5 Nutritional Benefits Of Kale During Pregnancy

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Eating kale during pregnancy is an excellent option for expectant mothers. The dark green leafy vegetables come loaded with all the nutrients that are just right for your growing baby.

The special part about this vegetable is the abundance of fiber, vitamins and calcium. The nutritional value of kale helps build a healthy baby inside. Kale is also referred as ‘Borecole’ in Dutch, ‘Kohl’ in German, ‘Kail’ in Scottish Gaelic, ‘Parattai Keerai’ in Tamil, ‘Patta-gobi’ in Hindi. Read further to know the relation between kale and pregnancy.

Enjoying Kale:

When cooked, kale tends to smell like sulfur, which is non-appealing for some mothers. However, if you stand the odor and incorporate the vegetable into everyday diet, you are equipping your body and your baby’s with energy.

  • Kale can be eaten in different ways. Cooked, semi boiled and added to salads, this vegetable becomes one of the must-haves in a pregnant woman’s diet.
  • Kale comes available in bunches, mostly in the cold weather months. However, most grocery stores have the vegetable all through the year.
  • Kale is also known as a pregnancy super food the world over because of the above reasons.

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Types Of Kale:

Kale can be curly (greens), lacinato (black) or siberian (red). The types of kale used in different recipes depend heavily on their texture and presentation.

  • Greens:

The green kale is great for stir fries, soups and smoothies, also baked as chips. While greens look like any other spinach, they are excellent for calorie count and taste different.

  • Lacinato:

The black or Tuscan kale comes with bumpy leaves having a rougher texture and meatier flavor as compared to greens. This is an ideal variant for salads and sautéed version.

  • Siberian Or Russian:

This variety of kale comes with purplish veins and thinner leaves, ideal again for soups and fries.

You can choose your own variety based on how you want to add the vegetable to your diet. You may also want to invent new recipes based on how each type tastes!

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Nutritional Value And Benefits Of Kale During Pregnancy:

Below are the nutrients that come rich in kale along with their benefits:

1. Fiber:

Kale comes packed with fiber content ideal for smooth digestion and added roughage. The fiber present in the vegetable also prevents conditions like constipation, keeping your pelvic area relieved from stomach issues.

2. Calcium:

The rich calcium component in kale helps build a stronger bone and teeth built in your growing baby. This is an important prenatal requirement that is usually given in the form of supplements by your doctor. Adding kale would be a bonus.

3. Vitamin A:

Vitamin A content in kale builds stronger immune system, both for you as well as your baby. This is an important foundation factor in the prenatal stage for the development of immune system in your baby.

4. Vitamin C:

The rich vitamin C in kale nourishes and protects the baby inside, while giving you added energy and vitality. This also helps you stay away from infections like cough and cold during pregnancy.

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5. Vitamin K:

This is the best part about eating kale. The vitamin K percentage present in this green is more than all other peers in the leafy family. Vitamin K helps keep the blood vessels strong during pregnancy, when the added blood flow becomes a crucial part in your uterine area.

So, you can go ahead and indulge in kale during pregnancy. Apart from the regular salads and soups, you can also try making a kale dip just like a spinach type to enjoy with crackers as a tasty snack. Alternatively, you may want to add kale to other delicious homemade foods in case you do not want to enjoy the greens wholly.

Have more exciting kale recipes to share? Do not forget to add in the comments below!

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