You Have No Idea What Men Are Doing To Experience The Pain Of Childbirth. Unbelievable!

Pain Of Childbirth

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Did you know that it’s possible for a man to experience the pain of childbirth? Not by ACTUAL childbirth! But through stimulation and electrotherapy. Wondering how it works and why someone would willingly submit to a pain that wasn’t theirs in the first place? Well, keep reading and learn just why.

Why Do Men Want To Experience The Pain?

Most mothers complain, at varying times, that they get little sympathy from their partners, especially because they don’t understand what the woman is going through.

Did you know that unlike the West, Chinese men aren’t with their partners during delivery? So, Chinese men know little about the process and littler still about the pain women go through. So, what can they do about it? Well, experiencing the pain themselves ought to do it right?

Women have only positive things to say about such men. One woman believes that it serves a purpose, as she says, “If men can experience this pain, then they’ll be more loving and caring to their wives.”

To sum it up, the survey was set up because the main goal was to provide mothers with more sympathy, which is why it’s rather popular among women, attention seekers and otherwise. The pain men experience makes them more sensitive to their partners condition, and improves their understanding, loving, and caring.

Where & How Do Men Experience The Pain?

A Chinese hospital offers future fathers a chance to live through the same pain their partners experience during childbirth. The hospital has a novel way of letting would-be-dads experience the same intensity of pain their partner will experience during delivery. The intensity is measured on a scale of 1 to 10. The hospital conducts free sessions twice in a week, and over 100 men signed up!

To recreate the contractions a woman feels during labour, doctors use electrotherapy, which leads to muscle spasms. Luckily for the men, these sessions only last for 3 to 5 minutes, unlike actual labour. For stimulation, the doctors attach a device to the pads, which they place on the man’s stomach where he receives electric shocks. A man asked to describe the pain, said, “ I felt like my heart and lungs were being ripped apart.” He reached level 7 on the pain intensity scale, which isn’t all that bad, compared to some others.

Examples Of Men:

One man, Ning Wentao had 4 electrodes taped to his stomach, and a nurse slowly kept increasing the current that reaches the abdomen. The current/shocks are meant to stimulate the sensation of giving birth. Ning stated that he was an expecting father and wanted to experience the pain as solidarity with his wife. Also, because he thought he would be proving his masculinity to his expecting wife and her mother. He claimed that he could confidently say, “I’m a man.”

Another man, Zheng Weitao has proved that these sessions are successful. Prior to the pain, he helped his wife only when she asked for it, and now he says, “even before she wakes up, or even thinks of it, I have water—even honey water—waiting for her.”

Arguments Against The Sessions:

A university professor, for example, says, “The pain even of childbirth and labor is short in comparison to the long-term pain of male-female social pains.”
Some say the stimulated pain doesn’t “come close to the experience of passing something the size of a watermelon out of your nether regions.” The anxiety, fear, emotional stress, and medical problems/dangers are all missing.

While China is helping couples and making men more sympathetic to their expecting partners, they will never understand the hardships that don’t involve pain. What do you think? Do you agree with the statement, or do you think going through the pain is more than enough? Share your views with us. Leave a comment below 

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