10 'Oh-My-Gawd' Things Moms Of Boys Must Do

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All moms have a difficult job when they have children, although it is the most rewarding. However, having a baby boy or boys is different from having a girl, and not just for the obvious reasons.

Parenting a member of the opposite sex is challenging and opens your eyes to plenty of things you may not expect. You’ll learn how to adapt, but don’t lose touch of your girly-ness, because trust us, you are going to need it after mothering boys!

If you’re a mother of a baby boy, or if you will be, take these points into consideration!

1. “Put The Toilet Seat Down!!!”

You know how a lot of boys and men are; seldom do they use the toilet properly. You will have to drill the next few things in their head: putting the toilet seat down, teaching them how to use toilet paper the right way, remind them to flush, throw used things in the dustbin and most of all, clean up after themselves, especially when they “sprinkle when they tinkle.” However, you most probably will be the one who has to clean up after the boys.

2. Rethink Safety:

You know how moms are – paranoid and always worried about their kids’ health and safety. However, when it comes to boys, try and let go. It’s okay if they get hurt with cuts and scrapes – they’re boys! Boys are rough and like to jump off things, climb things, and wrestle with each other, which means that they are bound to get hurt.

3. Messiness Is Your BFF:

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If you’re a neatness freak, just forget about it, unless you can hire a full-time housekeeper, of course. TRYING to clean up messes will be a part of your daily routine. Not just clutter and things thrown around but mud and grass all over the house and on clothes! Let’s not even get into how little boys love food fights. Sadly, here as well is when you will have to clean up after your precious hooligans.

4. Buy A Lifetime Supply Of Food:

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This is an obvious one for boys of all ages, especially when they start growing up. Food will be inhaled in a matter of seconds and they will STILL be hungry. Doesn’t matter how small they may look; they will still eat almost their entire body weight. If you’re thinking about just breakfast, lunch, and dinner, think again, because if you don’t have snacks for the boys, you will go through hell. Better start saving up because your eating machines will need you to keep their tummies full ALL the time.

5. Bath Time(s)!

We don’t mean to prepare yourself for your OWN bath that probably has a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. We mean GIVING baths to your son, and not just one everyday. We mean a handful of them. You are most definitely going to be drenched, the bathroom floor will be wet, and you will have plenty of dirty towels. Don’t forget, when they’re younger, you HAVE to remind them to use body wash or soap – everywhere!

6. Farts For Thought:

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Boys will always be boys, which means you should think farts are funny and you will have to love toilet-based humour. Laughing with them will make your life easier instead of telling them to stop being gross, because that is not going to happen. Just make sure they know when and where it is appropriate to let one rip.

7.Hands In Their Pants:

You have to get used to your son’s hand in his pants. Your baby boy will grab his boy parts as early as possible. Don’t get us wrong – it happens innocently, absentmindedly, and most of all – frequently.

8. Kiss Quiet Goodbye:

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The word quiet? Well, say goodbye to it. Boys are loud and always will be without them even realising. If you have more than one son, your house will sound like a playground.

9. Little Nudists:

You have to be okay with a bunch of naked boys because your son(s), when they’re super young, will be running around naked. Once they grow older, they at least keep their underwear on. AT LEAST. If they can, they even forego underwear.

10. If They See It, They’ll Eat It:

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If there’s dirt, they’ll eat it. If there’s glue, they’ll eat it. If it’s old chewing gum, yes, you’re right, they’ll eat it. Don’t worry about this though because it’s perfectly normal in a weird way.

Mothers who are going to have boys or who have baby boys already, hope this helps you. Because, boys can be a handful!

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