Oil Of Oregano During Pregnancy - 4 Health Benefits & 3 Side Effects You Should Be Aware Of

Oil Of Oregano During Pregnancy

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Are you expecting and looking for ways to boost your immunity? Do you want a home remedy to protect your health and your unborn baby’s growth from any infection? If you answered positively to the questions, oil of oregano can be a great option for you.

Oil of Oregano offers many health benefits. But is it safe to use this wonder oil while expecting? If you are clueless and curious, fret not! Read on to know all about the pros and cons of using oregano oil during pregnancy.

What Is Oil Of Oregano?

Oil of oregano is an extract from oregano leaves that has many medicinal properties. The tree is native to the high altitudes and mountains of the Mediterranean region. Its name ‘Oregano’ means ‘Delight of the Mountains’. You can therapeutically use oregano oil in three ways, namely aromatically, topically, or orally in small quantities since it is very strong. It offers many health benefits during pregnancy. Let’s have a look at them.

Health Benefits Of Using Oil Of Oregano During Pregnancy

Here are some ways in which the essential oil can work wonders for your health while expecting:

1. Boosts Immunity With Antioxidants:

Oregano oil is a storehouse of antioxidants that help boost your immunity during pregnancy. The phenols in it serve as powerful antioxidants to neutralize the free radicals, repair the cellular damage due to oxidative stress, and prevent any ailment. (1) Oil of oregano also protects you from certain cancers, nervous disorders, macular degeneration, aging, muscular damage, etc. The oil also protects your bone health while expecting.

2. Treats Respiratory Ailments:

Oil of oregano acts as an expectorant and helps eliminate the mucus and phlegm buildup in the upper respiratory tract. The oil is a natural remedy to prevent and treat various symptoms of cough and cold while you are expecting. You can use oregano oil for topical application as a soothing balm to alleviate discomfort due to sore throat and chest congestion (2).

3. Offers Anti-Inflammatory Effects:

Oil of oregano contains beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP) that helps fight both internal and external inflammation in the body. Topical application of the oil minimizes any irritation and inflammation due to an injury or arthritis. It can help to treat various aches and discomforts associated with pregnancy (3).

4. Fights Bacterial And Fungal Infections:

Oregano oil possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties that protect you and your unborn baby against various diseases during pregnancy. The oil offers you protection against E.coli and diseases like diarrhea and colon and urinary tract infections. It also helps fight Salmonella enteritidis, S. Typhimurium, and Staphylococcus aureus. (4) The oil also stimulates the production and functioning of white blood cells and boosts your immunity substantially during pregnancy.

Side Effects Of Using Oil Of Oregano During Pregnancy

Here are some side effects of using oregano oil while expecting.

1. Leads To Miscarriage:

Oregano oil is a powerful emmenagogue so it can adversely affect your pregnancy. The oil naturally promotes menstrual flow and can increase the risk of a miscarriage. So, consuming oregano oil while you are pregnant is highly dangerous and avoidable (5).

2. Triggers Allergies:

Oregano can cause reactions in people allergic to plants like basil, hyssop, lavender, marjoram, mint, and sage.

3. Lowers Blood Sugar:

Oregano may cause a drop in your blood sugar levels. It is advisable that women suffering from gestational diabetes use the oil of oregano cautiously (6).

A Word Of Caution

Remember, to use the essential oil only after consulting your doctor when you are pregnant. She may suggest topical or aromatic application of the oil of oregano in appropriate quantity to help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

Did you use oil of oregano while expecting? How did it benefit you? Share your experience with other expecting mothers in the comments box below.

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