200+ Classic And Sassy Old Lady Names For Baby Girls

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In the world of baby names, something cool is happening – old lady names are making a comeback! These names, mostly hailing from mythologies and biblical eras, are meaningful and have interesting stories. From cute, funny, and fancy to unique and melodious, we have listed a few good old lady names that may cater to a wide audience with special preferences. In case you are looking for region-specific old lady names, such as Southern, Mexican or Irish, we have got that covered as well. So, let’s dive in and check out some of these best old lady names and find out why everyone loves them!

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Classic Old Lady Names

Here are a few ever-appealing classic and timeless names that never go out of style. These names are perfect for honoring the grace and dignity of the generations.

1. Abigail

Originating from the Old Testament, Abigail has Hebrew roots and means ‘my father is joy.’ In the Old Testament, she marries King David after her husband Naba’s death (1).

2. Agnes

Agnes, a name of Latin origin, comes from the Greek ‘hagnos,’ meaning ‘chaste.’ Saint Agnes is a notable bearer.

3. Alice

Popularized in the 12th century, it has a Germanic origin and means ‘nobility’ or ‘nobleness.’ It is ultimately derived from the name Adelaide.

4. Bertha

Bertha, a name of German origin, means ‘bright.’ It was borne by early saints. Charlemagne’s mother was also named Bertha.

5. Blanche

A medieval French nickname that means ‘white’ or ‘fair-colored.’ Blanca of Navarre was an early bearer.

6. Charlotte

It is of Germanic origin and is an alternate form of Charles, meaning ‘man or army,’ which was introduced to Britain in the 17th century.

7. Clara

It is the feminine form of the Late Latin name Clarus, which means ‘clear’ or ‘bright.’ Saint Clare of Assisi popularized it.

8. Cordelia

Cordelia, appearing in the 12th-century chronicles, has an uncertain origin, allegedly meaning ‘heart’ or ‘daughter of the sea.’

9. Esther

It possibly means ‘star’ in Persian and is associated with the Old Testament’s Queen Esther.

10. Frances

It is of German origin and means ‘Frenchman.’ Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini was a notable bearer.

11. Georgia

Georgia, of Greek origin, means ‘farmer’ or ‘earthworker.’ Saint George, a Roman soldier, is a notable bearer.

12. Grace

Derived from the Latin term ‘gratia,’ it denotes ‘grace.’ The Puritans created it in the 17th century.

13. Harriet

Meaning ‘home ruler,’ it is of German origin and was first used in the 17th century.

14. Helen

A name of Greek origin that means ‘torch,’ ‘corposant,’ or ‘moon.’ In Greek mythology, one of Zeus’s daughters features this name.

15. Henrietta

Henrietta, of German origin, means ‘home-ruler.’ Henriette Marie, wife of Charles I, introduced this name to England.

16. Iris

It means ‘rainbow’ in Greek and was the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow.

17. Joanna

A name of Hebrew origin that means ‘Yahweh is gracious.’ It’s a biblical name and belongs to a follower of Jesus in the New Testament.

18. Katherine

Katherine, borne by a semi-legendary 4th-century saint, is associated with the Greek adjective ‘katharos,’ which means ‘pure.’

Lindsay, a mother and teacher, shares why she used Katherine as part of her daughter’s name. She writes to her daughter, “Next, you are Katherine, my middle and your Nana’s middle name. I have always loved my middle name, which is why I never considered dropping it and adding my family name in its place. Ever since I learned cursive, I loved writing long, beautiful name. Even though they don’t teach it in school, I will teach you to write cursive and have beautiful handwriting like your grandma and great grandma, and you will love writing your long, loopy, pretty name (i).”

19. Lucinda

Ultimately derived from the Latin term ‘lux’ meaning ‘light,’ it is a name created by the author Cervantes for his 1605 novel, Don Quixote.

20. Mabel

A name of Latin origin that was common during the Middle Ages. It means ‘lovable.’ It is a perfect choice for those looking for an Old lady name that starts with ‘m.’

21. Mary

Mary’s meaning is uncertain, possibly ‘sea of bitterness,’ ‘rebelliousness,’ or ‘wished-for child.’ It was a common name in the New Testament and is prominently the mother of Jesus.

22. Naomi

A Hebrew origin name that means ‘pleasantness.’ This is the name of Ruth’s mother-in-law in the Old Testament.

23. Odilia

Odilia, derived from the Old German element, means ‘heritage’ or ‘wealth.’ Saint Odilia, a patron saint of Alsace, is a notable bearer.

24. Olivia

A name of German or Latin origin that means ‘olive tree’ or ‘olive.’ Shakespeare used this as the name of a character in the 1602 comedy Twelfth Night.

25. Patricia

Patricia, derived from the Latin name Patricius, means ‘nobleman.’

26. Rebecca

This name means ‘join, tie, or snare’ and is of Hebrew origin. In the Old Testament, Rebecca is Issac’s wife.

27. Ruth

A Hebrew origin name that means ‘friend.’ In English, it could also be from ‘reuwen’, meaning ‘to rue.’ The Book of Ruth in the Old Testament features a main character named Ruth.

28. Sarah

Sarah means ‘lady,’ ‘princess,’ or ‘noblewoman’ in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Sarah was Abraham’s wife. Sara is another spelling variant of this name.

29. Whitney

From an English surname, Whitney means ‘white island’ in Old English. An American actress and singer named Whitney Houston is a notable bearer.

30. Winona

Winona means ‘firstborn daughter’ in Lakota or Dakota. Many places in the United States are named Dakota. Actress Winona Ryder is a notable bearer.

Fancy Old Lady Names

Here are a few posh and elegant names that reflect the charm of a bygone era. These names with a vintage aura will be admired for years to come.

31. Amalia

Originating from Germanic roots, Amalia is derived from ‘amal,’ meaning ‘unceasing or vigorous.’ It is also associated with the 7th-century saint Amalberga of Maubeuge.

32. Annabelle

As a name that emerged in Scotland during the Middle Ages, Annabelle combines the Hebrew name Anna, meaning ‘favor or grace,’ with the French name ‘Belle,’ meaning ‘beautiful.’

33. Augusta

Introduced to Britain by King George III, the name Augusta is of Latin origin and means ‘exalted or venerable.’

protip_icon Trivia
Augusta Ada King, the Countess of Lovelace, is a notable person named Augusta. She assisted Charles Babbage, the early computer inventor, and is the daughter of the poet Lord Byron and Lady Byron (2).

34. Beatrice

With Italian roots, Beatrice is linked to meanings such as voyager, blessed, and happy. It is famously associated with Dante Alighieri’s beloved, Beatrice Portinari.

35. Caroline

A German-origin name, Caroline, a form of Charles, carries meanings related to ‘man, army, or king.’

36. Claire

Of Latin origin, Claire signifies ‘clarity, brightness, or fame.’ Clara and Clare are a few variants.

37. Delilah

In Hebrew, Delilah means ‘delicate, weak, or languishing.’ In the Old Testament, she is known as the lover of Samson.

38. Elizabeth

Elizabeth, borne by Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, is of Hebrew origin and means ‘my God is an oath.’

39. Florence

Derived from ‘florens,’ meaning ‘prosperous or flourishing,’ Florence also refers to the city in Italy, as seen with Florence Nightingale.

40. Genevieve

An English form of Geneviève, this name, possibly of Celtic or Germanic origin, may mean ‘woman of the family.’ A well-known individual with the name is the patron saint of Paris.

41. Georgiana

Greek in origin, Georgiana means ‘farmer’ or ‘earth worker.’ Georgeanna and Georgetta are two alternative forms.

42. Isabelle

A variant of Elizabeth, Isabelle, with Hebrew roots, means ‘my God is an oath,’ exemplified by Blessed Isabelle of France.

43. Josephine

Of Hebrew origin, Josephine, derived from Joseph, means ‘he will add.’ Saint Josephine Bakhita is a notable bearer.

44. Lillian

Considered an elaboration of Lily, Lillian, with Latin roots, has been used in England since the 16th century.

45. Louisa

German in origin, Louisa means ‘famous in battle,’ and the American novelist Louisa May Alcott was a notable bearer.

46. Olive

Named after the tree, Olive, with Latin origin, is derived from ‘oliva.’

47. Penelope

It is possibly derived from Greek for a type of duck or meaning ‘threads, or weft.’ A character named Penelope appears in Homer’s Odyssey.

48. Silvia

Old lady names Silvia
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The name comes from the Latin term ‘silva,’ meaning ‘wood or forest.’ It is associated with Rhea Silvia, the mother of Rome’s founders.

49. Tallulah

Claimed to mean ‘leaping waters’ in Choctaw, Tallulah is beautiful, like the waterfall in Georgia. It may also mean ‘town’ in Creek.

50. Violet

From the English word for the purple-colored flower, Violet, derived from the Latin term ‘viola,’ has been common in Scotland since the 16th century.

51. Venetia

Named after the Italian region of Veneto and the city of Venice, Venetia was borne by the celebrated English beauty Venetia Stanley.

Sassy Old Lady Names

Here are some bold and spirited names embodying sass. These names are perfect for a woman who’s filled with confidence and is always ahead of her time.

52. Agatha

Originating from Greek, it means ‘good.’ The name is associated with the renowned mystery writer Agatha Christie, a famous modern bearer.

53. Alberta

Named in honor of the daughter of Queen Victoria, it comes from the Germanic name Adalbert, meaning ‘noble and bright.’ Also, it’s the name of a Canadian province.

54. Beatrix

A Latin name meaning ‘voyager, traveler,’ commonly used among early Christians. The association with the Latin term ‘beatus,’ meaning ‘blessed’ or ‘happy’ led to the alteration of its spelling.

55. Bellona

Derived from the Latin term ‘bellare,’ meaning ‘to fight,’ it was the name of the Roman goddess of war.

56. Bernadette

A form of Bernard, originating from the Old German elements ‘bern’ meaning ‘bear’ combined with ‘hart’ meaning ‘hard, firm, brave, or hardy.’ Notable bearer include Saint Bernadette Soubirous.

57. Beulah

This name means ‘married’ in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, the land of Israel is referred to as Beulah.

58. Cleopatra

From the Greek ‘Kleopatra,’ meaning ‘glory of the father.’ It was the name of a few queens of Egypt.

59. Constance

A Latin name meaning ‘constant, steadfast.’ Constance, Duchess of Brittany, is a famous individual with this name.

60. Deborah

It is derived from the Hebrew name ‘Devorah,’ which means ‘bee.’ In the Old Testament Book of Judges, Deborah is a prophetess and a heroine.

61. Delia

Meaning ‘of Delos’ in Greek, it appeared in several 16th and 17th-century poems and is an epithet of the Greek goddess Artemis.

62. Dorothy

This Greek-origin name means ‘gift of God’ and has been used since the 16th century.

63. Edna

Meaning ‘pleasure’ in Hebrew, it appears in the Old Testament Apocrypha.

64. Eloise

Of German or Greek origin, associated with meanings such as ‘whole, wide, or sun.’ Eloise is a spelling variant.

65. Eugenia

Of Greek origin, meaning ‘well-born,’ is borne by a semi-legendary 3rd-century saint.

66. Flora

This short and sweet name is derived from the Latin term ‘flos,’ meaning ‘flower,’ and is linked to the Roman goddess of spring and flowers.

67. Gertrude

A German name meaning ‘spear of strength.’ Saint Gertrude the Great, a 13th-century nun, is a famous bearer.

68. Gratia

Means ‘grace’ in Latin, with Grace and Gracie as variants.

69. Ida

Derived from the Germanic element ‘id,’ it is associated with meanings such as ‘work’ or ‘labor.’

70. Jezebel

Of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘to exalt’ or ‘to dwell.’ Jezebel is the Israelite King Ahab’s wife in the Old Testament.

71. Khadija

It means ‘premature child’ in Arabic, and it was the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s first wife (3).

72. Margaret

A Greek origin name meaning ‘pearl,’ with Saint Margaret, the patron of expectant mothers, being the notable bearer.

73. Makeda

It possibly means ‘greatness’ in the Ethiopic language, and it was the name of an Ethiopian queen of the 10th century BC.

74. Martha

The Aramaic term ‘marta’ means ‘the lady’ or ‘the mistress.’ Martha Washington, the former 1st Lady of the United States, is a well-known individual with this name.

75. Philomena

A Greek name meaning ‘to be loved,’ with Saint Philomena being a notable bearer.

76. Prudence

A Latin name derived from the term ‘prudens,’ meaning ‘prudent,’ ‘wise,’ or ‘skilled,’ used in England during the Middle Ages.

77. Regina

Means ‘queen’ in Latin or Italian, with Blessed Regina Protmann being a notable bearer.

78. Tabitha

Means ‘gazelle’ in Aramaic and the New Testament, Tabitha is a woman restored to life by Saint Peter.

79. Thema

Means ‘queen’ in Akan and is used in Western Africa.

80. Ursula

Of Latin origin, meaning ‘little bear.’ A notable bearer is Saint Ursula, a legendary virgin princess of the 4th century.

81. Winifred

It is an English name, and it means ‘friend of peace.’ Saint Winifred, a 7th-century saint, was a notable bearer.

Cute Old Lady Names

Sweet and affectionate monikers that are steeped in the vintage charm. These names are perfect to express your love and affection for a cherished loved one.

82. Bella

Associated with the Italian word meaning ‘beautiful,’ it’s a diminutive for names ending in ‘bella.’

83. Betsy

It is a diminutive of Elizabeth, with variants like Bess, Bessie, Betty, and Beth.

84. Bonnie

Means ‘pretty,’ originating from the Scottish word ‘bonnie,’ derived from the Middle French term ‘bon,’ meaning ‘good.’

85. Callie

A diminutive of Caroline or a name starting with Cal, with variants like Cali, Carrie, and Carol.

86. Daisy

Old lady names Daisy
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Derived from the Old English term ‘dægeseage,’ meaning ‘day eye,’ simply from the English word for the white flower.

87. Dolly

It is a diminutive of Dorothy, with names such as Doll and Dolly, which have been used since the 16th century. The common English word ‘doll’ was also considered inspired by this name.

88. Dottie

Dottie is another diminutive of Dorothy, with variants such as Dodie, Dolly, and Dooty.

89. Edie

A diminutive of Edith, it is an Old English name associated with wealth, fortune, and battle.

90. Effie

A Greek name meaning to use words of good omen is considered a diminutive of Euphemia.

91. Ella

Ella is originally a Norman name and is considered a short form of a Germanic name with the term ‘alles,’ which means ‘other.’

92. Emma

Before becoming a first name, Emma was a short form of Germanic name linked to ‘Armin,’ meaning ‘whole’ or ‘great.’ It’s been in the top 500 names from 1900-2022 (4).

93. Kitty

A diminutive of Katherine. Kat, Kate, and Kay are a few variants of this name.

94. Lucy

A name that has been in use since the Middle Ages. It is an English form of Lucia, meaning ‘light.’

protip_icon Did you know?
The name Lucy carries a spiritual meaning, signifying Chosen by God (5).

95. Luule

A cute and sweet name of Estonian origin meaning ‘poetry.’

96. Mae

A variant of May, derived from the month’s name, comes from the Roman goddess Maia.

97. Minnie

A diminutive of Wilhelmina, meaning ‘will helmet,’ this name was used by Walt Disney for their popular character, Minnie Mouse.

98. Molly

Molly is a medieval diminutive of Mary, now often used independently. It is a sweet, timeless name that goes well with middle names such as Rose.

Lottie Manns, a mom-blogger, shares how she and her husband decided on a name for their first daughter. She says, “I guess I have a certain preference for more traditional names. A bit ‘granny chic’ if you like. Luckily, Edd (her husband) was on the same page as believe me, it’s hard enough finding a name you both like. With Molly (her daughter), that was really the only name we liked. We knew we were having a girl, and Molly was just perfect. Milly was a backup, but Molly was always the front-runner. Her middle name is Rose, as that was my grandparents’ surname (ii).”

99. Ottilie

German form of Odilia, derived from the Old German term ‘uodil’ meaning ‘heritage’ or ‘ot’ meaning ‘fortune or wealth.’

100. Pearl

A name derived from the English word pearl. It ultimately comes from the Late Latin term ‘perla.’

101. Petunia

A nature-inspired name that comes from the flower of the same name. It is derived from Tupi, which is a South American word.

102. Piper

This name comes from an English surname originally given to someone who played the pipe or the flute.

103. Rose

A form of the Germanic name Hrodohaidis, meaning ‘famous type.’ Or It could also be from the flower with the same name.

104. Ruby

A name that is derived from the name of the precious stone, which is derived from the Latin term ‘ruber,’ meaning ‘red.’

105. Sadie

A diminutive of Sarah, meaning ‘lady,’ ‘princess,’ or ‘noblewoman’ in Hebrew.

106. Trudy

A diminutive of Gertrude, a German name meaning ‘spear of strength.’

107. Willa

A feminine form of William, a German name meaning ‘will-helmet,’ with Willie as a variant.

108. Zola

The meaning of this name is uncertain but is speculated to be invented or from the Xhosa root ‘-zola,’ meaning ‘calm.’ Zola Taylor, an American singer, is a famous bearer.

Funny Old Lady Names

Light-hearted and playful names that may add joy to every moment. Create cherished memories for years to come with these names.

109. Amaterasu

It is a Japanese name meaning ‘shining over heaven.’ The name is used for the sun goddess who rules the heavens in Japanese mythology.

110. Anima

A Latin name translating to ‘soul’ or ‘spirit.’

111. Annunziata

It is an Italian name meaning ‘announced.’ The name is linked to the New Testament event where the angel Gabriel informs the Virgin Mary of Jesus’ birth.

112. Arachne

Greek name signifying ‘spider,’ tied to a mortal woman who defeated Athena in a weaving competition in Greek mythology.

113. Babette

A French diminutive for Élisabeth or Barbara, expressing ‘my God is an oath’ or ‘foreign,’ respectively.

114. Biserka

Means ‘pearl,’ with its roots ultimately traced back to Arabic.

115. Blerta

Albanian name derived from ‘blertë,’ meaning ‘green.’

116. Blodeuwedd

A Welsh name translating to ‘face of flowers,’ featured in Welsh mythology.

117. Dietlinde

Originating from Theodelinda, a 6th-century Bavarian princess, this name combines meanings such as ‘people’ and ‘soft, flexible, or tender.’

118. Fflur

A Welsh form of Flora, simply meaning ‘flower.’

119. Florrie

A diminutive of Florence or Flora, signifying ‘prosperous’ or ‘flourishing.’

120. Hel

Norse mythology name for the daughter of Loki, associated with the underworld, meaning ‘to conceal’ or ‘to cover’ in Old Norse.

121. Nannie

Diminutive of Anne, originating from Hebrew Hannah, meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace.’

122. Nanny

Nanny is another form of Nannie that carries the same meaning.

123. Pippi

Created for the character in Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking series, Pippi portrays a strong and independent young girl.

124. Psyche

A Greek name meaning ‘the soul’ originates from the Greek word for ‘to breathe.’ In Greek mythology, Psyche was a cherished maiden of Eros.

125. Yaa

An Akan name meaning ‘born on Thursday.’

Weird Old Lady Names

Unusual and rare names that carry a sense of whimsy, perfect for those who are looking for something unique. These names may offer a distinctive and unforgettable identity to your child.

126. Almudena

A name derived from the Arabic term ‘al-mudaynah,’ which means ‘the citadel.’ In Madrid, the Virgin of Almudena, symbolizing Mary, is the city’s patron saint.

127. Altansarnai

Old lady names Altansarnai
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It is a Mongolian name meaning ‘golden rose.’

128. Amalasuintha

A name of Gothic origin, this name signifies qualities such as ‘unceasing, vigorous, brave’ and ‘strong.’

129. Blagorodna

This name means ‘noble’ in Bulgarian and Macedonian and reflects a sense of aristocracy.

130. Ermenegilda

It is a meaningful name originating from the Gothic terms ‘airmans,’ which means ‘great or immense,’ and ‘gild,’ which means ‘payment, tribute, or compensation.’

131. Eseoghene

A name that means ‘ God’s gift’ in Urhobo.

132. Estebe

It is a variant of Stephen, derived from the Greek term ‘Stephanos,’ meaning ‘crown, wreath’ or, more precisely, ‘that which surrounds.’

133. Gbemisola

A Yoruba name that means ‘carry me into wealth.’

134. Hatshepsut

A name of Egyptian origin meaning ‘foremost of noble women.’ It was the name of a pharaoh in the 18th dynasty.

135. Mnemosyne

Rooted in Greek, this name means ‘remembrance,’ and in Greek mythology, it refers to the Titan goddess of memory.

136. Nine

A Frisian short form of Katherine is a Greek name with various meanings, mostly associated with the meaning ‘pure.’

137. Peninnah

It is a Hebrew origin name meaning ‘precious stone or pearl.’ Peninah is the name of Elkana’s wife in the Old Testament.

138. Slobodanka

A name of Slavic origin that means ‘freedom.’

139. Wojciecha

A Slavic name derived from the terms ‘voji,’ meaning ‘warrior or soldier,’ and ‘tekha’ meaning ‘solace, comfort, or joy.’

Southern Old Lady Names

Celebrate your heritage with these beautiful, timeless Southern names that carry the warmth and gentility of the Southern tradition.

140. Addison

Derived from an English surname, Addison means ‘son of Adam,’ with Adam originating from the Hebrew word for ‘man.’

141. Alain

A Breton variant of Alan, possibly signifying ‘little rock’ or ‘handsome.’

142. Anna

A Hebrew-derived name meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace,’ it is often considered a variation of Hannah.

143. Aubrey

Introduced to England by the Normans, Aubrey is of Old French origin, stemming from Old German elements that denote ‘elf ruler.’

144. Dallas

The name may have Old English roots, meaning ‘valley house,’ or Scottish Gaelic origin, signifying ‘meadow dwelling.’

145. Darcie

It is considered a form of Darcy, indicating a connection to the town of Arcy in La Manche, France.

146. Eudora

A name of Greek origin, Eudora translates to ‘good gift,’ combining ‘eu’ for ‘good’ and ‘doron’ for ‘gift.’

147. Faith

A straightforward name derived from the English word ‘faith,’ ultimately linked to the Latin term ‘fidere,’ meaning ‘to trust.’

protip_icon Quick fact
The name Faith was adopted as a virtue name back in the 17th century by the Puritans. Faithe is a spelling variant that can be considered (6).

148. Gracelyn

An elaboration of Grace with the common name suffix ‘lyn.’ Gracelynn is another variant.

149. Harper

Originating from an English surname, it denotes a person who played or made harps in Old English.

150. Hattie

A German-origin name meaning ‘home ruler.’

151. Ivory

Derived from the English word for the hard, creamy-white substance from elephant tusks.

152. Jane

Ultimately, from John, it means ‘Yahweh is gracious.’ Jane Austen is a notable bearer.

153. Julia

A Latin-origin name meaning ‘of the gens Julia or a descendant of Julus.’

154. Karina

An elaborated form of Karin, itself a variation of Katherine.

155. Leola

A Greek-origin name meaning ‘lion.’ It is the feminine form of Leo.

156. Luna

Latin for ‘the moon,’ this name is associated with the Roman goddess of the moon.

157. Maggie

A diminutive of Margaret, meaning ‘pearl.’

158. Marietta

A diminutive of Maria, ultimately derived from the name Mary.

159. Millie

A diminutive associated with names like Mildred or Millicent that starts with ‘Mil.’

160. Nellie

A diminutive of Nell, possibly arising from the medieval phrase ‘mine El.’

161. Nola

The meaning of this name is uncertain. It is potentially inspired by Lola or a diminutive of Manola from Hebrew Emmanuel, meaning ‘God is with us.’

162. Nessie

This name is commonly used as a diminutive of Agnes, a name of Greek origin meaning ‘chaste.’

163. Opal

Old lady names Opal
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A Latin origin name derived from the English word for the iridescent gemstone of the same name (7).

164. Patsy

A Latin-origin name ultimately from Patrick, meaning ‘nobleman.’

165. Prissy

A diminutive of Priscilla, meaning ‘ancient’ in Latin.

166. Queen

Derived from an old nickname associated with the English word ‘queen,’ originally meaning ‘woman’ or ‘wife.’

167. Reba

A short form of the Hebrew name Rebecca.

168. Ruthann

A composite name that is a combination of Ruth and Ann.

169. Sarabeth

A combination of Sara (Hebrew, meaning lady or princess) and Beth, a diminutive associated with Elizabeth or Bethany.

170. Savannah

From the English word for a large grassy plain, this name is ultimately derived from the Taino word ‘zabana.’

171. Scarlette

A variant of Scarlett, derived from an English surname denoting a person who sold or made scarlet cloth.

172. Sylvie

A Latin-origin name meaning ‘wood’ or ‘forest.’

173. Virginia

The feminine form of the Roman family name Verginius or Virginius. This name is associated with the Latin term ‘virgo,’ meaning ‘maid’ or ‘virgin.’

174. Whitley

A name inspired by the surname Whitley that is composed of Old English elements meaning ‘white’ and ‘clearing’ or ‘grove.’

175. Willow

Derived from the name of the tree, ultimately from the Old English term ‘welig.’

176. Zelda

This name means ‘blessed’ or ‘happy’ in Yiddish, with Zelde being a variant.

Irish Old Lady Names

Classic Irish names with a touch of Celtic heritage that are perfect for those seeking names with an Irish charm. These names are sure to resonate with anyone drawn to the beauty of Irish culture.

177. Ailbhe

A name that is possibly derived from the Celtic root ‘albiyo’ meaning ‘world, light, white’ or from Old Irish ‘ail,’ meaning ‘rock.’ In Irish legend, Ailbhe was a female warrior of Fianna.

178. Áine

Áine means ‘radiance, brilliance’ in Irish. It was the name of a goddess associated with love and fertility in Irish mythology.

179. Aoife

Aoife is derived from the Old Irish term ‘oíph,’ which means ‘beauty.’ This name was borne by several characters in Irish legend.

180. Birgitta

Birgitta is a likely Scandinavian form of Bridget. It refers to Birgitta of Sweden, the 14th-century patron saint of Europe and founder of the Bridgettine nuns.

181. Bláthnat

Bláthnat means ‘little flower’ in Irish, combining bláth ‘flower’ with a diminutive suffix.

182. Bridget

Bridget is an Anglicized form of the Irish name Brighid, meaning ‘the exalted one.’ In Irish mythology, Bridget was the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom.

183. Brígh

A name Derived from the Old Irish term ‘bríg’ meaning ‘might or power.’ In mythology, she was a daughter of the Irish god Dagda.

184. Brónach

Brónach means ‘sad,’ derived from the Irish term ‘brón’ meaning ‘sorrow.’ Saint Brónach, a 6th-century Irish mystic, was a well-known individual with this name.

185. Caoilfhionn

Caoilfhionn, rooted in Old Irish, combines the terms ‘cáel’ meaning ‘slender’ and ‘finn’ meaning ‘white or blessed.’ Several Irish saints bore it.

186. Céibhfhionn

Céibhfhionn means ‘fair-haired’ and comes from Old Irish terms ‘ciab’ meaning ‘locks, hair’ and ‘finn’ meaning ‘white, blessed.’ In Irish legend, one of the three daughters of Bec mac Buain was named Céibhfhionn.

187. Dáirine

Dáirine, possibly derived from Dáire, means ‘fruitful or fertile.’ It was the name of the daughter of the legendary Irish king Túathal Techtmar.

188. Deirdre

A name derived from the Old Irish name Derdriu, whose meaning is possibly derived from the term ‘der’ meaning ‘daughter.’ It has variants like Deidra, Deidre, and Deitra.

189. Doireann

Doireann is possibly derived from Old Irish doireann, meaning ‘sullen or tempestuous.’ It was the name of several characters in Irish legend.

190. Dymphna

This name means ‘calf, fawn.’ Saint Dymphna, a 7th-century woman, is the patron saint of the mentally ill.

191. Edana

Edana is a form of Étaín, meaning ‘jealousy, passion.’ It was the name of an early Irish saint.

192. Eithne

This name is speculated to be from the Old Irish term ‘etne,’ meaning ‘kernel or grain.’ It appears in Irish mythology and was borne by several legendary and historical figures.

193. Énna

This name is considered to be from the Old Irish term ‘én’ meaning ‘bird.’ It was the name of several Irish kings, heroes, and a 6th-century saint.

194. Étaín

Étaín, possibly derived from the Old Irish term ‘ét’ meaning ‘passion or jealousy.’ In Irish legend, the 9th-century tale ‘The Wooing of Étaín’ revolves around a character named Étaín.

195. Fionnuala

Fionnuala means ‘white shoulder’ in Old Irish. In Irish legend, one of the four children of Lir who were transformed into swans is named Fionnuala.

196. Gráinne

This name is believed to be from the Old Irish term ‘grán’ meaning ‘grain’ or ‘gráin’ meaning ‘hatred or fear.’ A notable bearer was the 16th-century Irish landowner Gráinne Ní Mháille (Grace O’Malley).

197. Íde

Íde, from Old Irish ‘Íte,’ is speculated to be derived from the term ‘ítu,’ meaning ‘thirst.’ A 6th-century Irish nun, also the patron saint of Killeedy, is a notable bearer.

198. Líadan

Líadan, possibly from the Old Irish term ‘líath’ meaning ‘grey.’ It was also borne by a 5th-century saint, the mother of Saint Ciarán the Elder.

199. Maeve

Maeve is an Anglicized form of the Irish name Medb, meaning ‘intoxicating.’ In Irish legend, it was the name of a warrior queen of Connacht.

200. Morrígan

Morrígan means ‘demon queen’ or ‘great queen’ and comes from Old Irish. In Irish mythology, Morrígan was a goddess of war and death.

201. Muirenn

Derived from Old Irish terms ‘muir’ meaning ‘sea’ and ‘finn’ meaning ‘white or blessed.’ Mórríghan and Mór-Ríoghain are two variants.

202. Muirne

An Irish name derived from the Irish term ‘muirn’ meaning either ‘affection, endearment’ or ‘festivity, exuberance.’ In Irish legend, it was the name of the mother of Fionn mac Cumhaill.

203. Neasa

It is a name derived from Old Irish with an unknown meaning. In Irish legend, she was the mother of Conchobar.

204. Órlaith

Órlaith means ‘golden ruler’ and comes from the Old Irish term ‘ór’ meaning ‘gold’ combined with ‘flaith’ meaning ‘ruler, sovereign, princess.’ Medieval Irish royals, including a sister of King Brian Boru, bore it.

205. Ríoghnach

Meaning ‘queen,’ this name comes from the Old Irish term ‘rígain.’ According to some sources, it was the name of the wife of the semi-legendary Irish king Niall.

206. Róisín

Old lady names Róisín
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Róisín comes from the Irish word ‘rós’ meaning ‘rose.’ It appears in the 17th-century song Róisín Dubh.

207. Saraid

Means ‘excellent,’ and comes from‘’Sárait,’ an Old Irish name. It was the name of a daughter of Conn of the Hundred Battles, the legendary high king of Ireland.

208. Sorcha

Sorcha means ‘radiant, bright’ in Irish and has been in use since late medieval times.

Mexican Old Lady Names

Vintage names that carry the essence of Mexican culture. From Ana to Rosa, these names embody generations of heritage and character.

209. Ana

Originating from Hebrew, Ana is a variation of Anna, signifying ‘favor’ or ‘grace.’

210. Anabel

The Spanish iteration of Annabel, this name is a straightforward representation of the original.

211. Carmen

Derived from the medieval Spanish form of Carmel, this name is linked to the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The name ‘Carmen’ has evolved, influenced by the Latin term ‘carmen,’ meaning ‘song.’

212. Consuela

A Spanish variant of Consuelo, translating to ‘consolation.’ It draws its roots from the title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, meaning ‘Our Lady of Consolation.’

213. Dolores

Meaning ‘sorrows’ in Spanish, Dolores is taken from the title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, denoting ‘Our Lady of Sorrows.’

214. Gloria

Gloria, meaning ‘glory,’ originates from Portuguese and Spanish titles of the Virgin Mary, such as Maria da Glória and María de Gloria. Notably, American actress Gloria Swanson bore this name.

215. Guadalupe

Derived from a Spanish title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, meaning ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe.’ The name also holds significance as a Spanish place name, associated with a renowned convent and stemming from Arabic and Latin roots.

216. Margarita

A Latinate form of Margaret, Margarita is also the Spanish term for the daisy flower. It is a straightforward representation of both the personal name and the floral reference.

217. Nieves

Meaning ‘snows’ in Spanish, Nieves is derived from the title of the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, signifying ‘Our Lady of the Snows.’

218. Paloma

With the meaning ‘dove’ or ‘pigeon’ in Spanish, Paloma is a name that directly conveys its symbolism.

219. Rosa

A name that originates from the Latin word ‘rosa,’ meaning ‘rose.’

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are old lady names considered trendy or timeless?

Old lady names can be trendy and timeless, depending on the popularity trend. For example, names like Emma, Alice, and Charlotte have made a comeback in recent years, becoming trendy once again. However, names like Margaret and Elizabeth have maintained a timeless appeal throughout the years, consistently remaining popular despite changing trends.

2. Are there variations or modern twists to old lady names?

Modern twists to old lady names are common, adapting to contemporary preferences. For instance, traditional names like Abigail may see variations like Abigale or modern spellings like Abigayle.

3. Can old lady names be used for boys too?

Old lady names are mostly gender-specific. However, some names, like Florence, Lillian, Patsy, and Prudence, are considered gender-neutral.

Old-fashioned names are like fashion. They come back around. The fact that these old lady names are making a comeback tells us that people want a connection to the past and like the lasting charm these names bring. Even though trends change fast, these names stick around, giving a classy vibe to our modern world. When parents choose these names for their little ones, they’re not just picking a name. They’re keeping a sweet tradition alive.

Key Pointers

  • Opt for names like Alice, Grace, and Clara for a touch of timeless elegance that never goes out of fashion.
  • Dolly, Kitty, and Ella are cute yet classic names that foster a sense of love and warmth.
  • Pay homage to inspiring women from the past by considering names like Cleopatra, Elizabeth, and Augusta.
  • Southern names like Harper and Willow and Mexican choices such as Carmen and Guadalupe radiate tradition and bring family closeness.
  • Consider Irish names like Aoife and Bridget for a touch of Celtic charm.

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