Top 10 Nutritional Foods To Eat During Pregnancy

top 10 nutritional foods to eat during pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the beginning of an incredible journey, a delicate and enjoyable phase of life for every woman.

Carrying a baby in your womb requires strength in your body. Eating foods that are high in nutrients is important for you and the development of your baby. Sometimes, you may feel tiredness and fatigue which can result in mood swings or stress. Make sure you include foods rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients in your diet as this will keep you and your baby healthy and strong.

What Should Be The Nutrition During Pregnancy?

Getting your diet right and eating some extra calories during your pregnancy is worthwhile as long as it is nutritious. Your diet doesn’t have to be special but it must include variety of foods. Some of the best foods for healthy nutrition during pregnancy are given below:

1. Fruits And Vegetables:

fruits and vegetables

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Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is a healthy choice.

  • These will provide you and your baby all kinds of vitamins and minerals.
  • Fruits are rich in fiber which means your digestion will be perfect.
  • You can beat fatigue by eating bananas and it is easy on your stomach as well.
  • You can also enjoy consuming:
  • Raw vegetables.
  • Different types of fruits and vegetable juices (fresh juice only not the ones with preservatives).
  • You can boil, cook or eat half cooked vegetables as well. Ensure the vegetables and fruits are washed properly before.

2. Dairy Foods:

dairy foods

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Pasteurized dairy products are completely safe to be consumed during pregnancy.

  • Yoghurt is rich in vitamin B and proteins which is essential for both you and your baby. It also enhances the brain power of your baby.
  • Dairy products have iodine which is essential for the development of your baby.
  • You can also enjoy eating cooked soft cheese during pregnancy but milk and yogurt (only pasteurized) are more nutritious.
  • Cooked soft blue cheese like gorgonzola is fine to be consumed during pregnancy but unpasteurized soft cheese should be avoided. Other types of cheese must be avoided as it contains listeria bacteria.

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3. Fish:


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If you are craving for fish during pregnancy, then there is good news.

  • You can eat most types of fish during pregnancy like, marlin, swordfish and shark.
  • Eating cooked shellfish during pregnancy like lobster, mussels, prawns, crabs and clams are also fine.
  • Raw shellfish should be avoided as it contains harmful bacteria and viruses that can be harmful for your baby’s development.
  • Smoked fish or smoked salmon can be consumed.
  • Eating fish is great for the development of the baby but some types of fish should be avoided completely.


  • Tuna: Eating 140 grams of cooked tuna steaks (not more than two) or 170 grams of raw tuna is fine to eat. Do not eat more than 4 medium sized cans of tuna a week as it has more amount of mercury.
  • Oily Fish: Don’t have more than two portions of oily fish in a week. Either have two steaks of tuna or oily fish in a week. Do not have both.

4. Peanuts:


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Enjoy eating peanuts and peanut butter during pregnancy until and unless you are allergic.

  • Opt for healthy peanut butter sandwiches.
  • You can also create a roasted peanut snack with lemon juice and black pepper.
  • Make a peanut salad by tossing in lots of fresh cut vegetables and greens.

5. Cereals And Whole Grains:

cereals and whole grains

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Cereals and whole grains are a good source of protein which is very nutritious during pregnancy.

  • You can enjoy eating about 40 grams of nuts and 2 to 3 cups of legumes each day.
  • Cereals are high in folate and Vitamin B. Add them to your breakfast for a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • Add fresh fruits and dry fruits in your cereal to make them healthier and more filling.

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6. Sweet Potatoes:

sweet potatoes

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Sweet potatoes are a great source of folate, fiber and Vitamin C, which is healthy for you and your baby.

  • You can enjoy eating them as a snack sometimes, but avoid eating too much of it.
  • Make a sweet potato evening snack mixed with lemon juice and rock salt. This will balance the sweetness of the potato.
  • You can also roast it and have a smoky sweet potato snack.

7. Eggs:


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Eggs are great during pregnancy. You can consume one to two eggs twice weekly. However, if your cholesterol is a concern then you can enjoy eating boiled egg whites to fulfill your protein needs.

  • Few things to consider while eating eggs:
  • Eggs should not be raw or partially cooked.
  • If you are eating the yolk, it should be well cooked to avoid Salmonella food poisoning as it can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Avoid mayonnaise which is made of raw eggs.

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8. Greek Yogurt:

greek yogurt

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Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt which is nutritious for expectant mothers.

  • It is also considered the best nutritious food during pregnancy, that are rich in calcium.
  • The aim is to provide everything your baby requires and eating Greek yogurt is definitely a wise choice which will keep both you and your baby’s bones healthy.

9. Chicken And Meat:

chicken and meat

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The daily iron needed during pregnancy can be fulfilled by consuming lean meats.

  • Iron is easily stored by the body and keeps you active.
  • You can eat fat free red meat. If the meat has cuts then it is 90 to 98 percent fat free.
  • Cook all the meat properly as raw and uncooked meat can cause toxoplasmosis.
  • You can also eat chicken breasts.

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10. Dried Beans And Lentils:

dried beans and lentils

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10 extra gram of protein is vital for a pregnant lady. Beans and lentils are excellent protein choices when it comes to pregnancy nutrition.

  • They are high in fiber and fight constipation as well.
  • You can enjoy eating black beans, pinto beans and chickpeas. Add them to salads for a healthy diet.

Avoid eating one type of food in high amounts, except fruits and vegetables. As these are the best sources of fibre and should be consumed daily for you and your unborn baby’s good health.

Varying your diet lessens the risk of being exposed to something harmful. A healthy mix of nutrients during pregnancy will keep you and your baby fit and you will deliver a healthy baby.

Have more nutrition in pregnancy guidelines? Do share them with us.

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