4 Nutritional Benefits Of Ice Cream During Pregnancy

ice cream during pregnancy

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Are you expecting and craving all kinds of foods? Don’t worry, this is normal!

As long as you do not deprive yourself of the essential nutrients, you can give in to these cravings once in a while. You can experience cravings for candies, cakes, cookies, soft ice cream, but do not give into them all the time.

Is it safe to eat ice cream during pregnancy? Ice creams are generally safe, but you need to make sure they are not contaminated with bacteria. Also if you are prone to getting colds easily or if you have sinusitis, seek advice from your doctor if you can consume ice creams during pregnancy.

Nutrients In Ice Cream

If you occasionally treat yourself with an ice cream, you will cause no harm to the baby developing inside you. Let’s have a look at the nutrients that you get with your favorite ice creams:

  • Half a cup of ice cream contains around 16 gm of added sugar and 111 calories.
  • Your chances of a cesarean section increase if you put on too much of weight in pregnancy.
  • Weight of your baby may be too high and it might get difficult for you to deliver.
  • On the other hand, ice cream offers a healthy dose of calcium that aids development of bones and teeth of your baby.

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Potential Risk Factors Of Eating Ice Cream During Pregnancy

While ice creams are indeed very refreshing, you must be careful of the dangers that ice cream poses especially when you are pregnant. Take a look:

  • The chances of contracting bacteria listeria increases when you have an ice cream.
  • The bacteria reside in the machines that hold and serve your icy deserts.
  • It has the potential to affect your amniotic fluid, placenta or fetus once you get infected.
  • Once you get the infections, it might lead to several unwanted complications like miscarriage, stillbirth, skin sores, meningitis, respiratory infections in your newborn child.

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Tips For Moms-To-Be

There is no need to trigger the panic button or refrain yourself completely from your favorite ice cream. Ice creams made from pasteurized milk are absolutely safe and you can enjoy them without any concern. Here are some more tips:

  • Make sure you buy ice creams of reputed brands from reputed shops that follow hygienic methods.
  • You can also check with the management if the machines are regularly cleaned.
  • Even though freezing destroys different types of bacteria, it is not the case for listeria. The bacteria can still grow in ice creams in the freezer.
  • Avoid ice creams from the roadside stalls and fair shows, as it is very likely that they would follow any hygienic measures.
  • It is better to take scooped ice creams. As the scoops are generally clean and meant for a single customer.
  • You can choose to buy cartons or ice cream and enjoy them in groups or at home.
  • If you are health conscious to the extent that you think before having an ice cream, try yoghurt with fresh fruits and chocolate syrup.

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Misconception About Ice Cream In Pregnancy

Apart from the benefits and risks of ice creams in pregnancy, there are some misconceptions linked to it as well. Let us have a look:

  • It is nothing but a myth that the cold from ice cream can affect your baby’s brain.
  • Since, you won’t be spending hours together on your ice cream, the cold cannot affect your fetus!
  • Pregnant women are generally content with a single or two servings of ice cream that do not expose your tummy to cold in any way.
  • Additionally, by the time the ice cream reaches your tummy, it has already melted completely due to your body temperature.
  • However, if you are exposed to extreme cold for long, your heart rate will slow down and blood flow to the fetus will also decrease.

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Make sure to ask your doctor if you can take ice creams while pregnant to avoid any undesirable consequences. You can anyways enjoy it in moderation.

Do share your ice cream stories mommies with other readers in the comment section below.

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