which means “lion”) and hard (which means “brave”). This name is quite a common English name, and the Normans introduced it. It bears similarity to the name of Leonardo, and we quite are familiar with the famous actor Leonardo Di Caprio.

3. Magnus:

The Latin origin name means “great.” The name was made most renowned by Magnus I, the famous king of Norway in the 11th century. If you’re still not sure about this name, think about Magnus Carlsen, who became the world’s youngest grandmaster in chess at the age of 13.

4. Edmund:

It’s quite a common and popular name among the boys. The name derived from two old English words “ead” which means prosperity and “mund” which means protection. Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008), the famous mountaineer from New Zealand was the first ever person to climb the highest peak of Mount Everest.

5. Theodore:

This name for baby boys has its origin in the Greek word “Theodoros” which means the gift of the God. Several Greek saints were called Theodore. Before the 19th century, this name was not so much prevalent in Britain. One of the most famous American Presidents was Theodore Roosevelt.

6. Andrew:

There’s a seldom a more common name that you’ll come across, and this is why so many famed personalities share this name. There’s Andrew Lord Webber, the famous English composer; and then there is Andrew Garfield from the famed ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ movies. It’s derived from the Greek word “Andreas” which means manly.

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7. Roland:

This name has its roots in German and arising from the words “hrod” meaning famous and land, thus the meaning of famous land. If you feel inspired by the acclaimed director Roland Emmerich, who gave us some epic movies like Godzilla, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and many more, you can also name your child as Roland.

8. Albert:

The boyish name is quite popular all over the globe and has different form is various countries. Derived from the German name Adalbert where “adal” means noble and “beraht” means bright. The legendary Albert Einstein, the German physicist who changed the world with his “theory of relativity,” is one of the most famous bearers of this name.

9. Zachary:

This name is the English form of the name Zacharias, which you’ll come across in the New Testament as the father of John the Baptist. Sir Elton John named his first son Zachary.

10. Charles:

A very common English name, there’re many famous personalities like the great novelist Charles Dickens, the naturalist Charles Darwin who changed the idea about Biology with his book “Origin of Species”. The German-origin name came from “Karl” meaning man while some belief it came from “hari” meaning army.

11. Godfrey:

It means peace of God which came from the German name “Godafrid.” Godfrey Oboabona is one of the rising stars of the Nigerian Football Team. If you want your son to have the noble traits like honesty, calmness, and positivity, you can name him Godfrey.

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November Baby Girl Names:

1. Charlotte:

The feminine form of the French name Charles, Charlotte is one of the more common names, it was introduced in Britain as early as 17th century. The famous actress, Charlotte Ayanna of the movie Training Day and later popular series Entourage, is a proud bearer of this name.

2. Elena:

Derived from the Greek name “Helene” which means torch or something associated with the moon. Elena Gilbert is the name of the famous character in the hit TV series The Vampire Diaries.

3. Sylvia:

The name imbibed from the Roman mythology where Rhea Silvia gave birth to the founders of Rome, Romulus, and Remus. This name is the feminine form of the name Silvius. One of the famous bearers of this name is the country singer Sylvia, a Grammy Award nominee.

4. Aurelia:

The Latin name best suits baby girls born in November. The word means the golden one, and the inner meaning implies a person who is lucky and born with a unique personality.

5. Gertrude:

Derived from two German words “ger” which means spear and “thrud” which means strength, Gertrude is inspired by the name of Hamlet’s mom, and much later the first woman swimmer to swim across the English Channel way back in the year of 1926 was. If you want your angel to be brave like Gertrude Ederle, you can call her by this name.

6. Florence:

Who in the world is not acquainted with the name of the Lady with the Lamp, Florence Nightingale? It’s the feminine name of the Latin name Florentia, which has its root in the word “florens” meaning flourishing.

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7. Andrea:

If you’re a Tom Cruise fan, you’ve undoubtedly seen Oblivion and the beautiful woman who acted with him in this movie was Andrea Riseborough. It is an Italian name which is often used for both men and women and is the feminine form of Andrew meaning valiant.

8. Elizabeth:

The Hebrew name “Elisheva” is the source of this name, and it means my God is an oath. It can also sometimes mean ‘my God is plenty.’ Besides Queen Elizabeth, I, the other proud bearer of this name is Elizabeth Olsen, who has acted in blockbuster movies like the Avengers: Age of Ultron.

9. Hilda:

The popular German word “hild” which means battle, Hilda Gadea was the 1st wife of the famous communist leader Che Guevara.

10. Winifred:

This name is derived from two old English words wine and frip and means friends of peace. Winifred Mandela is the wife of the famous Nelson Mandela.

Did you find any of the November-inspired names apt for your newborn baby? Well, do share your thoughts in the comment box below!!

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