7 Essential Oils And Their Health Benefits While Breastfeeding

Essential Oils While Breastfeeding

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Aromatherapy is a wonderful healing medium. And, while you are breastfeeding, you may be tempted to fix yourself a nice essential oil bath. However, before you go ahead and indulge your inclination, you might want to learn which essential oils are safe for you and your little one. So, today we talk about various benefits of essential oils while breastfeeding.

Essential Oils And Their Health Benefits While Breastfeeding:

Many extracted essential oils not only offer you wonderful fragrance but also provide many health benefits to you and your newborn. Here are some prominent essential oils and their health benefits while nursing.

1. Fennel Essential Oil:

Fennel essential oil plays a vital role in increasing the secretion of estrogen hormone. The hormone increases the supply of breast milk while breastfeeding. The oil passes into the breast milk and prevents flatulence, aids smooth digestion, and provides relief from symptoms of colic in your baby. Also, fennel essential oil helps you balance your menstrual cycle and provides relief from menstrual problems (1).

2. Oregano Essential Oil:

The use of Oregano oil while breastfeeding minimizes the signs of fussiness and stress in babies. The antimicrobial effects of the oil treat infection in your nipples effectively and prevent the aggravation of the infection. Also, medical doses of oregano oil treat gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders effectively while nursing (2).

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3. Roman Chamomile Oil:

Roman chamomile essential oil heals your sore nipples while you are nursing. Apply a drop of the oil along with coconut oil directly on your sore nipple soon after feeding. The oil helps minimize anxiety and stress post delivery and may help you combat the symptoms of postpartum depression (3).

4. Lavender Essential Oil:

Lavender essential oil is highly effective in treating dry, cracked nipples. You need to apply lavender oil to your affected nipples after each feeding. Also, lavender oil while breastfeeding helps keep you and your newborn calm and prevent the signs of fussiness. The oil helps in curing mastitis, a breast infection while you are nursing. All you need to do is to massage your infected breast with the oil.

5. Clary Sage Essential Oil:

Clary sage essential oil is safe to use while breastfeeding your little one in appropriate amounts. The oil helps minimize pain in your nipples. Also, Clary sage oil stimulates breast milk production and increases the supply of breast milk to your baby. Make sure you don’t use the oil in excess while nursing (4).

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6. Geranium Essential Oil:

Geranium essential oil helps treat cracked nipples and minimize pain in your nipples while you are nursing. The topical application of a mixture of geranium oil and calendula cream helps minimize pain in your breasts. Also, antifungal and antibacterial benefits of the oil prevent the development of harmful breast infection while breastfeeding (5).

7. Helichrysum Essential Oil:

Helichrysum essential oil is an effective oil that treats your sore nipples substantially while breastfeeding. The oil promotes quick healing of your nipples and cuts down the soreness in two to ten days. All you need to do is dilute one drop of helichrysum oil in one of the carrier oils and rub your sore nipple after every feeding.

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A Word Of Caution:

Even though the above mentioned essential oils offer you several health benefits while breastfeeding, make sure you use them in appropriate quantities to prevent the risk of side effects. Avoid using the oils in excess while nursing. Also, you can have a word with your doctor to ensure the safe use of various essential oils while breastfeeding.

Did you use any fragrant essential oil while nursing your newborn baby? How did you benefit from it? Other new moms would like to learn your story. So, please leave a comment in the section below.

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