What Is An Omega Male And How To Become One?

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Despite the alpha male standard societal norms and the ideas surrounding patriarchy, a lenient man is referred to as an omega male. Well, omega men have eccentric characteristics and usually like to follow their set paths. Being in a monotonous job, getting married, and having a family is not usually preferred by these men. They neither desire to be the best nor want to lead a group. However, these men are deeply involved in particular interests and strive to be perfect in that domain, so much so that they don’t find interest in conventional societal aspects. Read on to know the key features of an omega man and a quick comparison between alpha, beta, and omega males.

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Omega Male In Depth

The term Omega male has been used extensively over the last decade to describe the exact opposite alpha male persona. Even though Omegas have colleagues and subordinates, they prefer doing things themselves instead of relying on others. The Omega men do not associate themselves with any groups and do not want to be the alpha male leader of any groups. However, it doesn’t mean that they are not friendly or social. They like doing things independently and possess the resourcefulness to complete the job (1). They defy all “masculine” expectations.

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Omega males do not possess a mindset to ‘fight’ for anyone or anything. So they don’t overthink or over-analyze.

15 Characteristics Of An Omega Male

The Omega male is indulgent, socially inactive, and does things without caring about what others may think about them. Here are some more characteristics of Omega male personalities (1).

1. He has peculiar interests

An Omega male has unusual pursuits. Others might even suppose that he is losing his time. But as far as it entertains him, he loves pursuing that hobby. His interests can virtually take a lot of his precious time, but he isn’t concerned as he likes to do things that give him loads of satisfaction even if they prove unproductive.

2. He is sincere and friendly

He is pleasant, and women usually find him amusing. Women reach out to an Omega man when they need someone supportive and to listen to their problems.

3. He is helpful

An omega male is helpful

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An Omega loves to assist others. He is dependable and useful. As he is not competitive, he likes to help his pals. An Omega man is also intelligent and imaginative with numerous abilities as he wants to do things by himself. Therefore, whenever someone needs him, you will find him available.

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If an omega male has a partner or a girlfriend, he naturally can sense what she feels and connects with her. It is not an ability that a lot of alpha males have.

4. He is not competitive

You will not find an Omega male trying to go after the ladies. If he likes a female, he likes her wholeheartedly. An Omega moves at his tempo and takes things as they come. He believes that if a lady likes him, she will come to him without chasing.

5. He is satisfied with his means

An Omega male is skillful and talented. That’s why he is determined to do odd jobs even if they are beneath his competencies. And he isn’t sorry to be a part of the activities as he knows life is tough and he should discover a way to go through it. So, the Omega will carry on with anything life throws at him, and he does it joyfully.

6. He doesn’t care what others think about him

An Omega isn’t phased by way of teasing or insulting. The best trait is that he doesn’t care much about what others think and say about him. If a person doesn’t like what you do or what you wear, this is on them. You live your existence not to be liked, however, liking what you do—this is how an Omega man thinks.

7. He is an introvert

Typically, the Omega male is an introvert. Unlike his Alpha male counterpart, he doesn’t need to be the party’s core. He doesn’t want all the eyes on him. In fact, being in a crowd or the alpha male character everybody is taking note of drains his power. Instead, he prefers to be on his own most of the time. He recharges while alone and has no interest in being with people. He also has difficulty making new friends or socializing freely with strangers. They tend to be guarded and prefer the company of a few friends.

8. He is relaxed

Omega male has a laidback attitude

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You will find an Omega more laid back than other males in the hierarchy. He doesn’t get riled up and lets things slide by to avoid conflicts.

9. He is charming

An Omega is not a dominant male as the Alpha male, he tends to be extra mild in relationships. He might be the guy who leans a shoulder to rest your head after a rough day. Or he will cuddle with you on the couch and watch your favorite film. He has a gentle side, and that’s pretty attractive in a romantic relationship.

10. He is kind

The Omega male isn’t busy trying to show off, so he is a little extra focused on people around him. If you need a person to be there for you, you can trust an Omega male. He will help you not because he desires to be seen as the hero but because he is kind. Such men are also highly empathetic. According to Shahrill Ramli, a teacher and a blogger who considers himself an Omega male, ”I don’t know why I have high empathy when I hear or see other people’s plight. I guess that’s why I am a teacher. I feel the pain when I see others in the pain; I feel the sadness when others are saddened. In a way, I am blessed that God SWT bestowed me with this emotion. It makes me alert to what others are experiencing and hence, channeling them as lessons to my own life (i).”

11. He values long-lasting relationships

He values long-lasting relationships

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Do not expect loads of friends and acquaintances with an Omega because he is introverted and prefers to spend time alone. Having said that, he likes long, deep, and intimate personal conversations. He prefers straightforward, life-long relationships, be it with friends or a partner, who he can count on. Anyone else is just an annoyance to him.

12. He doesn’t boast

An alpha male is involved with how others view them. And so, he needs to pump up his ego by boasting of their accomplishments and anything associated with that. On the other hand, the Omega male doesn’t care. He would possibly accomplish things and would not say a word about it.

13. He is good at conversations

Omega male enjoys deep conversations

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An Omega male is a good conversationalist as he is a thinker and has a unique viewpoint. His thought process and conversations motivate him for what he does.

14. He is a deep thinker

He has analytical thoughtsiAbility of a person to think and analyze a piece of information rationally to arrive at a sensible conclusion. , and so he weighs the pros and cons in every walk of life to pursue a better lifestyle. An Omega thinks that the effort to achieve better things in life is a lot more than the comfort at the end of it. So, he thinks pursuing a better lifestyle should be worth the effort.

15. He doesn’t settle easily

He doesn’t settle easily

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He is the sort of guy who would get out of one job because it doesn’t deliver him work pleasure or he finds it monotonic after some time. The good thing about the Omega male is that he can easily get another job for his skills, intelligence, and deep thinking abilities.

Alpha Male vs. Beta Male vs. Omega Male


Alpha males are self-assured males who are happy in their skin. They like to do things in their style and have confidence in whatever they do. They have their doubts but don’t let those doubts cloud their judgment. Nearly everybody prefers alpha males and also have a smooth allure and swagger to their personality. Women are drawn to their auraiA notable reflection of one's quality or energies that surrounds them. and alpha male presence. They revel in being social and having plenty of friends around (2).


Beta males are shy and introverted, and not assured in themselves. Insecurities and self-doubts constantly plague them, and they may in no way decide to do something with the worry that they may fail in it. Betas are fearful while around different people and social conditions because they are afraid of people judging them. But Betas are kind and friendly, and people love them for that reason (3).


Omega males are the polar opposite of the Alpha males, however, in a fantastic way. As the Alpha male, they are confident, shrewd but have an air of secrecy about them. But in contrast to Alpha males, Omegas are happy with themselves. They do not need anyone around them and can even be emotionally distant because of their ability to do things independently. Omegas do not follow others and are more than capable of doing things their own way (1).

What To Do If You Are An Omega Male?

If you are embracing the omega male identity, it is crucial to recognize strengths and understand inherent tendencies.

  • You can acknowledge and value your freedom while cherishing meaningful relationships, carefully considering situations before asserting your independence.
  • When it comes to career pursuits, strive for a balanced approach and explore within defined boundaries to avoid excessive shifts that might hinder professional growth.
  • Exercise caution against impulsive ventures for the thrill, prioritizing well-being and reassuring loved ones.
  • Effective communication is paramount. Try to understand and respect the feelings of those close to you, and find healthier outlets to combat monotony while ensuring safety.

For the omega male, navigating life authentically, purposefully, and in harmony with those you cherish ensures a meaningful journey filled with genuine fulfillment and lasting connections.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it okay to be an Omega male?

It’s perfectly okay to be an Omega male. Although Omegas are not regarded highly, they are unique and attractive in their way. Being an Omega male is not necessarily negative, and they live a dynamic life privately.

2. What do Omega males do?

Omega males are smart, and they engage in unconventional hobbies. They are straightforward and stand up for themselves. They live in their world and do not entertain others’ opinions about how they should live.

3. Is Omega male better than alpha?

Many people think the Omega male is better than the Alpha male because they are confident and charismatic and don’t need a crowd to feel good about themselves. They are intelligent and excel in whatever they do. Unlike Alpha males, they don’t look for validation from others and live their best life in their own way.

An omega male defies the stereotypes set by alpha males. These men are satisfied with their performance and rarely seek the approval of others. Their unconventional style may make it difficult for them to be accepted by society. However, omega males are unique. Hence, if you have the traits of an omega male, celebrate your individuality. Others may only look at your negative aspects, but your positive qualities, such as analytical abilities and optimism, make you a reliable friend. Fortunately, omegas are on the rise these days. Hence, the day when the world will respect your charming nature is not far away.

Infographic: Characteristics Of An Omega Male

Among all the male archetypesiA standard representation of a person or a thing that serves as a basis for developing similar models. , the omega male is considered to be the lenient and laid-back kind. To help you know this archetype better, we have prepared the following infographic highlighting a few prominent characteristics of the omega male. So, give it a read and keep it handy so you can spot an omega easily among the others.

notable traits of an omega male (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Omega males like to accomplish things independently rather than depending on others.
  • They seek long-term and honest relationships.
  • They are smart individuals but do not flaunt themselves as Alpha men.
omega male_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

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1. Marianne Gunderson; What is an Omega?;Centre for Gender Studies, University of Oslo (2017).
2. Mandred F. R. Kets de Vries; Are You an Alpha Male Leader?INSEAD (2016).
3. Rhetoric and Civic Life; The Rise of the Beta Male;PennState (2012).

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